LatePoint Review – Best Booking WordPress Plugin

LatePoint is a full-featured booking solution WordPress that is easy to setup and fully customizable out of the box.

There are any booking plugins, but this one stands out!

Full Tutorial: It’s coming soon

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I think I just found the best booking Solution for WordPress websites after Playing around with it for a few minutes I added this fancy booking button in the Header which is really nice you click on It and then boom here are the services That you can choose to book I also Created a dedicated booking page so when You click on this button right here it Pulls up the booking option right here And you can choose your selection if you Want to make more money with bookings There's even this Serv extras feature Where you can show additional things That someone can add on to get the Average booking value increased just Like that and I also added this custom Step right here which is really cool Where I can ask for specific information About the booking in this case it's for Pets and I'm asking for information About the pet and this booking solution Is so flexible I was also able to use it To create this overnight night stay Booking form so the first thing it's Going to ask is the amount of pets I'll Choose two and we can go here and I can See the availability let's choose Thanksgiving well actually it's on the 23rd click on next step and and that's All there is to an all day booking but I Also used the included blocks for page Building and I created this dedicated Page that shows all the agents or the

Groomers that work here and so if a Customer wants to book their specific Favorite groomer they can go to this Page and do that so say maybe it's Carrie and I'll click right here and This is the services that Carrie offers And for your customers after they have Made a few book bookings there's this Page right here where they can easily See the bookings that they have Scheduled they can manage them they can Reschedule them if you want to let them Be able to do that they can schedule new Appointments is appointments and also There's this messaging feature so I can Go here and the customer can ask you a Question about a particular booking and Those will feed into a centralized Dashboard for you the name of the Booking plug-in is lateo and it's a Booking plugin for WordPress that's so Easy to use and super flexible let me Show you what I was able to set up in Just a few minutes and pay close Attention to how customized it is for This business unlike other booking Solutions that are really basic and Nothing more than a caly replacement Here's a website and you can get to it By visiting Lapoint and There's a link in the video description Down before let's quickly take a look at The cost but the website is beautiful And there's an online demo here for you

To be able to try it out as well so you Can get the full experience and there's Even a playground where you can you can Try all different sites of settings that It has but the website is beautiful Here's what the dashboard looks like but I'm going to show you that in a moment And it's very comprehensive super Lightweight full featured and there's Some amazing features and capabilities Such as this workflow Automation and so Much more the amount of payment gateways That it supports but let's take a look At how much this costs it's not a free Version of it it's going to cost you but It's not that expensive so here's the Pricing you're going to want the pro Version that has all the extra Capability and this comes in at only $89 To be able to get this going on your Website but for the next 10 days there Is going to be a special offer on Lifetime Licenses and the deal that they're Offering is spectacular they have three Packages available a five site a 10 Sight or 100 site License and they also are offering an Extended split pay so for the starter You could get this for a split pay of Only 29 pretty much $29 a month for 11 Months so it's really easy to get that Lifetime license locked in so you don't Have to pay any renewal fees but this is

Only for the next 10 days so the first Thing I did was make this website it's a Multi-page website and I made this in 60 Seconds using zip WP it's a free service You can go create an account and Literally make full websites in 60 Seconds so I decided to make a website For this demo of late point for a dog Groomer I think for the next video I Make on late point I'll have some kind Of a classes maybe like a yoga studio or A personal trainer but you can make any Type of website in 60 seconds it's just Zwp domcom and you can create a free Account for it this is the site that I Chose to make for a dog groomer because I have a few dogs myself so the next Thing I did was install the lat Point Plug-in and spend a few minutes Customizing it and creating these Booking forms let me show you what I set Up and then show you some of the key Features so the first thing obviously Was this booking page right here now Before I could create this booking page I needed to create some Services as well As some agents or in this case groomers You can easily get into the settings of Late point right here with this admin Bar link it just takes you right here to The control panel and I got to say this Thing's beautiful it's absolutely Beautiful um just attention to detail so Uh First Step was right here uh I

Changed this this actually out of the Box will say agents and I changed it to Say groomers to customize it to match The business and then I added my three Or four groomers right here now each of Them can have their own schedule and Settings and services that they provide You can see I added the Avatar and when You click into any of these you can Control their contact information bio Information set a unique schedule for Your agents as well as custom schedules Holidays and days off now the next thing I did was create some services and I Created this dog grooming service Creating services are very easy you Simply give it a name and then you add An image it makes it a little nice when You add an image to it you set the Duration the cost if you're going to be Selling this booking now you can also Have a separate deposit that's where Someone will pay not the full amount When they book it I would recommend Either collecting the full amount or a Deposit and then of course you have Buffer settings right here so this would Be how much prep time before and after a Booking there should be in the booking Calendar and then which agents or Groomers in this case will perform this Service and so I've selected these three Right here you can set custom schedules Per Service as well as custom holidays

