Mastering All in One SEO: A Complete Guide for Boosting Your Website’s Visibility

Improving your SEO for your WordPress site is crucial for getting more traffic, which in turn can lead to more revenue. With All in One SEO, you’ll have all the tools you need to get that sweet SEO juice.

If you are serious about increasing your website traffic, then you need to watch this video, where we’ll go over everything All in One SEO, and show you how you can boost your site’s visibility, rankings, and traffic.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Installing All in One SEO (AIOSEO)
2:12 Setting Things Up
5:50 Sitemaps
11:45 Search Appearance
30:07 Optimizing Content
48:00 SEO Audit
1:09:23 Redirects

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Whether you're small business or Publishing website one thing that can Make or break your business is your Search engine optimization or SEO for Short and the best way to optimize your Website for SEO is by using dedicated Plugins for your WordPress website and In this video I'm going to give you the Demonstration or complete demonstration Of one of the best SEO plugins available For WordPress all in one SEO I'm going To go through the features what you can Do how you can configure it and all the Amazing features that allinone SEO Brings to you so that you can spend less Time optimizing your website and get More traffic and customers and grow your Business so grab a cup of coffee grab Some snacks if you have to and let's get Started all right so we're working with A completely blank website here and the First step in using allio on any website Is to install Allin SEO so let's go Through the steps of installing allin1 SEO since we installing the free version For now allin1 SEO has two different Versions the free version and there are Some upgradable paid options which give You more functionality in the beginning Of this video or most of the lesson I'm Going to be sticking around with the Free version as it's easy to install and Get started and I'll also talk about the Premium features and I'll show you

Demonstrations of what can do so you can Decide if it's something that you want To use on your website so to install the Free version I'll go to plugins I'll go To add new plugin and on the plugin Search option this is the WordPress Repository where you can find official Plugins I'll type in a IO SEO which is The abbreviation for allinone SEO and The search should come up quickly and This is allinone SEO the best WordPress SEO plugin let's install the Plugin let's also activate the Plugin once all inone SEO is installed And activated on your website you'll Reach this Setup Wizard which is a Step-by-step process on how all SEO Actually helps you set up and configure Most of the essential SEO settings on Your website I'll just show you the First step here let's get started and I'll ask you basic questions which you Have to just set up and allow you to set Up basic settings on your website now I'm going to take the different route And not use use the setup process or Setup Wizard because I want to give you More context on what we are doing and That's what's important the settings can Be configured once you understand how to Configure them based on what the Information or what the setting actually Means so what I'm going to do is close And exit the setup out without saving

You can actually count in to uh uh share Anonymous data so I recommend that you Click this and once this is done you'll Be redirected back to the main screen And once that's done we'll start the Process of setting up SEO on a website Now as youve already seen that allu is Installed and activated you'll see the Menu entry come up here as well and all Of these settings are something that we Should be looking at but of course it Can be overwhelming so I'm going to tell You step by step what you should Configure first especially if you have a Very very new website like this is so if You've just installed all in onio Similar to like follow along the video The absolute First Step that you should Be taking is actually connecting your Website with Google search console Google search console is a set of tools Or it was previously called Google Web Master tools for website owners like you And me to help Google understand your Website better so if you want to use or Connect your website with Google search Console what you have to do is go into General Settings and inside you'll find Web Master tools now here you'll see lot of Different options to configure so Google Web Master tools can be configured Google search console Microsoft Bing Yandex bu Pinterest index now and

Microsoft Clarity all of these setups Are actually very very simple to do just Click on button and you'll find the code Inside the respective tool so I'll give An example of Google search console here I have Google search console open up Since I just had a brand new account as Soon as I Google searched for Google Search console I click login and this is The screen I reach if I enter a example URL here let's say make sure to use the Option in the URL prefix is this is the One we using if I say hey AIO SEO just keep in mind this is an Example domain name I'll click continue And once this is done it'll give me a Verification code that I can upload to My website so what I can do is just go To the HTML tag option here and this is The HTML tag I have to copy once this is On my clipboard I'll go here click on Google search console and it'll open up A verification code window for me paste It here and automatically it'll be Formatted to just the important code Once this is done click save changes and Within a minute or so Google search Console will verify that hey you have Ownership of this website and whenever Google finds new data about your website That means what keywords are you ranking For are there any security issues on Your website are the indexing issues on Your website any kind of issues then

You'll be able to start seeing them Inside Google search console now this is Just a demo website so of course this Will not pass through but if you have The right domain name or you enter the Correct domain name of your website and Enter this here the verification process Just happens like that so this is how Easy it is to use all here just click a Button most of the things start Happening automatically similarly if you Want to use other Web Master tools Microsoft Bing similar things just go to Microsoft Bing tools or Bing Web Master Tools and then just paste the Verification code here similar thing Goes for Yandex Buu and whatever other Uh search web Master tools you want to Connect to so this is the first step in Setting up all here setting up the Web Master tools for essential I'd say Services with Google Microsoft and other Tools let's talk about the next Important step the next thing you should Be configuring with allinone SEO is the Sit Maps now you see the sit Maps option Already here it's very easy to actually Go and configure but let me just take Talk about what sit maps are first Sitemaps are like indices or index for Your website similar to how you have Indexes in a book so that you can Instantly navigate to certain chapters Certain pieces of information uh Google

And other Web Master tools expect to be Provided a Sit map to your website so That they can instantly navigate the Content of your website an index or a Sit map will contain all the different Cont content or different pieces of Content and what this posted and what Structure they have on your website and This helps Google search console and Other Web Master tools quickly navigate Your website and also provide context Around what the topic of your website is Now with that uh description in mind Just clarifying WordPress automatically Creates a sitemap for you but the sit Map that all Inu helps you create is a Lot more configurable gives you more Control is lot more powerful so that's Why we configure the sitemap in all Ino Now technically once you have sitemap or All in already installed if you go to Sitemaps option your sit map is actually Already created you have don't have to Do much it's basically done and if you Have a mediumsized website and you if You have let's say 200 300 400 PS most Of the time you don't even need to Change these settings everything is done For you so the first thing you should You can do if you want to verify if your Sit map is perfectly done is just click This button which will open up the sit Map so if you click this button it'll Open up the sit map this is a brand new

Website I haven't done much with this Website so there's not much content but This is what you see this is the XML sit Map now One thing that you might need to do uh Which I won't be covering in detail here Is taking the sitemap URL and posting And adding it to your Google search Console account and we have done a video About this already I'll place it on the Screen you can go watch it after this Video what you should be doing is taking The S map you are adding it to Google Search console and if you're connected With other Web Master tools connecting There as well this will help Google and Other search engines connect with your Website find out all the content you Have instantly and then you'll start Seeing rankings if you have good content And Authority on your website so it's a Easy and important as a mandatory step If you want to see search rankings jump Up so make sure to do that step watch That video after this video but this is The sit map essentially if you close This go back to this tab enable sit map Is already enabled so as soon as you Install Allin SEO the sitemap uh feature Inside WordPress is taken over by Allin SEO automatically let me talk about some Of the other features you have here so Inside the sitemap we have another Feature called sitemap indexes now if

Your sitemap is is thousands of pages Long or thousands of lines long it can Be overwhelming for search engines to Identify what content they should be Indexing first for example if think of This if the index of a book is thicker And than a regular book wouldn't you Find it hard then you would need an Index for an index and this is this Feature if you enable this feature and I Recommend and all n recommends that you Only enable this feature if you have More than a thousand post on your Website so if you keep this enabled you Have links per sitemap set to a th000 so If you have more than a th000 links on Your sit map it will be divided into Subsite Maps this is the feature then You can also include or exclude certain Categories or post types from your Sitemap so if you and disable this Option post types you'll have the option Of seeing different post types you have So you can have posts here Pages here Attachments here custom post types and Products if you have newcommerce Installed and if you let's say for Example didn't want post on your sitemap Because you have a product selling Website your products you you can enable The products and disable the post and For example uh on your website let's say You have a Content heavy website you're Posting a lot of content and the pages

