How to Setup WordPress Email Logs and WooCommerce Email Logs (Improve Your Campaign Results!)

You’re sending emails to your audience or your customers on your WooCommerce store, but what results are they bringing? If you don’t have the answer, you’re leaving money on the table.

In this video I show you how to set up logging on your email campaigns so you can start measuring the impact of your email campaigns and have a structured way of improving them as well.

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Here's a powerful quote for you if you Can't measure it you can't improve it Applies to business applies to Engineering of course it applies to Emails as well so if you're looking to Improve the performance of your emails Your email marketing campaigns the first Step you need to take is to start Tracking those emails that means having Some email logs and if you're not Tracking those emails if you don't have Email logs enabled on your site you Can't do any of that so let's fix that In this video because in this video I'm Going to show you how to set up email Logs on your WordPress website Let's go before I show you the actual Process there's one important piece of Information you need to understand Especially if you just built a website Or you're planning to build your website Very soon most WordPress websites out of The box that means the default Configuration won't be able to send out Emails at all the technical reasons that Most hosts are not configured in a way To send out emails so you need to take Some steps just to send out emails and Logging is a different process Altogether well there's some good news And there's some better news the good News is that configuring an SMTP service Which is what you need to do is very Easy using just a free plugin and the

Better news is that once you configure An SMTP service with logging service you Can start logging emails at the same Time by sending emails so that's what Exactly what I'm going to show you how To set up an SMTP service which you need To do using a free plugin and also how To start logging your emails as well Using the same plugin now let's Understand or let's start the process So I'm inside the admin area of my WordPress website and as I promised I Will be using a plugin to configure an SMTP service and the plugin will also Log our emails for us so I'm already in The plugin section the add new plugin Section you can see it right here let's Search for the plugin that I'm going to Recommend to you which is called WP mail SMTP so I'm going to type that in WP Mail SMTP and wait for a few seconds for The search to happen and this is the Plugin I'm referring to WP mail SMTP by WP forms you can look the ratings and The overall installation of the Plugin Or three million websites with 3500 plus 5 star rating so it's a fantastic plugin It's free there's some limitations in The free version which I'm going to talk About but this is the first step you Need to take if you just want to start Sending the emails first from your Website so let's click the install now Button it'll take a few seconds for the

Plugin to install and the plugin is Installed let's also activate the plugin So the plugin is now installed and Activated on the site WP mail SMTP you Can see it right here I'll go to the Plugin settings and install start Describing what steps you need to take To start sending out emails and also the Conditions you need to fulfill to start Logging your emails as well all right Let me open wpmail SMTP I'll go to Settings here Now just to give you an idea or just to Give you an understanding of what the Plugin does it configures or helps you Configure an SMTP mail service uh on Your website so instead of trying to Send out emails from your own server you Connect with an external service which Is designed to send out emails and you Connect with a service and that service Sends out emails for you this is what The free version does if you want the Logging and the reporting features That's available in the premium version I'll leave a link down in the Description of this video where you can Check it out I have the license key Already I'm going to activate it later In this video right now let me Demonstrate what steps you need to do Just to start sending on the emails on Your site so I'm in this uh general Settings or the settings of the uh the

Plugin I'm going to scroll down and I'm Going to come to the mailer section and This is where we start configuring what Service we want to use to send out Emails from our site the default one is PHP which is your own server owns Hosting provider which as I said does Not work most of the time so you'll need To choose any of these SMTP services or Mailer services that are available to You and you will need to configure your Plugin with them first so send layer SMTP or or send in blue these Are the recommended ones then you also Have Amazon AWS you have Gmail account So let's say if you're just starting a Personal website you want to just send a Handful of emails you can configure your Personal Gmail account as well you have Mail gun you have 365 or you Have postmarks and grid and bunch of Others as well now just to give you Understanding what uh SMTP service you Should be using uh if deliberately or Deliverability is very important to you You should use a send layer it's highly Recommended if you send mass emails or You have a lot of volume of emails maybe Choosing Amazon SES is a better solution For you and if you're just sending out a Handful emails just testing out your Site you seeing or your website is not Currently live so in the meantime you Will just want to test out the emails

