How to Send Confirmation Emails after WordPress Form Submission

Do you want to send a confirmation email after a user submits a form on your website?

Confirmation emails are perfect for letting users know you received their message and that you’ll be in touch soon.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to send confirmation emails to your users after a WordPress form submission (step by step).

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If you want to send confirmation emails To your users that hey I have received Your query I'll be responding very soon Or something similar like that here's How to do it on your WordPress website Step one you need a form Plugin or you Need to create a form using a form Plugin my recommendation goes to WP Forms the free version that you can find In the repository works well so search For WP forms in the plugin section You'll find something like this I Already have the premium version Installed on my website so I won't be Installing the free version but the free Version is sufficient for what this Functionality that I am going to Demonstrate to you so once you click This button the form Plugin or WP forms Will be installed on your site and then We'll head to the next step which is Creating a simple form that you can Utilize or your users can utilize to get In touch with you or anything that you Want to create any kind of form that you Want to create on your site all right so Once that's done you'll see I start Seeing WP forms on the WordPress menu Similar to what you see on the screen You can go to all forms to see all the Forms that you've created and if you're Just starting out you'll probably click The add new functionality or add new Button I'm gonna do that as well

And this will open up the form Builder Interface where you can name your form And you can choose any of the pre-built Templates that WP forms comes with so There are plenty of options to choose From what I'll do is first simply name The form which is Contact me just a simple form name and What you can do is simply start with a Simple template that's already been Created in this case the simple contact Form is the one that I'll be going with But you can use any form and the Functionality can remain the same at Least for the email confirmation or Sending a confirmation email to users The functionality will remain the same Just to keep it simple I'll use the Simple contact form let me click on the Use template button which will import The template on my website So now the form is imported on the site It has pre-built Fields it has the name Field which is first name and last name It has the email field and also has the Comment or the message field using the Comment or message field the users can Leave me a message or give me Information whatever the goal of the Form is right it's pretty simple to Understand what the functionality of the Form is and since WP forms is a drag and Drop form Builder what I can do is use Any of these fields which you see

Depending on the payment plan you've Chosen you might see some of these Fields enabled some of these not Available you can drag and drop these Fields right on the page so let's say if I want to give users a drop down option Between a few choices I can just drag it Right here and it'll be imported and I Will be able to customize what the Choices are and the users can actually Use this right now I'm not that's not The goal of the video but I'm just Highlighting that you can create any Kind of form uh not limited to just a Contact form anything that you want to Create the functionality will remain the Same once you've created how the contact Form looks like then we'll go to the Next part of the equation which is Setting up the notifications or setting Up the email confirmation and that will Happen inside the settings area so I'll Go to settings area first and you see All these settings so you have the General settings you have the Notifications you have the confirmations And you have the user registrations You're not concerned with all four of These only the notifications area is What you should be concerned with which Is again I'm reminding you is available In the free version of plugin you don't Need to upgrade so I'll click the Notifications area and while you just

Collapse this first and let me explain What notifications are so you can see uh The description already here Notifications are emails sent out when a Form is submitted by default these Emails include entry details for setup And customizing options include a video Overview a CR tutorial of course you're Watching this tutorial you don't need to See this tutorial but the simple answer Is notifications are emails that are Sent out when a form is submitted and WP Forms lets you create multiple Notifications on a single form submit as You see the enable notifications is Already enabled and this is how WP forms Work whenever someone submits a form Then you get a notification that hey Somebody submitted this entry on your Website but what if you also want a Notification to be sent to the end user That hey I've received your query this Is where we actually make those changes So but the default notification is meant For the admin or administrator What I'll do is click the add new Notification button and we'll create a New notification for the end user where The details are sent to them so click This button right here and it will say Enter a notification name I can say user Notification Because we are sending it to the user And the user notification is now created

