How to Start Your Own Podcast Site (Step by Step)

In this video I’m going to show you how to start a podcast and how to make it successful from an audience and monetary perspective.

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00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Podcasting vs other content types
03:26 – Biggest Mistakes with Podcasting
06:45 – what to podcast about
08:51 – Video or Audio Podcast?
10:19 – What Gear Do You Need
15:26 – Some Encouragement
17:43 – Setup Your Website in 10 minutes
24:07 – Podcast Distribution
28:30 – Upload a Podcast to Your Podcast Player
31:56 – Upload Your Podcast to Your Website
36:03 – Make Money with your Podcast

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Podcasts are the new in thing and They're the fastest way you can use to Grow an audience build a business build A personal brand and also make a lot of Money in this video I'm going to show You how to start a podcast in 2024 and Beyond how to make it successful and Also cover some of the most common Mistakes and the biggest mistakes Business owners and podcasters make when They're starting a podcast which will Make a huge dent in your podcasting Plans let's go so I want to start by Answering the most important question First why podcast and why not just Creating content I have my own Understanding about this now when you Start creating content today the Competition is quite High when it comes To producing content creating content Editing content and podcast is still I I Say an underdog in those regards you can Start a podcast in your bedroom like This you start in a room and start a Podcast and still gain a lot of Visibility so podcast has a lower Barrier to entry in the world of content Creation and personal brand growing While making content is something you Can do and if you create a video podcast Which I'll discuss later in this video You can do actually both of bet worlds You can start a podcast and then just Take out clips from the podcast and use

That as video content as well so it's The best of both worlds doing podcast Apart from them there's some interesting Statistics about podcasting and how the Industry is growing which I want to talk About so that you can get an idea of how Podcasting is growing and what's the Industry like so I have them on my Screen here so if you look at podcasting There are only around 464 million Podcaster listeners in the world and It's going to grow by 500 million by the End of 2024 this year so half half a Billion people around the world listen To podcast and the average listener Spends around 7 hours per week listening To podcast which is fantastic 20 to 40 Minutes is the sweet spot so imagine Somebody spending 20 to 40 minutes Listening to your episodes how big of a Connection they'll develop versus when They watch a 30C video of you it's Harder to develop a strong connection When it comes to short form content and Podcast is breaking that pattern then You have podcast listening statistics And which other the countries but here's The statistic I want to focus on the Growth chart of podcast is pretty good It's steadily growing and I think in the Next even the next 10 years you'll see a Consistent growth across the board when It comes to people consuming podcast and If I scroll down you see the industry

Growth or the average Market size of Podcast so right now you see podcasting Is over 23 billion dollar industry in 2023 and by 2030 it's going to go up to 100 billion do industry uh so it's a Huge number so podcasting is steadily Growing and you should be in growing Markets if you want to develop a more i' Say build an audience and build business Now I didn't think this chart is correct Because it states the numbers in Millions but as it says here hundred Billion dollar before 2030 so this is The benefit of doing podcast or why you Should be focusing on podcast instead of Short form content because it allows you To uh say it's untab Market still when It comes to generating audience now That's the comparison between creating Regular content and podcast and what's The growth like but you have the Benefits of creating content anyway so You get a lot of leads for your business You can grow a personal brand and you Can have like like a great a audience Which you can monetize and you'll have Your expertise to show off it's a Creative outlet that you can use it's a Lot of fun to do podcasts by the way This can be qualified as a podcast as Well and you can just showcase your Expertise to the world so regardless of What your goal is with podcasting you Can just do it for fun you can start or

You can do it just for to grow your Business all of these goals can be Fulfilled if you start a podcast so That's the idea why you should start Podcast compared to adust sh form Content or just regular content so now That you understand the podcasting Industry and why you should start Podcast and what's the advantages of Doing podcast I want to cover two Biggest mistakes when it come to Podcasting and this will Define your I Said not a future but these are very Important to understand and realize in The beginning so that you can have a Great Foundation when it comes to Building a podcast so the first mistake I see is not doing uh or treating this Not as a business or not doing this Seriously I heard the statistic Somewhere that 90% of podcasters quit After the first four episodes yeah just Four episodes it's crazy and the rest 90% quit after around 20 episodes so Imagine this 99% of people quit after 20 Episodes so if you have to be in the one Top 1% of podcast producers in the world All you have to do is just exceed 20 Episodes so the bar is quite low but it Takes time and effort and consistency to Show up regularly and create this kind Of content so you can be successful if You don't produce content regularly the Audience will eventually be bored or