Are just about us contacts us terms and Service you don't want them to be uh Added to your sitemap you can disable The pages here and only post and Attachments will go to the sit map just For this example I was just Demonstrating it I'll go back to the Default section and you can even do this With STX enemies for example if you have Categories product categories tags and Other tax enemies you can select which Of these tax enemies actually make it The sitemap so for example if you have Categories on your site and you use them For end users uh that means you Categorize or taxamize your pages based On categories you can enable this option But let's say you use tags internally For example you say hey update this post In 6 months that's a tag you can have Internally you don't want them or these Kind of tags to appear on your website Or in the sit map so you can disable This sit map then you also have date Archive sitemap and author sitemap if You use date archiv on your site author Sitemaps on your site you can enable These features if you think these are Pages that go need to go into the sit Map so you see already you have so much More control over what content goes into Your sit map this is just uh the tip of The iceberg you can even go into Additional pages and specify particular

Pages you want to have in the site map For example let's say you disabled pages From here you didn't have Pages here and Instead of the pages but you do want Certain set of pages to appear in the Sitemap you can go and add the URLs here And you can even set a priority here Which is so so important so that Google Can know that this is a high priority Page you should be indexing it more Often you can add a frequency here so You can even have an hourly update this Will just be a directive to Google it's Not something that they'll completely Agree with that's up to them but you can Add this information to sitemap for Google to pars and you can just uh add Multiple pages and you can uh even go to The advanced settings and exclude Certain pages so if you have let's say Uh the entirety of your post added to The sitemap but certain posts are some Somewhere you don't want to have have Them here you can exclude the post and Even the tax enemies and you can even Configure the priority for your homepage Other K of post types it's a whole level Of customization which WordPress the Default sit map is nowhere clear or Nowhere I said near this level of Customizability so once you have the Basics done uh most time you won't have To worry about this unless you have a Very very Advanced website you have a

Lot of content and you know what you're Doing so in the beginning what I will Say is make sure this is enabled make Sure to check out your sitemap first and More importantly add your sit map to Google search console and any other Search console or Web Master tools uh You have added to your website and Search engines will thank you for that Make sure this is enabled and configure It however you like and this is how you Configure sitemaps with allines here Let's move on to the next Step so now that you've connected your Website with Google search console and Other Web Master tools and also included Your sit map and added a Sit map to Those tools and also figured out how Your sit Map works with all SEO now it's Time to work on our search appearance so We'll head into Allin seo's search Appearance Tab and what the search Appearance tab helps us do is figure out And configure and modify and change how Our website appears in the search Results now this uh search appearance Tab has a lot of different sections and Tags so I'll explain and go step by step And explain to you uh talk about what Those settings do and also show you some Of the examples on how you can Understand what settings configure what Options now the first First Option we'll Configure is the title separator I'll

Talk about that later first we'll talk About the homepage now what does this Mean now this entire section what you See here the homepage and the section Below it is related to your knowledge Graph and the homepage settings so let's Say for example your website is called Uh XYZ when somebody searches For your brand name how does your Homepage appear in the search results This is what you configure and the best Part about using allinone SEO is that You'll get a live preview here so as Soon as you configure your settings You'll see a live demonstration on how Your configured settings will make your Website appear in the search results now This is a demo website and the local Website so the URL is business. XYZ but I can actually change this to add Anything I like so how do I change these Settings this is the most important part We have two options to configure the Site title and The Meta description now You can set the site title in the Settings of word press but what you Configure here is what else do you want To add here right here in the search Results or the settings here for example Let's say if my if I go uh I'll just Skip this part and go into the WordPress Settings first I'll go into the journ Settings and here you'll see the Business website the site title And the

Tagline so let's say if I say hey uh Solar roofing this is the title of the Website because let's say if it's it's a Business website about uh a business That provides solar roofing Solutions And the tagline is uh get off the Grid all right rest of settings I'll Leave it as it is I'll just go here and Save my changes so once you've done this Now we can go back to the search Appearance settings here and this will Make more sense once you hear so once Again we're back in the homepage Settings so now you see more details Here what this is is a live live preview Of course the URL of the website is the Same but now what you see here is so Roofing Get Off the Grid which is a Combination of the site title the Separator And the tagline and Coincidently if you look down here this Is exactly what the default settings are Configured for so what these settings or The size title or these smart tags let You do is configure a template for your Site title that how will appear in the Search results I'll give you an example How this works what I'll do is just Delete everything Here and now you see nothing shows up Here this is just a preview so if I not Start start typing anything so let's say For example I type uh a four uh D solar Roofing

Solutions for Your home so I can type this in but if I Want to include let's say my site title Here I can use Smart TXS this is the Best part so if I want to have add the Site uh title here I'll just click title And instantly it's added now of course Now what this looks like isn't uh or it Is cohesive because there's no separator Between the actual site title And the Tagline that I want to add now I've just Written this uh kind of a tagline here Just for an example what you can also do Is change the tagline directly in the WordPress settings as I just Demonstrated this is what I'm just Trying to explain to you how you can Configure this uh in any way you like so I add the site title already but I want To have a separation between the name of The site And the tagline so I can add The separator here so as soon as the Separator is here you'll see the Separator come up here now this is where We can configure the separator as well Let's say for example I don't like the Hyphen as a separator I want the bar as A separator so as as I click on it You'll see the separator changes and you Have more options to configure as a Separator as well depending on you can Even set up a custom separator for Example I'll just do this and you'll see This is now the separator now usually

The hyph and the EM dashes and and uh The bars are the more acceptable Separators because this is what people Expect to see in the SE if you configure A custom separator users might not or Maybe alarmed or they they might not Understand what this is about because Users uh behave in or I say expect uh Something to see or expect to see Something that they are used to seeing In the search results so stick with the Basic ones like The Hyphen the EM D or The bar so I'll just do this and this is What the separator does so instantly in A second now you see the search uh Results or the search preview of the Homepage of my website is completely Customized so I was able to not only add Custom text here let's say your tagline Is different but you want add something Else I also configured the side title as The my smart tags and also as the Separator now you can add emojis here as Well you can add you or you can add more Um smart tags for that what you can do Is if you click the emoji icon you'll See all the Emojis available here and This this will also appear or this will Also be uh relevant when we configure Other settings but just to give you an Idea if if your your website is in Niche Where having emojis in your titles make Sense you can add emojis and if you Click view all tags this will allow you

To use or and see all the available Smart tags for you so you can go right Here and understand all the different uh Smart tags available which you can add Which will automatically be replaced in Real time with the actual data on your Website so this gives you option of Having Dynamic data as your site title Also combining Dynamic data and static Text and also having an option of using Any of these smart TXS to configure your Settings and right now you can see the Preview as well so as soon as you make Changes you can understand if this is Something you want and you can do the Same thing for the meta description as Well you can see here this is the meta Description and this is just using the Tagline so get off the grid if I want to Have I'll add the separator here again And I'll just add a custom piece of text So call us for a quote and then I can Add the separator again and then I can Add the site title so instantly you see I've just customized the entire search Appearance of my website within a second Again in the meta description I have the Option of using the site tags and I also Have the option of uh uh adding static Text now one thing to keep in mind is This section right here since I have Maxed out my characters now you won't See an error if you have more characters But your uh results might be truncated

