Leads Leap Review – Why LeadsLeap Is The Best Tool to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

This is my honest Leads Leap review. If you are an affiliate marketer who really want to make money online, LeadsLeap 4.0 is the only tool you need in your internet marketing toolbox.


And if you buy Leads Leap through my affiliate link, I will give you as a BONUS 5 OPT-IN PAGES that you can easily import and customize inside your Leads Leap account. (You simply need to upgrade to PRO MEMBERSHIP and send me an email to [email protected] with your name, email you signed up for LeadsLeap and transaction ID).

Why I believe that LeadsLeap 4.0 is the best tool to make money online with affiliate marketing?

Well, because it helps you to do the following:

➤ Create opt-in pages and Thank You pages for any niche you choose
➤ Build an email list and send automatic emails or broadcast emails to the list
➤ Gets you real buyers traffic to your optin pages
➤ Track your links to see where you get the most leads and conversions
➤ Create rotator links that automatically rotates through various pages or links

So why spending hundreds of dollars on page builders like Clickfunnels, Builderall or Groove Funnels for example if you can simply buy Leads Leap 4.0 and save some money on other more important things like advertising for example.

Also you save tons of money on autoresponder services or link tracking software like for example Clickmagic etc…

If you are just getting stared with affiliate marketing or are not making a lot of money yet, Leads Leap 4.0 is totally the best internet marketing tool I recommend. Its affordable and it works!

How to earn money with Leads Leap?

The best way is to create high-converting affiliate opt-in pages, set up an autoresponder sequences and get traffic to your landing pages. Make money promoting various products in niche you like and enjoy. That is the best way I know how to generate income with LeadsLeap.


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Leads Leap Review – Why LeadsLeap Is The Best Tool to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

LeadsLeap is a powerful tool that can help you make money with affiliate marketing. If you’re looking to promote products and services online and earn commissions for each sale you generate, you need a reliable and effective affiliate marketing system.

Leads Leap offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that can help you grow your affiliate business and maximize your earnings. With Leads Leap 4.0, you’ll get access to advanced tracking and analytics tools that can help you optimize your campaigns and increase your conversion rates.

In addition, LeadsLeap offers a unique traffic exchange system that allows you to earn credits and traffic by viewing other members’ ads. You can then use these credits to promote your own affiliate offers and generate more sales.

Overall, LeadsLeap 4.0 is an essential tool for anyone looking to make money with affiliate marketing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer, LeadsLeap can help you grow your business and achieve your financial goals. So don’t wait, check out Leads Leap today and start making money with affiliate marketing!

📹 https://youtu.be/9JDlZSVnDs0
📹 https://youtu.be/9JDlZSVnDs0

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Hey guys Brett here and on today's video I want to do lead sleep review just Because if you want to make money with Affiliate marketing this is the tool That you really need and I will show you Why let's go [Music] Alright guys welcome back so what is Lead sleep lead sleep is basically Membership platform which you can get Actually free lifetime membership for And you will be able to create opt-in Pages now with the free platform you Will be able to get 10 pages with Hosting included you will be able to Manage your list that means when you Create opt-in Pages you can create lists For each page and that way you can Separate your subscribers based on Whatever they opt in for right so this Way you can segment your leads then also It gives you traffic to your website now This is traffic from the users who Already are using Lee's lips and as you Will see further on this video there is A lot of them wait listly we will be Able to also create pop-ups which you Can use to again use as a list building Or maybe put a special offers then it Has link tracker now now with Lee sleep You have unlimited link trackers and Guys if you not track your links you Don't know where basically the traffic Is coming from and you don't know which