Let me expand this option and you'll Have some details already filled in We'll customize this and don't worry About what this is this is I'll explain Everything later so first I'll click the Send to email address what email address Do you want this notification to go the Default one is the admin email which is Us but email is not supposed to go to The administrator they're supposed to go The end user so I'll delete this and I'll enter or change this to something That will automatically be converted to The user's email and what I can do is Just click this button called show smart Tags I'll click here and the available Fields is the email field this is the Dynamic field that the it will be picked Up from the form and added here and as Soon as I click it it'll say field ID Equals one and if you want to confirm That this is the correct field ID you Can go to the fields option you can Click the email and you'll see the field Or email ID hash one which is field id1 So it's the correct email field picked Up now just to clarify you don't need to Create a new notifications for the user You can actually customize the admin Feed field or this to include the user's Email as well and the same notification Will go to them as well but just for Simplicity let me run down a scenario Where users if the same email goes to a

User as well you're not giving any Personal message there hey I've received Your email right so this is why I've Created a separate uh notification but Otherwise if you want to you can just Separate with a comma and enter a Separate email address in this section As well in the default notification and What will happen is the same email copy Will go to the user as well as well as You at the administrator but right now I've explained why it's nice to have a Different notification for you the Administrator and the end user so I'll Just keep this simple and now we can use The email subject line again you have The option of choosing smart tags let's Say if you include a subject field in Your Fields so instead of the email or Comment you could also include like What's the subject line of what they're Trying to say you can reference that in The settings as well but since I haven't Done that I can write a manual email Subject line which can be I have Received Your query Okay And the from name is what the user will See that the firm name or what the email Is from so right now because this I'm Working on my website my name is already Here and I've configured it through a Different plugin so I cannot override

This field but if you have not done this What you can do is come right here Change the name so let's say your Website is different from your personal Brand name then you can enter the name Of the website instead of your name and Similar thing you can do in the from Email as well right now again as I've Configured through an email plugin I'm Not able to override this or this is Locked for me but you can change your Email address that you want to use when The notification is going out and you Also have the option to configure reply To email if you're familiar with emails Then you can send it through a separate Email when the users apply you can Configure different email for receiving Email it's very simple now What do you want to include in this Section right email message what is the Message that you want the users to Receive when they actually get this Email so the all Fields what it does is It gives you a summary of the email and Again it's not very descriptive of what You are trying to tell the user so what You can do is you have you can keep this But you can also do this Hey thank you for contacting me Um I'll check Your message and reply ASAP as soon as Possible and here is a copy of the

Message you sent me And what this will do is again you've Written down a conversational message Hey thank you for contacting me I'll Check your message and reply as soon as Possible here's a copy of the message You sent me and all Fields so all the Fields that they've actually filled in First name last name email and the Message will be added to the email as Well just for reference I think it's Simple if you want you can actually Remove the smart tag and then just write A simple email yourself again this is up To you this is this depends on the Scenario uh depends on what kind of use Case you're using this form plugin for But the simple idea is that you you have The idea or you have the capability to Customize the email message the subject Line the email and also the reply to Email and also some other fields that You want to configure and once you've Done once all of this is done you can Also verify your settings and then just Collapse this and once you're done just Notification already added just click Save your settings Let's verify the settings once so let me Just remind you what you've done inside The form setup we created a simple form Or we import a simple form we verified The fields we went on the settings we Went to the notification settings we

Created a new notification for the end User and the default notification for The admin is already present so I Haven't touched that right so now that The Plugin or another form is created What we need to do is embed this form on A new page on the website right so what You can do is click this button called Embed and you'll have an option to Create a new page or embed this in an Existing page just to keep it simple I'll create a new page and this will Give me the option to name the page so I'll say let's say contact Me I create a new page let's go I'll create A new page for me automatically and Embed the form for me so let's wait for That to happen So now you see the contact me form is Added directly on this page which is Also called contact me now if you're Just starting out and you don't know uh You want to just understand how this Happens it's very simple to do let me Just delete the form on the page I'll Also show you how to do it manually so If I delete this form let's say remove WP forms what you can do is create any Page on site so the page can be named Anything contact me is just a name that I've given and what you need to do is Add a Blog on the page which is the wp Forms block so I'll just type in forward