In the search results so I what you Should not be doing is exceeding this Limit so I can reduce this to Affordable Solar roofing solutions for your home I Can delete this part and now I'm well Within the limits of appearing or the Entire text appearing in the search Results similar to this you can also or You should keep an eye on the meta Description as well so once you Configure this based on your settings Using static text and smart tags you'll Have a beautiful looking or beautifully Configured homepage and then we can move On to the knowledge graph now what is The knowledge graph let me just give you An example I have this tab open Let me Refresh this so if you search for a Brand in uh Google for example our Parent company uh of w beginner is Called awesome motive if I search for Awesome motive not only do you see Something here you also see something Here because Google recognized that this Is a company or this is an institution And then provides these kinds of results Here as the knowledge graph now uh this Is technically called or this is Theoretically called the knowledge graph Result but the knowledge graph is the Knowledge graph or the knowledge that Google has about about you but in uh Usually conversational conversation this Is called the knowledge graph result so

If you want to configure this Information at least provide Google all Of this information about your business You use the knowledge graph settings now Whether website will appear in the Knowledge graph results is something up To Google we can't comment on that and We cannot be sure of that when that will Happen but if you just do all the right Things it might just happen so in the Knowledge graph settings is where you Configure all of these settings so what Is your website name so then you can say Hey Solar Solutions let's say this is a Website name what's the alternate Website name is it a person website an Organization website so if it's an Individual website or blog for example I'm a fashion blogger I want to have my Own website I can choose person but if I Have my company I can choose this then You have right the organization name so Let's say you have uh organization name Like XYZ Solar Solutions Inc so this is the legal name of your Business you can also or you should add Your phone number here and a contact Type for example if you type in uh a Phone number here what is that phone Number four is it a sales department Support department is it the number of Owner so you can select this here and

You can also manually enter the Different team for example if it's a Pre-sale team or like a technical Support team you can write it here and You can also and you should upload a Logo here as well so all of this Information which you see right here the Logo the name of the company what the Company is about the URL the founder Subsidiaries all those companies all These details are coming in from the Knowledge graph now what about the Social profiles I'll talk about that in A second first let me go back here so All the settings that I showed you here Should be configurable or easy to Configure just straightforward there's No guesswork here just add this Information click save changes and it Will be provided to Google in The Meta Information or metadata on your website Whether it appears in the search results Is up to Google's discretion now Regarding social media or social media Links that we saw here what do we need To do about this then what you need to Do is go into the social network section And here in The Social Network section You can add all of the social media Accounts that you actually post Consistently on so if you have a Facebook page URL just add the link here The Twitter page URL Instagram URL Tik Tok URL and multiple multiple uh social

Media supporter and if you use a new Social media that is not present here Just post the custom link here and it'll Be added to your metadata now what are These settings I'll talk about this in The next section let's go back to search Pins because this is what we're working With right now what we've done right now Is configure the homepage settings so How a homepage will appear in the search Results and also the knowledge graph That means how your company or Organization is represented in the Knowledge graph and if you qualify Google will also start showing your Website in the knowledge graph now we'll Configure the settings for our content That means your post Pages archive Pages All the other pages and what options and What controls do we have here let's go And find out so I'll go on the content TP types now you have post and Pages Typically every website will have post And pages and this is a demo website so I have post and pages but you might have Different kind of pages here as well you Might have landing pages you might have Product pages other custom types of Pages depending on what your website is So the settings I'm going to discuss Will apply to every post type including Pages post and custom post types so no Need to go into a lot more detail just Configuring here basic thing so once the

Most important setting is this show Insert results now this should obviously Be enabled for most of the important Content on your site do you want all Your posts to appear in search results Obviously yes most of websites will do So you keep it enabled now let's say for Example you have a custom post type for Example landing pages where you promote Let's say a webinar where you want to Show people how Solar Solutions can help Them save a lot of money but you don't Want that those landing pages appearing In these search results so in that case Only for those landing pages you will Say no so so your uh those landing pages Will not be added in the search results Or uh allio will configure that or tell Google through metadata that hey don't Index these kinds of pages in the sech Results this is the importance of the Settings so of course post for or in This case the post should be indexed so I'll keep them enabled once again we Have the same set of settings that we Configured for the homepage we have Preview right here we have the post Title and we have the meta description So similar to how we configure these Settings for the homepage we can Configure all of these settings here the Difference here being instead of the Site title we have the post title so if I create a post on my website how solar

Can save you money the sample post text Will be replaced with first how to save Or how can solar can save you money and The separator and the site title so the Same settings apply here I'll just give You one example I'll just delete the Post Title Here how Switching So I just hard typed the actual post uh Name here just to give an example if you Um or whenever you create a post with That if you have the post title added Here this is what you will see in these Search results similar to this you will Also see the post exert here post except Is like the first 30 characters of a Post if you set this up in your website Or in your post this will also show up Here this is just sample data because You might have tens of different block Posts on your site so switching back to The regular thing I'll just add the post Title here and go here and delete this Content now in most cases if you're just Building a website you might not even Need to change this right you just come Here you just verify that hey show Seource results is enabled the preview Is okay the website is okay post title Separator site title most common Combination is the most I'd say Acceptable solution for setting up Metadata for post title and meta Description and similar to uh this the

Post except is more than enough I just Wanted to explain the features to you so That if you want to configure this if You want to customize this you Understand how to do it so this is how You configure the title and description For post and similarly you can go into The pages section and let's say example If you have Pages just like hey about us Contact us now about us and contact us Mak sense to have in the search results But let's say terms and conditions let's Say privacy policy most of the time they Are not something that you need in the Search results so you can just say hey No I don't want these in the search Results and if you uh if you have using Post let's say for example in any other Case just like I mentioned for your About us page and other Pages then you Can just do the same thing and similar To how we configure the settings in the Post you can also configure the settings For pages so going here inside the Content type we have post pages and all The different post types will also Appear here you can configure the set Settings for them individually and Customize them to your heart's desire Similarly we can go to tax enemies and Inside tax enemies the default tax Enemies in WordPress are categories and Tags but you might have different Categories like products if example

You're using woocommerce to sell Products and if you have let's say Landing pages you might have another Category so similar to that thing that We just did you can also configure the Exact same settings for different tax Enemies now in most cases having the tax En Pages appear in search results makes Sense so you might not need to change The setting but once again it depends on Your website if you have landing pages a Separate category you don't want them Appear in the search results click no And that entire category will be Excluded from the search results and Then similar to how we just showed you You have a preview here you have Category titles and meta description you Can configure this with hardcoding or Smart tags and even add emojis here this Is this one one reminder that emojis Also exist that you can use them similar To this you have the same options Appearing for tags do you want them them Appearing the search results the preview The tag title and the Met description And one more option that we need to look At is the archives Pages now archive Pages what are these archive pages are Author archives and data archives and Search Pages now these are the default Archives if you have more uh say Categories or taxies on your website for Example you might have product pages or

Product categories then you might also Have product archives so for individual Archives you can configure the settings What do you want to appear in the search Results now let's say for example if You're a solo website and you are hiring Writers to write blog post on your Website you might not need the author Archives to be appearing in the search Results because it doesn't make sense Right nobody's looking at who is writing The article they just want the content So in case the post and the tax enemy is Already enabled you can go ahead and say No I don't want author archives to Appear in the search results so then Google will not index them in the first Place similarly if you're posting tons Of content most websites uh don't use Date archives unless there's a specific Use case for it but you can just do this And for the search page it depends so For search page the settings are the Same you can decide if you want uh Search pages to show in the search Results the default setting is no and I'd say stick with that for most Websites no is the default option but if Some page some reason you want enable Them you can enable them and the same Settings exist that you can configure How the search Pages look like in the Search results let's stick with the no Here save our changes and once it is

Done we have successfully configured Most of our search appearance settings So that's how easy it is to configure The search or appearance of your search Pages not appearance for search Pages Appearance for your post Pages category Archives Pages homepage Knowledge Graph Using Allin one SEO it took a few Minutes for me to explain the settings Configure them but if you follow along Maybe in a couple of minutes you have a Great basis setup for how your posts and Categories and taxies appear in the Search results and that's the power of All in SEO massive massive uh it makes It massively easy for you config Configure uh amazing solutions for your Website with that let's move on to the Next set of settings we need to Configure with Allin one SEO so now that You configured most of the essential Settings in all in on SEO you might be Wondering what more do you need to Optimize to get higher search rankings Right well the answer is you need to Optimize the content itself right Because that's the basis of your SEO Strategy so let's use all in one SEO to Optimize the content on our websites so I have this simple blog post written Down here which is again uh related to Solar uh regulatory landscape inside the Solar industry and it's a simple block Post and you want to optimize this for

