How to Rank New WordPress Content Faster (In 6 Steps)

Do you have a WordPress site that struggles to rank in search engine results? This video is here to help you out.

Follow these 6 easy steps to get your website content ranking faster and higher.

All in One SEO website
Google Search Console

00:00 Introduction
00:52 Install All in One SEO for WordPress
06:24 Add Your Website to Google Search Console
08:24 Add XML Sitemaps to Google Search Console
11:24 Optimize Your New Content for Ranking
15:01 Add Internal Links to Your WordPress Site

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Hey what's up everyone in this video We're gonna go through six easy to Follow steps to get your WordPress Content ranking faster so if you're new To this this video is perfect for you Let's see if this sounds familiar you Have a great website a fantastic product Or service and lots of content ideas You've even started posting on your blog Regularly but it doesn't seem to be Getting the amount of traffic you want Now we've all been here and it's problem Many of us face regularly especially With new websites it's more than likely That the content you're adding to your Website is not getting picked up by Search engines in the way you want in Other words it's not ranking there's a Word we love to hate rank or ranking and Yes it does mean exactly what it says It's your content versus the world and The search engines get to decide where Your position is in that long list of Search results don't be discouraged Though because the next few steps in This video are going to give you a Fantastic boost and help you get your Content ranking faster the first step That we're going to take is to install All-in-one SEO on our WordPress site It's a fantastic SEO plugin packed full Of features and to unlock its full Potential we'll be adding the premium Version of the plugin to our site and

Setting it up let's do it so the first Thing we need to do in this video is Come to the all-in-one SEO website the Link for that is in the description Below it's also up on the screen right Now to get all in one SEO all we need to Do is come to this green button right Here click on that that's going to then Take us to the pricing page there are Various pricing plans available Depending on the features that you need We're going to go with the pro pricing Plan that's because it covers all the Features that we are going to look at in This video But once you've decided the plan that Suits you and suits your website go Ahead and press the get started button Right there and then that'll take you Through setting up an account and then Once you've done that log into your Account and I'll meet you there so now You've logged into your all-in-one SEO Account what we're going to do here is We're going to copy the license key and Download all in one SEO to our computer And then install that on our WordPress Site so from here we just go to the link Right here click on that that's going to Bring us to this section and you can see The license key is right here you just Click the little clipboard icon right There and it'll copy it to your computer I've copied that to my computer and now

I'm just going to click the green button Here to download All-In-One SEO so once You've downloaded all-in-one SEO then Log into WordPress site So now we've logged into our WordPress Site we're going to install all-in-one SEO and to do that we just head to Plugins here on the left hand side hover Over in that and then click on add new And then we're going to head up to the Upload plugins button up here just click On that that's going to open this little Box right here all we need to do is Either click this button to choose a File from your computer but I'm just Going to head down here and grab the File I've just downloaded and drag it And drop it on there then just hit the Install now button to install the plugin And once that's installed then click the Blue activate plugin button right there Just to activate the plugin so now the Plugin has been installed and activated We are brought to the all-in-one SEO Dashboard as you can see there is a Little red notice right here to say that No license key is currently being Entered in the Pro this pro version of All-in-one SEO so let's take care of That now and click this add your license Key Now link right here and that's Brought us to the general settings and As you can see there's a license key Section right here and all you need to

Do is paste in that license key that you Just copied from your account page once You've done that then just click the Green connect button and that will then Connect your site the next step is to Launch the setup wizard so just click The screen button right here and what The setup was going to do is going to Take us through a few different steps to Help us set up all-in-one SEO in the Quickest and most efficient way possible Just click the let's get started button Right there the first thing it asks us Is what category best describes our Website we're currently using an online Store website as the demo for this video So so I'm just going to click on online Store if I scroll down a little bit We can now choose how our home page Title is added so we can change this if We want and also our home page method Description we can change that as well All this can be changed at a later time In the plugin so click save and continue Now it's asking us about our site Information so whether we're a person or Organization the details for our store Whether we want to upload any logos or Anything and also whether we want to add Any of our social profiles so we can do All that and then click save and Continue Now it's asking what features we want Enabled and because we chose a

E-commerce store it's already gone ahead And recommended a few features and Turned them on automatically but we can Go through and turn them off if we don't Want them or we can choose to add new Ones as well so I'm going to leave it as It is I'm just going to click save and Continue so on this page right here is To do with search appearance we're being Asked to look at these settings to make Sure that they're correct for what we Want to show up on Google so we've got The Google snippet preview right here we Can click on that and edit the meta Title and description from there below That there's a setting right here to Tell Google whether our site is Currently under the construction and we Don't want it to be indexed yet or Whether it's a live site and it can Index Pages straight away also got a Toggle here to include all post types in The indexing as well and we can see that Our sitemap is enabled by default we Scroll down we've got a couple of other Options here so you can choose what Suits you there and then we can click Save and continue and now we get this Page just to say that all in one SEO Wizard is finished and our site is now SEO ready so we can click the Finish Setup and go to dashboard button here so Now we've done that with the setup Wizard we're now back on the all-in-one

