Most Beginner Bloggers Get This ONE Important Thing Wrong

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How would you like to be a proud owner Of an I.T scraping business I suggest The domain name or would you Like to teach some art with an emphasis On speed I suggest the domain name or maybe a tourism Business with a focus on traveling to Spain I suggest the domain name choose I'm pretty sure all of these Are great businesses but what these are Not are great domain names let me show You how they look like as real domain Names and I'll give you a few seconds to Figure out what's wrong [Music] I hope you got the point and that's just One of the things that you can get wrong With your domain name trust me there are Many many others so in this video I'm Going to highlight the most common Mistakes you need to avoid when Purchasing a domain name if you want to Avoid painful migrations in the future Let's get started If you're struggling to find a unique Domain name to purchase for your Business make sure to check out's domain name generator to Come up with some amazing domain names You can find name boy Linked In the Description of this video [Music] There are more and more tlds being Introduced in the world dot even dot fun but nothing Beats the it's well Recognized it's trusted and is even Expected by users so stick with it in Some cases you can opt for a country Specific TLD something like dot in dot UK dot us or dot PK but in most cases should be your first priority However even if you were able to score version of the domain name You're looking for it is still a good Idea to purchase the other common TLD Versions of the domain name to avoid Domain squatting for example if your Business was based in India and you got version I would still recommend That you get the dot in and the dot Co Dot inversion just to avoid the Competition from snatching it up thank You Keywords in a descriptive domain names Might be desirable but you have to find A balance between descriptive and too Long to be ignored let me explain for Example you might be the best fastest Most affordable and Reliable Roofing Services in Texas but that domain name Would have the exact opposite effect in The search results of what you're trying To achieve [Music] When it comes to domains always use the Can I understand it over the phone rule If you mention your domain name over the

Phone to someone else and they can type It in the browser without any mistakes And reach your website you've got a Winner in the pronunciation Department On the other hand you should stay away From clever domains domains like candles Jewels kitchen may be easy to Communicate and even pronounced think Can do the K but they will cause more Confusion than poorly spelled names on a Starbucks cup another rule to keep in Mind is to avoid double letters these Domain names might be easy to spell and Pronounce but when the user starts Typing them in the browser it's always Confusing some common examples would be Computer email you Get the idea ironically good Also falls under the same category Listing the rules above a light bulb Might have gone off in your head and I'm Here to tell you that it's a bad idea I'm talking about using hyphens you Might be tempted to consider business Hyphen wild or Email hyphen but I'm here to Tell you that it's never a good idea to Have hyphens in a domain name most users Will ignore it forget it or Worse go to Competing website with a similar Name by Accident and cost you business A domain name is likely to stick around

With your business for a really long Time during which your business can Expand or change dramatically if you Choose a very specific or Niche down Version of a domain name in the Beginning of your business you might Feel limited by your domain name as your Business expands with time let me share Few examples if you started a repair Business with the domain name and you later expand it To fixing laptops and phones as well Your domain name might not be the best Fit to communicate this to users in the Long run just think of it like this what If didn't start with but buy That wouldn't be very fitting to their Business right now right same thing can Happen to your business as well [Music] With a domain name and a website you Have the potential to Target the entire World so it's likely that the business Name or the domain name you are Considering or thinking of purchasing Has been purchased by someone else Before and they have used it in not so Ideal ways and if it was some of those Stains may carry forward to your Business as well granted that a bad History with a domain name will only Affect your website's SEO but it's still

A significant risk to consider and Understand That's why I'd recommend that you wet Your domain name with a reputable tool Like sem Rush the Wayback machine and Make sure that domain has a clean History before swiping your credit card You could do everything right with your Domain name but you can still land in Trouble if your domain name is sounds Like or looks like something that is Trademarked you won't want to be micro Who started a software business with a Domain name and then was Promptly sued by the tech giant for Trademark infringement although that Story has a happy and friendly ending Not all domain name battles will go that Way better stay safe than sorry so Before you purchase the domain name make Sure to run a trademark search on it if You're investing a lot into the business Then it might be a good idea to invest In the help of a professional who can Run the search professionally and clear The domain name for purchase for you so Those are some common pitfalls you need To keep in mind before you purchase a Domain name if you are a light bulb Moment share that in the comments like This video And subscribe for interesting Content and don't forget to check out Name boys awesome domain name generator To generate some amazing domain name

Ideas for your business and website and That's it from me for this video I'll Catch you in the next one take care

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