Best rankings or at least increasing the Probability or the chances of this Content ranking higher or highest in the Search results now you have two Different uh ways and I said two Different strategies or I say two Different methodologies or I say two Different things you you can do to Optimize this piece of content the first Thing you need to optimize which you Need to pay pay extra attention to is The headline itself right this is the Headline and most people will just look At your headline in the search results And decide if this is the right block Post so your headline should be on point It should be optimized for SEO and of Course it should be optimized in a way So that users want to click on it and Reach your website so this is how or This is where all Ino can uh help you Totally to dve and write the best Headline possible so the first thing I Want you to pay attention is here you See this H icon with 40 out of 100 this Is a amazing feature right inside Allin One SEO it's called the headline Analyzer and it's already analyzing your Headline and giving you a score on what It thinks this is your headline Worth or It what it scores out of 100 so let's Click on it and we'll see not even not Only the score but some recommendations On how to improve this headline so you

See this is the score for this headline So we are seeing some instant or I say Personalized recommendation a specific To this headline the word balance could Be better uncommon words could be better There's no emotional words no power Words the sentiment is positive and the Headline type is General so let's say For example if I'm looking at this block Post and I'm thinking to myself hey I'm Writing a block post about solar Regulations in whatever country how can I phrase the headline to be as exciting As possible while sticking to the topic And also having the right keywords in The search results or uh in the headline So let's say I I rewrite this and I have Done no preparation I'm just doing this Real time let's uh write a new headline I'll say Seven important Solar to Know say solar Roof and let's wait for a couple of Seconds and instantly boom this is how Powerful and this is how fast all-in-one SEO is you change the headline and I did Did no preparation this was just on the Fly I changed the headline and I'm Already reaching 79 of out of 100 scores Which is pretty good and now the Headline is lot more powerful it sounds Better it starts with a number which is Usually a good thing and now headlin is

Also on one more point if somebody is Searching for solar regulation they they Can find this or solar roofing Regulations they are much more likely to Understand and uh connect with this Headline and click through and you see Here you'll see the previous score also Available here so you have all the Headlines that you do as a record here So you can understand if you're making Progress the word balance is better you Have common words here you can improve This there's no emotional words here but Still we getting a pretty good score so If you're happy with this score you can Just go with it otherwise you can take It to 80 90 or 90 100 score that's Completely up to you you should find a Balance that works for you you don't Need to spend multiple hours just fixing A headline if you have 80 or 85 score or This uh score is in the green then most Likely you're good to go so this is the First way how allinone SEO helps you Write killer headlines on your website Now if you want to write or optimize Your content the first thing we need to Know about or what allinone needs to About know about is what is the content About that's the first step right Otherwise allinone SEO is doesn't can't Predict what keywords you're trying to Rank for so the first thing we'll do After we've done this is actually tell

All in N you about what the post should Be about and in in in SEO terms this is Called a focus keyphrase so you see Once I go to the end of the block post I Reach the allinone SEO settings if you See it like this just have to expand it By clicking somewhere and it'll expand You have all these settings but the Firstep important the most important Thing you need to do uh when optimizing Your content is set up a focus GE phrase So if I say solar Roofing Regulation okay and I just add this as a F Focus keyword I'll just press enter Now not only I'm getting recommendations About everything else but based on the Focus keyword all in the is telling me How I can improve my content this is Absolutely absolutely killer and this is Not the only key phrase you can add what Allu allows you to do is just click this Button and open UPS uh the sign up Window for uh SCM Rush which is Something or a tool we highly recommend So if you want to have let's say more uh Keywords appearing or more keyword Recommendations based on real world data All you have to do is enter your Information here the name and email and You sign up for a free account for sem Rush and once that is done not only will Will you see this here but allinone SE Will connect with sem Rush which is the

I say one of the biggest SEO data Providers in the world SEO tools they'll Find all the relevant keywords and give You those suggestions right here inside All or inside your website that's pretty Pretty amazing so once once you do that You'll see all these details here and You'll see personalized feedback for all Of these keywords as well so as you Optimize your blog post you'll instantly See how optimized your blog post is for Individual keywords now that will be a Little too uh in detail if I go through That route so what I'm going to do is Take this particular piece of uh q Keyphrase that we just added and Optimize our content based on that so Let's look at all the different Recommendations that we are getting so The first recommendation is Focus key Phrase in SEO title is saying hey we're Not finding this in the uh SEO title now This might be a little confusing because We just added this so just keep in mind That it's looking for an exact match Solar roofing regulations so I'll just Change the Focus key face to match it Because Google is smart to identify that Regulation and regulation is regulation The plural and the singular mean the Same thing so I'll just do this oops Sorry and let's do that and you see this Recommendation is now fixed Focus key Phrase in meta description so let's go

To The Meta description Where is the the Met description it is right here which Is the post excerpt now since I haven't Set up a post excerpt here specifically It's taking the entire block post as the Except which is too large so we need to Fix this manually so what I'll do is do This delete it and type in something Here so I'll type in Solar so I've just written down a simple Uh meta description off the top of my Head making sure to include the right Keywords and also making sense so if Somebody looks at this you can obviously Look at the preview this is similar to How you saw this seven important solar Uh solar roofing regulations to know Solar roofing and you can see the Met Description come up here solo Roofing Regulations can be tricky to understand And navigate let us help youtify and Understand them is now you might be Wondering one thing that we already set Up these settings the post title The Man Description already in the settings why Are we changing them again so here has How this works what you do in the Settings that we configured in the Previous section is that you set up a Template that all your post can use so If you have a good title if you have a Good excerpt on the page if you have a Good meta description everything is Already set up for you so let's say you

Had 300 different block posts once you Confer the settings all of these Settings will automatically apply to all The different posts and pages and all The different post types but all in one SEO also gives you or gives you control Over if you want to customize them even Further for example for this post I had No accept and what I needed to do was Actually customize this so even though I Didn't change the post title set which Are coming from the main settings I was Able to change the meta description for The post so you get the benefit of Both Worlds you get the uh Power of Customizing the settings for thousands Of posts in one location but you still Retain individual control over Customizing these settings here that's The power of allio and that's what we're Doing right now we're customizing and Updating uh meta description other Settings based on the recommendations we Are getting so that we have higher Likelihood of appearing in the search Results so once I've done the meta Description update you see all of these Are already done now the next Recommendation is keyphrase in url so if I go here I'll find these settings and The URL is here I'll go here and I'll Just change this To Essential

Solar Roofing so I'll change the url to Essential solar roofing regulations Let's just go back to the settings here And we'll find that that is also fixed Focus key phrase in introduction now What is this setting or what is this Recommendation Google and the search Engines and also people expect uh to Instantly find the information they're Looking for and the most likelihood of People jumping away from your website is Then once they click and they don't find Or they find don't find the connection That they're looking for to ensure that Hey this is the exact post I actually Was looking for think of it as as buyer Remorse for search clicks if they have a Slight hint of hey this is not the exact Piece of content that I was promised or Not what I'm looking for they might just Jump back in the search results so you Have to ensure that in the introduction Itself you're validating that hey this Is the right post that you have clicked Through so you can go here and instead Of this introduction which is a Personalized safe hey there e Warriors And Future Energy Enthusiast let's peel Back the layers on topic blah blah blah So I can cut this down and simply start With uh let's let just let me write down A new introduction for you instant L all right so within a second I wrote a