You can use the Gmail integration so Once any of the Integrations that you Utilize you need to perform some Configuration steps and of course it's The scope out of or it's not in the Scope of this video to explain how it Works but the process is very simple you Can just Google the terms how to set up on my website and it's going to Give you some basic steps so for example If I set up use Google or Gmail it's Going to give me some of these Information or some of these I'd say Configuration options to fill up and I Can just Google this terms I can find Out what my account is I can go in steps And configure the settings here this is The first absolute step you need to take Even before you need you can log this Because if there's no emails going out What are you logging right so once You've configured these kind of options Or I say any of the SMTP services Available to you your website will start Sending out emails now those emails can Come from WordPress own security Features let's say automatic updates it Can come from other security plugins That can come from any other plugins You've installed it can come from like Password reset emails or any other kind Of emails all those emails once you've Configured will be locked by WP mail SMTP if you have the pro version

Installed so now that I explained I am Also going to Activate the pro version first I'm going To go into the settings of the email Logging feature because you need to Enable it now I'm going to also talk About a couple of options that you can Configure there so give me one second I'll just go here and I'm going to Purchase or I say paste my license key Here so just give one second I'll pause The video for a second And I'm gonna paste license key here I'm Gonna connect And I'm going to connect and install Wpsmtp Pro and what will happen the free Version of the plugin will be disabled And the pro version of the plugin will Automatically be install on my site So once that is done you'll notice that Uh the pro version of the plugin is now Installed and I have now access to the Logging features that uh is very very Important or the point of the video is Right so if I go to the email log Feature this is where I start Configuring the settings for email Logging the default options I believe Are like this so you just see the first Option which is enable log with The Witcher checkbox so of course if you Want to start logging your emails where You can track the performance you need To enable this option but once you

Enable this option there are a couple of Other options will also be present to You now keep in mind this is important To understand log email content and save Attachments so what does log email Content does so what it does is also log The entire content of the email what is Being sent out the actual text in the Email now this can be very very Important because you can compare the What kind of copy is working for you if You're sending out marketing emails but A lot of times it can also be a security Risk because many times people will Reset the passwords and it will contain Temporary passwords that they have a lot Of payment information secured Information or a lot of personal Information can also be present in Emails and if you enable this checkbox Here Then all that information will be stored On your website which might be I say uh Might not be compliant with local laws Or data privacy rules do you have to Keep that in mind as well and it can Also be a security risk because if you Have temporary passwords stored in plain Text with this is without encryption That can also be a security risk on the Site so unless you have a compelling Reason you have your understanding of And you have an understanding of data Protection data privacy laws do not

Enable this feature you also have the Same attachment so let's say you're Sending out uh images or some PDF files You want to save those attachments as Well you have the option to but again Keep in mind both these options have to Be really really thought of and then Enabled on the site if you really need To then you also have some basic options Like tracking email opens and also Tracking link clicks and emails which I Recommend that you do and once you've Done you can also configure the log Retention period so let's say you send Out emails uh a lot of emails you might Want to limit this to maybe six months One month or one year but let's keep it To forever for this particular use case So once you've configured all these Options you will say save your settings And the settings will be saved and now Any future emails going out from your Site will be logged on your site now of Course this is a test website this has No content on it and I cannot magically Send a thousand emails just to test the Logging feature so what I'm going to do Is open a live website where I have this Plugin already configured I'm going to Show you how the logs appear and what Kind of features you have in the logging Feature all right just give me one Second and we'll be back All right I'm back and I'm logged into a

Live website which has been using WP Mail SMTP for some time now and the logs Is what I've opened up the screen you Can see I'm in the email logs section And what this uh menu entries is Actually showing me is a lot of the logs Or say all the logs of all the emails Being sent out from my site of course I've blurred out some confidential Information like emails but you can Still see that these are emails that Have been sent out from the site and the Green Um I said dot which you see here is that It's just showing a success message that All these emails were attempted to be Sent out and they can because the Configuration of the SMTP service is Perfect that means the emails will Actually send out but let's say your Configuration fails or your payment Fails or you're using a paid service Which rejects your emails you might see A red icon here red logo here red circle Here noting that email was attempted to Send out but it failed so that's an easy Way to understand that all these emails Are working and of course I have blurred Out emails but you can if you're using On your website you can actually Configure the actual email address that You want to use for from your website so Let's say you're using a branded email From XYZ at your you can

