How to Start a Blog in 2023 for Beginners

Are you wondering how to start a blog in 2023?

Starting a blog can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Starting a blog can help you learn more about yourself, make money, network with others, and even grow a business.

Before choosing a blog topic, it’s important to consider if you are interested in the subject to continue talking about it for years to come.

In this video, we’ll go over how to start your blog so you can get a jump on 2023! We’ll also go into WHY you want to start a blog.

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0:00 Why WordPress is the best choice
2:36 Choosing a domain
4:23 Hosting your blog
5:10 What do you want your blog to look like?
6:22 SEO and driving traffic to your blog
7:46 Making money with your blog
11:18 Growing your blog

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Today's video is going to be all about How to start a blog in 2023 and why you Want to so a little bit of history in 2008 I learned about WordPress because I Was wanting to set up a Blog I see I was A systems administrator at work and I Wanted to teach people because I love Teaching a lot of the questions that I Got at work was just simply because People didn't quite know how to use Their Windows machine so I wanted to set Up a Blog to do that and then that's When I found WordPress needless to say WordPress changed my life the course of My life was completely changed and the Path that I'm on now is simply because I Fell in love and found WordPress and Then eight years ago I came across a Tweet from the founder of wpbeginners I Had blocky he was asking for somebody to Do videos and I love video love teaching But also it was very much into WordPress And I figured that this was my way to Give back a little bit he also started a Blog he was doing websites for clients And they always asked questions and so He thought that would be the easiest way So that they could learn how to keep and Manage their own site was to set up a Blog about WordPress little did he know Over the years his blog grew and grew And grew and his audience kept asking For more more plugins more products more Things like that and as he was listening

To them he grew not only the blog into a Bona fide big business but he also grew Into other things like software and Plugins and now we power over 20 million Websites on the web and we have over 230 Employees that I get to be a part of Because WordPress can change your life If you let it so why would you even want To start a blog well when I first Started doing it is because I wanted to Help people I thought I had a good topic I worked in that topic all the time and I wanted to share it with the world same Thing with what happened with Syed he Knew all about WordPress and he wanted To help people you may have that same Desire or maybe you don't know what you Wanted to talk about but you know that You want to start something blogs are Amazing because they can help you Network with other people they can help You make money as well and it just helps You kind of learn a little bit more About out yourself so when you're Deciding if you want to do this Understand that those are some of the Things that you can do and when you're Thinking about starting a topic or Starting a blog think about what is it That you want to share You also want to decide do you like this Topic enough to continue to talk about It for years and years to come if you're Not too hip on the topic then you may

Want to pick something else I have had Successful blogs that I have sold off I've also had blogs that have died off And I didn't do anything with them Simply because I realized I didn't like That topic I just chose it because of Keyword research or something else the Next thing you want to do is you want to Make sure that you have a good domain Name this is your website name this is Perfect and it will help you share when Somebody's asking what are you working On you can tell them so you want it to Be easy for you to relay that message to Them so that they don't have to write it Down or they don't have to ask you to Spell it out so choose a domain name That works for you A lot of people They'll either choose their name as Their domain name if they're doing a Certain blog a lot of people like to do A branded thing or a branded name like Simply if you're talking about tomatoes Maybe go a little bit broader about Gardening or something like that and Make that in your domain name we always Recommend having if you can Because everybody there Are thousands of other endings to domain Name but you want to try and stick and I won't go into too much Detail we have another video if you want To go into the all the details of how to Pick a domain name and then you want to

Choose your platform now we're all about WordPress so obviously we're going to be Biased for you to choose WordPress and Specifically that simply Means that you own your content you own Everything about it you're not going on To something like or or because if They ever shut down then what are you Going to do with your content where is That going to go with if Something happens with hosting which We'll get into in a minute then you can Take all of your information and you can Go to another place you still have all Of your information so we are all about Using WordPress and specifically you Want to use WordPress with a hosting Company hosting companies simply a Company where they have thousands of Servers and they host everybody's Website on their servers so they do all Of the technical maintenance so you Don't have to you simply rent a space on The server where you put all your files All your images everything about your Website goes to them and then you want To install WordPress the cool thing About it is a lot of Hosting companies Like say Bluehost which we will Recommend all the time because it is Perfect for somebody just getting Started it's perfect for the fees with Bluehost you also get a free domain name

In the beginning because you do have to Pay for your domain name every year Fairly inexpensive but at least that First year you get it for free which is Awesome and then Bluehost also installs WordPress completely for you when I First started it was called the five Minute WordPress installation which was Perfect but you had to like download WordPress install it none of that Happens anymore with a good hosting Provider they'll do it for you Immediately and then you have to Add to your website to look this is Where designing your site comes in this Is where you pick your own theme there Are a ton of free themes out there some Of the top ones that we recommend are Astra or seed prod because they let you Really customize the look and feel of Your site and then Astra has free Version as well as paid version a seed Prod would be more of a pro level that You'd want to look into and once you Have all of that set up which is a lot But you can get done within a day or a Weekend then you want to start thinking About the blog topics that you're going To write about so we've we've talked About the top level topic that you want To talk about and now we need to think About what are the specific articles That you want to write about this is Where something like keyword research