SEO dashboard so we've got the All-in-one SEO overview which we can Choose different post types so we can Choose posts pages and products and all In one SEO will give us a breakdown of What needs improving what's okay what's Good and What needs Focus key phrases For example we also have an SEO score Which is 81 out of 100 at the moment so That's pretty good but we have got some Issues right here and we can click on This link right here to look at the Complete site audit checklist and then We can make improvements that all-in-one SEO has suggested and if we scroll down Just a little bit we can also see There's some quick links to some of the Features in all-in-one SEO so it's a Great place to start improving SEO on Your WordPress site Now we have all-in-one SEO setup on our Website let's make sure we can monitor The website's performance by setting up Google search console So from here all we need to do is copy The URL of our website and then head Over to Google search console the link For Google search console is in the Description below I'll also put it up on Screen as well So then once you're on Google search Console you'll see this screen and all You need to do is press the start now Button right here

And then as long as you're logged into The Google account you want it's Connected to your WordPress site then You should see the screen otherwise It'll ask you to log in to your Google Account then once you see this screen You've got two options the option that We're going to use is the URL prefix Option right here so all you need to do Is paste in your domain URL right there Then once you've pasted that in Just Click the continue button right there That's going to say it's verifying the Property and now when you see this Screen what we have to do is we have to Verify the ownership of this property And there's a really easy way we can do That by using all-in-one SEO as well all You need to do is you choose the HTML Tag option right here and then just copy This tag by clicking this copy button And then head back to your WordPress Dashboard and now we're back in the WordPress dashboard we'll just head to The general settings underneath All-in-one SEO right here then we're Under the general settings you'll see There's a tab for webmaster tools right Here just click on that and the Webmaster tools verification method We're going to use is the Google search Console Soul method so just click on That Then all we need to do is just paste in

The code that we just copied right here Don't forget to click save changes to Save those and then head back to Google Search console and then once you're back In Google search console all you need to Do Under the HTML tag section is just Click verify and now you can see we get A ownership verified message right here And we can now see that we have our site Connected to Google search console let's Talk about XML sitemaps they may sound Complex but they are simply just a way For search engines like Google to Discover all the content you have on Your website quickly and easily it tells Google what content you want it to look At so to add sitemap to Google search Console it couldn't be easier especially With all-in-one SEO so all we need to do Is just head over to sitemaps under All-in-one SEO over here on the left Hand side click on that so now we're Under site maps and we're under the General sitemap tab right here and we Can see our general site map is enabled By default through all-in-one SEO and Now all we need to do is open the Sitemap in a new tab and then copy the End of the URL to using Google's search Console you'll see what that looks like In Google search console but I'll also Give you an indication on the screen as Well that we're going to open it in a New tab and I'm going to copy the

Sitemap XML which is at the end of my URL and then I'm going to head to Google Search console and now we're under Google search console for that website You can see on the left hand side here Under indexing there is a sitemaps Option just click on that and now it's Asking us to add a new sitemap so you Can see that we have a website domain Right there and then at the end of this Is the part that we've just copied from The URL when we opened the sitemap in a New tab I'm just going to paste that in Here and then all you need to do once You've pasted that there is click on the Blue submit button so now we've get a Message to let us know that that sitemap Has been submitted successfully And there is another type of sitemap That search engines recommend you submit In your search console and that is the RSS sitemap so we're going to head back To our WordPress dashboard and take a Look at that so now we're back in our WordPress dashboard and next to the General sitemap tab there are other tabs As well and the RSS sitemap tab is right Here click on that and see that this is Enabled as well by default through All-in-one SEO we're just going to go Through the exact same process and we're Just going to open the sitemap up in a New tab and the reason that this sitemap Is really important to search engines is

Because it contains all the details for Your blog posts products Etc so once you Update to post or you post a new post Then the search engine will be able to Check your RSS sitemap and find that Content much more quickly than just Going through your general site map so It's a great way of getting those faster Ranking results I'm just going to copy The end of the URL right here and then Head back to Google Google search Console and now back on Google search Console underneath the sitemap section Right here we'll just paste in the RSS Sitemap I'm going to submit that And we can see that that was submitted Successfully as you can see it might Take a while for Google to update the Status of the site map but it should Update within a couple of minutes and Once that's updated Google will now use Your sitemaps to find newer content Quicker we have now taken the steps Needed for a search engine to be able to Discover our content but there is some Work to do on the actual content to help It rank faster in higher positions the Main three areas we're going to look at Here are the meta title The Met Description and keywords for your Content So to optimize our content like I said There are a couple of things that we can Do with the meta title and description