New blog post introduction so instantly I started with in this blog post we Demystify essential solar roofing Regulations and how they can affect the Pricing delivery and shelf life of your Solar roofs now I'm not a solar expert So these uh U I say interpretations or Inferences that I've drawn to solar Roofing regulations might be completely Off but you get the idea whatever the User is thinking you have to validate Their feelings instantly that this is The exact piece of content that will Answer their questions and not only will Users feel welcome and understood but Search engines will love you as well so Instead uh of this blog post or I say Instead of this introduction what we can Do is just remove this so I'll just Click here I'll just delete this post or This introduction and now we have a Brand new uh regulation here or brand New introduction here so going back to This hand now we have everything done For you focus keyphrase density now this Is the last recommendation here and what Focus keyword uh density means that he You have to sprinkle your essential Keywords throughout your post just like Salt way so that it ensures that Google Understands the context of the post and What you can do is just figure out how You written the content and make sure That your Focus key phrase added in a

Few uh I say key areas uh so that uh This recommendation goes into the green Now all these recommendations are again Not rules they are guidelines or Recommendations so if you find a like a Great headline that you know works well But uh all ofio is telling you hey it's Not suitable you have to understand and Make a judgment based on your experience And understanding these are just Guidelines and recommendations which Will help you optimize your content so Even let's say I have written a great Blog post and I think it's great but It's not fulfilling the keyword density Uh rule then it's all right you don't Need to optimize everything to the 100° Uh once you have done basic level of Optimization whatever you do after that Will give you diminishing returns so you Have to be logical when you approach the Optimization process on how much you Need to read or what score you need to Reach to ensure there are other factors In SEO that bring you results so don't Think just optimizing the content will Just shoot you up to the first result or The first ranking in search results but There is value in optimizing and Learning the process learning the Patterns of what you need to do to write Optimized blog post so what we've done Right now here is absolutely easy to Follow what we did was we took a simple

Blog post we went to the headline Analyzer wrote a beautiful new headline More effective headline and then added The Focus key phrase here Focus gase was Added the recommendations became Personalized to the content we added Those we changed the meta description we Changed the title we changed the content Updated everything and now we have a Much more highly highly optimized block Post so initially the scores were 40 and Something poor scores now we have 79 out Of 100 which is almost close to 80 which Is great and then we have optimization Of 80 out of 100 here now what you can Also do if you want to see the same Recommendations here you can go to the Basic setion and you also have title and Readability uh uh I say not errors but I Say recommendations here so this was the Focus key phrase related recommendations But what you also want to do is actually Update these or I say look at these so What are these these are not based on The content and the key Focus key phrase These are General SEO guidelines that You should follow on any blog post to Make sure that it is optimized from a Search engine perspective so right now Fixing these already fix most of these Now what we need to change is ADD Internal and external links now this is Again not a rule but a guideline that Hey if you have a great blog post it

Should link to other blog posts on your Site so let's say for example if I go Here and just do this I'm just doing This uh without any uh sense to just Forgive me for that I'll just add a link Here and let's search for URL Solar and let's find more content and I Found piece of content open link in new Tab and done so I just added an internal Link to one of the other block post on My website similar you should add to Resources that you refer to if you're Presenting research and other websites Or I say non-competing websites at least You should link out to them and Instantly once I added the link you also See the score jump up to 83 out of 100 So I added an internal link this works Now external link can also be added There are a couple of other things or Other recommendations let's also look at Them so the title says Hey Focus key Phrase in SEO title is done Focus key Phras at the beginning of SEO title is Also done SEO title length is a little Too long so let's see if we can fix it Seven important solar roofing Regulations to know now in this case I Don't think the the title is too long But so what we'll do is we'll uh take an Educated decision and we'll ignore this Page analysis uh uh recommendation right Here in terms of readability this is Also very important now what readability

Means of course you mean is your content Readable and consumable easy to follow So here the recommendations are pretty Simple there are no images here there no Paragraph or the paragraph lens are nice Sent s length are a little long we Should optimize it for shorter sentences Because people don't WR uh read every Word we are not using passive transition Words are fine consecutive sens are fine Subheading distribution is not good and Uh reading score is not very good so What we need to do is optimize many of These things to make sure that content Is actually sticking out so I'll start With images so what I'll do is I'll go Here and start adding some images so I'll just go here add an image block and And in image block I'll go to upload Let's see if we have options oops I'll Cancel this out I'll go to the media Library and we don't have the options so I'll just go to a stock website so what I'll do is I'll pause the video for a Second I'll make most of these changes That recommendations are showing uh Simplify the language and make those Changes and once those are done I'll be Back so let's pause the video right now So I've made some changes to the blog Post and let me show you everything that I've done so I added a couple of images To the blog post I make sure the Headlines were in place I added links

And I also uh rewrote most of the blog Post to make sure that it was friendly Now this is a more realistic scenario so I haven't touched the 100 Mark but I'm Still at 91 out of 100 which is amazing Already so this is just giving you a Realistic idea that hey you don't need To touch 100 and you won't be able to Touch 100 without actually spending a Disproportionate amount of time which is Needed to optimize a block post so if I Go to the scoring section this is Already what you saw here focus Keyphrase in image Al this I can fix I Can can go and add all tags to my images This will improve this but apart from This you see basic SEO everything is Going good title as I said we'll ignore This recommendation because I think the Title is good enough and in the Readability section there are only two Things that we need to fix the reading Score I already rewrote the block post But I wasn't able to hit the perfect Scores and in the transition words Segment only 24% sentences con contain Transition words I think the block post Is okay and decent uh it's not a world Class bullet Sur prize winning block Post but it'll survive in these search Results so this is how easy uh all in SEO and this is how powerful all in SEO Is it gives you exactly or tells you Exactly what you need to do to not only

Have a search engine optimize websites Optimize your search appearance in the Search results but also write amazing Content that can rank higher and attract More users and this is just the Beginning there are more features inside Allin SEO that'll help you break the SEO Game in your favor so let's talk about Some of the other more exciting features That all SEO presents that can help you Better Rankings so after optimizing your Headlines and the blog post content for SEO time to do something very very Important the SEO audit of our website Now if your website is already populated And you install on SEO you might need to Do this step first or you should do this As a first step but since this was a Brand new website and nothing was Configured on the site I decided to put This section after all the other Sections so let's head to my screen and We'll start the process of optimizing Again with the help of a SEO audit built Inside right inside all in N SEO so Inside all in N SEO you might have Noticed that there's option here called SEO analysis so if you go here you'll See this screen so let me just explain What this is first and what this lets You do is it actually analyzes your Entire website and finds opportunities For improvement with respect to SEO so

Instead of going to individual pages and Posts and figuring out where the Optimizations need to be done the SEO Audit checklist will give you all those Details right here and also provide you Some other information which might not Be present on individual pages and post You can also analyze your competitors Website here and the headline analyzer That you already saw inside the blog Post section that I just demonstrated is Also present here so if you just want to Try out a few different headlines you Have the same options available here now For to use this the SE audit and the uh Comparative analysis options you need to Connect with the all-in-one SEO account Now this is free to set up even if you Don't have an account you don't need to Make to purchase just need to connect an Account because some of these services Are hosted services and they'll need an Account to set up so what I'll do is Click this button right here this will Open up the login option here and all You have to do is either create a new Account or register to analyze yours so I'll just login and come back and we'll Resume the rest of the video so after Adding my first name and my email Address this is what I see I didn't have To do anything the results were Automatically populated and what this Tells me is the entire optimization list