Just move on to someone else so if you Decide to start a podcast be consistent With producing and of course with this Guide you'll know how to produce a piece Of content how to produce a podcast and I'll show you everything on how to Distribute that content as well so That's the first mistake uh you need to Do or you need to rectify if you are Doing a podcast and the second mistake Which is I think more important is not Owning your audience now podcasting is Great and you can have podcast uploaded To YouTube today you can have podcast on Spotify Apple music or apple podcast 100 Different places but the biggest problem With all these platforms is that you Don't build the audience you build the Audience for the platform so aist or Subscriber on Spotify is technically not Your subscriber because you have no way To connect with them right imagine Someone subscribes to you on YouTube by The way you should be subscribe as well You can't actually connect with them Right you can't send them an email you Can't send them a DM so if you want to Make your business in podcasting Successful or podcasting and then Business successful at the same time Close to each other you need to build a Website so that you can direct users From Spotify from YouTube all the Different places to your website and

Then get their contact information and Then business with them it's absolutely Critical if you do this or that you do This otherwise you L lose out on a lot Of like I say you'll lose a big chunk of Your business in the process if you Don't do this uh from the beginning Imagine you have a million subscribers In YouTube and you have none of their Contact addresses you won't be able to Monetize any of those people or provide Your valuable services to them so if you Start this from day one it's going to be A lot beneficial for you as a podcaster And even with a small audience if you Have the way a way to connect with them You can start making your business and Podcast successful even with a small Audience so it's very important to build A website and have the right strategy in Place when it comes to capturing Information uh having the right assets Or having the right products and Services to promote to your audience so That you can make your podcast Successful and don't worry making a Website is absolutely absolutely easy in The later part of this video I'm going To show you in literally 5 to 7 Minutes How you can build a website for Ridiculously low cost so watch out for That section as well so these are the Two mistakes not owning your audience And the best way to do that is by having

Your website and redirecting your users To your website and then doing all sorts Of things with them and the second is or The first was that you should be Consistent with producing content Otherwise you won't build an audience in The first place so that's it for the two Mistakes that you should be doing or Should be avoiding when it comes to Building your podcast so now let's talk About what to podcast about right it's a Huge challenge if I just tell you hey Let's start a podcast you might wonder What what topics can I podcast about so I'll give you just a few guidelines you Can think about when it comes to Starting a podcast you can think about What are your passions or your interests Or something you are really really Excited about or you can podcast about Your business so let's for example I am A huge camera nerd right I love cameras I have one camera here one camera here One camera there a couple of cameras Here and I have lights I have all this Equipment and I'm really passionate About this thing so if I start a podcast I might just start a podcast about hey All this camera gear and how you can do Video production how you can record Videos in your home studio how to set up A home studio how much money to spend on A home studio see all these questions Are coming naturally to me because I'm

Really passionate about my topic so Similar to this you can think about what Things are you passionate about and you Have no problems coming with ideas on What you should podcast about apart from This you can do podcast about any kind Of business you have so I have some uh Notes here so if you have a gardening Business you can do a podcast about Gardening if you are in a pool cleaning Business you can do podcast about pool Cleaning if you are in the roofing Business you can do a podcast about if You're in the hbag business Plumbing Business and car repair business you can Absolutely do podcasts about it and Teaching people or showing your Expertise so you'll get more leads and Customer this way and then if you have Some other interest for example you Might be very interested in politics you Might be very interested in sports news Content or you might be very faithful And spiritual person and you want to Talk about that all of these are valid I Say topics to podcast about so Regardless of whether you do a strictly Business related podcast or you do a Very interest based podcast there is a Way to make both of these successful Monetary wise and also uh gaining a Personal brand or gaining an audience And building a personal brand so Regardless of what your expertise is

Whatever you like to talk about whatever You think you have a passion in you can Start a podcast in that area and still Make it successful so don't worry about Being too Nish or too broad or should I Like this should I do a podcast about This if you have a very strong passion About a topic you can start a podcast Around it so let's talk about the next Big consideration when it comes to Podcasting should you do a video podcast Or should you do just an audio based Podcast well the answer is that it Depends but if you can pull it off or if You have the right resources if you are Willing to make the commitment to Creating video absolutely do a video Podcast because you can convert a video Podcast into an audio podcast but not Vice versa at least not yet and few the Biggest podcast in the world joon's Podcast I listen to Diary of a CEO I Listen to my first millions and I listen To some other podcasts from Lex Freedman All these beautiful podcasts and all These podcasts are video podcasts and Just think about this you scroll through Social media whenever you find a podcast Clip it is usually a video podcast so if You have a video podcast you have the Best of both worlds you can create long Form content you can upload that to YouTube have great distribution you can Do Clips on shorts you can do Clips on

