How To Submit Your Website to Search Engines – Google and Bing!

Have you recently recieved an email saying something along the lines of.. pay us $XXX and we will submit your website to search engines? If you have, have you actually considered it, or thought that you could probably do it yourself?

In this video I show you the exact process on how to submit your website to search engines.

Read the written guide here 👉🏼

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In today's video I'm going to show you How to submit your website to the search Engines easily quickly and most Importantly by yourself now before I Demonstrate the process to you there are A couple of things that you need to Understand about submitting your site to Search engines first of all this is not A paid service so if any company emails You you get a suspicious email saying Submit your site to search results or You won't get any traffic you won't get In rankings just pay us hundred dollars Or whatever money and we'll do it for You then that's usually a scam you don't Need to pay any money you don't need to Hire another company or firm to do this For you it's actually pretty easy and It's very Standard Process across the Internet I'm gonna be showing you how to Do that yourself and it doesn't require Any money just requires a little bit of Knowledge on how to use the tools that I'm going to show you and use or submit Your website to the search laws and one More thing that you'll find interesting To understand is that technically we are Not submitting our website to search Engines we are helping search engines to Discover the content of our website and Once they discover the content and index It then search engines can decide when And where and at what positions they Should include your website to present

To the readers were actually looking for That information all right let's get Started with the actual process So the way we'll be submitting our Website to search engines or helping Search engines discover the content of Our website is by using something called Webmaster tools now every search engine That you are concerned with for example Google Bing and others have a set of Webmaster tools that they provide access To to webmasters or website owners and Using the webmaster tools you can verify The ownership of a website help Understand how it's been index if you Have any security issues if there are Any index session issues or if your Website provides a good user experience To your users all that information can Be found inside the webmasters tools or Other search engines might call Something else for example Google used To call itself or Google used to call The webmaster tools Google webmaster Tools but then recently I'd say a few Years ago renamed it to Google search Console Bing still calls their webmaster Tools Bing webmaster tools so we'll be Using these kind of tools to verify a Website or submit a website to all these Search engines and in turn help them Understand and index our website so Let's start with the first search engine That will be concerned with the most

Which is Google so let's start Google Webmaster tools or figure out how to Work with Google webmaster tools so to Access Google webmaster tools or Google Search console just go to Google and Type in Google search console and you'll Be presented with a link like this click On it and you'll be taken to the home Page of Google search console click Start now and depending on if you have Set up this account before you might Directly land to this page right here or You might be asked to sign into Google Search console and using your Google Account if you already have a Gmail Account that means you have a Google Account you'll be able to sign into Google webmaster tools now one piece of Clarification that I like to give you That your webmaster tools will not look Like this most of the time or I say Mostly when you start out why my Webmaster Tools looks a little different Because I already have a website Submitted with Google webmaster tools or Search console and that's why you see Some of this data appearing on the Screen right here of course when you Start out if you don't have any website Connected all this information will be Completely blank but that doesn't matter All that matters that you have to find The place where you can submit your Website or start the processor first

Verifying your website with Google Search console and in Google's Terminology every website that you add To search come console is called a Property so if your interface looks a Little different then just find the Place where it says add new property and In this case what I'll find out the Information or the place where I find This information is going into the drop Down menu right here and as you can see The add property section is right here So you should look for the option where It says add property if your search Console is completely blank and let's Say you already have a website if Somebody else added it for you and You're trying to add another website on Your own then you should just go to this Drop down menu and just click this add Property button so we'll have this Option right here and there are two Options but just to keep it simple you Should use the URL prefix option as is The simplest one to set up so what I'll Do is just click right here this will Activate this drop down menu and then What I'll do is just type in the website URL complete URL right here so what I'll Do is just paste the URL right here so This is the URL of the website I've set Up just for this demonstration so I've Entered the URL right here I'll click The continue button now

And Google will take some time to Process some things and I'll give you Some additional information to add to Your website so let's wait for that to Finish and as you can see it's already Finished and you'll see a few different Methods for you to prove ownership of Your website to Google search console or Google in journal now the easiest way to Do this is by using this method called The HTML tag button which is the easiest One so click on this right here and you See this code appear on the screen which Is a meta name so just click the copy Button right here which will copy to Your clipboard And just to show you how it actually Appears or how the code looks like let Me just open up notepad right here and I'll paste this so you can see how the Actual meta code looks like and this is Something that you should copy uh you Can paste it in notepad or just keep it On your clipboard that's completely fine Now once you have this information let's Go back to website and start the or Finish the rest of the process to set up First verification and then we'll submit Uh our website to Google or has to help Google understand the inter or content Of our website all right let's head back To our website now so as you can see Right now I'm in the backend or the Admin area of my WordPress website and

