How to Use Headline Analyzer in WordPress to Improve SEO Titles

A Headline is the one of the most important, if not the most important piece of text on the page. The difference between a good headline and a bad headline can be tons of traffic or no traffic. So, in this video, I show you how to optimize your headlines with the headline optimizer in AIOSEO and WordPress.

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Here's a fun little quote that I read Recently when you've written your Headline you've spent 80 cents out of Your dollar the course by David Ogilvy Who's considered the father of Advertising around the world now of Course this was in reference to the Advertising world but the same is true For this search world as well because in The search results users don't have much Information to make a decision whether They should click through your website Apart from the headline so apart from Optimizing your content you should also Spend some dedicated time to optimize The headlines on your website and in This video I'm going to show you exactly How to do that with the power of all Investors headline analyzer let's go So I'm inside the admin area of my WordPress website on the post error Screen I've written on a post called Lemon curd recipe this is the post we'll Be working with I also have all in one SEO installed on my site if I scroll Down to the bottom of this post you'll See AIO SEO settings it's giving me General Social schema link system Redirects and advanced options now if You don't know what all in an SEO or AI Or SEO is it's a powerful powerful SEO Plugin which you installed in a site and Then you can optimize your website for SEO that means search engine traffic so

You have general settings you have Social media optimizations you have Schema optimization you have internet Link optimization you can manage Redirects and you can have advanced Settings so it's a lot or it's a very Very powerful plugin but the feature That I'm going to be focus on this video Because the demonstration is about that Is optimizing the headlines of your post Now you might not see the headline Optimizer here because it's not present In this menu it's actually off to the Side menu which I'm going to bring on The screen right now and you see here Are two different options that are both Coming in from online SEO this gear icon Is all in one SEO settings so similar to This settings you can also edit these Settings on the side but we are Interested in the headline Optimizer Which you already see with the edge icon I already have that enabled or clicked That's why you see it's it's uh selected And the SEO headline analyzer is being Shown here what is the headline analyzer It helps you optimize your Headlines by Giving you intelligent recommendations On how you should change your headline Or what kind of headline you should Write so headline analyzer is not just a Do this it's a step-by-step optimization Process so inside the headline Optimizer I'm seeing multiple different options so

I'm seeing the current score option Which is the score previous score what Is it I'll talk about that you have word Balance you have sentiment you have Headline type character count word count Beginning ending hours and search Preview so there's a lot to work on and That's the beauty of headline analyzer Inside alternacio it gives you lots of Data to work and create a beautiful and Powerful headline so let's start by Talking about what the different uh data Points here are so first one is a Headline score which is the overall Score of the headline if you click here SEO analyzer will give you overall score To the headline so right now it's a Terribly little headline although it is On Point Elementary Completely defines what the post is About but the overall score is not that Great just 31 and saying that a very Good score is between 70 and 90 for best Results you should strive for 70 and Above so the first step of this headline Optimization process is to get the score Above 70. and that's an easy uh I say Metric to understand right instead of Giving it or giving you a weird Combination of weird recommendations There's a simple score that you can just Follow that hey if this is about 70 my Headline is pretty decent so this is the First step that you can look at once you

Actually start making changes to your Headline let's also look at some other Things the word balance so word balances Okay it could be better what is the word Balance It's a combination of words that You utilize in a headline to create a Powerful headline so what all in seo's Headline analyzer is telling us that Okay you should use a mix of common Words uncommon words emotional words and Power words with a mix of 20 30 10 to 20 And 10 to 15 percent and at least one Power word which makes for a great Headline because you can uh attack or Say you can include some sentiment value Or include some sentiments in the Headline and also give it some uh very Big weightage when it comes to uh Attention grabbing Factor right so these Are again recommendations that we can Follow then you also have the sentiment Analysis and so it all overseas Headliners is trying to analyze the Sentiment of the headline and it's also Telling us that a positive headlines Usually have a bigger impact or bigger Clicks so if you have a option because In this case the recipe cannot be Positive or negative but if you have the Option A positive headline will have a Better effect then you also have the Headline type this in this case is General but let's say you have listicle You have objective or different kind of

Headline types it's just giving you an Idea of what headline type you have also Character count is too short I'm not Using too much characters also the word Count is not enough words of course the Headlines pretty short we'll make it or Will fix it beginning and ending words This is interesting thing all unless you Tells us that most readers only look at The first and last three words of Headline before deciding when to click Now in this case is the headline itself Is just three words it's not great but What you'd be paying attention to is how The headline is starting and how Deadline also ends so both are equal or Both should be paid attention to all Right so there's a lot of Recommendations here and there's also Search preview which you can look at how The headline will look in the search Results but right now Let's go back on the top and let's start Actually optimizing this headline and Try to come up with different variations Of the headline and see how uh SEO Analyzer gives us a better score and Then we'll try to optimize uh the Headline again using the dedicated Recommendations all right so let's say Lemon curd recipe I name A variation of Deadline can be Quick lemon curd recipe let me just wait For a second for headline Optimizer to