Social media different platforms you can Do all of that stuff while also having Audio podcast versions so you can upload It to Spotify and all the different Audio platforms I'm going to show you Some ways to uh automate that Distribution by using some services but Here's the advantage if you can pull it Off a video podcast you have Best of Both Worlds you can cover more channels Get a better audience and when you see Someone you develop a bigger I say Connection to them right so I would say If you can pull it off if you are Willing to invest in the I say resources And Equipment then absolutely do a video Podcast otherwise you can start off as An audio podcast as well and then later Upgrade the equipment and then convert It into a video podcast so everything or All of this is completely up to you what You want to do with your podcast all Right so now you understand podcasting You should you do a video podcast what To podcast about all those things let's Talk about something about equipment now This can be a big rabbit hole that you Fall into and spend a disproportionate Amount of time just thinking about the Equipment so I'm going to give you a Simple I'd say not a crash course but Simple considerations on what to buy if You're doing an audio podcast or you're Doing a video podcast and I'm going to

Give you some personal recommendations As well which I use on a daily basis to Record videos for you guys so if you're Doing a video podcast you need a camera A microphone and some artificial lights So that you can light yourself as a Beautifully in any environment those are The three things now if you're doing not Doing a video podcast you just need a Microphone and some software right so When it comes to cameras or when you Want to have uh let's say a video Podcast done basically your phone can be A great starting point most phones have Decent video cameras nowadays so you can Start recording videos with your phone And that can become a podcast now if you Don't want to have your phone always Hooked up to a tripod recording videos Then a webcam is a better second Alternative so I have some webcams here I'll play some recommendations of Webcams on the screen you can go and buy Any decent webcam and that should Suffice now the disadvantage with that Is that you need to have a computer Attached to the webcam always to record A video so if you are willing to make That trade you can just upgrade to a Dedicated camera and use it now there Are tons of cameras on the market for Variety of budgets but an entry-level Camera that I personally can vouch for Is the Sony Z V10 now I might be biased

Because I am a Sony guy and this video Is being recorded on a Sony camera as Well but the zb1 E10 checks off all the Marks when it comes to great video Performance and also long-term Performance so zb1 can be charged via USBC Wireless recording so you can Record for multiple hours at a stretch There is no recording limits so you can Don't have to reset the camera every 30 Minutes which is a problem with some Older cameras and you can have file Formats uh is reasonable size so you can Have one big card set up in and then you Have don't have to worry about this and You can have a or it has a great Collection of third party and first Party lenses you can use for example I'm Using a Sony a6300 right now which is Very much an equivalent of the Sony Z10 And I'm recording this video on a 50 mm Lens which is very affordable so even This kind of setup can give you Professional results if you just uh Understand the basics of how to frame Yourself and how to light yourself and Then you can look as beautiful as me Right so that's the basic camera Department what about lights you can Have I said there variety of companies That produce high quality professional Lighting equipment you have aperture you Have re and all the film film lights Also but a great starting point and

Affordable budget is uh gvm which I'm Using right now this light which you see Here is a round or as a squarish panel From gvm this is a great panel this is An RGB panel but you have normal I say White panels as well which you can use And I also have a godox light the godox Sl60 here which I use for some other Work or some other videos when I sit Here and record my videos so that's the Go godox sl60 it's also very good light Godox makes some I say very affordable And high quality Equipment you can use For lighting so they have the sl60 SL 62 And sl60 buy and some other uh I said Sort of lighting which you can check out On their website and also on Amazon they Usually available Amazon it's quite Affordable with even a soft box and a Light standand it's not spending too Much money and and I also have a ring Light here this is a regular ring light Just to use to fill here so if I just Shut this out you'll see makes a little Bit of difference on my hair so I've Just added this light as a fill so this Is the basic lighting setup I use a gvm Panel here a ring light setup and I also Have an RGB light inside that just to Give a little bit of an accent and it Kind of looks like this light so if I Turn it on for you right now this is how It looks like this is set to red color And this is just was this is a company

Called viim I'll just show it to your Screen here you can just search for this On Amazon I think I got it from us for Less than $100 so you can invest in just A couple of Lights you don't need all of These lights but just a couple of good Lights and you have a nice setup going For you and you can record a video Podcast that's the lighting and Camera Department then you also have the Software part of it uh on the software Part if you want to record your screen I Use OBS and if you want to record Directly inside directly to your Computer you can use a software like Audacity to process your audio or you Can just use a dedicated microphone and Record to your computer for microphone I Have used this so Zoom h1n which is a Sub $100 microphone works very very well On the high end you have something like The sh sh smb7 which is quite expensive But a professional level mic but you Don't have to start with that I've Recently also invested in the DGI mic Which you see right here and this works Wirelessly so it's quite convenient it's A little pricey but I got it used for a Decent price so it was a good investment For me because I make videos all day Long but you can absolutely start with a Zoom h1n or you can just use any kind of As a basic uh $10 $20 mic to start with And once you are confident that okay you