Traffic performs the best for you then You are simply wasting time and money Doing affiliate marketing or anything Online and of course with Lee sleep you Will be able to make money and I think That with affiliate marketing you will Be able to make more money than you can Do with your current job and soon I'm Gonna show you the dashboard and Everything was inside so please watch This video till the end because you will See exactly how easy it is and how Affordable it is if you decide to go From the free lifetime membership to Pro Membership and I promise you it's way Cheaper than any other page builder like Click funnels Builder or and all that Stuff group funnels is so let me show You a little bit more there really are a Lot of people who are real users and and Basically they are making tons of money With Lee sleep and they also love the Fact that it's really great Page Builder And opt-in Page Builder and if you want To make money online then this basic all You need you don't need to have complete Funnel that does everything all you have To do is basically get lead email delete And make sales that's it with follow-up Sequences now watch this that over 171 000 members they sent to their members Already 56 million visitors real people Not Buzz which is why I really like this And even click funnels they're not gonna

Give you free traffic to your opt-in Pages and with the pricing point of like 97 or 297 whatever it's cost right now I Paid five years ago 297 dollars for Click funnels didn't work out for me With lead sleep now I'm actually finally Being more happy more free doing what I Want with my affiliate marketing in Business so let me just quickly show you How easily works and guys you can see This on on the website and if you're Gonna get lead sleep through my Affiliate link which I'm gonna show you Below this video in the comment section In the pin comment section or in the Description then I'm gonna give you some Free bonuses which will give you head Start and you will be able to get really Cool opt-in pages that are converting And these opt-in pages are used by high Profile affiliate marketers and product Uh developers that are using the same Templates right so you will get a lot of Them I will give you probably three to Five I don't know how many I have as a Templates that can basically easily give It to you so how do you get traffic Right basically as you can see you can Advertise to these lead members which is What I'm going to show you as well and This this really produce good traffic And leads guys so if you know how to do High converting opt-in Pages then this Is Head Start no other page builder is

Going to give this to you guys their Database of members who are actually Paying customers that means these people Have money and they will buy right so Basically you can go to the page when I Show you the link and you can see all The methods that you can use to drive Traffic to your opt-in pages and these People are the real deal right so now How I benefit with list manager and Basically the money is in the list and You've probably heard this many times so If you are doing affiliate marketing for Year two year three years and you did Not build the list Then you've been missing out I'm telling You this you need to have list and with Leslie you have the list included with The free membership and even with the Pro membership and you can do much more With the pro membership and right now The pro membership I think is like 27 Bucks but if you take the free lifetime Membership they give you couple days to Basically convert to Pro for discount so You will not pay 27 but I think like 23 Dollars which is cool And I definitely suggest to you right They use sensit and guys I tested it Many times and it goes to my inbox all The time Right now with the with this please Sleep Auto responder you basically have Double opt-in Pages or leads it

Automatically sends welcome email with Downloading or whatever instruction you Want to give them and then you can send Broadcast emails to multiple lists so if You have multiple squeeze pages Or opt-in Pages multiple lists but they They are in the same let's say Niche Like for example I have many of these But they all are in the theme of make Money online or affiliate marketing Because it's still making money online Then I can do broadcast and this is what I like and it tracks open rates and all The information which is cool so these Two things basically traffic to your Opt-in pages is the biggest problem that Many newbies or even Advanced affiliate Marketers have still so with this lead It's soft you can get right traffic Right from the beginning and then you Basically list and this is the most Important thing with affiliate marketing Because you need to follow up right now There they have the page builder I'm Going to show you how the page builder Works but basically you have different Opt-in pages templates that you can Customize and like I said if you get Lead sleep and you update to Pro or Upgrade to Pro to say correctly then I'm Gonna give you five different opt-in Pages that are used by high Authority Marketers and you can customize it to Whatever liking you have right so

Basically you can do page builder you Can create pop-ups now the pop-ups are Pretty good because you can you can put A special or you can use actually Subscribe form in a pop-up I'm gonna Show it to you how it looks alright so This is for example one of the Templates that I will be giving to you And in this one I have a pop-up so I'm Gonna show it to you see if I want to Exit it says almost done and guys this Pop up with this text exactly it's Converting really high Basically you're telling people that They just need to confirm their name and Email to get whatever you want to give Them right so for example this page you Will be you will get from me when you Sign up with please leap Pro and again There is link tracker and I can't stress This enough if you can't track links and You don't know what converts for you What traffic Source or whatever video You made if you're doing YouTube videos Then you are basically like wasting time With least lead tracker you even see if The person who clicked the link was Bought or real person which is good Because you don't wanna especially if You're paying for the ads you don't want To pay ads to like solo ads vendor and They send you bots only even though they Might say hey I use real traffic but Like why not double check when you

