How We Use a Video Membership Site to Grow Our Email List

WPBeginner uses its video membership site to grow its email list.
The goal is to help people learn WordPress for free while also reaching a wider audience.

Why Choose a Video Membership Site?

Videos offer engaging, easy-to-follow educational content.
Membership sites foster a sense of community, loyalty, and authority.
The online membership industry shows huge growth potential.

The Mission
WPBeginner aims to make WordPress education accessible to all, regardless of budget.

How the Membership Site Works

Users browse free videos or sign up for in-depth WordPress training courses.
Creating a free account grants access to the curriculum and adds the user to the WPBeginner newsletter mailing list.

Tools Used in the Process
MemberPress: Powers the membership site functionality (courses, content restriction, etc.)
Drip: Handles email marketing automation and personalization.
Custom Landing Pages: Designed to highlight the benefits of WPBeginner Academy and convert visitors.
WPForms: Creates user-friendly signup and login forms.
OptinMonster: Lead generation tool for popups.
PushEngage: Tool for push notifications.
Smash Balloon: For embedding social media feeds.

Hey there and welcome back to the wp Beginner podcast today I want to talk About how we use our video membership Site to grow our email list I'm sure Many of you are wondering what's in it For us when we offer all these free WordPress video Courses well our main goal is simple we Want to help you learn WordPress and Become Pros but a side benefit is that It helps us grow our email list which Allows us to reach more people like you And that's a win-win right in this Episode we'll break down EX exactly how Our membership site works and the tools We use to capture emails grab your Favorite morning brew and let's go ahead And get started why a video membership Site first a quick word on why videos in Memberships are so powerful video is Hands down the most engaging type of Content out there and when you make it Part of a membership Community it helps Build loyalty and Authority in fact People love video courses so much that The online membership industry is Expected to be worth $15 trillion by 2025 and no wonder we wanted in on the Action our goal with the free WP Beginner Academy courses is simple we Want to make basic WordPress education Accessible to everyone SED our founder Says I'm tired of so-called experts Charging big bucks to teach WordPress

This knowledge should be free I started WP beginner to give you the help I wish I had as a Beginner how our membership site works When you visit the wp beginner videos Site you can browse free videos from our YouTube channel or you can sign up for Our WordPress training courses once you Create a free account you get access to The full Academy curriculum in return we Add you to our mailing list for our Weekly Newsletter so let's take a look At the step-by-step process one build Authority with member press we use Member press to power the membership Site it makes it so easy to create Courses drip content and restrict access To subscribers only this lets us Establish WP beginner as the number one Resource for WordPress education when You see the courses we offer you know You can trust us to teach you the ropes To capture leads with drip email Marketing when users sign up for the wp Beginner Academy we use drip to add them To our email subscriber list Automatically the key is that drip lets Us personalize messages based on each User's interest and activity this makes Our emails more relevant and keeps you Engaged three convert visitors with Landing pages while member press handles The courses we still need dedicated Landing pages to convert visitors into

Leads we designed custom pages that Highlight the benefits of our training And encourage visitors to sign up things Like testimonials previews and calls to Action help Drive conversions four craft Better forms with WP forms no two forms Are alike so we use WP forms to create Tailored signup and login forms for our Site this makes the user experience Smooth and consistent across all our Pages no confusing mishmash of styles And Designs five more leads with lead Magnets lastly we use tools like optim Monster push engage and smash balloon to Attract even more potential subscribers Popups push notifications and social Media feeds help us put more lead gen Opportunities in front of site visitors More chances to join equals more emails Captured and there you have it a Complete walkthrough of how we leverage Our video membership site to grow our Email list I hope this behind the scenes Peak gives you some ideas for your own Business or side project if you found This helpful be sure to subscribe to the Wp beginner YouTu YouTube channel for Even more free WordPress tutorials let Us know if you have any other questions In the comments below and thanks for Listening

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