Can present yourself on camera or you Have a great voice on uh microphones Then you can upgrade to a microphone That's completely up to you so the idea You should always keep in mind is that You can always upgrade but it's harder To downgrade so start with the most Basic equipment you can and then you'll Be able to make everything work together So we covered uh cameras lighting Microphones and software all right so on To the next section all right we've Covered everything about how how to Start a podcast we talked about podcast Statistics why podcast is a great Platform audio video podcast mistakes That we do with podcast and everything Related to a basic understanding of Equipment as well now if you are ready To record a podcast all you have to do Is just gather the equipment whether You're doing a video podcast or an audio Podcast sit down in a room quiet room Like this and just go at it just record A podcast for example Whatever video You're watching this could easily be a Podcast and I have done very minimal Preparation to just record this video so If you are pass about a topic if you no Understand the topic deeply you don't Have to think too much about what to say Just sit down and share your thoughts With the camera or the person who's Watching you and then you can just have

A great episode or great podcast done so This is encouraging or this is Encouragement for me to just actually Sit down and start recording a podcast Because here's the thing your first Podcast will probably your worst sound Sounding podcast your first video Podcast will probably be your worst Looking podcast and you're going to be The most under-confident person on Camera but that's how you get through or Become a great podcaster and be better On camera just going through the Reps And as I said in the beginning 21 Podcast is all it takes to Wi in the 1% Producers of podcast so this is just me Giving you some encouragement that hey If you have all the knowledge if you Watch the video till end then just get The camera set up everything and just Record the episode and once you have it Once you're ready once you record and Have your finished podcast ready then We're going to uh understand how to Actually distribute the podcast because That's where the beauty of the podcast Happens where millions of people Hopefully will listen to your podcast And you will become famous and have a Great personal brand so once you record The podcast once you sit down you record Everything you have everything set up We're going to do two things we're going To set a podcast distribution through

Your website so that you can control Your audience which we discussed in the Beginning of the video and we're going To set up how to distribute your podcast To other plot podcasting mediums like Spotify Apple music or apple podcast Ihart Radio all that good stuff and I'm Going to show you easiest ways to Actually go and do that stuff all right So once you do the part or just sit down And do the podcast then you can proceed To the next section where I'll show you How to build a website in 5 minutes and Then it ready or it can become ready for You to upload podcast directly to your Website and have that distribution ready As well all right see you there all Right hopefully by this time you've Recorded your podcast and if not then You made a commitment to record your Podcast episode after watching this Video I'm going to show you in the next Few minutes how ridiculously easy it is To start a website and have podcast Content uploaded there and it's Ridiculously easy which I'm going to Show you right now in just list say 5 to 7 minutes and you can follow on this Along this tutorial and even if you are Intending to record a podcast episode Later that's completely fine you can set This up right now because that will be The first step you can take to record a Successful podcast so just follow along

The screen here which I'm going to show You is just go to this URL which I'm Want to type on the screen Https colon for/ WP beginner Doc Slre slash Blue host I'm going to pause for a Couple seconds so you can just copy this URL take a screenshot pause the video go To this URL this is a referal link to Blu host which is one of the biggest Website hosting uh services in the world And you can see here special offer Forpress users you can get started at Just $1.99 a month it's ridiculously low Price and you get a free domain name for The first year as well so you can Purchase a domain name with Bluehost and No fees will be applied to your first Year of owning that domain name you also Get free SSL certificate which is great For security and also oneclick WordPress Install so WordPress will be installed In just a matter of minutes that is how You set up your website so when you Click get started now it'll take you to The pricing options here and what you Can do is just click the first option Because we're going to build just one Website but if you have plans to make More websites you can choose any of These options as well I would recommend You start with this one you click and You might just get this popup here which

You can Skip and on the next step you Can actually add the domain name to your Account create create a new domain you Can add or search for available domain Names and just select that and add it to Your account and the first year for that Domain name will be completely free for You and if you already own a domain name On another hosting provider you can add It here now I'm just setting this up for Demonstration so I'm not going to do This I'm just going to do this but you Should absolutely search for a domain Name find it here add it here it'll be Added to your account and this all you Have to do is Click I'll create or Whatever purchase option you do and then You'll be taken to the billing options Here so inside the billing options there Are some optionals which you can dis for Example code guard is something you Don't want then sight lock Essentials These are all optional upgrades so you Don't need all of this so without all of This if you just enter your purchase Information you'll see the pricing is Exactly $23.88 Which is less than $2 a Month so for $24 less than $24 a year You'll be able to have a complete Website built for you have a domain name For absolutely free and then you can all Do all sorts of stuff I'm going to show You how to add podcast episodes to this And how to actually start creating and

