Introducing SureMembers, The Best Membership Plugin For WordPress – SureMembers Review

Looking for a Membership Plugin for WordPress?

SureMembers is the best plugin on the market, and in this video I show you why.

It’s easy to use, fast, and has tons of features – everything you need to create a powerful membership site.

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Table Of Contents
00:00 – SureMembers
01:05 – Time Sensitive Pricing
03:27 – Create An Access Group
05:31 – Central Rules Management
06:59 – Menu Item Visibility
07:33 – Protect Parts Of Pages
08:12 – User Role Sync
09:14 – Drip Feed Content
11:04 – Secure Digital Downloads
11:26 – Enrolling Users
12:42 – WooCommerce
13:14 – Manually Manage Users
14:20 – Login / Logout Redirection
14:56 – Other Features
15:50 – Alternatives

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Sure members is a Content restriction Plug-in for WordPress so essentially if You have a website where people log into It the insurer members is for you it Will enable you to set who has access to What and when on your website from top To bottom so who’s going to see these Different menu items on your website who Can access the pages or posts or custom Content or courses on your website when Can they access these parts of your Website you can even set visibility on Individual parts of the pages on your Site also who can access digital Downloads on your website there’s so Much that you can do with assure members You can create membership style websites You can create cohort style learning Programs you can add content upgrades to Your blog posts you can create a patreon Style website the options are endless But as your members the best content Restriction plugin for WordPress and in This video we’ll find out let’s start With the pricing page because there’s a Time sensitive offer for Lifetime Licenses that is just for a few days Here are some similar products and what They currently cost so that you can see The value insurer members and its Pricing as you can see these products Don’t offer lifetime licenses and all of Their pricing is very limited on how Many websites you can install the plugin

On so just a single site license of Member press alone is 359 dollars each And every year so if you’re an agency And you’re setting these up for your Clients you can see right here if it was Just 20 websites that you needed it Would cost you almost thirty two hundred Dollars each and every year for the next Few days you can get a special life Lifetime license for sure members and There’s three plans available each of These plans has a very convenient split Pay option so you can see for the Pro Plan you can pay a one-time fee of 199 Or split that up into four monthly Payments of 49.99 now the difference Between these three plans is quite Simple the agency plan is for unlimited Sites you can see that right here in the Pricing table and it also comes with Lifetime support these other two plans This has the 20 sites and it has three Years of support but lifetime updates And the Pro Plan is good for one site And it also comes with three years of Support just having a lifetime license Option for a plug-in like this is kind Of unheard of and then to also have an Unlimited site license as well for a Lifetime it’s totally unheard of and Then when you stack on the split pay the Cost of it is broken up into four Monthly payments it’s an amazing value Full disclosure before we get started I

Don’t know if you noticed my face was on The home page of the website I am one of The co-founders of this product it Started with my frustration with current Options on the market and I knew we Could do better we could make a product For the end user not the developer but For the end user yet powerful enough for The developer so yes this is a product Of mine you can see here on the home Page it’s three steps to get this going On your site it’s very easy to work with So the first step is to create and Access a group and everything pretty Much starts with an access group on this Site I have Shore members already Installed so let’s go ahead and create An access group so you can see how easy It is you simply click right here where It says add new and then let’s give this Access group a name you can create as Many access groups as you want for this One I’ve named it Platinum program so Step One is done I have created did in Access group so now step two is to Choose what content to sell access to or Control you could give it away so you Can see it says protected content you Can click on this drop down and we have Everything based upon rules so Everything’s going to be managed in this Central place so if you want to protect Your entire website boom done or let’s Say you just wanted to protect all of