What I need to do right now is first Prove ownership or to Pro ownership I Have to take this meta tag right here And add it to the header or the photo Section of my website and when Google Tries to access my website and then Figures out that I've added this exact Meta tag then Google is able to verify That yes you are the person who's Claiming ownership and you do have Access to the admin section of your Website thus proving your ownership now The easiest way to add this information Is by using a plugin and the plugin I Recommend you do this with is called All In One SEO so let me show you how to Install the plugin first go to the Plugin section right here click add new And once you're here go to the search Option and type in a i o s a o which is Short for all in one SEO so a i o s e o Just press enter And once the search is complete you'll See this plugin appear right here all in One SEO or AIO SEO this is an SEO plugin That'll help you not only verify your Website but also do a lot of other Things but right now we are concerned With only uh verifying a website first So in that case what I'll do is first Install the plugin I already have it Installed on my website but you should See an install button right here similar To what you see right here install and

Then once the installation is complete You will see an activate button similar To what you see right here so once the Plug is installed just activate it and You'll see this menu entry right here Once you see that let's proceed to the Next step of adding that meta tag using All in one SEO to our website to do that We'll go into all in on seo's menu right Here and then you'll need to go into the General settings which you see on the Screen right here just click on this Link right here Which will open up this interface Ignoring this interface in the journal Settings we'll go to the webmaster tools Section Once you're inside the webmaster tools You need to click the search engine that We are trying to verify our website with In this case it's Google so I'll click Google search console right here which Will open up this Google verification Code menu right here now I already have The meta tag copied to my clipboard so I'll just paste it right here and I've Pasted it and as soon as I click away You'll notice that this field will Become a little different or a Google Search console or the code will be Parsed by all in an SEO and it will be Changed a little bit don't worry that's Completely normal so I'll click outside And you'll see that happen instantly and

Now you only have The Meta tag right Here which is perfectly fine so once You've done this click save changes And once the changes are saved the meta Tag is now added to your website and in A few minutes or I say a couple of hours Of time Google will verify your website Or verify your ownership of the website That's the first step in verifying your Website or submitting your website to Search engines and the next step once Your website is verified maybe it takes 30 minutes or maybe an hour or so you Can proceed to The Next Step by just Submitting your site map to Google Search console now before I show you the Process of submitting your sitemap to Google search console I also want to Address the users who might have already Installed another SEO plugin and they Want to have another alternate way to Add this verification code or meta tag To their website so let me show you that First and after that I'll show you how To take your site map and submit it to Google search console now if you're if You're in that bucket and you already Have another SEO plugin installed you Might have that feature but let me show You an alternate way on how to do that Go into the plugin section once again go To add new And go right here and type in WP code Which is w p c o d e

It's another free plugin that you can Use and as you can see I already have it Installed on my site I don't have it Activated yet and you can see WP code Right here and what this plugin lets you Do is manage code snippets on your site So if you want to add any kind of code Snippets technically The Meta tag is a Code snippet instead of directly messing With your website's files a WP code Offers a safe version of managing and Adding a code snippets on your site so Let me activate this plugin I'll show You how to add the meta tag using WP Code so now you can see WP code has been Installed and the code Snippets menu is Also appearing right here now we need to Add a new code snippet which you can do By going here right here or going right Here it's a code Snippets section or Also inside code Snippets you can go to The add Snippets option so let's click On that And this will open up the add snippet Option now since we are adding a custom Code snippet we can just click this Option right here add your custom code Let's click use snippet And this will open up the code snippet Menu option so what I'll do is first Name the snippet so it's easier for me To remember if I at a later date I go And check out what the code snip is About so I'll type in

