Include Custom Posts in WordPress Search – Easy!

By default, WordPress doesn’t include Custom post types in WordPress search. That means if you custom fields to create a movie listing website, a book website, a classfied site, a job portal, or the million other websites possible through custom fields, your WordPress website’s search function won’t work.

But, you don’t have to worry. In this video, I show you exactly how to make this happen and include custom posts types, and more, available in WordPress search.

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So here's one of the most common Challenges I face with WordPress search On my website right now you can see I've Created a new custom post type called Listings and I've created a new listing On the site as well called Miami beach But if I go to the front end of my Website and search for Miami the custom Post type doesn't show up and that's Because WordPress search is great for Searching in posts and pages but it Doesn't go or do a very good job when it Comes to searching for anything else Namely custom posts or even custom Fields or e-commerce tax enemies or all The other edge cases which might be Useful to any kind of websites and as You can probably guess search is a Critical element for all kinds of Listing websites real estate listing Websites e-commerce websites and tons of Other websites where search alone can Make or break the entire business so in This video I'm going to show you how to Fix your WordPress search and include Custom post types in WordPress search And I'm also going to show you some Additional tips on how we can superpower Your WordPress search to search for all The interesting data on your website and Improve your WordPress experience for Yourself and for users as well all right Let's go so to improve the search Experience on a website we'll be using a

Plugin and the plugin I'll be Recommending to you is called search WP The website is search I'll also Leave a link down in the description of This video just below the like button You know what to do and let me just give You a brief idea on what this plugin can Do you can see in the homepage itself Search WP can search for custom fields That means data inside custom fields and Also custom post types for e-commerce You can search for metadata inside Woocommerce big Commerce and Easy Digital downloads that means attributes Tax memories document content as well That means document content inside doc Files and PDF files image data and Titles that means great for Photographers who want to make their Content searchable based on XF data or Any kind of metadata inside their images Also custom table so if you have a Custom functionality built in you can Have that index or that content index Using the search WP and also tax enemies And short codes that means you can Search for or have search include any Kind of custom tax name you create for E-commerce websites and also content Inside short code which is not possible In any the way so search WP can release Super power or supercharge your search Experience on your website but let me Give you a quick demonstration how you

Can include custom post types and the Rest of the functionality is something That you can explore on your own but I Have to clarify that search WP is not a Free plugin it's a paid plugin so go to The pricing options make sure that it Actually fits your needs and of course With the functionality that I explained If you have any kind of website that Fits any of these needs you will Definitely make more money or make your Money back very easily if you have any Kind of website or e-commerce website Listing website right so I already have The plugin downloaded installed but if You let's say make a decision you Purchase the plugin you can go into your Account by after making your payment and You'll download the plugin file and your License key right so once you've done That you can follow along the tutorial Which I'm going to start right now So I'm inside the admin area once again Of my website and let's install search WP first and I'll teach you how to Configure it and also show you some Additional functionality that you can Configure in the plugin yourself so go To plugins in section in your website Plugins install plugins I'll go to add New And inside add new I'll actually upload The zip file because I've downloaded Plugin file from the website directly so

I have the plugin right here I'll just Upload it right now install it The plugin is now installed let's Activate the plugin So search WP is now installed I'll Dismiss this notice for now I'll explain What it means once we have to activate a License to start utilizing the plugin on The site so I'll go to the license Section right here I'll leave this segment And here I'll paste my license key so I'll pause the video for a second I'll Paste in my license key one second and As you can see search WP is now Activated on my website so I can start Utilizing the power of search WP to a Super power of the search on my website Right so once this is done if you're Following the tutorial once this done we Head to the engine section on the site So inside the engine section we actually Configure what kind of content does Search WP actually start indexing on Your site so right now you can see the Default section or default engine has Been created and it includes posts it Includes Pages it includes media and it Also includes listings by default Because search WB automatically detected That this is a custom post type already Created so now it's already done right Now but let's say you installed search WP first and then you created a custom