The blog posts on your website boom it’s Done now when you choose large groups of Content like this there’s also going to Be this option that appears to exclude Parts of it and this is completely Optional you can start entering the name Of some of your blog posts the ones that You want to exclude and right here it Says let’s not protect this post that’s Actual name of the post by the way and There it is I’m protecting all blog Posts except this one right here but What if you want to add more content to This like all pages well you can click Here on the drop down and you can choose Something else all pages or whatever Custom content you have on your website You can protect specific pages and you Can even put wild cards in the URL There’s a little on the techie side but You have this ultimate power and Flexibility with this these access rules So if I also want to do all pages there It is it’s done if I want to exclude a Page I can go right here and I can start Typing in maybe I don’t want to protect My privacy policy that would be a good Idea so everything’s based off this Central rules management and it also Follows you wherever you go on your Website let me show you I’ll click into This post right here called let’s Protect this post and you saw that we Set this in our rules now there is the

Sure members logo right here in the top And you can see that it’s in the color Purple that purple color lets you know That this page or post is being Protected and if you want to see which Access group it’s being protected by all You have to do is click on it and I can See this is being protected by the Platinum program we just created as well As this VIP members program that I Created let me show you what this looks Like when you’re in a page or post that Is not being protected here it is let’s Not protect this post and you can see It’s not lit up it’s grayed out to let You know that this is not being Protected but if you want to add it it’s Very easy you can also click on it and Then right here you can click on all Access groups and let’s see if I want to Add it to the Platinum program I can Click it right there you can see I’m Specifically excluding it let’s remove That let’s click on Save access group And check that out it immediately Changed colors and listed the Platinum Program so I always know what is being Protected without having to fiddle Around with my website and find out Where I access everything it’s going to Be available wherever I am on my website You can also can control the menu item Visibility so this right here if I Wanted this blog only available to

Certain members all I have to do is go To the menu expand the option I can Choose show menu when user is in or is Not in a specific access group so I Could go here and start typing out the Name of that group we just created and Do I want it to show when someone’s in The group or when someone is not in the Group I can just easily select it right Here save this menu and now I have full Control from top to bottom you can also Protect parts of pages what do I mean Here is a page designed with Elementor And say this section right here I only Want people in a certain access group to Be able to see simply click on the Section click on Advanced and we have The same options right here show block When user is in or is not in and then Fill out the access group and these same Options are available if you’re using The block editor I can click on a Container and I see this option here That says restrict this block and it can Be is in or is not in it’s that same Type of choice for those of you that use Advanced modern page builders that have Conditional visibility settings there’s Also something in there for you most Modern page Builders use user roles and There’s a million custom code Snippets That use user roles so there’s a feature Called user role sync let me show you How that one works so there’s a settings

Option here in the top right and when You click on it there’s this option here That says create a user role so you can See I’ve created this user role already Called the VIP members you can create as Many user roles as you want and then What you do is you go into your access Group in this case I’ll choose this one Here and there’s this option here that Says user role sync and you would select A user role so then what ends up Happening is whenever someone is Enrolled inside of this access group They’re going to be given this user role As well and that’s going to show up in Your modern page Builders conditional Visibility settings to remember is also Is aware of content created in different Course online course plugins such as Learndash so let me show you how that Works as well as how to drip feed access To courses or any content I’m just Showing it in this example so you can Use this to create kind of an evergreen Cohort style program on your site you Can see I’ve got three courses on this Site week one week two and this third One right here so let’s drip feed these Two courses let me show you how easy This is so in the drop down here it’s Going to know that learndash is on the Site and it’s got special things that Appear for that so it’s going to list Out my learn Dash courses or learn Dash

Groups I’ll choose courses and then Right here you can also start searching For the course so it was week one and Week two here it is week one and I also Want to protect week two now I want to Give week one immediately to someone That signs up but I want to give week Two at a delayed schedule and that’s What drip content is about that’s why I Was saying you can control who has Access to what and when this is where The win comes into place so I’m going to Make it so that second course the week Two course is available seven days later So I’m going to type it in just like This and I’ll choose the course I want This available seven days later but Check this out you can also choose the Time of day so it’s a gonna be a lot More natural this way so I want it to be At 8 am in the morning so that all the Students that are signing up they’re not Over whelmed with too much content all Available to them at the same time now There’s also the secure digital Downloads that I was talking about I can Just click this right here I can choose A file click on choose and now this file Is secured and I can just copy the link And edit anywhere in a button or Anywhere on my website and they only the People enrolled in this access group Will have access to it so now that You’ve created an access group how do