Double check you know exactly what type Of quality leads you get from or traffic From solo s vendor for example and that Way you can only start selecting only The vendors there are real deal and not The ones that they send you fake traffic For basically a high cost so basically When you go to their website you will be Able to get any question answered and All the tools that they have it's enough For you to start making money online you Don't need to have expensive tools you Don't need to have expensive Autoresponders you don't need to have Expensive page Builders or expensive Trackers like for example click magic You will pay around 100 bucks for that a Month when you click the link in the Description of this video or in the pin Comment you will be able to get to this Page it has to say recommended by Brett Slansky in my picture otherwise I cannot Give you the bonus which are the opt-in Pages and probably I will also do Training on how to use them correctly For you guys so that way you will be Able to make money with affiliate Marketing finally so please double check If on the page it says recommended by Brett shlansky before you purchase all Right or before you at least join free So now let me go inside and I show you What you will be getting alright so as You can see I'm Pro member as well and

Because when you're a pro member you Have a little bit better deals at least First of all for example when you post Ads I think that free members can post Only two but Pro member can put 10 ads And as you can see I got 158 visitors From this in the last seven days three Days visitor for this ad 59 here 63 Visitors for this ad 85 visitors for This ad already they sent me already 337 Visitors and what I like also about this Ads is that you can basically see and You can see that unique members were 201 And you can even see the how long they Spent on that page which is cool because I know that for example these people These 20 people are probably the best Prospects than people who are already Only clicking and then just spending Their five to ten seconds right so if It's like 45 seconds is also good but This is okay 18 people here and 20 People so 30 people from all these People visiting to my page are better Quality prospects for what I have to Offer and how it works is basically your Ads will basically be displayed in the Members areas and as you can see there's Four bot detection also do not click That means if somebody clicks it it's Usually a bot so they know that the IP Address is a bot or whatever and they Not count the clicks as a real visitor Which is cool but you can see what other

People are promoting what are psychic Dreams discover your minds amazing Mental subconscious power Gender great health supplements earn These people like you can see what other People promote and then you can do the Same I am promoting my own stuff my own Pages usually I take it offers and all That so this is what I like about this Traffic because most people have Problems with traffic then what I like To do to use is a lot is the trend track Clicks track links sorry so for example This one I sent some people to this page And now if I will click I know exactly How many real people I got when I get it When I did this and I also know the Source and right here because it's Struggling and I don't convert and I Don't have the conversion set up for Pages because it's these are people Coming to different page then I only Know inside this platform which of these Leads converted okay but if you have for Example let me go pages right and I've Built a lot of pages to test and let me Actually show you where it says related Conversions which one I'm promoting I Need to find it first because like I got Crazy I created so many of these pages But I only promote couple so let me And that's why guys if I'm gonna give You also pages that I promote for Example here is one that has conversions

So if I go and look at the stats I Basically know which ad produces some Conversions right and also I know which Countries converted for me right so These are some conversions that I got From using only lead sleep right so it's Cool and then you basically do have Funnel manager which basically you can Connect those two pages together right So you can connect opt-in page and thank You page so that you don't have to look Here in the page manager and find all These Pages where you have so basically I go to funnel manager and right now I Would have 12 funnel here so I would Basically select this as opt-in page and Thank you page and that's it and then This is the URL for this And if I want to copy or maybe give you Some already made funnel all I would Have to do is Click code get this code Give it to you and you basically import Also for example if I go to page manager And let's say this is let's say let me Show you this is the page that I created Yesterday that I am doing another Campaign so if I want to give this one To you all I would have to do is Basically do this code copy right and Then you would go to your listlib Account and basically put add a new Campaign and make bread opt-in for Example template you do add now I just Want to show you how easy it is and then

