Is It Still Possible To Make Money On YouTube? Make $10K+ with YouTube Affiliate Marketing

If you want to know if it’s still possible to make money on YouTube, here is my motivational story of how I received $10K reward from just one product that I promoted as an affiliate marketer on YouTube. The best part is that I made this only from one video that I made on this product and let it sit on YouTube and get some natural views.

Basically if you want to make money on YouTube, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to do it. Best part is that you can make unlimited videos and promote many high-converting products, which naturally will increase how much money you will make.

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You will see that it is still possible to make money on YouTube if you quit all the nonsense about affiliate marketing and start building real online assets that will bring free traffic, learn how to convert that traffic to leads and buyers.

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Hi! I’m Brett and I have been learning and applying ways to make extra income online. After while I was able to quit my 9-5 job and start my own online business and martial arts school. When I first start learning to make money online in 2001, I did not expect that this will be the best option for me to be my own boss, do what I love to do and travel to different countries and learn about new cultures. I will show you the best ways to make money online that helped me to get to the point that I could quit my 9-5 nightmare. I hope you will do the same very soon via affiliate marketing, making YouTube videos, blogging, investing in crypto and nfts. If you have any questions about how to get started to do your own thing online, let me know. I am more than happy to help.😉

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Is It Still Possible To Make Money On YouTube? Make $10K+ with YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Are you wondering if it’s still possible to make money on YouTube in 2023? The short answer is YES! In this video, I will show you how I used YouTube video and affiliate marketing to earn a passive income on the platform. With the right strategies and a little bit of hard work, it’s possible to make over $10,000 per month or more through YouTube affiliate marketing.

So if you’re looking to make money on YouTube, this is the video for you! It will give you motivation and the final kick to your but and hopefully helping you to finally quit procrastinating and start earning a passive income today.

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Hey guys Brett here with make money Online with Brett and on today's video I Want to give you some motivation because Many of you think that it is not Possible to make money with affiliate Marketing or maybe it is already too Late to start making money online with Affiliate marketing so I hope that this Video give you some kick in in your butt So you will start working hard because It is really worth it [Music] And the reason why I'm saying that is Because I received a reward now I was so busy to shoot any video lately Because my online business is going Through the roof and I'm sorry guys I Really am honestly sorry that I don't Have time to publish more videos you Know I want to make money and when I Start teaching you to make money online I see that most of you are just not Interesting you want quick fixes and Hacks that you think that it will work For you but at the end you spend so much Money and you will not make money and Then you say affiliate marketing doesn't Work but you know what if you have Somebody honest like myself and I think That I am the best teacher online for Making money with affiliate marketing Then you are like oh this is too easy or Oh no this is nothing special But you know what you need to do

Marketing if you want to make money Online the way it's done for many years And it's proven to work And that is be yourself Show that you really care about your Audience Show that you really know what you're Talking about show that you get results With what you're doing so today I just Want to show you just one of my result From one company that I promote as an Affiliate and in fact this is a reward That shows you that I make ten thousand Dollars But you know what's really cool about This I didn't just make ten thousand Dollars this is ten thousand dollars but Only from one YouTube video so if you're Wondering if YouTube and affiliate Marketing works then yeah it does work So now let me show you what's inside This box because I didn't see it and I'm Really looking forward to seeing what I Have accomplished and the thing is don't Take it I wanna brag about myself this Is just 10 grand right it's just ten Thousand dollars but you know what many Of you are just starting out many of you Have no idea how to build an affiliate Business that pays you good money and Many of you are buying courses and Courses and courses from No Name gurus That just take money from your pocket But there is no support there is no

Evidence that it will work for you and Sometimes they even sell you an advice That worked for them two months ago but It's not working anymore because it's Usually a hack a loophole or some kind Of like crazy information That work only one time and they were Lucky to make money with that loophole Or that information but if you want to Build sustainable business online you Don't need to do what works and this is What I try to teach you on this channel So guys if you are completely new to my Channel make sure you hit subscribe Button with the Bell notification icon Because I honestly want to tell you what Works so you can make money online and Enjoy your life the same like I do So let's go inside already because I can Talk for hours all right so this is a Box and Wow that looks huge let me I don't know Hold on Oh yeah it's coming hold up you suck Damn it oh you see this is one main show I do everything on my own I don't Outsource anything I don't have any Helpers so I have full-time job as a SEO expert and Internet marketing for Um our two e-commerce stores so my Affiliate marketing this is poorly a Side gig for me if I say but it pays Well so why not right