Comes in handy you can do something as Simple as simply Googling what you're Talking about or what you think you want To write about and see what comes up What are other questions that Google is Showing you in people also ask you can Also use keyword research tools like Ahrefs or Sim Rush those will help you Figure out what other keywords are out There that's specific to your topic then You have all your keywords that you want To start with the next thing you want to Do is you want to start writing so with Starting a blog the name of the game is Creating traffic you want to start Getting eyeballs to your website so in Order to do that you need to start Writing as quickly as you can because The longer it takes you to write Anything the longer it will take for Traffic the longer it will take for Google and or other search engines to Start to find your site but you also Want to write in a way that helps search Engines know what you're writing about And this is where basic SEO comes in and Basic SEO that just means search engine Optimization it means you're telling the Search engines this is what my site is About so you're relating your keywords In an interesting way that they're like Oh okay this is all about growing Tomatoes we get it then you also want to Make sure that you're writing for the

Audience so you definitely want to make Sure that you're writing where your Audience understands what you're talking About as well SEO is one of my favorite Part parts of a Blog and you can spend Just a little bit of time understanding Some SEO we have several videos on how To do basic SEO you also can install Something like all-in-one SEO which is Like your SEO assistant on your site it Will tell you if you've got your Keywords and the ways that they need to Be if you're interlinking meaning if you Have multiple blog articles that you're Writing about did you link to each other To let people know hey we have this Other article here that might interest You that's also letting Google know what All your website has how many other Articles your website has by linking out To yourself and then depending on what It was that you're wanting to do what Your main goal of your blog was if you Wanted to start making money there are Several things that you can do in the Very beginning you can create affiliate Links meaning if you like a product you Use a product you believe in a product You can become their affiliate and you Can recommend them on your site and then You will get a commission if somebody Clicks on your link and then purchases Affiliate marketing is perfect way to Start making money even with the small

Amount of traffic if it's the right kind Of traffic and somebody clicks on that Then you'll get something a lot of People are starting to push more of Digital products and this is your Information if you know in-depth Information about a service or a product Or something that you can offer as Information or education you can do that You can also down you can also sell Downloads or printables those are huge Right now it's kind of crazy or even a Whole course in fact when I was telling You about my first Endeavor into WordPress it was to create a course on How to use Windows for people and so you Can do that as well this also won't Require as much traffic as long as you Get the right kind of traffic to your Site so that's perfect now you also have Ads if you really don't know what you Want to sell or what you want to do and If you can create enough traffic to your Site you can put ads on your site and Then you can get money from that and Then you can also think about Sponsorships so this is kind of like the Affiliate marketing but you can take it To the next level where they want you to Sponsor content on your site and you Tell people that it's a sponsored Content where they might Supply the Company that you're talking to they Might Supply you with product and you're

Going through a whole advertorial about That product and why they should use it A lot of times with sponsorships you'll Get paid up front regardless of if You've made any sales it's simply they Want a placement on your site and then You can get into physical products a lot Of people once they get enough traffic Enough of the audience will start to Tell them what they want and so many People will dig into physical products And then you can also do don't forget About services so if you're wanting to Set up some kind of service for people Where you're a freelancer or you're Doing items on the side service is very Simple to get set up and going as well To start making money with your site There's one more thing I want to say About out when you start a blog and You're making money with it this becomes An asset that then you can sell I've Seen too many people who they've started A Blog and then they don't think Anything of it they're making a little Bit of money they're making maybe a Couple hundred bucks a month for with Them with their website and then they Think oh it's not doing any good I'm Just gonna quit don't do that this is an Asset that you can sell and so if you Know anyone who has a Blog let them know That too because I've seen too many People they they're surprised that it's

A sellable asset and right now the Selling happens through a multiple of Your earnings per month so say you make 100 bucks a month on your website it Goes from anywhere from 25 x that Monthly amount on up to we've seen 50 in The height of of the last couple of Years in 2022 depending on what else you Have on your site so that hundred Dollars could turn into two thousand Dollars at Chickasaw it could turn into Something a lot more if you want to sell It but don't sell it too soon just be Just know that what you're creating is Going to turn into an asset and then the Next thing you want to look at is how Can you grow your blog once you start to Get a little bit of traffic a lot of Times you want to pick one or more Social media Avenues then then you can Grow your traffic even more back in the Day it was Pinterest that would grow Traffic Facebook used to grow traffic Really well with the social media side We do YouTube it's a little bit of Social it's a little bit of a second Search engine and we do both of those But it has been really good to get to a Broader audience you also have things Like Tick Tock now you also have Twitter Think about whatever your topic is and Where your audience is and then you'll Want to set up a second stream to Increase that traffic to your site as

Well when you do that you're also Increasing the brand awareness of your Site and so that helps also with the Multiples of if you're going to sell it Also just brings in more traffic which Is helpful now a lot of these things They may sound a little daunting what I Would say is just pick one thing and Focus us on it each week or each month And then just start to check it off To-do list or check off lists are great For this type of project and that just Helps you keep on track and then if you Want to go into the details of how to Really set up your site how to create a Logo how to set up your theme then watch This video next as I walk you through Step by step that whole process of how To start a blog with WordPress and I'll See you over there

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