And day offs per service and that's how This booking form is generated you can See the first thing that someone would Do is choose the service so let's just Quickly add a new service we don't want Cats to fill left out so let's create a New service for cat grooming so you go To the dashboard click on add a new Service and simply give it a name and Now let's scroll down and give this a Duration let's leave this at 60 minutes And let's give it a cost so for cats Let's charge $70 like that and let's Choose our agents that can perform this Service and that all looks good to me I'll go ahead and and click on add Service so now we are at the booking Page again and let's refresh it and now You can see the cat groming service is Available I didn't add the image I Should have so it would have looked Better but you get the idea of how easy It is to add new Services now when you Select a service it takes you to what I Think is one of the best features which Is called service extras and what this Enables you to do is have add-on Services to a booking this is going to Enable you to generate more revenue and You can see for the dog grooming service I have an extra for nail trimming as Well as ear cleaning and when the booker Clicks on it it's going to add this $10 Charge right here so now the total is

$100 and adding these service extras are So easy let's create a new one so I'm Back to my listing of services and There's an option here that says Service Extras we simply simply click on this Let's click on add an extra and then I'm Going to give it a name I've named it Teeth cleaning let's add a duration of 15 minutes and let's add a $15 charge How about that $15 and now that that is set we scroll Down and choose the service that this Extra will be suggested for so this will Just be for the dog grooming so I will Uncheck these two and click on on add Service extra I refreshed the booking Page choose dog groming and now you can See I have three services and there's The new one that we just created teeth Cleaning and that adds $15 to the order But you know you might not like this bit Of text that appears here that says Select extra service extras and this Text that appears here this as well is Very easy to change you simply go into The settings and then you click right Here where it says step steps and these Are each of those steps that a person Would go through in the booking form and Here it is service extras I'll click on It and I can customize all these bits of Text very easily so I'm going to go Ahead and customize them okay with that All customized I'll click on Save step

And now let's start over from the Beginning so I'll choose dog grooming And you can see now it says extra Grooming services what I customized it To in extra grooming services and I even Customized this little bit of text for It to match the business select extra Grooming services for your pet and I Could have also customized this image Right here so let's go ahead and bump This order up just like that and I'm Going to go ahead and click on next step Now here is where we're going to collect Some additional information about the Booking there's two different ways you Can collect extra information either on The customer or the particular booking And this would be for the booking where I'm asking for the pet's name the Pet's Breed and this drop down as well as the Pet's size this is well as super easy to Set up all you have to do is visit right Here where it says form fields and this Right here where it says customer Fields These are the custom fields that would Be added to the customer and then the Booking Fields this would be about the Particular booking and that's the fields That I've added let's click into one of These it's really simple you give it a Label But there's lots of different field Types available that you can have Including a file upload and right here

Is where it gets really powerful you can Have the fields appear conditionally so I could toggle this on and I could set Some rules and when those rules are met The field will be asked it's very easy And here is the drop down that I had Created you can see it's called a select Box and I just entered in the options That would appear here right there so One of my dogs his name is mochi he's a Poodle and he's a little poodle so I Filled this out I'll click on next step And this is the groomer selection or the Agent selection like I said I customized This already for my business because These are groomers so I put the name Groomer there and this is an option and It's optional you could let the person Booking choose their favorite groomer so They always get the person that they Want or right here when they choose that It's going to take them to any groomer Which takes us right here to the date And time selection so I'll go ahead and Choose a date and then let's choose a Time I like 100 p.m. and then it takes Us to customer information and you can Add customer Uh custom Fields here as Well the next step takes us to the Payment information let's take a look at The payment Gateway supported because There's a whole bunch of them so you Just simply click on add-ons and these Are all the ways to expand what you can

Do in late point but when you scroll Down it offers brain tree for credit Card uh flutter wave Marcato Pago which Is Latin America moli which is EU PayPal Paystack which is Africa razor pay India Square a lot of local businesses in the United States love Square stripe now I Installed stripe and connected stripe Because it's just easy iier for me but You can see there's payment gateways That are pretty much covering the entire World so I've gone ahead and filled out The credit card details this is just in Test mode so don't go and try this at Home I see my total is 125 I click on Submit it's processing the transaction And here are the details of my Appointment including everything that I Purchased my time I can add this to a Calendar or I can print it out now Customers are going to receive an email Receipt after they book but they can Also visit the customer dashboard right Here I will refresh it and you will see That there's now an extra booking there And you can control what you want to let Someone do so the customer can add it to The calendar with this button they can Click here and see the summary of the Booking and if you wanted you could Enable rescheduling and if you notice This one has a cancel option and that's Because I said it that you cannot cancel Uh uh two days if if it if the booking

