Image Alt Text vs Image Title in WordPress

Are you constantly confused between ALT Text and Image Title in WordPress? I’ve been there, but you don’t have to be, because in this video I explain the clear difference between Image ALT text and Title text, and when to use which one.

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In this video I'm going to explain the Difference between a title tag and ALT Text in WordPress and WordPress has some Nuances when it comes to this and there Is no 100% right answer because it's all Up to interpretation so make sure to Watch the video till the end and I'll Explain everything how it works and I Promise to give you clear guidelines on How to apply those things on your Website as well so what is the alt text Alt text stands for alternative text Which means that if your image for some Reason is broken the alt text is what Shows up on the screen so here example I Deliberately uh I say created a broken Image on the site and in this case you Can see on the WordPress website at the Alt text is being utilized to show on The screen now this is also used for Accessibility so if let's say a visually Impaired user is visiting your website Using a screen reader then the all text Can be read by a text reader on the Screen so that user can understand What's going on but sometimes the title Can also be utilized so it's not 100% Thing that only the all text will be Used sometimes the title is also used Now what is the title visually speaking The title is something that looks like This now you don't see anything on the Screen here but if I hover over the Image you'll see a tool tip instantly

Pop up on the screen now this is coming From the title of the post now when it Comes to uh significance of adding image Text and ALT text technically you should Add both but it's generally accepted That the SEO benefit of adding alt text To your images is higher than adding Image titles so uh when it comes to Prioritizing your efforts in adding Something either the image say title or The all text the all text should get a Little higher priority but I I'll tell You a easy way to manage all of this on Your website automatically at the end of This video now WordPress handles all Text and titles a little differently so I'll have to explain to you how it works By showing you how the process works and I'll give you a a good understanding of How to actually add and think about what Should go inside the title and all text So I'll go to the media library here on My website I'll just disable this and I'll add new image on the site all right I'll just do this let's drag and drop it Here now if I click on this you'll see That it has all text it has title Caption description file URL all those Details and the title is being inherited From the image name itself so if you Have image that has an appropriate name And the title will be inherited Automatically so what I'll do is just I'll do this I'll say person typing on

Laptop Keyboard all right so we'll fix the Title here and we'll leave the all text Now and if you just click outside you'll See a save changes pop up somewhere and You see it's saved so it's done Automatically you need to click save and Save it somewhere now we've added this Image we've added the title let's go to The Post here and what I'll do is I'll Just create a new post and add new Post and now what I'll do is I'll just Name this new test post I'll add that Image on the post I'll add this image Here image media Li Library this let's Add it you see the title here now of Course the image doesn't have an all Text because we didn't add one let's Publish the post let's publish the post And this post is live let's open it in a New tab and here now since I've already Added the title that title should show Up in the tool tab right but no it Doesn't because word WordPress uses the Titles when it comes to the media Library is use it for identifying the Images it doesn't actually add the title There so what you can do if you want to Have that title appear on the image Actually is go into the post settings Here and then click in the image which Will open up the image settings then go Into the advanced options here and then You can add the title attribute here so

If I do this and if I click this and I Copy this because I'm lazy I'll go here I'll add the title attribute here update Done let's open this post refresh it Refreshed and now the title shows up Here so that's how a little nuance with The title but what about all text this Is a funny story as well and I'll Explain why so I'll go here and I'll Click here and now you see there's no Alternate text so I'll just write uh Alternate text just to differentiate Between the title and the alt text so I'll just say alt text let's click Update and it's done now if I go back to The media library if I close this I Refresh this you would think that the All text applies to the image Automatically right but no the all text Doesn't app apply but the reverse is True so uh let's try it once one more Time what I'll do is I'll do this I'll Add this image I don't remember which Image is all right it's a different Image let's add it here now I'll Add laptop on Desk and saved this is saved we'll go Back to the post here and I'll just keep It here I'll just add a new image I'll Search for image block let's add image Media Library here and now you see the Alt text here automatically this and now The alt text is here automatically why Is this there's a actually a particular

Reason with this now if I update this Post and you'll see go back here you see The title shows up here for this and It's also has an ALT text now this has An ALT text as well which we can't see Here but the alt text exists now this Gives us a great understanding of how The all text and title Works in WordPress and why WordPress treats the All text when it adds to the media Library but not here so let me explain The title of an image usually is used to Describe the image itself so if I have An image here for example this image I'm Describing the image what is the image About but the alt text is very important To Describe the image in the context of the Post itself so let's say for example if I was telling someone to uh let's say The post is about how to reach a Particular website how to go to So the title of the image is fine which Says person typing on laptop keyboard But in the context of the post I might Tell someone open their laptop and go to The browser and type Y and the Alt text will be go and type and Then I might just add some descriptive Uh things here because think about this If somebody's looking at the Altex as an Alternative to screen readers or as an Alternative to a visually impaired Person or as an alternative to not

Actually having to be being able to see The image here and read out instructions The alt text is mostly utilized for Those purposes so in that case if the Post is being read out and the image is Also being read out then it's easy for The person to understand what the Context is now this is not very I say This is my interpretation of how the alt Text and image title should be be like It's not a universally accepted Guideline so think about this as I say Not with a grain of salt but develop Your own understanding around it I Wanted to just give out a clear Differentiation between all text and Headlines or sry image titles and how WordPress uh handles them differently Now you might think this is a lot of Work to add so many titles and image all Text to all your images and it is so I Have a great solution what I do on my Websites and you should do Sue or you Should do as well is just use allinone SEO it's a fantastic plugin for SEO and In the pro version they have a awesome Feature called image SEO by the way There ton of features tons of features Here so what this does is if you install The image SEO Plugin or add-on from all Ino you can just set templates for image Titles and all text attributes so what I've done on my personal website as well I've just installed allu Pro I've

Activated the pro add-on and whenever I Upload images I just have templates set Up for alt text and titles so all of This headache I would say is taken care Of automatically I don't have to mess With this I don't have to go around and Change stuff so once I've set it up I Just name the images appropriately Before I upload and rest everything just Happens I don't have to mess around with This so if you have a busy website or Busy life when it comes to building your Website and this is a great investment You should make and it just solves your Problem and hopefully by this you will Also understand or you should also Understood what's the difference between Uh image title and an ALT text and if You still have questions and you want to Just say thank you the comment Box is Open otherwise you can like this video Share this video or subscribe to W Beginner for more WordPress education my My name is vaj you're watching W Beginner I'll catch you in the next Video take care

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