Slash WP forms Contact forms and this will give you This kind of a drop down menu where you Will select the form that you want to Embed on the site so you can have Multiple forms but you can choose one Right so I'll click this and you see Contact me is the one that is recently Created it's on top right so I'll click This and again you'll reach the same Position so ultimately W performance was Making it easy for me to embed the form But ultimately you can do it manually as Well just use the wp forms block so once This is done we have the form Suggestions we have all the details Right here let's publish this page and Then I'll open this page in a new tab so Let's publish it publish So the page published let's open it up In a new tab So now you see that the form is now Embedded on the site I'm going to fill It in and then submit it and of course I'm the administrator of the site so I'm Going to receive the first email the Admin notification but I'm going to do What I'm going to do is use my alternate Email as the one or the email the email Field right here and that means I'm also Going to get the user notification so I'll open up both the emails just to Show you how it looks like and this will Give you an idea of what the differences

Between the notifications we've Configured all right so let me fill this One up before I submit I'll show you the Final form what I've submitted and then We'll just submit and open it up so give Me a second I'll just fill this up Quickly So now fill the form up with some Details with a normal query that you Would expect any user to like ask you on Your website simply I'm going to submit It and I'm going to pause the video for A second I'm going to open both my Emails up show them on the screen so you Can understand and view what the email Is going to look like and I'm gonna also Tell you which one is what which but you Can probably only chat right so let me Submit the form and I'll get back to you In a second So the form is now submitted you can see The confirmation on the screen let me Open up my email I'll pause the video Right now open up both my emails up and I'll show you on the screen after this Small transition So welcome back to the video let me show You my email and this is the email I Received from the website new entry Contact me just for the subject line you Can probably tell that this is the Administrative email because it's Telling me that hey this is a new entry That has been submitted on the site and

If I open this up you'll see that hey This is the details and for some reason My screen is blurry so you might not be Able to see what the message is I'll Just highlight on the screen and this is The administer email that I've received That oh hey somebody's actually Submitted a contact from entry on your Site make sure to reply to them and this Is the email that I'm seeing everything All the details of the user I'm seeing And of course if I open my uh the other Email which I use to contact there's Also an email here which is I have Received your query which we should Configure right here in WP forms right So if I open this up you'll see now hey Thank you for contacting me I'll check Your message and reply soon here's a Copy of the message you sent me and the Entire message that they sent us or at Least I sent to myself is now visible Here just for reference as I exactly Mentioned to you and so this is a great Way to also note modify users that this Is a personal message even though it's Not even though it's automated but Having a conversation entry just a Simple couple of lines of sentence that Hey I'm checking your email personally Shows the user that you're on top of Their message and you can instantly see The difference between this email and The other email if we were to send the

Same email to the user it won't make a Lot of sense right to the end user they Might just think this is an automated Email but just because of that Personal Touch that I've included here with the Simple messaging it now makes more sense For the user to understand hey okay Somebody actually received my email and I'll get a response to my query very Soon and that's how you set it up simple Way to set up email notifications for Your users when they submit or fill a Form on your WordPress website Fair bit Of warning even though you said Everything correctly following the Instructions to the nth degree perfectly You might not still see these emails That I just showed you and that's Because your WordPress website might not Be configured to send out emails Perfectly because nowadays it's small For requirement instead of just an Optional thing that you need to connect Or configure an SMTP service on your Website to send out any kind of emails Even if you want to send emails from Your Gmail account and if you want to Learn how to do that I'll recommend a Couple of videos right here which will Teach you how to set up a WP mail SMTP a Simple plugin you can install your site Even you won't send emails from your Gmail account this is the way to go and Once you watch these videos or before

Even watch these videos don't forget to Subscribe to this channel if you're Interested in easy to follow along WordPress tutorials and this video was Helpful a helpful like would be Appreciated and if you still have any Questions about anything that I showed You in this video make sure to leave a Comment I'll answer it as soon as Possible able you're watching yuvraj From W beginner catch you in the next Video take care

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