Make a Website Step by Step

Date: 2021-05-24 13:00:31

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Learn how to make a website with Tyler and Enmanuel step by step with no step skipped! Today, building a website is simple, quick, and easy.

Have fun creating your website in 2 hours using WordPress, the most popular way to make a website in the entire world.

We will be working with Astra theme (5-star ratings with 4,841 reviews ) and Elementor Plugin Page Builder (5-star ratings with 5 million installations) to create the best website in the world. We will use a visual drag and drop tool that will allow you to create your website with no code.

You will learn how to set up a domain name, how to choose the right hosting provider, and how to install WordPress. We will learn how to replicate almost any website in the entire world.

This video will show you that making a website can be fun and easy. Creating a website can change your life, and we will do it all step by step with no step skipped.


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Follow the easy 3 step process:

1. Setup Website
2. Configure Options
3. Web Design.



00:00:00 Intro

1 – Setup

00:04:23 Setup Overview
00:09:27 Domain Name and Hosting
00:20:13 Install WordPress
00:25:02 Login to Website

2 – Configure Options

00:25:29 Delete Plugins
00:26:46 Set Permalinks Structure
00:29:06 Start Building Your Website
00:30:42 Install Theme
00:33:15 Install Plugins

3 – Web Design

00:34:25 Create a Homepage
01:14:12 About page
01:24:40 Mobile Friendly
01:25:42 Services Page
01:39:30 Contact Page
01:39:57 Contact Form
01:48:59 Transparent Menu
01:51:09 Insert Logo
01:53:30 Add Menu
01:54:50 Create Logo
01:57:07 Footer
02:05:01 Logout
02:05:15 Congratulations!


Thank you!

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