You get the people into the access group And there’s multiple ways to do that That I’m going to show you right now the First way is going to be using sure card It’s a free e-commerce platform for WordPress you can sell in some amazing Ways and getting the two to work Together couldn’t be more simple I Already have sure cart installed I’m Going to click on products and here’s a List of the products I’ve created let’s Create a new product together I’ll click On add new I’ll give it the same name That I named the access group I’ll click On create now that it’s created let’s First do the integration so I’m going to Click here for add new integration in The drop down it’s going to list sure Members and then I just choose the Access group then I’ll click on ADD Integration now with your members you Need to add a price to your product when You click on add a price you have all These different options it could be a One time it could be a split payment it Could be a subscription it can also be a Subscription with a free trial right Here you can also allow people to pay What they want to pay you have so many Different options with sure card and Sure cards free by the way another way To sell access is using woocommerce so I Have woocommerce on this website and if I go to products you’re going to see I

Have a product here named membership and So when I click on this there’s this Option right here that says add access Group I have created one named cart Flows membership and so now what happens Is when someone purchases this product That buyer is going to automatically be Added to the access group that I just Inputted right here another way to add People is manually there’s two ways to Do this so I can do it on a one by one Basis so let’s click into this user I’ll Scroll down and right here I can start Entering the name of an access group There it is and I’ll click on ADD access Group and you can see they’ve been added Here and I can revoke their access Remove them if I wanted now you can see In the user table this user is now in Both of these groups but you can also Bulk add or remove people from access Groups so I can check this box right Here to select all my users where it Says bulk actions we’ll choose this Option here that says bulk edit I’ll Click on apply it lists my users right Here I can choose the access group so we Can do the same one and then here I can Choose to give everyone access to this Access group or remove everyone from This access group so this will make it Easy for you to bulk add people when you Start using sure members on your website It’s going to make it a lot easier with

This bulk user editing so now that You’ve set up an access group you chose The content to protect you figured out How you’re going to get people in the Access group whether selling access Giving access away you can also choose What happens when someone logs into your Website sure members has a setting panel It’s here in the top right you can click On the icon there’s lots of different Options here but the one we’re talking About is the redirection rules so you Can put the URL that someone will be Redirected to when they log into your Site and then you can also choose the Where they go when they log out of your Website now there’s many things I didn’t Get a chance to show in this video that You can do with chore members there was Like a really cool login pop-up there Was messages you could show when someone Doesn’t have access to a group that Little part when you were in the editor And there was the logo that would light Up or go away if you didn’t want that You can easily toggle that off you can Choose which user roles have access to The back end of WordPress and which ones Don’t so you can keep people on the Front and there’s just a lot that you Can do there also not released yet but Will be soon is some styling for the Login page the password reset page the Registration page that’s going to be

Coming soon there’s also something Coming really soon for woocommerce to Have discounts for members so that can Happen automatically to kind of create An Amazon Prime type of setup now there Are are other products on the market That you saw earlier they cost quite a Bit of money and take a lot more time And effort to set up all of them are What I would consider legacy products That means they were all built a long Long time ago some as long as 10 years Ago sure they can do some of the same Things but it’s kind of like if you’re Choosing a page builder and you’re Comparing visual composer to a modern Page builder the choice is pretty simple Which direction to go at that point but Your members has a much broader aim and That’s to be the one essential plug-in For every website where you have people Log into your site that’s why there’s More of a broad and complete feature set Because you can use this for more than Just websites where you’re selling Access to protected content so that’s Your members in a nutshell if you want To take a look and learn more about your Members you could visit Sure members and they’ll also be a link Link in the video description down below If you have any questions for me I’m Happy to answer them as well in the Comments section down below thanks for

Watching this video and we’ll see you Next time

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