How To Write Product Review Article With ChatGPT App [Complete Chat GPT-3 Tutorial for Beginners]

Hey everyone, in today’s video I’m going to show you how you can use the ChatGPT app by OpenAI to write product reviews that you can post on your website or blog.

This app is super easy to use and it’s powered by GPT-3, which means it can generate high-quality content with minimal effort.

So if you’re a blogger, marketer, or just someone who wants to share their thoughts on a product they love, you’re going to want to check this out. I’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step, so even if you’re a beginner you’ll have all the skills you need to write product reviews using ChatGPT.

Also on this video I will talk about some flaws that ChatGPT-3 has and how to go around it with another tool I love, which is Jasper Ai.


I know it will improve the product review article that was initially written by Chat GPT-3.

ChatGPT is a powerful language generation tool powered by GPT-3, and it makes it easy for anyone to write high-quality content with minimal effort. But as you will see on this video “How To Write Product Review Article With ChatGPT App – Complete Chat GPT-3 Tutorial for Beginners”, it is always the best to put your own voice into that article and never just copy-paste the text as is.

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How To Write Product Review Article With ChatGPT App – Complete Chat GPT-3 Tutorial for Beginners

This video is going to show you hw you can write product reviews with ChatGPT-3 app and how to make sure that it is free of plagiarism and not detected as an AI content…

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Hey guys Brett here and on today's video I'm going to show you how you can write Products review article using chat GPT App let's go [Music] Jgpt is very popular right now as you Can see there is thousands upon Thousands of videos showing you how you Can use chat GPT and on today's video I'm gonna show you how you can write Review articles for any product that you Want but before you dive all in and Start creating tons of content using Jgpt and articles to your blog post I Want you to understand that this is just A tool I know that there are videos on YouTube or even articles online or even Right now courses teaching you how to Create unlimited content with jgpt there Are even courses that tell you that you Can create 100 articles within 10 Minutes but that is simply not true jgpt Has many flaws and I'm going to show you Some of them at the end of this video so Stay tuned and watch till the end so Right now I'm going to show you what I Did or how you can use ggpt to create a Product review article and post it on Your blog post right so basically the Step one was I asked the tool to create An outline for the blog post about click Funnels review so it came up with Interaction pricing is views templates Tell me a little bit more about what I

Should be talking about there Integration support pros and cons and Conclusion now I think that this is Great outline and this is where tgpt is Really good it will help you out to Start creating your content and the only Thing what I see here is that this point Should be maybe before conclusion so it Should be here not as a second because As soon as people who just look for Clickfunnels review and see the pricing They lead just because it is very Expensive and they will never finish Reading the rest of the blog post which Means I would have big bounce rate on my Blog that means search engines like Google will see that the article was not Good enough because just people leave And it will drop in rankings in Google So I would definitely put it somewhere At the end to make sure that people stay Longer on that article now the step to 2 Was that I asked to write a Long blog Post with coupled paragraphs on each of The eight points the tool ggpt created Or written and then jgpt went work and Start creating paragraphs for Introduction clickfunnels is popular Sales funnel Builder allows businesses To create professional looking sales Funnel quickly easily and then continues Then pricing clickfunnels offers three Pricing plans now it talks about startup Essential full Suite which is cool ease

Of use one of the biggest selling points Of clickfunnels is user-friendly Interface maybe maybe not see it also Gives you an idea but you know maybe for Example if I don't like click funnels Then I will not use this review just Because this is pro click funnels right Now templates customization Integrations Support and resources pros and cons my The main benefits of clickfunnels is Ease of use okay it's repeated platform Is designed to be intuitive and Straightforward I don't know about that However one potential drawback is Because okay so now actually talks about This course which which kind of Surprised me and then conclusion overall Clickfunnels is powerful and User-friendly sales funnel Builder that Is well worth considering for business Of all sizes so now it tells you uh what Is the main points of this article right So now you would think that this is good Article but then this is the drawback of Jet GPT I used content scan of this Article it has only 522 words that means That this article is not long enough to Rank on Google because there are Articles that have five thousand six Thousand words from people who really Use click funnels so they can talk more About it that this tool just gave me and They will be able to outrank you there Is one huge drawback it will never

Create article that it's long you need To always feed it and then it will take You some time to come up with more than 2 000 words what's also interesting is That it detected that this article was Hundred percent written by Ai and this Is big big big problem with jet GPT Because when you start using content on Your site that's 100 generated by AI That means you will never rank on Google And that article is waste of your time And resources because it will never work So as you can see check GPT is a great Tool to give you ideas but not to copy And paste the whole article as it is and Label it as a product review article for Whatever product you want so I just want You to understand this because once you Start using check GPT and think that it Can create 100 original blog article That will rank on Google you're mistaken And then you will spend hours upon hours To create content uploading into your Website or blog thinking I'm gonna have Now good content for search engines to Give me free traffic but a couple of Months go by and nothing and that's when You will think that whatever you're Doing with affiliate marketing won't Work but you know what it's because you Did not do your part you only copy Pasted AI generated content thinking you Will get rich but there could be one Thing you can do and I will show you

Right now you see I posted this article To Jasper AI which is one of my favorite Tool for making my life as a writer Easier now again I would not recommend To create article with this tool and Thinking again the same thing you would Think with tgpt that it can rank right But what I like about this Jasper tool Is that it can right now scan for Plagiarism and I see that this article Created by GPT has some plagiarism and I Found it and it is this introduction Paragraph So what you can do you can Either rewrite it in your own words Right in here or what you can do is ask Jasper to rewrite it maybe start with One sentence and then see if you can Rephrase it and then it gives you some Idea click funnels is to go sales funnel Builder for businesses that want to Create beautiful high quality funnels in A snap not bad with intuitive design Advanced features click funnels and Powers you to turn your ideas into Reality faster than ever before alright So then I can accept and now it's a Little bit different and now maybe let Me just finish this And enter like this so right now the Introduction is longer than it was Before let me just make a little bit More formiding and again you can go and Maybe put your personality into it so This is how I would now go and recreate

Everything in here now let me select This paragraph and let me see if I can Do plagiarism checker And it says congrats no plagiarism found In your content So basically as you can see GPT is great If you want to use it for research or Creating a basic outline of a blog post That you can turn into product review Article but because of the plagiarism And also that you know there are tools That they can detect if it was created By AI or not then I would either rewrite It in your own words completely make Maybe the 500 article posts that it Created longer and put your own Personality into it or do as I did with Jasper AI where I'm able to actually get Ideas and create longer article from Jgpt and also do this in a way that There is no plagiarism but again there Is a warning don't simply copy and paste Jgpd article on your site just because It will not help you to rank that Content and it just sits there doing Nothing and you will never make money I Hope guys that you get some value from This video if yes please give me a like And if you are completely new to my Channel make sure the Subscribe button With the Bell notification icon so you Don't miss out any good content on how To make money online [Music]

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