Doing all sorts of good stuff with your Website so so once you see the screen What you do is just add in your purchase Information and just click submit button And you get a couple of emails from Bluehost that hey your website is ready Your back end access is ready and you'll Be able to log into the back end of Blueh host and I'm going to show you how The next steps are what the next steps Are to actually creating your website so Make sure to finish the purchase and Then proceed to The Next Step which is Inside the back end of blue Host so once you see all those updates In your email this is what you can get Access to which is the back end of blue Host you click a couple couple of links Inside your email you'll reach this with Your credentials and once you're here What you see is what you won't see is This since that I have a multi website Account I have lots of websites here but You'll not see any websit because you've Just created your account all you have To do is click the add side button which You see like this click it and just Choose the default option which is Install WordPress click continue and Just give the site a title so I'll just Name it My awesome podcast website and don't Worry you can change the title later This is just a demonstration so you can

Change it later as well click continue And then use your domain name that which You have added to your account so as in The previous step I mentioned you can Add a domain to name to your account for Absolutely free type that domain name Here so that it can be connected to your Website since I just demonstrated that To you I didn't actually make the Purchase I'll use the temporary domain Option but you should be entering your Domain name here once this is done click Continue and that's it this is all you Need to do to build a website and within A couple of minutes once this process Finishes your website will be ready with Your domain name with an SSL certificate With WordPress installed so you can Start posting content directly so let's Wait for this to finish and I'm going to Show you how to access your website what It looks like and then we're going to Proceed to the rest of video which is How to distribute your podcast so in Just a couple of minutes our website is Actually ready I just made a little bit Of a search here because I have a lot of Websites but you'll see this directly Now just click on the website name which Will bring you to the settings and don't Worry this is very complicated looking To you and don't worry you not have to Understand or Master any of these things Just go to settings here we'll just

Change one setting and then you'll be Able to access your website scroll down And you see this coming uh soon page Just click and disable this and let the Changes save and you see this coming Soon page has been disabled then go back To overview and click this link here Which is a URL and you should see your Domain name here this what you see here On the screen is a temporary domain name Because I didn't actually make the Purchase but now you do this here and This is your website it's absolutely Fantastic it's already done it's already Created and if you want to log into the Back end of your website then you just Go here go to users and just click the Login button which will pop up here and You'll be taken to the back end of your Website so this is the front end which Users will see and this what you see Here will be the back end of the website That you can use to add content on the Website and don't worry if this looks All like Hocus Pocus and a lot of things On the screen I'm going to simplify the Process of actually how to start Creating content and adding your podcast Episodes and some other insights as well So this is how easy it is to create a Website and a lot of people just put This off because they think it's Complicated and they don't set up the Podcast the right way so if you can do

This then you can start adding podcast Episodes and creating exclusive content Just for your subscribers or just for I Say your website members and all that Good stuff and have a great very very Successful podcast so this is the Startup process of creating website Let's get back to the podcasting theme Here and talk about how we can Distribute our podcast and what are the Things to consider when Distributing our Podcast so let's talk about one of the Most important things when it comes to Podcasting and that is distribution Because as it said if product is King Then distribution is the entire Kingdom So not only you need to focus on the Production side of it which is the Product side of it or what to podcast About what topics and all that you need To understand and master the game of Distribution so that you can get the Most eyeballs on your content and of Course the more eyeball you get the Better brand you build the more business You generate and all that good stuff Which is the end goal of creating a Podcast anyways so you have to Understand Master distribution now if I Have to divide this or I should divide The distribution aspect in two different Areas or two different thinking hats one Is the video distribution side and one Is the audio distribution side because

They work kind of differently when it Comes to video distribution you have the Obvious platforms you have YouTube you Have YouTube shorts Instagram Tik Tok And also I say x also now also has video Content so you can use all of these Platforms to actually distribute your Content now on these platforms YouTube Supports F length videos uh I think Twitter or X also supports full length Videos Instagram I think has a 10 15 Minute Li limit and I I don't know about Twitter because Twitter is banned not Twitter Tik Tok is banned in India but I Assume that it's a 10minute limit as Well so what I would recommend is upload The full length clip once you've Recorded everything whatever you done Upload it to YouTube or main YouTube and YouTube now support podcast as a Separate i' say piece of content so you Can use the PO a podcast option uh to Actually upload the podcast on YouTube And then you can clip those using either Manually or AI tools and then use those Clips on different kinds of social Networks so you can do it on Instagram You can do it on Twitter you can do it On as a Tik Tok as well and many other Platforms that come up so you can use Your Clips there to actually distribute Your content which will just uh gain Your a bigger audience and this is the Video side of things when it comes to