And inside the code snippet option I'll Just paste in The Meta tag Make sure that the code type is set to HTML And here all the settings can be left at Default options and if you want you can Add a couple of tags right here for Example I can type in verification This way if you have a lot of code Snippets then this will easily help you Understand what kind of code Snippets You have added on your site and we don't Need to change anything else what I'll Do is just click the sniff zip it or Save snippet option and once it's saved I'll just enable it by clicking this Option right here and this course Snippet will be activated on my website And similarly in a couple of hours maybe 30 minutes maybe an hour maybe two hours Google will verify your ownership of the Website now just to remind you either Use the all-in-one SEO method or the Code snippet method don't use both of Them at the same time right so once Google has verified the ownership of Your website that means you own your Website now it's time to submit your Content to Google search console using Your site map if you don't know what Site map is let me just give an example It's like an index of in book so instead Of trying to find all the index or find All the content you have all the content

Of your website all the pages post blog Posts anything present in a tabular form Right inside the sitemap and we'll take The link of that sitemap and we'll Submit it to Google search console and That way Google will be able to in index Or find or discover all the content That's present on the website in a more Easy and quick way all right and one Important thing I'd like to highlight is That if you're running a website like This just like this on the latest Version of WordPress right now it's I Think 6.0.2 then you already have a site Map created on your website because it's A WordPress native feature now but if You also have an SEO plugin installed For example I have all-in-one SEO Installed on my website right now then The plugin will usually take over the Sitemap functionality and create a Better featured version of the sitemap And that's the case right here as well All in one SEO has generated a sitemap And disable the wordpress's native Functionality to generate a sitemap That's none of the concern or the Functionality overall will not change All you need to understand and the Information you need is just the URL of Your sitemap because that's how Google Will find out the index of your website Or find out the content of your website So let's go into all in one SEO right

Here and as you can see there's a site Map entry right here already let me Click on that And once you have this you'll see this Kind of option right here which is the General sitemap which we are concerned With and this is the link to the sitemap This is present right here if I click on This this will open up the site map on My website and since this is a test Website I don't have a lot of content Right here you can see all these details Right here and you can see the sitemap Is created and if I put the URL on the Screen right here it's actually submit Hyphen forward slash Sitemap.xml this is the actual URL of The site map so what I'll do is just Copy the URL right here And paste it in my notepad file right Here I'll just paste it like this so This is the actual URL of the sitemap Regardless if you have any SEO plugin Installed you can go into the SEO plugin And find this URL right here and this is What you can just paste in a notepad File and we'll go back to Google search Console and add this information right There inside a Google search console and Help Google discover the content of a Website better which is technically Called also submitting your website to The search engines all right so once You're inside Google search console

Let's submit the sitemap to Google Search console and there are two steps To that first you need to verify that You are selected the right property if This is the only property or website you Added then it will be selected by Default but if you have added multiple Properties you need to make sure that Using this drop down menu that you have Selected the right property that you're Trying to submit the sitemap for so once You've done this go to the sitemaps Option right here which is right here Click right here and inside the site Maps option you're probably not going to See something like this as I mentioned I Already have a website installed or Added to the site and that's why you see These options right here but you're not Going to probably see this what you will See is the add new sitemap Option now There's one important piece to clarify You see the URL of the website is Actually partially already added the Main root domain name of the website is Already added here so you don't need to Add the complete URL to the sitemap URL For example if I open up notepad and I Shrink it down just like this You'll be able to see that the submit Hyphen part is already added You you just need to add the information Or the URL that's after the forward Slash right here so I'll just copy this

Part which is just sitemap.xml And paste it right here And now if you compare both the URLs You'll see that this URL is exactly how This URL looks like the complete URL Right this is an important step Otherwise your website URL or the Sitemap URL will be probably rejected or Google won't be able to find it so once You've done this just click the submit Option or submit button right here And this process might take 30 seconds Or a minute or in my case it was just Done in a couple of seconds and once you See this notice on the screen right here That means your you can rest assured That Google has found the index or I say Found the site map of your website and Technically in in technical terms you Have submitted your website to Google Completely so if you just click the got It button right here you will see the Sitemap URL being shown right here the Status should be shown success or shown Success and you'll see also the number Of URLs that Google has discovered on That sitemap and of course once this is Done it might take a few days a couple Of weeks for Google to start showing Your websites in the search results but Technically all that you need to do to Submit your website to Google at least You have done so technically this is the Only process you need to do so what we