That I should perform on my website now Some of these recommendations will be For the homepage some of them will be For other pages but overall whatever you Need to do to fix your site or increase The chances of ranking high in the Search results everything will be Available here you see the overall score It's 56 it's decent of of course I Haven't spent too much time optimizing The content here so 56 is pretty okay And if I want to let's say learn more About how to optimize my content and my Website for SEO the read the ultimate WordPress SEO guide link is right here If you click here it'll open up the Entire new word press guide in a new tab You can consume the content and uh all Use the recommendations and use the Knowledge here to optimize your website Even further let's look at some of the Recommendations here you see the Complete SEO checklist you see all the Items so you see the basic SEO title so This this is analyzing your homepage for The site title The Met description the H1 and saying hey no H2 was found this Is uh not a red flag but it's something That you should consider fixing then no Internal links were found on a page this Is important as internal links help Promote SEO juice and also U is good for General I'd say user experience so if You just click the button rear for U

Expanding this section you'll understand The details about this particular Section so it's telling you that hey you Have no internal links and external Links coming and going from your Homepage which is something you should Technically fix then the same kind of Recommendation you you can find for Advanced S so you don't find any canalle Tags your your page does not contain any Uh no index header or metax so all of This can be um fixed and updated with Allio and most of the sections or most Of the the things I've already showed You you just have to go there and figure Out and configure those settings and Everything will work fine the um broad Idea here is that everything you see Here is very very important to Understand and beginners as or if you Just built your website you're not an SE Expert you might not know any of this Now all of this is is at your fingertips You can learn from the ultimate guide And Implement these things similarly if You go to important issues and Recommended improvements and good Results these are just filters applied To the all item checklist so if you just Want to look at the issues you go here If you just want to see the Recommendations you can go here and if You see all the tests that you have Passed on your website you go here so

This is how the SEO analysis and SEO Audit helps you analyze and understand And update your website almost Instantaneously and helps you improve Your chances of ranking high in the Search stles whatever see you see right Here you can also do for a competitive Website so if I go here and let's say if I type in HTTPS let's Analyze let's see how it does It'll run the same operations that it Does on our own website and then give You the details so if you have a Competitors um that you want to mimic And you want to analyze their skills or SEO I say operations and how they've Optimized the websites you can just Follow them and uh do all the Recommendations similarly so you see WP Beginner is optimized for 93 out 100 It's pretty awesome right so you can see All of these things that they are doing Right and also this can be an Inspiration for you so you can Understand how it's going to work so you Also see the mobile snapshot you see Some a couple of important important Issues they can probably fixed easily But this is something really really Powerful and unique at your fingertips And you're not paying anything for this So it's very very useful the the

Headline analer is similar to what we' Already covered so I'm not going to give You or give another demonstration Because I've already uh done an Experiment and shown you how we can Optimize our headlines using the Headline analyzer so this is a cool new Feature or cool i' say amazing feature Inside allio the SEO audit and SEO Analyzer let's move on to the next few Features that make all in the SEO a Unique SE Plugin so now let's talk about the next Set of features inside Allin SEO that Will make your life a lot easier now Just to clarify all of these features I'm going to talk about or next few set Of features I'm going to talk about are All pro features so you'll need to have A purchase plan and an active Subscription to utilize your Allin one SEO account let me demonstrate how to Start using this first of course you'll Need to make a purchase on allinone Seo's website and there you'll be all Have or have the option of downloading The pro plugin for all in an SEO it's a Completely different plugin it's a zip File so you can you can go into your Account and just download it from inside The account so you click download aiso a Zip file will be downloaded to your Computer and then also what you should Do is to take your license key and copy

It to your clipboard save it somewhere In the computer or you can just log in And refer to it uh once you have it so Once you have the uh ZIP plugin we'll Install it manually on our website so I'll go to the plug-in section I'll go To add new plugin and inside the add new Plugin I'll have the opportunity to Upload a new plugin by clicking this Button here and I'll just take the zip File that I have and click it leave it Here I'll install now and this will Install the pro Plugin or Pro yeah the Pro plugin on my website and the regular Plug-in the free version will Automatically be disabled so I'll Activate the plug-in now so as you can See all and SEO pro has been install on My website now I also need to install or Add the license key to make my Installation complete so what I can do Is go into all SEO general settings and Add the license key here you also see The prompt here but I'll just go here Inside the journal settings and inside The journal settings inside the first Option I'll see the option of pasting my License key I'll paste my license key Here click Connect and now all SEO pro has been Activated and since the zip file I have Is a little older and there's already Been an update to the plugin I'll also Install an update to the latest version

Of the plugin so I can I can also get The latest features so let me go back to The plugin section here and update the Plugin first I'll just click update now I'll be updated in a second and then We'll resume the video so allio has been Updated to the latest version let's talk About the first amazing feature inside Allio that'll make your life easier and Improve your chances by multifold to get Higher rankings in these search results And I'm talking about the feature called Schema markup let's take a look at it so The schema markup feature is all inside All of none SEO inside the search Appearance and this will bring you to a Familiar interface inside the content Type section you remember we already Discussed posts pages and how title and Description settings can be configured For different post types but what I did Not cover was the schema Mark option Because schema markup is a pro feature So if you go inside the schema markup All you have to configure is what type Of post or what type of schema should go For this post type so regularly let's Say if you're publishing blog post on Your site then for post the article Schema type is something you should have So once you've said this you're mostly Good to go but there's more so what I've Done is on this website apart from Posts And pages I created a new custom post

Type which is something that you can Have on your website so you can have Products you can have pages and you can Also have recipes this is just an Example you might have products or other Type of posts so inside the recipe Section if I want to add a recipe type Schema all I have to do is go here and Select the appropriate schema type let's Say for example I'll find a recipe and Inside the recipe that's it I'm done I'll click save changes and now whenever I create a post on my site automatically Based on the information on the post the Uh schema markup will be added based on The article schema and on the recipe Type post type uh automatically uh Information from the recipe will be Pulled now let me give you a live Demonstration of how that's going to Work so let's go to the post and all Post on our side I'll pick one of the uh Block post to start working so let's Take this one what to consider before Switching to solar energy now this is Not a recipe blog post but I'm going to Just give you an example of how this Works so once you updated the blog post You look at the headline and you uh Optimize the content based on all's Recommendations you can go down here and You'll find all the settings here so one Thing that we can also cover or here or Look at is all the different tabs here

So in this uh specific section we're Just going to work on the schema part so Inside the schema part you already see That the blog post default options has Been configured so what you can do is Click the edit schema button and what You can do is customize the schema that Will be passed as metadata so if you see What is is going in the schema or what Is going in the name section of the Schema the post title can you add Something yes absolutely can use smart Tags emojis and hard uh hardcore text Can do the same thing for the headline The description and the image as well so Image is usually pulled in from the Feature image you can upload a m I say a Custom image and also add keywords and Once you do this click update schema so This will be updated now do remember That you are now editing the default Schema graph for this post so what we Are doing is once this template has been Edit it this will apply to all the posts On your site so once you set up a Template like just in the demonstration I I give you example of the metadata This will apply to all the block post on A site automatically and what you can Just do is come here click generate Schema and you also have tons of Different options to configure the types Of schema you want to add to this block Post so many times one single blog post

Or single piece of content might be or Might have different kinds of I'd say uh Schema types for example let's say if You're talking about a product review It's also a review it's also a product Uh thing and it's also an article so you Can add multiple types of schema right Inside here so let's give an example if I click plus and this can add it here I'll add schema and now you have the Article schema and also the product Schema on the page so as I was saying The product schema is now added you can Also go again and go to the generate Schema option and figure out what Different kind of schemas you want to Add to the particular page and just Click click click and all you'll be done In a couple of minutes you can also go In here and add custom schema so if you Have a Json schema scha specifically to Your section because uh the most popular Schema types are 25 30 schemas which Most search engin support but the schema Is a very vast language you can have Hundreds of different schemas so if you Want to have that you can post the Schema in Json LD format and it will be Violated for you by all in one SEO apart From that you can also have a schema Validation done so once this is done Let's say you have created all this and You want to verify if the schema is Actually valid what you do is just click

