How to Register a Domain Name (Step by Step)

If you’re looking to start a website, one of the very first things that you need to do is get your domain name, your www. yourdomain .com, you know, the thing everyone is going to type in to find you.

They’re cheap and easy to get, we will even show you how to get one for free. It’s all very simple, and this is here just to guide you though the steps and give you a load of options so you can find the best place to get your dream domain name.

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0:00 Intro
0:18 What is a domain name?
0:50 How to get a free domain name
1:33 How to register a domain name
3:11 Hostinger
3:36 Network Solutions
4:05 What domain name should you register?
5:42 Round Up

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You're starting a blog or a website for Your business and that means before you Really get going you need to register a Domain name and I'm here today to show You how walk you through it step by step And we're also going to give you a few Little tips on how to pick the very best Domain Name what is a domain name well it's doet do whatever it's the way People are going to find you on the Internet now the best example I can give Is us we are that's what you're going To type in that's how you're going to Find us that is our domain name domain Names usually cost between about $10 and $15 for the year so not overly expensive However I am going to show you now how You can get one for Free if you're looking to register a Domain in order to start your blog or Website on WordPress you're also going To need hosting to do this as cheaply as Possible and with a big reliable company We recommend blue host blue host are Going to give you your SSL certificate For free in order to keep your website Secure they're also going to give you Your domain name completely for free and The hosting which you're going to need Anyway starts at 275 a month if you go Down into the description click the link To get our WP beginner coupon code and

That will keep the prices as low as Humanly possible to get you going once You've done that registering your domain Name is actually really easy we're going To start by following the link that's Down in the description it's going to Take you through to this page here which Has already got the wp beginner author Attached to it so we're going to get Started and we're just going to start With the basic option for one blog or Site cuz we're still going to get our Free domain name here and then we're Also going to get that hosting so we're Going to type in the name of our Business here or whatever you want it to Be and select next so you can see here You're then going to fill in your Account information and this is the Important bit your package information What are you going to get so you got a Free first year of your Prim primary Domain registration you've got your SSL And then your service turn there's a lot Of package extras that are in here now You don't actually need to take any of These we can just turn them all off There we go and that is going to bring Your total down to $33 that's your Domain and your hosting for the entire Year for $33 information's there and you're good To go it's really really Simple if you don't need hosting and you

Just want to register a domain name then We recommend the clue is quite literally In their name all you have to do is Search for your desired domain name and Then select the registration period that You want it's really simple now what you Do need to consider like I say is that There's no hosting here it is just the Domain name that you are purchasing but If you're looking to save yourself a Little bit of money on purchasing a Domain name then again we've got a WP Beginner coupon code for you down in the Description if you do want to bundle Your hosting and your domain name Together like we did with Blu host but You don't fancy using blue host then Surprise surprise I've got another WP Beginner coupon code for you down in the Description where you are going to be Able to get discount off using hostinger Hosting going to do exactly what blue Host do they're going to be able to Offer you hosting and a domain name all Bundled as One it wouldn't be a domain Registrations list without Network Solutions these guys have been Registering domain names since 1992 and they've got over 7 million Registered domain names with them They've got a really easy to use control Panel and overall it's a nice and

Straightforward process to get Registered of of course we've got a WP Beginner coupon code for you down in the Description now you know how to register A domain name but what domain name Should you register here are just a Couple of little tricks and tips from us To try and point you in the right Direction the first one quite simply Avoid using hyphens and numbers in your Domain name numbers get confusing do you Write the number do you write the number Out and spell it going to confuse people And H and other things like that again It just confuses the way that you're Going to be able to promote it to people And people might not be able to find you By entering the incorrect address so Steer clear of both of those now there Are millions of domain names registered Every single day so don't be slow as Soon as you have the idea as soon as you Have the concept the name for what your Business your blog is going to be get Out there and buy the domain name for it Even if you don't have the website Go and buy the domain name because then You've got it you own it it's yours and Nobody can take it away from you which Considering how many domains are Registered every day it is very much a Possibility so be quick and finally we Also recommend using aom extension There's so many extensions available

These days you can have Online me. shop there's just endless Endless Options However is going to lend you the most Credibility so unless it is really Imperative that you have one of these Other extensions definitely go for the Doom you should now know how to register Your dream domain name and have a couple Of tips in your back pocket about what Domain name to register if you want to Pair that up with some information on What hosting provider to use then make Sure you click our video right here and For more tips and tricks for WordPress Then do make sure you hit the Subscribe Button and shuffle along and hit like While you're at it but that's all from Me here today I've been James hope You've enjoyed it and I'll see you soon

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