Audio site audio has two distinct areas You need to understand there's a podcast Host and then the podcast distribution Which happens through different Directories for example you can go to Spotify and you have Spotify has Different podcast but if you go to IHeart radio that has a different Podcast and there a lot of directories Which actually curate podcast which a Google podcast and say 10 15 uh Directories and you to need to be Present in all of those directories so That you can maximize your audience on The platform or maximize your audience From podcast now doing all of this is Cumbersome and time consuming so there's A better solution if you look at the Screen here There's an amazing service called bus Sprout which I highly recommend which You can use to actually host your Podcast and then distribute the podcast As well so this allows you to not only Host your podcast directly which you can Embed on your website as well but allows You to have distribution through bliton Platforms it allows you to monetize your Content and allows you to have Membership models in it so on the audio Side of podcast all lot of things about Podcasting is actually taken care of by Burst Sprout directly and if you look at This all all these directories so

They'll upload or directly distribute Your content or your podcast to Apple Podcast Spotify podcast index Google Podcast Amazon music ihart radio Overcast castbox podcast index Pocket Cast and also and P Pandora so all your Podcast can directly be uploaded on all These platforms and they also have a Wonderful WordPress plugin where I'll Show you how to install on your website As well and then have your podcast Episode uploaded on your website as well So that's also possible so this is a Pretty cool service and the best part is It's actually very affordable if you go To the pricing option you can start for Free and in the free plan you have two Hours of content uploaded every single Month and your episodes will be hosted For 90 days and for $12 a month you can Start with three hours of content every Single month and then episodes are Hosted indefinitely and I think they Also have a 90-day free trial so you can Get started and absolutely uh enjoy this Service and they don't even have an Yearly plan they just have a Month-on-month contract so you don't Have not logged in and you pay uh $ a Month and you have to pay Upfront for an Entire year this very affordable service And I already have created an account And I'll just log into my account and Show you how easy it is to create a

Podcast but I just need to do processing I have to prepare a podcast episode so I Can actually upload it so I'll just Pause the video for a second I'll Prepare a podcast episode in the back End just an audio podcast I'll upload And I'll show you how to upload it to uh Uh bu Sprout and then I'll show you how To actually distribute that content and All different directories and also how To upload that on your website as well So I'll be back in a Second so I have podcast episode ready And I signed up for a bus account and Hopefully you've signed up for the bus Account as well so here's the bus Account that I have set up I've just Named my podcast Yas podcast just to Give you an example you can name your Podcast whatever you like now when you See this when you sign in you'll have This option upload a new episode but I Want to do do uh or I want you to do First thing is just go to the podcast Info section and fill out this Information usually it prompts you to do This when you're signing up but you Should do this regardless uh if you just Skip that part fill out a podcast Description uh upload an original Artwork you can also design one with Canvas it's a usually a logo select the Right category of podcast choose the Language choose the time zone and then

Add the artist here or it if it's you Are the artist then you can enter your Name here and the podcast name s Something else once you've done this Because this is required for the Distribution on the directories to Happen I'm going to demonstrate that in A few seconds but let's start by Uploading a new episode so I'll click Upload a new episode so you can drag a Audio file here or choose a file here so I'll just take that and I'll just find That episode here and I'll just drag it Here so now this will be uploaded and I'll just say I think this is called so This is a from a video that I recently Did sticky or I say Sticky um uh what's the name floating Bar in word Press so let say add a description as Well [Applause] Right so once this done and we can add a Footer here we can select an episode Artwork just for the episode what season It is so it's season one let's say Episode one what's the episode type is It a full episode is a trailer is this a Bonus and if it has explicit content you Can also have artist tags and C Customize your episode web page but We're going to do that on our website so Once the audio is uploaded you also have Some other options in the BR account you

Have Dynamic content you have magic Mastering that will boost up your audio Like um say automatically so all those Things are available inside burst rout So once this is done once you uploaded When everything is done you can just do Publish immediately and just save Episode details and once this is done Your episode is now published Congratulations you've just uploaded Your first podcast episode well Technically I have but you can do this As well it's very easy so once this is Done now once you have done this once You go into podcast info once you have Filled out this information then you can Go into the directory section and as I Said you have to have this information Complete for the distribution to happen So all you have to do is complete the Checklist and then all these podcast Distributors directories will open up For you and the distribution in this Directories will happen automatically You can just publish your episode to all These directories and have your audience Listen into that so amazing it's very Easy now comes to the website part right We have the still the website part as Remaining how to add these episodes to Our website so what I'm going to do is First go into the podcast info section Oops my light went out for a second I Just restart