The test with Google button and'll open Up the uh Rich snippet testing tool and Paste the code of the page directly here You click test code and it'll give you a Simple I say test results of if your Schema is valid and what kind of Rich Results do you qualify for so you can See I added the product snippet here I Added some other things so of course I'm Getting errors but this was just a Demonstration with regards to the Article schema everything working fine Regards to breadcrumbs everything is Working fine so once again the schema Generator and schema Creator inside all SEO are amazingly powerful you create Templates you add multiple types of Schema you can validor schema and also Uh double check and do all sorts of Custom schema features that uh is just Outside the scope of just this video Just in short schema is extremely Powerful and allio makes it extremely Easy for you to have it the right schema On the right pages so that you can get The maximum benefits when it comes to Getting the benefit of schema in the Search results let's talk about the next Exciting feature so the next exciting Feature we're going to talk about with Respect to all in an SEO is local SEO Now if you have a local business web Website this is obviously valuable for You if not you can skip to the next

Section so what I'll do is go into all In an SEO go to local SEO and we'll Going to explore the options that you Can configure for your local IO now when You just set up your plan you set up Your license key you might see this so Just click activate local SEO and an Extension of all in an SEO will be Installed on your site it might take a Few seconds so within a few seconds as You see local SEO has now been installed Or local SEO extension for Allin one SEO Is now installed on my website all to do Is configure it if you have a local Business then you can follow along so The first thing is local extension Settings or location settings what am I Saying location settings so if you have A single location you can configure that If you have multiple location you can Configure that as well so enable this is I' say toggle box toggle button if you Click yes you'll see more options pop up Here if you click no you'll see Different options here so regardless of That you can configure based on how many Locations you have so how do you display The information about your location on On your website this is an important Piece of information to configure what I'll do is uh just skip or I'll say Let's first configure the default Business options or business options Business information and then we'll talk

About this so in the business Information box what you have to Configure is what your business Information is right so what's the name Of the company let's say XYZ Solar Solutions upload or select an image let Me see if I have an image let me just Add this image for now type what kind of Business you have let's say I am and Employment entertainment food Establishment government inter Cafe Legal Services lodging business Self Storage shopping center as you can see So many different options here now even Though this is a very extensive list of Types of business you can configure you Might not be able to find the specific I'd say uh exact match to your business In that case find the one that suits Your business the closest so if I scroll Here the store also works for me then You can input an address you can inut a Country so I'll just put India and I'll Skip the address for now and in the Address line format what you can say Here is address line one address line 2 So even though this is your technical Address what information you decide to Show on your website is different so I'll just put up a dummy address here so Let say dummy uh um Office so after added this dummy address I can also choose what information is Visible on the page so I might just have

Demi office that's it nothing else so This completely depends on you if you Want to have the state and Country Visible as well so you can just uh use This and then when you add this as a Block to your website on your website This will be something you'll use you Can also use the maps option to pinpoint Or add a map on your site where exactly Your location is but that requires you To set up a Google Maps API key it's out Of scope this video but once you have an API key you enter the API key and you Can pinpoint your address with a map or With a pin and then users can actually Find you with the map this is very very Useful and then you also have the Contact information and other tax Information you can also have a price Information and area served so just Clarifying contact information there Somewhere they can users can contact you Right so it might be a sales support or It might be any kind of numbers so Adding this will add this all of this to Your uh schema on your website so you Will be appearing in local business Results and near me results all those Kind of results is where this Information is useful in so make sure to Fill all of this information and your W And tax IDs and also your payment Indicator payment indicator is usually a Range so if you have let's say a

Restaurant if you are a gourmet Restaurant if you are a Michin Star Restaurant you might be in the $3 sign To $4 sign range that means a premium Experience if you're just a dollar store Then just go for this then the currency Accepted and payment method accepted are Pretty straightforward and area served Is where let's say for example you have A local business but you serve areas in 5 m radius you can just enter some of The areas close by so this information Will be used by Google to understand and Uh show you in the appropriate results On the appropriate queries so if you do This instead of this go to this you'll Have uh some other settings come up so What you can do here is set up pum links And so location permalink so you'll have Different pages for different locations On your site it's a little Advanced and We have done dedicated Tut Tools around This for this video what I'll do is just Stick to the no option or the singular Location I'll click save changes and now What I'll also do is give an example of How you would add this information on Your website with the help of a Gutenberg block so make sure to remember This to add this block the post and and Search for the aoso local business info Blog now this is a very very important Feature because there's not only this There's some other features inside all

SEO that we can utilize so before we go To the opening RS and map section let's Try this out I'll open a add new post And let's say I'll talk about my Business info I'll just name it business Info and instead of the content I'll Just go for adding a block here and I'll Just type in allinone SEO i/ AO SE EO Now this is again a big set of features That we can have on our website and Since this video is already too long I Won't go into the details but you can See you can have a block with respect to Breadcrumbs the sit map table of Contents FAQ schema on your site Business information opening Us Locations location categories and Maps So if you want to display the business Information of your business on your Website on any post anywhere in act Technically just use the business info Um I say option and then instantly you See the option available here you can Publish this and similarly whatever you Have or tons of information you have you Can have fqs and all that information All that good stuff you have blocks with Respect to all SEO that you can utilize On your site so this is how simple all SEO makes it to add any kind of Information and once you let's say you Update this or you have this on Literally every post on your site if you Go here just update the information it

Will be updated everywhere that's how Powerful alinio is so apart from the Business information you can also add The opening us because this is very Useful right if you're let's say you're A dentist you don't want to be uh people Inquiring your store or your I say Clinic when it's 12:00 in the night so You can add opening hours here as well So you can what you can do is if you Have let's say a 24/7 store you can say No but if you were not a 247 St you can Say yes and then this option I already Discovered then you what you can do is Uh just configure the specific times That you are actually open and when you Are closed for the label what you can do Is open and close you can uh customize The label but most more important here Is the hours so on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday what time are you open what time You close so let's say you're not open On Sundays at all just do this if on a Particular day you open 24 hours just Click this otherwise you can configure Specific times that hey I'm available From 9:00 a.m. to let's say 700 p.m. and That's it that's how easy it is and then You can also be uh use 24hour time Format is that's something that you like Otherwise it's as easy to configure Anything else for the map section but I Save the settings and also go to Maps

Again you need to have the API key Entered here if you enter the API key Here then you can go to the location Section and configure the maps here it's Actually very very powerful but out of The scope of this video once you're done With the opening as we have already Saved our changes we can go back to this Post and let's try and add another block On this page and this time I'll search For aiio SEO once again and now we have Uh the sit map and the table of contents FAQ and local opening R so if I click This button instantly see all my Lo Opening RS are also visible and not only Uh is this information visible on the Front end of the site that means for Users it also goes to the metadata of The site that means the schema of your Site where Google can actually Understand this information so it's very Powerful to configure all this stuff so Local SEO and I already showed you all The different blocks if I just go here Once again if I say AO SEO you'll see all the different Blocks that you have available you have Local business information local opening USS breadcrumbs uh HTML sitemap for all The content on your site table of Contents FAQ blocks local locations Local location categories and Maps so You can have all this beautiful Information available anywhere on your

Site and all configured in a single Location so just go to locala settings Configure everything and everywhere you Want to have information about your Business you can add there and update in Real time that's how powerful allu is Okay that's all about local SEO let's go And talk about some amazing extra Features inside all in SEO so let's talk About the next exciting feature inside Allinone SEO and that feature is called Read directs so I'm al already inside The rir section and if you're using for The first time you want might need to Activate it and again a small extension Will be installed so just go through the Process I've already gone through the Process and this is it so let me explain What redirects are first so if you go to Let's say for example this is a post on A site so energy versus traditional Power sources and this is the URL the Business. X XYZ solar versus traditional Energy this is right here let's say if I Decide to change the permalink of the Purse to something different so let's Say if I go and say solar energy n oops Energy once I let go you'll see the URL Being updated here I'll update the post Once and you already see that Redirections inside all seu is giving You warning that this will cause four Four errors on your website so if I go Back to the old URL if I update and