Actually configure it inside the plugin As well and of course we are also seeing The source of the actual email that Means what Plugin or what service or What was the reason for that email to be Sent out so in this case uh you see WP Firms so once someone fills a entry or Fills out a form on my website on this Website email is generated automatically To this particular email address so That's the First Source then you also Have WordPress security so WordPress is A security plugin it sends out periodic Emails about plugins that need updating Or other security issues that advance so That's the one of the source of the Emails then the WPS MTP mail Pro or WPA Mail SMTP Pro is also sending me emails About uh some weekly summaries about What email is being sent out so that's Also a nice neat feature that I can Utilize and of course if you use any of Other services to connect using Marketing emails or we're sending out Other password reset emails those will Be shown up here as well so let's open Up one of these logs to show you how the Logs appear what data details are Actually captured in the logs so let me Open up this word friends security email I just click the view lock button and I'll open it up so this is the basic log Again of course I have the Blurred out The emails for previous reasons but you

Can see all the email details when was The email sent out what timing which Email was used so from email and what Email it was sent to which email which Was sent to and was the subject of the Email and on the right you have the Status of the email it was sent and what Was the Mailer on this website Amazon SCS is the mailer that's being used so It's listing out the uh mailer as well How many attachment log ID was the email Open was the links or any links clicked And what was the source of the email you Could delete the log as well if you like And you have some actions as well so you Can print it out you can export it or in Different formats and if you enable the Complete email saving feature which I Mentioned here this feature this Particular feature then you'll also see A feature of resending this emails again That's completely up to you if you want To save the complete attachments or Complete email body but if you do you'll Have an option of resending the email as Well and if I open up the technical Details and scroll to the bottom you'll See the entire email headers being Captured as well so this entire details About what emails are sent out or just Technical information the header of the Email so this is the entire log Of what this this particular email was But this is not the most powerful thing

Inside the plugin because logging is Important this is interesting to see but What about Trends what about uh Aggregate data right that's more Important to a business owner that if Let's say you're a woocommerce website Owner how many emails were sent out for Order related emails what they opened What they clicked that is the kind of Data you need so that for that or for That data you need to go to the email Reports option again click this link Here Which will open email reports and this Will show you a nice graph of number of Emails that have been sent out and how Many failed how many were open how many Links were clicked how many emails were Sent out a nice easy to follow graph and Of course you can also see uh daily Reports here so first last seven days You can filter those reports out and you Can instantly see what kind of emails Are being sent out so for example let's Say you're sending marketing diabetes You can instantly see status here of Okay this is the subject line that you Sent to how many people how many were Sent were there any failures what's the Open count and you can also see the Graph for those specific things as well So this is the kind of important data That will help you make business Decisions based on this importantness

And that's the point right if just Logging emails just to see that the Emails was being sent out that's not Really important that's not something You can base important decisions on WP Mail SMTP gives you this kind of data Which helps you make those decisions and Instantly see in a bird's eye view of What's happening with emails on your WordPress website and that's the most Powerful feature and I think this is the More most import important feature Inside the plugin that I would recommend That you check out and you utilize to Understand the performance of emails and Have used this data to improve the Marketing performance of your emails on Your WordPress website I hope I was able To explain all of the details in an easy To understand manner if I did I'll hit The like button and I'll understand that Okay I was able to explain these Concepts easy if you have any questions About this Plugin or the how to Configure this plugin leave that in the Comments I'll answer it as soon as Possible and of course this is the end Of the video but if you want a detailed Video about how to configure wpml SMTP I'll leave a couple of videos on the Screen which can click and check out Details about this plugin and of course Subscribe to this channel for easy to Follow along WordPress tutorials and

I'll catch you in the next video

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