Post type how do you configure this you Would go to the source and settings Right here so you click this button Right here and you'll see all the post Types on your site so like for example Let's say I disable the listing section I click done and listings will disappear I'll go back here I'll add the listings Here I'll click done and this option Will appear once again so now what this Means is that the post Pages media and The listings on my site are being Indexed by search WP right and you have Some interesting options here to Configure we have applicable attribute Relevance so you can configure what part Of the content actually holds more Weightage when it comes to search so as You can see for custom post type Listings we have the title taking the Maximum weightage then comes the content Which has the minimum weightage then Comes the slug which is again maximum And then comes the excerpt which is Again the maximum now let's say if this Is a real estate listing website I'd say The content is very very useful so I Will turn that up to maximum and turn Down the slug to minimum and also the Excerpt to a minimum so right now if Anybody searches for my comes to my Website let's say a real estate website Listing website and searches for condo Or searches for thousand square feet

Then all that content which is inside The custom post types will be given Highest weightage when it comes to Search so this is the power of search WP You can not only just include content But also make fine-tune adjustments to What content should be prioritized and You also have the option of adding and Removing attributes which is again even More customization ability is given to You for search so once this is done once You have configured this what you need To do this is a critical step you have To save your engines this is the first Step you'll do after you've configured All the options inside search WB And what this will ensure is that search WP actually starts indexing the content On your site so once you're done click The save engines button and it'll start Indexing the content on your site and Now if you make any changes to any of These parameters right here you see the Index being built up then the index will Need to be rebuilt and depending on how Big your website it might take a few Minutes so it might take a few seconds Of your time and you also have the Option of rebuilding the index if you're Making a lot of changes on your site so Let's say if I change this to medium I Can actually save my changes and the Index will be rebuilt I'll just go back To the old setting right now and this

Will be disabled and once you've done This once the index is being built you Can go back to your site and start Searching for your uh or start searching And see if custom post types actually Start showing up so let's go do that now So once again I'm on the front end of my Website let's search for Miami and see What the search results actually show us This time I'll click right here type in Oops Mi Ami Miami And of course Miami Beach now shows up Right here in these search results Because of the power of search WP let's Go back for a second and let's explore All the additional options that you have To configure search WP in a more Advanced way so if I go to the advanced Section right here you have some Interesting options here so first is Fuzzy searches so let's say if you go to Amazon sometimes you type in something Messed up the spelling is not correct Amazon still shows you the great results Same for Google and that is the help of Or that uh that functionality is enabled By fuzzy searching so you can use this You can also include automatically or Did you mean Corrections similar to how You search on Google search if you make A mistake and Google tries to guess what You're actually trying to search for you Also have quoted and phrase searches That means if you put something in

Quotes the entire thing will be searched Not the separate keywords and you have Tokenized and also a bunch of different Advanced options using which you can Completely customize the search viewer And this will give you a lot of I say Complete control over how the search Experience turns out and from this you Can probably understand the search WP Not only can work by just plugging can Play as I just showed you just configure And basic functionality setup but the Power of search WP is in this Customization simulator so if you have a Website that depends on search or search Can be a huge part of how your products Have been discovered then definitely It's very very useful and if you go to Settings right here there's also a bunch Of other additional options so we have Options to configure stop words so all These Toppers are pre-configured for you And these will not be part of the search And you can also configure synonyms on The side so let's say you have a bunch Of products that a lot of people use Synonyms for example a mobile case and Mobile cover they are interchangeable so You can configure all sorts of cinnamon Not cinnamon synonym data on your Website and then you can take the Experience of search even further with The power of search and of course as I Mentioned search WP is not limited to

Just custom post types I definitely Already showed you custom Fields E-commerce taxonomies content inside Short codes or content inside tax Enemies tons of data can be indexed and Utilized by search wbb to enhance the Experience of your visitors on your Website and that's the easiest way how You include custom some post types in Your search and also super power your Search with search WP I'll also put up Some additional videos on the screen That you can watch after this video and Of course if you're interested in easy To follow along WordPress tutorials then Don't forget to subscribe to W beginner I'll catch you in the next video

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