Is two days away so that's why this one Says cancel this one says cancel but These two don't but there is a Rescheduling option these are very easy To set up inside of the settings now say I had a question for a booking and you Can enable this or not if you want to Enable the message option right here but I can go here and let's see I have a Question right here typically when you Get your dog groomed there's a way you Want them groomed so I left can you Leave a cotton ball tell and I can click On send now if you're the business owner It's very easy to get to these messages And be notified of them so here I am Back in the dashboard and you can see Right here the chat bubble and there's a One and that means that someone has Asked something new you can click on it And it's going to take you here to all Of the chats and you can see Conveniently here on the right the Details about the appointment and you Can see who's asking you and you can Respond right here and even exchange Files if needed now adding a booking Form to a page is very very easy simply Create a new page on your website and Here I'll edit this page now layo comes With some WordPress blocks that you can Easily add to your layout and customize But there's also extensive short codes If you're using a page builder so when I

Click on the plus here on the top left And scroll down here are the lateo Blocks you have the booking button and That's what I placed in the header of The website that will just trigger the Booking form to appear in a popup There's the booking form and then the List of resources now the list of Resources is where you can choose either A list of services that you offer offer Or a list of the agents that are there So it's a book of it's a list of one of Those resources so for this I chose for A booking form you just choose on Booking form like that it adds the Booking form and then let's click here On the top right to reveal the options For the booking form so you can have a Few options here to customize the way it Looks to customize the steps you can Pre-select Parts in those steps like Maybe you wanted a booking form just for A particular agent you can easily do That right here and you can even have Specific date ranges and all of that and Then there's also some additional Settings here that are specific to Services so if you want to set up a Booking form just for a particular Service or a particular agent or a Particular combination or configuration It's all very easy to do now managing Bookings for the business is very easy As well there's this dashboard to view

Your current bookings see your revenue And see a preview of what your day looks Like now over here on the top left There's also a calendar view you can Click into here and you can see the Calendar view in a number of different Ways you can see it in day week month You could see it for specific agents It's quite flexible how you view this Calendar there's also an option here to View appointments payments and customers In this data view you can easily drill Down into the data you can download the Data so for example the table settings You can click on this and choose which Fields you see in these columns so in This setup that I did if I wanted to see The pet's name and the Pet's breed I can Easily see that inside of this column View or just export it and look at the Data however I want but you also have That for payments you also have that for Your customers right here and then the Last feature I want to highlight which Is probably the most powerful is right Here where it says processes and what This is is a complete automation IM uh Engine so a process is a workflow so Creating one of these is very simple so First you would Cho you can enter a name Of course and then choose the event and This is what happens that triggers this So it can be when a booking is created Maybe you want to send an email today

You want to send an email tomorrow Tomorrow you want to send a text message To them you want to send a WhatsApp Message to them maybe you want to use The web hook feature and push that data Someplace else entirely you could easily Do that here so these triggers are for When a booking is created updated Started ended a customer created or a Transaction created and then right here You can have this only trigger based on Additional TR uh conditions you can have A time offset so if you want to delay This and then you choose your actions And so this could be sending an email This could be sending an SMS as well as A web hook to send the data wherever you Would like to send it to and when you Click here you can create custom Processes that fit your business now What's crazy is everything I just showed You is version four of late point but Version five is actually right around The corner it's going to come out in two Or so maybe three months and it's going To have some big big new things in it so The first big new thing it's going to Have is enhanced event capabilities Single day event capabilities it's going To have the ability to sell packages so You can sell packages of bookings maybe They just buy book one now and then they Want to come and book the remaining Later you'll be able to capture as much

Revenue up front by selling maybe some Discounted packages it's going to have The ability as well to uh have invoices You'll be able to have reoccurring Appointments you'll also be able to when Someone goes there book more than one Appointment at the same time there's Also a cool feature called pinks that's Coming so if you uh sold the booking and Maybe just took a 50% deposit with pay Links you'll be able to collect the Other 50% very easily inside of the Inside of late point and also there's Going to be deeper customization options On that booking form so even though it Was hyper very much customizable you're Going to be able to customize it and do Some very custom things much further Than what I showed you and that's also Coming and a bunch of refinement inside The user interface so that's late Point Look in the video description I'll have A link to a full tutorial as soon as I've created it which will be in a few Days so just go there and go over to That video and see from A to Z how to Set this thing up and customize it and Get the most out of it for your business But I'm curious what do you think about Late point this has been my review of The features and the capabilities but I'm curious as to what you think about Lateo let me know in the video Description or the video comment section

Down below hey thanks for watching this Video and I'll see you in the next one

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