How to Save Contact Form Data in the WordPress Database

Do you want to save WordPress contact form data in your WordPress database?

Most popular WordPress form plugins will notify administrators after a form entry is submitted on the website. However, what happens to this data after it’s sent?

In this video, we’ll share how to save contact form data in the WordPress database.

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In today's video I'm going to show you How to save data coming in from your Forms inside your WordPress database Let's go now before we begin there's an Important piece of clarification that You should understand typically when You're creating any kind of form on your WordPress website you'll use a plugin Now different plugins will behave Differently some plugins for example ewp Forms plugin which is one of the most Popular plugins out there and we Recommend it in the free version it does Not save entries to your database Actually send you an email that okay This submit or this entry was submitted But in the pro version it does save Entries to the database some other Plugins have different behaviors for Example another plugin that we recommend As a forms plugin called formidable Forms it does save entries in the Database even in the free version so it Totally depends on what form plugins That you're using already on your site And if saving entries to the database is Important to you I'd recommend you check Out WP forms and also formidable forms And compare the functionality and see What plugin will suit your needs best on Your WordPress website now for this Demonstration what I've done is install The premium version of WP forms on my Website as well as the free version of

Formidable forms on website you can see Both the entries right here and what I've done is create a simple contact Form for this demonstration so if I look At formative forms this is the contact Form that our contact contact form I've Created on the site and I've embedded on A page already which looks something Like this so you have the name field First name last name email subject and Message simple form and for WP forms I've done the same thing simple contact Form and just kept it really simple name First name last name email and comment Or message I've also embedded this form On a page this is the page now that you See that I've embedded forms from both The plugins on different pages on my Site what I'll do is open the forms up I'll submit some entries I'll also show It on the screen and then we'll look at How the entries actually appear inside The WordPress database all right give me A second I'll open both the pages up in WordPress so now that you understand how I've set this up I've installed two form Plugins created two different pages Embedded both the different forms on Different pages let me also open up the Pages for real users or how visitors Will actually look at those pages and Submit some entries from both the forms And I'll show you how they appear in the Back end of a WordPress website right so

This is the first Contact form this is Coming in from formidable forms and this One is coming from WP firms so let me Quickly speed up the video I'll just Make some entries here and then we'll See how it appears inside the WordPress Database or through the plugin but Coming in from the WordPress database All right so let me just quickly fill This entries So I've submitted the entry from Formidable firms let me do the same Thing with WP forms So I've submitted the entry from WP Forms as well let's go back to WordPress And check out how the entities look like I'll start with formidable forms first So back inside the plugin section or the Admin section on the site let's go to Formidable let's go to entries that's This is where we'll see the entries So you see this entry so the ID you have The entry key you have the form which is Responsible for the actual entry you Have the name created by and also some Details now you might think Hey where's The actual content what the user Actually submitted well all you have to Do is just hover over this click the View button and you'll see all the Details appear so you can see all these Entries here you can see your email you Can see the subject you can see the Message that was sent and you can also

See the empty field so let's say you Added a lot of optional Fields but users Didn't fill that in so you can see those Fields as well you can delete the entry You can print the entry you can resend Emails and edit entry in the premium Version of the plugin that means you Want to modify it you can do that when Was this entry submitted what was this Every details IP address everything was Recorded by formidable forms and of Course you see the entry right here Because all of this is actually saved Inside the database you don't actually Have to go to the database by accessing PHP admin or going to the host and Trying to find What entries were done in Any decent form plugin will give you This option that you can start utilizing To understand what users are actually Using or what the entries are using Users placing on your website using any Other firms so this is how it works with Formidable forms let's also check out WP Forms so if I go to WP forms I'll go to Entries and remember I'm using the Premium version it's not available in The free version so you see right here I Can see a simple graph of how many Entries I'm getting simple contact form November all-time entry graph I'll click This simple contact form let's see the Entries how it looks like you see my Name the email the entry and all those

Details all the juicy stuff that you Would expect to see right so if I click The view button I'll see additional Details so now I see the name the email What was the comment and what I can do Is I actually add notes here so let's Say it was a customer request or if you Have an e-commerce website somebody Wants to track their shipping you can Actually leave notes Here which is an Interesting functionality over there Very useful functionality when it comes To managing uh user queries on your site You also have geolocation feature which I have not enabled in the premium Version of WP forms you have geolocation Features you have user Journey features And tons of other features which can be Really useful when you're working with Complex scenarios where you have to Address a lot of users query or you have To address a lot of user queries all the Time and that's why having a good firm Plugin is important it's not just about Getting an entry and showing on the Website but also getting additional Features to manage your entries organize Those entries leave notes understanding What users are or how users are reaching To a specific contact form and all that Juicy stuff and both of plugins are very Capable WP forms as well as formidable Forms are very capable plugins but I say They are little bit uh the functionality

That they provide don't overlap 100 That's why I've demonstrated using two Different plugins so that you can decide For yourself which is a contact form Plugin which is a form plugin that is More suitable to you your website right So this was the easiest tutorial in the World a simple way to understand how to Save entries that are coming to forms on Your WordPress website very easy I've Demonstrated two different plugins WP Forms the pro pro version and formidable Forms the free version both the links to Both the plugins are in the description Of this video where you can check it out It's just below the like button so you Know what to do if you like this video And if you did like that a like would be Appreciated don't forget to subscribe to This channel I'll play some other videos On the screen that you can watch that Will help you improve your WordPress Knowledge and if you're interested in Improving your WordPress knowledge with Easy to follow tutorials then what You're doing just subscribe to this Channel right that's all we do that's All the videos that we create You're watching yuvraj from wpbinner and I'll catch you next video very soon take Care

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