Refresh this you'll see that this is Automatically redirected to new URL I'll Just place the URL bar here on the Screen and this is where Allin actually Helps you by creating URLs and redirects Already on your site in a traditional Sense if this was not done what would Happen is you will have four or four Errors on your website and this is Pretty bad let's say for example if you Go here and let's say if I try to type In uh random URL which does not exist on A site so I'll just type in random Something and press enter and this is The typical 404 page so if you change URLs and uh anytime change changes Happen on website this is what your Users see it's not a great look for you And also you're losing out on valuable Traffic so in that case what you should Do is have redirects happening on your Website or uh correct the URLs that are Broken with redirects how do you find Out if a redirect is required for a Specific URL you go into the 404 logs so As I demonstrated right now already here This is a kind of URL that you'll just Do and this is what all Su will start Catching on your site so if I refresh This page hopefully the 404 log will be Caught already so this is where you see It so this URL which is a random URL I Tried it twice so you see hey two hits For this 5 seconds ago and this is

Something that you already CAU solar Versus traditional energy and this was a Hit already so this is the kind of thing You'll find here inside the 404 Monitor And what you can do is Click add Redirect and you can uh just uh use this Section to have or you'll see here the Old URL just paste the new URL here and A redirect will be created so let me go Here once again on the post just click Here I'll click and and copy this go Here paste the target URL and all right I'll just add the Slashes as well and I'll just click this And add redirect and instantly not only The 404 error is resolved you'll also See the redirect created here so now Anytime uh someone opens or tries to Open the old URL they'll be redirected To the new URL automatically and this is How powerful Allin us it helps you Optimize your uh redirect uh helps you Create redir finds all the problems on Your site with respect to 44s and then Makes your users happy and also Google Happy because if your users are not able To find something or information that They're looking for they'll hop back to Search results and go to another website Which is a bad look for your website so This is just a basic overview of how Redirects work and how all Ino makes it Possible for you to configure at modify Edit and then completely manage the

Redirect and 404 errors on your website Onto the next Feature the next amazing feature on our List will blow your mind and if you have A lot of content on your website this Will save you tons of time I'm talking About the feature called link assistant Let's go to the feature and I'll explain What it is and how powerful it is so Inside all SEO go to link assistant Click here it'll take you to the link Assistant now what is this this is your Personal assistant that all it does is Figure out all the links you have on Your site figure out all the Opportunities for links you have on your Site figure out external links on your Site internal links on your site what Websites are you linking to all that Information which is so hard to get Manually and requires so much manual Labor is all available to you at your Fingertips with just like that so let me Give you a simple overview of what's Happening first of all you'll see Different tabs here you'll also see this Percentage icon which is the index Status of your website because Al SEO Doesn't want to use too much resources It like sips a little bit of resources In the background to optimize and Understand the content of your website So my website is 92% scanned so more Links might be discovered here what is

Telling me 12 posts have been crawled on The site 12 posts are often because this Is not something or not an actual site Just a demonstration website there are Zero external links on my website One Internal link and zero affiliate links So entirety of my website's history with Respect to Links is all available here I Can instantly understand if I have Affiliate links I have how many links And what links and what domains am I Linking out to all these information or All these I say all this information is Available here now if you go to the Links report this is where the magic Happens what this is does does is give You detailed reports about what links Are going and coming to individual post On your site so if I see this exploring The cost of solar pal installation a Comprehensive guide this is a blog post That's been published there no internal Links there no external links right Outbound internal links so so what I Meant is uh no in inbound internal links That means internal links coming to this Post from other post and no internal Links going out from this post there are No affiliate links and there are no External links on this page but the Suggestions is where it gets interesting If we go to the suggestions options and We open this up by analyzing the content Of the website by analyzing the content

Of the post allio is telling us where we Can link to other posts on our websites Automatically if you have managed the Website you'll know how important this Is so if I go here it's telling me hey This is a line which mentions solar Panels do you want to add a link to the Blog post that mentions solar panels yes Just click add link yes I want to add The suggestion and well done in a minute The link will be added on your site and It's showing you all the different other Phrases also that also mention this Phrase so if I say let's say if I look At here and I want to add another Internal link I just click here yes add The suggestion and it's done it's that Easy again coming here I can see solar Panels I can see solar contrib Decreasing cost I can add just like but It just blows my mind how easy this is So by analyzing the content of your site It'll look for allio look for phrases That can or match the headings or the Content of other post on a side and Instantly real time not real time but All almost real time will tell you hey You can link from this post to this post This post to this post and just makes The entire job of linking internally on Your entire website so so easy and you See all of these pieces of content you Have multiple multiple suggestions so on This post I can see nine suggestions I

Can go here and see all the suggestions Added here and you can get detailed Reports about inbound links inbound Outbound internal links affiliate links External links all that good stuff Everything is available to you right at Your fingertips and this will save hours And hours and hundreds of man hours Which uh used to take hundreds of man Hours now is done almost in real time With the help of alio how much money Does this save how much time does it Save and how competive of or how big of A competive Advantage is this when it Comes to your uh competition just doing This manually it's massive massive so This is just the links report we also go To the domains report so if you link out Externally let's say you have uh signed Up for multiple i' say affiliate links Or affiliate programs let's say for Amazon and share sale and other programs What links or what domains are you Linking out to the most you can find the Reports here and based on that you can Analyze hey this these these are the Most important links to our site and Once this feature is populated you can Also disavow link suite for example Let's say there's a very popular website Which you have an affiliate relationship With and suddenly either the business Went down or they're hacked now what you Can do is in one click remove all the

Links from your website regarding to That website so this is the power of the Link assistant in all in on asio there's So much more to this but I'm just Scratching the surface because I don't Want to get into too much detail but Just giving you the power of how amazing This feature is let's also talk about One of the most powerful and amazing Features inside all M here next so the Next feature inside all SEO which again Should blow your mind is called search Statistics so once you open up search Statistics you might need to install the Add-on and you might need to connect With Google search console first only Then you'll start seeing this Information so once I've connected my Website to Google search console this is Not a actual website or in terms of this Doesn't have too much content and it's Not very optimized but what you see here Is something so amazing you're seeing Data from your search console pulled in In real time and visualize for you so What are the search impressions for your Website total clicks average CTR average Position keyword positions and you go to Se statistics search Impressions all This information for your keyword Rankings what keywords are you ranking For what's the average information What's content what content is racking All of that good stuff that you'll have

To go into alio or sorry Google search Console figure out the right report to Find then visualize it and then analyze It everything is available on your Website you can change the perioda what You want the data for and you can also Get recommendations about this that hey What post would you want to check out And there's so much information here Content preferences what are the top Pages gaining rankings what are top post Losing rankings this is so amazing Because what it helps you do is Understand Trends on your website this Is this is information that even Google Search console doesn't give you in real Time or you'll have to do some Excel Visit to figure out this data but all of This is a available to you right here Inside allio what pages are winning what Pages are losing mind-blowing stuff oops Sorry it's mind-blowing stuff on how Powerful this stuff is and everything is Available inside all in an SEO in just a Few clicks it still blows my mind that It is available for you or it's Available to us at our fingertips all This powerful powerful data now again I Can go into the details I can talk about The details stuff how you should uh look At this information what are the most Information you should look at and blah Blah blah but I'm pretty sure you Already understand the power of this

Data if you are running a website and if You're running a business that depends On your website to get traffic obviously You it matters to you where users are Coming from how many users are coming From and what pages are gaining traffic Because your business is dependent on it So all this information relates directly To your business if you have any Questions feedback you like this video We'd love to hear what you think about This video leave it in the comments and Of course you can like share subscribe Do all that good stuff refer to this Video whenever you want to have and if You have any topics that we should cover In our next few videos leave that in the Comments as well once again you listen To you brush from W beginner I'll hope To catch you in the next video take Care

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