Actually grab it but I'll update the Post or it automatically does it so Quick lemon curd recipe already has a Much better score than the previous Headline let me also change this to Let's say Easy lemon curd recipe let's wait for a Few seconds once again Okay it's also a similar score to the Previous headline but let's say uh lemon Curd recipe five steps Two tasty Lemon curd Recipe oops I'll change it to this Okay so all messages telling me that This headline is not great or not uh Excellent compared to the previous Headline let's also try something else Uh How to make How to make Delicious Lemon curd And that's it I already striked a great Balance with this headline 93 score out Of 100 and if you want to check a check Out the other scores that I got you can Just click the previous course and see All these options or all these previous Scores as well so the first original Headline for this post was how to make Lemon curd but since I added the Delicious word now the score is 93 so You have how to make lemon curd lemon

Curd recipe quick lemon curd recipe easy Lemon curd recipe five steps to Tasty Lemon curd and of course this was Sitting it out of the park great Headline out of the box how to make Delicious lemon curd let's also take a Look at the other recommendations and What all minor sales headline analyzers Telling us also pay attention that even If you let's say not paying attention to The headline answer just the color of This icon and this section here will Tell you if the headline analyzer is Doing his job or what the current rating Of your headline is previously it was Orange but now it's already green Signifying that the headline is great Already that means above 70 right so Going to uh the other recommendations Let's go to word balance it's already Great the sentiment is positive right so In this case the word balance let's look At other or the specifications so Uncommon words common words emotional Words and Powers I've already used by Accident all of these words so it's Telling me that hey the word balance is Superb if I take out the Delicious lemon Curd or delicious word then it's Probably gonna fail one of these tests Because of course delicious is a very Powerful word in my opinion so uh just Out of like spending a minute of my time On figuring out how to make this red

Line better I've hit the scores out of The park going to the sentiment is Positive headline type is how to because Of course I've included the how to and How to headlines are usually in my Opinion uh more click worthy than just General headlines so that's also Something that I'm scoring good on then The character count is telling me that Okay it's too short and the word count Is good so I might just increase or Decrease the character count but in my Case or in this case I I don't think so It's needed again my score is already Pretty high and this is not a deal Breaker for the headlines so I might Just leave that at the end if I can come Up with a better headline but right now I'm just going to move down and say Beginning to ending verse the beginning Words are how to make an ending was a Delicious lemon curd now just from Looking at these you can tell that both Of these are actually right on point if Somebody's searching for lemon curd Recipes or a variation of those keywords How to make and Delicious lemon curds Both are very attractive and will entice The audience on thinking oh this is the Exact topic I'm looking for let me click Through this headline and let me figure Out and let me read the article and I'll Follow this recipe and the search Preview was also tell us that how it

Will look like so how to make Delicious Lemon curd beautiful looking headline in My opinion much much better compared to The previous headline that we were Working with so if I just want to spend More time optimizing that and getting a Better score it's not probably going to Make a huge difference to the number of Click-through rigs I'm gonna get because Most of the work has already been done 80 cents on the dollar has been spent no Need to spend the rest of the 20s since Uh figuring out the headline but just to Give an idea what we did was we looked At the recommendations here coming from All Internationals headline analyzer and Just by doing some variations of the Headlines a couple of variations I was Able to understand precisely which of The headlines was the most appropriate For this topic because the specific Recommendations coming from online SEO Helped me exactly make that decision Very easily and you can see that right Here I just tried a few different Headlines and the most uh or the best Headline just jumped out to me and Almost you helped me make that decision Again once again we had a beautiful Looking SEO score which or headline Score which gave us an overview of how Beautiful how powerful or how impactful The headline would be then we had the Word balance we have the sentiment value

We had the headline type analysis we Also have the character count word count Beginning and ending verse and the Search preview all in an easy to Understand easy to follow package And just by comparing this headline with The previous headline five steps to Tasty lemon curd you can see or you can Imagine how big of a difference this Makes to the overall piece when somebody Looks at this in the search results easy To follow very easy to understand but Very very impactful when it comes to Overall optimization of your blog post Or any kind of post that you're writing On your website beautiful easy powerful Excellent if you like this feature then Make sure to check out all animal SEO It's a powerful pursuit of SEO features Combined in us very nice uh nicely Packaged plugin that you can have on Your website today so check out all in On SEO I'll leave a link down in the Description of this video and if you Have any questions about all in an SEO Or the header analyzer leave them in the Comments as well if you enjoyed this if You like this learn something new hit That like button and also subscribe to This channel if you're interested in Learning easy to follow along WordPress Tutorials just like this one I'm yuvraj From wbugana and I'll catch you in the Next video take care

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