Um it's good for vacation if you want to Go for a vacation and you have normal Job Then yeah no problem you can start Affiliate marketing get some money extra On the side so you can go and spend this Money on really nice vacation now Anywhere you want actually So ah Yeah look at that how huge it is Brett Slansky yeah that is my name right did You say make money online with bread but They just have my name and this is Basically this certificate is proudly Presented to Brett sansky yeah For earning ten thousand dollars in Commission and ranking gold as an Athlete for legendary marketer so guys If you think that high ticket Commissions is just Not working think again like ten Thousand dollars it's it's pretty easy To do right so I just want to show you This I'm gonna hang it uh on my wall and Because my latest YouTube studio is just Plain just seeing some books and some Light and my TV and everything because I Do this in the living room guys yeah in Living room where I just play Playstation and all that stuff I I just I just have this little corner but I'm Gonna put it I don't know if I can show You like this hold on I'm gonna put it Right here instead of my Grandmaster oh

My video got broken And that's where it's gonna be so maybe I will just turn my table So you can from now on see that Achievement and it can remind you not me But you that you can do it as well Because I live in Czech Republic but ten Thousand dollars is really good money But people All around the world can learn this But you know what doesn't matter where I Live even if I will go to China in Vietnam or something I still can make Good money with affiliate marketing and That's the point you need to realize That if you do what I am doing and it's Not difficult It just takes some time to get some Traction and I don't want to promise you Big Riches overnight this is nowhere like This even if you go to find a job you Just have set price for I don't know Five thousand dollars every single month And you know what three years from now How much you're gonna make still like Five thousand dollars in a month Maybe Extra five hundred dollars raise or Maybe if you go to different positions That's paid more because you're so good And lucky then yeah maybe you can make Six seven thousand dollars but you know What if you could make ten thousand

Dollars let's say every single month Right A extra on top of what you're doing Already because to create a video like I Made this just with one video to create Video It maybe takes you an hour to really Upload everything maybe two hours so it Is worth two hours of work that you let It sit mature like nice cheese and when It's done And you just enjoy the ride because now I'm not gonna take take out the video From my YouTube channel I'm gonna just Leave it there And you know more people will find it And if they want to learn from the best Then I will make commission that's Simple basically if you have a product That helping lots of people to become Successful then you obviously will Become successful I don't know who said That maybe like Zig Ziglar or somebody Like this he said if you want to become Really wealthy you need to really help Lots of people to become wealthy so if You want to be successful you need to Help people to be successful that's all Simple ma now are you going to do it or Just going to have some excuse Now think about it and yeah if you like And enjoy this motivational video I hope That it actually pumped you a little bit Because I want you to see

That you can do it Right you can do it there is no no way That you can fail in affiliate marketing No way if you're failing in affiliate Marketing you do something Wrong but I don't want to say the word Maybe I think that you do something That you want to reinvent the wheel that You want to find a loophole because it Could be faster But is it Was it the next the last blue ball that You bought was it faster to make money Online for you or not Now you need to think about it because If you are only looking for loopholes It's the same thing like in martial when People ask me hey I want to learn how to Defend this how to defend them and how To defend this and they are like just Technic collector you don't want to be a Technique collector because only one Good technique Can bring you good income the same like One video brought me a same good income And I'll remind you that I only don't I Don't only promote one product or Service I promote variants through my Videos so imagine that that is the power Of affiliate marketing through YouTube For example and whatever you want to do Through blogging through Tick Tock it Doesn't really matter you just need to Create content you just need to teach

People something you need to motivate People and you need to show That what you're talking about has some Value to them because You know you know at one point I was Where you are right now like thinking How to make money online And I was like damn it's so hard damn I Need to buy this I need to buy that I Need to buy this I need to learn this I Need to get this course I I spent like I don't want to even say maybe close to 30 to 50 000 on various courses that Promise Riches overnight almost already six Months You're Gonna Be Rich it didn't Work Because it was there were loopholes I Want you to guys understand blue boss Don't work because by the time that you Are learning about the loophole From somebody who exploited that Loophole you know what the blue ball is Already closed So you will never make money with Loopholes okay so um so guys again thank You I'm gonna just shut this video down But if you really enjoyed this video Give me like and if you are completely New to my channel make sure you hit the Subscribe button with the Bell Notification icon and also please if you Have any challenge in affiliate Marketing or in making money online just

Comment below let me know what is your Biggest challenge and maybe I will try To help you through videos on my channel And I really think that I can help you Out I I really am so confident that I Can help you out so I see you next time Bye bye Foreign [Music]

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