It and let's go back here let's go to Podcast info or not info but let's go to Episodes or where was I stats I think That was oh completely missed it let me Find that okay it was in directories yes It was here inside directories you have To find the RSS feed link here and you Find this link here just copy this link So once you click this link and this Link is now on your clipboard we can Head back to our website so once inside The website you'll notice that uh on Your website when you started you had Different set of plugin install so all I Did was just clean out my website and Delete the plugins because most plugins Are something you don't need because They are set up for I say variety of Websites but since we're doing Exclusively podcasting right now we Don't need all those plugins to survive On the site so what I'll do is I'll just Go go to the plugin section go to add New plugin here so here inside the Plugins install plugins we deleted the Plugins then we'll go to add new plugin Here and we're going to search for the Official Plugin so let's type it in oops I think I made a Mistake let's fix That all right so as soon as you search For bur Sprout you'll find the official Plugin of BU Sprout here so we'll click

The install button and this will install The plugin on the site Let's wait for it to Finish let's also activate the Plugin all right the plugin is now Installed and if you go into the Settings here you'll find the burst Proud podcasting plugin installed here Now here is where we'll configure the Bus ploud feed address we'll click yes Do you want to include your audio player Yes number of episodes to return we can Keep it four five we just have the one Right now but let's just save our Changes All right once the change is saved now We'll create a new post on our site and We'll add that episode on that post so We'll go to the Post section we'll go to Add new Post and inside the post section this is How the post will look like right the Block Builder inside WordPress will open Up oops once again let just fix That so I'm going to go here I'm going To give this a title so I'll just say Podcast Episode one and I'm going to go here and I'm going to do a couple of things which You need to pay attention to so I'm Going to type in Classic this will bring the classic Block here and once you see the classic Option just click on it and you'll see

This entire bar open up click the add Media button here and then you'll see All these options just have to select Bus proud Podcasting and you see this is the Episode we just uploaded it's now Available here I'll click this and now This is a kind of a code that is added Automatically so you don't have to worry About hey what podcast where it's coming From just click that couple of buttons Select the right episode just click the Publish button publish and you are done Now if you view this post if you open a New tab let's open it up and now in a Couple of seconds now we have this Beautiful podcast coming up here so now I actually play this I hope you'll be Able to listen to this I play This and let's to finish Shadows every Single cont here can be customized then You have the button all so this is how Easy it is to embed podcast on your site And you are now have a brand new page on The website which is just for podcast Episode n number one now you can have Category Pages you can do all sorts of Stuff have multiple podcasts on the same Page completely up to you WordPress is Very flexible and this will give you the Opportunity to have exclusive content on Your site do all sorts of great stuff With your audience and monetize your Audience by giving them products

Services or anything else coaching Consultant whatever is uh something that You can deliver to your audience for a Fair price so this is how the technical Setup goes I showed you how to upload a Podcast in bu Prout how to add content How to come back to your site install The plugin and upload your podcast right Here on your website it's absolutely Easy if you can use a computer you could Do this now let's go back to one of the Most important sections of actually Making a podcast successful which is Monetizing your content so let's talk About how to make money with your Podcast so let's talk about how to grow And monetize your podcast this is one of The most important things because Without Revenue coming in you might not Be able to sustain your podcast because You need to spend time and effort and Resources in growing and I say creating Your podcast so there are variety of Ways to monetize your podcast and the Obvious way is ADS so let's say you Upload your podcast to YouTube then People will watch it and you'll get some Ad views on and you'll make some Revenue Out of it that's the easiest way but It's also the most passive way or I say It is a passive way but it's also the Least important in terms of overall Numbers that you can achieve when it Comes to uh Revenue now when you're

Starting out the podcast views or I say The views or I say the yeah the listens Are not going to be enough to sustain Enough income for you to actually make It a full-time thing so what I would Suggest is also look at alternate ways Of monetizing and having multiple ways Of monetizing by providing products or Services or consulting or whatever by uh Giving all those things you can actually Grow your Revenue at a rapid pace and Sustain yourself as a business who Depends on podcast to generate as say Leads and sales so couple of examples That you can take you can start selling Merchandise now this is a great uh I say Advice to people who don't have a direct Product or service whoel so for example If you're in the news business or a news Podcast if you're in a political podcast Or if you are let's say you have a Faith-based podcast then you can't sell Any product or service regarding that so In that case you have to find alternate Ways through sponsor sponsorships or by Selling merchandise for example you can See Joe Rogan here Jo Rogan has a Website where he talks about his Programs so he has a toour that he's Promoting he has the his podcast of Obvious of course but if you go here you Can also see his a shop installed or Added to his site which you can go and See now he's selling T-shirts mugs dog