You see this add new page to start so You can either basically start from Scratch this is how you would do it Which is this or you have the share code Boom boom you just copy paste and right Now this is done So I can show you see it's the same page Like this one and you cannot even see That I changed the already That I changed the browser window but Now for example if you want to edit it Right so maybe you say hey I want this Maybe no color so that maybe I want to Change this color now to Black you see It changed to Black so you can change The font also you can change anything You can delete some stuff basically you Delete if you need to change it Completely then you can just go to Template and you can select the Templates they are here you have Different opt-in pages template as well Inside which you can again customize I'm Gonna make more videos on this here Thank you pages and I also give you my Thank you Pages you have review Pages Which is cool sales Pages you can create Download pages that you can create and Basically for affiliate marketers this Is all you need so that's why I'm like You don't need to spend all the money For click funnels or anything like this Right so this is how easy it is Basically you launch and later and you

Do the changes the same way you would do It in any other program now you have Pop-up manager right so then you can Create different pop-ups and then you Can send traffic you see there's this Pop-up for example 20 people took the Action which is cool this pop-up 51 People took the action these people are Oh my God 17 on my main funnel I need to Work on that and then you have image Manager so you can host different images Especially if I if you do add somewhere Else and they need to have basically Your banner link then you can just Basically get the link and you can do That or yeah so these are my image Managers you can have PDF manager so for Example if you do some magnets you can Upload the magnets right here and then On your thank you page or download page You simply link your download button to Link whatever you have this this lead Magnet and people can download it which Is good so this is main areas that I use A lot I don't really if you want to Learn more about making money online These two resources are pretty good and I suggest to you to read inside the Advertising report inside and one sign Ups a day and that way you know exactly What you need to do to make money online So this is this is pretty cool little Tool that is not expensive at all and Yeah you can start for free but once you

Upgrade I give you the bonuses don't Forget that also I already tested Support obviously they are pretty Responsive really nice people and yeah They sort everything out pretty quickly And then you can even go to their blog And you can just get ideas it's not Fancy and you don't need to have fancy Stuff but for information you basically Can learn a lot from this blog post and How to use lead sleep to promote your Business online So as you could see guys lead sleep is Probably the most affordable tool and Probably the easiest tool to use for Beginner affiliate marketers or even if You're a little bit Advanced but you did Not have success because you were forced To use expensive tools that create Opt-in Pages thank you pages and maybe Even pay autoresponder services that Once you add everything up you've been Spending 100 to 200 300 dollars just to Be in the business and look I don't want You to think cheap because once you Start having cheap in your mind you're Done with the business but if you're Just starting out and you want to save Some money on advertisement that will Bring you more traffic so you can test Your opt-in pages you can test your Email autoresponder sequence and you can See what products Converse and what Doesn't then I think lead sleep is the

Best way to do it because it will cost You if you even get it a try it's free And you can use Link tracker you can use Autoresponder you can get some ads so You get some free traffic to the opt-in Pages that you build inside lead sleep But if you go pro without even the Discount if you for example I think they Give you like two or three days to get Even more bigger discount on the pro Version like for example normal cost 27 And now I think it's 23 dollars like a Couple dollars a discount but even if You missed it out and you spend 27 Dollars every single month for pro Version I think it is worth it guys Which means that for less than 30 bucks You are in business with traffic with Autoresponders with opt-in Pages this is All you need you don't need no Complicated funnels basically thank you Page and download page is all you need Plus autoresponder and please grip has It for really affordable price so again I'm gonna give you my opt-in pages that Are really great templates that you can Start and you can can just customize the Text based on whatever offer you want to Produce and after that you will be able To to create good lists and once you Master your follow-up sequence you're in Business and yes if you have extra 500 Spend it on ads not on tools so I hope Guys that you get some value from this

Video if yes please give me a like also Comment below to tell me what is the Biggest takeaway from this Leslie Preview and if you are completely new to My channel make sure you hit the Subscribe button with the Bell Notification icon so you don't miss out Any good content on how to make money With affiliate marketing with me Brett Thank you [Music]

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