Huge WordPress 6.1 Update Coming – Big Changes, Get Prepared Now

WordPress 6.1 will be released next month, and it comes with some pretty big changes! In this video, I go over the biggest changes in WordPress 6.1 and how they’ll affect you.

Table Of Contents
00:00 – Huge Update
00:44 – 2023 Theme
01:28 – Fluid Topography & Spacing
01:52 – Block Editor Changes
04:17 – Full Site Editing
07:02 – Interface Changes
11:09 – Big Performance Improvements
13:18 – My FSE Prediction

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This has got to be the biggest update to WordPress so many changes so many Improvements and check this out there’s Even a new default WordPress thing That’s coming out with all these really Cool style variations that you can apply To change everything in just one click And did you see this here in the top Left corner yeah that’s going to be a Big change for every website as well it No longer has the WordPress logo there Are so many things in this update I’m Gonna try to go over all of them you Want to stay to the very end there’s There’s new features there’s the UI that You normally interact with it’s changed Things have moved there’s speed Improvements I’m going to cover as much As I can and as fast as I can and we’re Going to get started right now Personally you already saw it there’s a Brand new default theme the 2023 theme It’s a full site editing theme and you Can see one of the really neat things is These predefined Styles no doubt this is Really cool to be able to change the Entire style of your website simply by Clicking the style that you want so I Think out of all these I like this one The most I like the color of the Background all you have to do is click On Save and then save again now visit The front of the site and you can see The style of the entire site has been

Updated now I know that’s not going to Be everybody’s cup of tea people aren’t Really ready to jump into these full Site editing themes but don’t worry There’s a ton in this WordPress update Even if you’re not using one of those Themes first up is fluid topography and Fluid spacing essentially what this is Is if someone’s making a theme they can Define the minimum size of a font and The maximum size of a font and as the Device window shrinks it will Automatically start adjusting this is Much better than how it’s currently done And it’s going to make for better Responsive sites now let’s go over the Improvements in the block editor most of The core default blocks are going to be Getting this new demand mention controls For margin and padding so I’ve clicked On a block and you can see right here it Says Dimensions now this is interesting There’s this kind of like slider way of Doing things like this but if you’re old School like me you could just click on This and get precise measurements or you Can click on this icon right here and You can specifically set the margin and Padding for the different dimensions for Top right bottom or left and for each of These you can click on this icon and you Could just set it as a specific pixel Value also with that if you see down Here most blocks are getting border

Controls brand new border controls so You see two controls here one of them’s The Border itself and the other one’s For a radius if you want to round out The corners this is going to be really Nice with images so I’ll click on this Image and you can see I was actually Already playing around with it let’s go Ahead and get it to the default view Right here so here you can set the Border width very easily or if you Wanted to get it specifically set for Different Corners you could easily do it Like this as well as set colors for each Of the corners so people can get Themselves into trouble or have lots of Fun let’s go ahead and unify all the Colors like that and then you also have The radius so if you want to round out Those Corners you could do it like this And if you just want it to round out Certain Corners you can easily expose All the controls like this and you can See it’s only rounded there in the top Right corner another new Improvement is With the cover block let’s go ahead and Insert that here it is I’ll click on it It gets added and what’s really neat is There’s some Dynamic features being Added to it so for the background if I Wanted an image I can click this button Right here and it will just Automatically use the featured image That is inside of this post there are

Also some nice improvements to the Default list block let’s go ahead and Throw that down so we have the list Block here let’s put some content event I’ve added a few list points let’s go Ahead and take a look at what that looks Like here so we have this parent group Right here for some styling but each of The individual list items you could do Things like make it uh re be rearranged Like that you can also indent the Individual items like this now let’s go Over the full site editing experience Changes and what’s neat with this new Version of WordPress is every theme and Everyone is invited to the full site Editing party let me show you if your WordPress theme wants to implement this They can easily do that so I’ve gone Ahead and it’s a little techy and I put The code together to turn the Astra Theme into a block based theme with Different template parts so it’s a Little snippet of code I had it to add And I put it in a child theme let’s go Ahead and activate this right here so Once I activate it now this is my live Theme you could see there’s this option Here that says template parts and when You click in it I can click right here And I can design the themes the websites Footer using the full site editing Experience I wouldn’t hold your breath On the theme that you use to implement

This I’m sure a lot of theme developers Are easing their way into this but I was Able to accomplish this with a few Snippets of custom code and it was very Easy what else is new is a vastly Expanded list of custom template types So now if you have a custom post type on Your site you can click add new in the Top right and you’ll see it listed here And you can make a custom template for That custom post type that you’ve Created on your site but you can see now There’s options here for tags taxonomies Single items categories some of this was There but it has been greatly expanded So now if I wanted to create a custom Post type with some custom Fields I Could go into the full site editor here And I can create a custom designed page Template for for it also what’s new is This last option here where you can have A custom template apply to a single post So it doesn’t have to apply to all of Your posts so think about this like blog Posts you can have a different template That applies to just a single post if You wanted versus all of your posts this Too is new also there’s a bunch of Improvements to the menu block right Here so if you’re like me and you like To use Old School menus when you click On it I can click right here and create A new menu or manage a menu and this is Actually what kind of throws me through