Did was verify our website with the Search engine and once that was done we Took the sitemap URL using the search Console submitted our site map to the Search console or this particular search Engine and once that is done all is done From your end and that's all you need to Do submit to submit your website to Google but let me also demonstrate the Process of how you will go about doing This with Bing webmaster tools So the process of adding your website to Bing is actually very similar to how we Did with Google search consoles so Search for Bing webmaster tools which The first link should suffice just click On it and it'll open up Bing webmaster Tools once the page is open just click Sign in And you can use your Microsoft account Your Google account or your Facebook Account sign in and if you're setting up Your website and already have submitted Your website to Google search console Then you're using your Google account Will be much faster so let me click Google And this will bring up the sign in menu Use any of your accounts if you have Multiple accounts connected already just Click the account that you want to Connect it with And you'll see these options right here Now if your website is already verified

In Google search console you can click This option this will just go to Google Search console and understand and it's Kind of borrowing the information from Google search console or Bing is asking Google hey have you verified this Website and they respond with yes and Automatically Bing also verifies your Website right so that's much faster but If let's say you're still pending Verification on Google search console Then what you can do is add your website Right here so let me paste the URL then I'll click the add button so I had to Submit the website a few different times Because I was receiving some errors but Now it seems to be resolved so this is The kind of website or this is the kind Of screen you should see on the screen Right here add and verify a site you can See the link of this website right here And similar to how we did it Google Search console we'll use the HTML meta Tag option not the other two options and What we'll do is just copy this HTM meta Tag right here once this is done we'll Go back to all in one SEO or our website And we'll go back to website and in all In one SEO we'll go to the sitemap Option or sorry when you go to the General settings once again Inside the general settings we'll go to Webmaster options or webmaster tools and We'll select Bing webmaster tools and

We'll paste the link right here and once Again you'll see as soon as I click off This uh this meta tag will change Because all in one c will pass the data So I'll click on this and the website Verification tag has been added let me Save changes And once again this is done it will take Some time maybe 30 minutes an hour Couple of hours for Bing to now verify My website and if you don't want to Follow this process again if you already Have an SEO plugin installed you can Just use the exact same process with Code Snippets once again WP core just Click a new or click new and click and Add new snippet go to IO custom code Once again just do the same process add Give it a name enter the course number Right here and just submit or save it And actually activate it and this is how You can do it without using all of an SEO if you already have another SEO Plugin installed and once that is done You'll also submit your website to Bing Webmaster tools so let me show you how To do that once again I already have the Link to the webmaster tools right here Or linked to sorry the sitemap right Here so I don't have to go again on my Website and find the sitemap url it's Already right here let's head back to Bing webmaster tools and I'll show you Where to add your sitemap so once your

Website is verified with Bing webmasters Tool this is how Bing webmaster tools Will look like and similar to how we did In Google search console we go into the Site Maps option and just submit the Sitemap so we'll go to the site Maps Option right here and inside the site Now option we'll click this submit Sitemap button and this will give us a Complete URL to add in the difference Here between Google search console and Big webmaster tools is that you need to Enter the complete URL of the site map Right here so I'll click this link right Here I'll just paste the site map in and Click submit And once you click submit Bing again Might take 30 seconds or a minute or Maybe a couple of minutes to verify that Your sitemap exists and once it does This is what you'll see on the screen Right here that the sitemap is now Successfully added and now once again Technically once again you have Submitted your website to Bing webmaster Tools and the process is actually very Similar to every search engine if you Take Yandex or any other search engine The process is exactly the same go to The webmaster tools or that particular Search engine verify your ownership Given the any method that they provide And once the website is verified you'll Be able to submit your sitemap to that

Particular search engines webmaster Tools or whatever they like to call Their webmaster tour their version of Webmaster tools and that's how you Submit your website to any of the search Engines that you want to now just to Clarify that this does not guarantee That you'll instantly start getting Traffic to your website that's up to the Discretion of the search engines and it Also depends on a lot of different Factors it depends on the content Quality how much content you have how Much links you have and a lot of Different factors so depending on how Your site is structured how how much Content you have you might start getting Traffic almost instantly or it might Take a few days but that's all you need To know to submit your website with any Search engine that you know of if you Have still have any questions about this Process or any of the process that I Demonstrated leave that in the comments If you like this video a like will be Appreciated and if you're interested in Learning more about WordPress in easy to Follow along tutorials watch some of These tutorials right here or just Subscribe to our Channel and we'll Notify you whenever we upload a new Video that's it I'll catch you in the Next video

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