Balls uh socks and all sorts of Merchandise and if you are in a I say Niche where you can't directly sell your Services then uh merchandise is a great Way and the easiest way to do this is by Adding woocommerce to your website but What you can do is just go to Woocommerce and have it on your website And with woocommerce you can sell Physical products on your WordPress Website so you'll notice a theme here Whenever I I talk about monetizing Everything relates back to the website And that's why I said hey you should Have start having or build your website As the first step when it comes to Creating your podcast so w Commerce is The is the uh I say option which you can Use to collect email addresses or not Email addresses yeah you can collect Email addresses but this is what you can Use to actually start selling Merchandise on your site so woom is the First solution then the second solution Or second thing you can do is actually Start collecting leads on the site Because if you let's say you don't have A product to sell right now you might Figure out a product or service to sell In the future but if you start Collecting leads today then you'll have All the people that you can connect Directly and then sell your product or Service to them the easiest way to do

That is by using something called opt-in Monster optin monster is a lead Generation platform so you can see here As soon as I tried going away from the Screen it just told me hey 70% of VIs Visitors do that and never return and You can do this with optin monster and It has great uh say options to collect Leads from your s you have light bu Light box pop-ups you have floating bars You have scroll boxes gamified Wheels All these beautiful features and you can Plug and play them on your website and Whenever user takes an action you can Collect their email addresses as well Now if you want to go the simpler route Then you have a beautiful product called WP forms and this just adds a simple Couple of forms to your website and then You can create a form to have let's say Users fill out an interest form they can Fill out something that they want to Have or purchase from you so this is Another great option where you can Collect the leads and then figure out What to do with those leads later then If you're in a business where you can Sell information for example let's say If you are in the pool cleaning podcast And you sell Pool cleanic services on The side but let's say you can't service The entire nation with pool cleaning Services because you might be limited to A geographic location what you can do is

You can either create digital products Which can be ebooks checklists or you Can create an online course and sell it To them so that they can actually take Care of their pool themselves it's a Great way to add some additional revenue Streams to your business without Actually uh doing a lot of work because You create the product once and then you Can sell it infinite number of times so There two ways to doing this the first Way to do this is using a product called Thrive so Thrive Apprentice is a Software that you can install on your WordPress website which will allow you To create a website specifically for Online courses so you can create a Website you can sell an online course You can plug and play some payment Options into it and then you can sell Those programs online now this is Especially for online courses and it's Complete Dragon drop process but if you Want to sell let's say digital products In terms of ebooks then there's another Solution that you can use it's called Easy digital downloads and Easy Digital Downloads is completely free so if you Go here you can just install this on Your WordPress website and then start Selling PDF documents WordPress plugins Ebooks so all that kind of content you Can start and you will get reports about This and start making money now this is

Another great way to do this but there Are couple of other ways to do this as Well as I've said so let's say if you're In a business where uh the community Aspect of uh the the entire i' say the Community aspect is more important than Selling a product service for example I Know a couple of Homebrew podcast where The community of Home Brewers is very Very strong and active so in that case What you can do is you can create a paid Membership Community which only people Can access once they have a subscription Paying going on and in that case you can Use member press member press is a Membership plugin for WordPress you can Have member PR on a site and then you Can create a coaching platform a Subscription billing and you can have Like a pay wall to all your content and Using member press excuse me you can Also have exclusive podcast content Uploaded to your site as well so you can Have some free podcast available for a Lot of people but then you can also add Some exclusive content behind a pay wall That only your specific members can get And what you can also do in the future Is if you are interested you can produce Video content for your website as well And there's a great service called bunny Stream which you can use to actually Host some video content directly because Let's say if you upload on YouTube

Everybody can see it so if you want to You can go to bunny stream and sign up For this service and I personally use Bunny stream myself and this is a great Service so you can upload your videos on Bunny stream and have them on a private Area of your website so that way users Will have exclusive content uh have an Exclusive membership area and all of This can be completely monetized by you So these are some general ideas that I've given you on how to monetize and How to make a podcast successful we Discussed how to create and sell merch How to sell it on your website and we Discussed how to create membership sites On your website we create discussed how To create coaching programs on your Website how to sell digital products in Forms of ebooks and checklist and uh Even plugins on your site discuss how to Create uh collect leads on your site and You can also technically sell your leads If you are not interested in serving Those yourself so once you do this the Common I say denominator in all of these Monetization methods is having your Website without your website you are Just limited to add revenue from these Platforms which only works when you have A lot of views so that's how you make a Podcast successful even with a limited Audience and start making money and then You'll be motivated to create more

Content and hopefully get even more Success in the future so this is it for This video This is how to start a Podcast and make it successful in 2024 And Beyond you've covered everything on Why to start a podcast what the podcast Statistics are how to create the Technical parts of it how to record it And how to upload it to your site and All the different ways you can monetize Your podcast hopefully this 1hour video Was beneficial to you if you have any Questions still the comment Box is open I love to answer your questions and if You want to consume more information Like this about podcasting about WordPress how to make a business work And how website connects and all of this Then you're welcome to subscribe to this Channel and I'm yaj you're watching W Beginner and hopefully I'll catch you in The next video take care

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