A loop when I click on manage menus it’s Going to try to take me out of here to Where I can create a menu but this used To be listed under appearance on my site But for some reason now I can go here And I can create a menu but this page Itself is not linked anywhere on this Website it’s little things like this That make me say and have this sentiment That that full site editing is not yet Ready for all users now let’s go through Some of the random changes that you’re Going to experience in the user Interface on your website there’s big Changes right here and this is on every Page in post it’s this thing here that Says summary so before if you wanted to Change the link that goes to the page You’re on there would be a menu that you Could expand here for the permalink to Make that change but now it’s been Folded up into the summary right here Where it says URL I personally think This makes way more sense now also if You’re using page templates on your site That as well was moved from here to Right here where it says templates so if I wanted to use a different kind of Template style if my theme provides it I Would click right here and then I would Have a list of them right there and then If I wanted to change that link to this Page the URL I could click right here And I can change it right here or click

Here to actually be taken to the page The next change is up here in this area Of the top right there used to be a link That said preview and now they got rid Of the pre and it’s simply views so when I click on this I get those same options But it no longer says preview now it Just says view next there’s some new Preference options and you can get to Those by clicking on these three dots Going down here to preferences and it’s Going to be these two right here where It says always open list view so that Means when I go into a page or a post It’s automatically going to have this List view open I like that I don’t think It goes far enough I would prefer if I Could have an option for this always to Be showing unless I explicitly disable It I kind of find that as like a little Annoyance using the block editor this Panel is appearing and disappearing the Other option is called show button text Labels so when you toggle this on you Can see up here it turned to text labels So everything’s Now text labels hyper Prefer the icons myself because I’ve Gotten used to them next if you click on The little I right here the letter I It’s going to have a new time to read Reading here inside of this information On the post that you’re on so if you’re Writing a Long blog post you’ll be able To see how long it should take someone

To read that blog post and then I don’t Know if you noticed it right here this Is normally the WordPress logo instead It’s showing your website’s site icon if You have set one if you haven’t it will Show the WordPress logo and when you Hover over it to click it kind of grows And then shrinks I actually like this But then I don’t like this because it’s Going to make everyone’s editor just a Little different a little inconsistent So especially for tutorial videos I Would say oh click on the WordPress logo On the top left but now that’s not the Same it’s just going to be the sites Icons logo if you’re using a typical WordPress theme that setting can usually Be found inside of the customizer if You’re using full site editing that is Found inside of the header that you’ve Created for your site now there’s two New site health checks regarding object Caching the reason you want to know this Is because if you have clients and you Give them the site and they’re inside of The site Health they will get alarmed They might get confused so that is found Underneath tools right here it says Health check and you can see right now Did you see it just added this one and It’s going to give you some information If you expand it so let’s go ahead and Open these up and then there’s the more Alarming one is right here so this right

Here is telling me to use a persistent Object cache this one actually has a Reading and it’s your server’s response Time so that’s why this one appeared a Second or two after I got on the page it Was actually doing a reading of my Server’s response time you can see right Here 85 milliseconds and it’s Recommending that this be under 600 100 Milliseconds so if you’re not using Quality hosting and this says like 700 Or 800 your client’s going to go in here And say oh there’s something going on Here now the last bit of improvements I Just have to explain I’m not going to be Able to show you and so essentially what It revolves around is performance so Whenever anyone visits a page on your Website what ends up happening is a Request that’s made to a database and Then the database responds and says okay Here’s the content for that home page or Blog post or whatever that’s called a Query now usually with web hosting the Speed bottleneck the speed problem is How long it takes to make that query and Actually get the data back so this Update of WordPress is going to Introduce caching of that query so the Next time someone visits that same page That query does not need to go and ask The database okay what’s in this blog Post it will have cached that at so it Can basically eliminate that query to

The database and since that problem of Querying or that process of querying the Database is what makes most websites Slow this is going to bring a speed Improvement to all WordPress sites that Go on WordPress 6.1 now how much of an Improvement it’s going to depend on the Hosting you use if you use that kind of Super low end super budget hosting that Has problems you’re going to see a Really nice Improvement but if you’re Using quality hosting and the hosting Company knows what they’re doing and It’s like really high quality you’re Probably not going to like visibly Notice it even though an improvement Will be present so I’m excited about the Speed improvements so in summary that is WordPress 6.1 here’s the page that’s Going to show when you update it’s going To cover the 10 new styles of the Default theme it’s going to cover some Of the enhancements to the full site Editor for the blocks that I mentioned The new New Dimensions and Border Controls the menus improvements some of The changes to the UI that you can see Right here as well as the fluid to Topography the improvements to some of The blocks as well as some other odds And ends that you’re going to see here I’m going to make a quick prediction a Lot of people ask about full side Editing my prediction for full site

Editing is it’s going to have a lot of Improvements in 2023 next year and in 2024 finally we’re going to see some Adoption of block themes that are using This full site editing experience right Now it’s super techy and super Complicated and I don’t think it’s Really made for a user but I would love To see and I really believe it’s going To get to a point where it’s going to be Easy for the actual end user to go in And use so I’m fairly certain that next Year some of my own websites I’m going To experiment with full site editing and A theme that has full site editing so I Can learn how to get the most out of it Because I think it’s going to provide The most lean best experience in the Future for all WordPress websites and There it is WordPress 6.1 what do you Think about it let me know in the Comment section down below you should Give this video some love give it a Thumbs up and share it around on social Media thanks for watching and I’ll see You in the next one

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