Of pages and posts to show you what I Mean I'm going to go to a post right now So I'm going to head over to post here On the left hand side and just click on That then I'm going to choose the top Post here that I have I'm just going to Click on that and what this page is is Blog post that been written for the site And it's to cover the top seven desktop Speakers for video so we've created a Little bit of content here because we Believe there's some interest from People that will be using our site so to Optimize this content what we need to do Is we need to think about the keyword or Key phrase that we want to rank for and What essentially that means is the word Or phrase that someone will search on Google to find this content now usually This is done before you write a blog Post so you'll have an idea of keywords That you want to rank for and then Create the content around that so what We've done is we've decided that our key Phrase is top 7 desktop speakers So now we have our key phrase We Now can Take a look at our meta title and Description to make sure that that key Phrase appears in them to help this Content rank higher and faster so to do That we're going to use all in one SEO So we're going to come past lock editor Right here I'm going to scroll down into the

All-in-one SEO settings and underneath The general tab you can see right here It says snippet preview and this is a Preview of what the meta title and Description will look like in the search Results below that we can see that There's the post title right here and at The moment the default is it's pulling The title of the blog post and then the Site title which you can see just here And then below that is the meta Description and at the moment it's just Pulling the post excerpt so it's pulling All the text content below the heading Into the meta description right here and As you can see on both of these they Have a maximum recommended characters So Currently the title is completely fine It's within the maximum recommended Characters but the post expert is way Above the recommended characters so in The search engine someone might want to Read that to kind of find out a little Bit more what the page is about but they Can't because it's not constructed in a Way in which they can see all the Information So as I said our key phrase is top seven Desktop speakers and currently we can See all in one SEO is indicating a 77 Out of 100 score for this blog post at The moment let's see if we can improve That so I'm going to leave the post Title as it is because it's got the key

Phrase in it and then I'm going to come Down to the post excer I'm going to Remove that from The Meta description And then I'm just going to paste in some Content that I've written for this Description I've added that in there and Then you can see underneath in the Snippet preview it now fits and people Can read and make a decision on whether They want to view this content there is Another really cool feature right here As well with all in one SEO you can add Your Focus key phrase to this box right Here and then it will give you some Recommendations and information about This blog post so I'm just going to copy The key phrase I'm gonna add it to the box and then I'm Going to just click add focus keyphrase And there you can see it's given me a 100 out of 100 for the Focus key phrase We've also got an 85 out of 100 now We're in the green in this section Next up we're going to add some internal Links to our content this is a really Important part to help search engines Discover new content faster so let's do That so we're back on WordPress site and We're back with the blog post that we've Just been working on for the meta title And description so we know what our Keywords are for this and we can see in All in one SEO at the bottom that it had A recommendation in the page analysis to

Add internal links and some external Links as well so there isn't any Currently on the page we're going to Change that right now so we're going to Scroll back up to the content And on this page I can see that we Recommend the top seven desktop speakers For videos and we give a list of Individual products that people might Want to check out now when you're Building your blog post up and things Like that you might be thinking of other Parts of the website that you can Incorporate into the blog post so you Can link to and what that will do is Create an amazing network of links on Your website for people to follow but Also the search engine to follow to Figure out exactly what your site's About and the kind of content on it so What we're going to do here we're going To add a link to this product here so We've got this product on the site in The online store so I'm just going to Highlight the text and then click the Link button right here and then all we Need to do is search for the page that We're looking for That's come up with our product right Here I'm just going to click on that and Now that is linking to the product on The site so if you click update to save Those changes then if we scroll down We'll now see in the page analysis we

Have some internal links on the page and Also it's given that our all-in-one SEO Score a boost as well another great way To get more people heading to the new Content you create is to share it on Social networks with all-in-one SEO you Can make sure your content looks Fantastic when you share it here's how To do that go to the page or post that You want to share once you're in the Editor for that postal page scroll down To the all-in-one SEO settings and next To the general tab right here is the Social tab you just click on that and This is going to give you a preview of What this page or post will look like if It's shared on Facebook and Twitter you Can use these two tabs here to see what It looks like so at the moment it Doesn't look very good on Twitter and Facebook isn't much better either so With all-in-one SEO we can control the Title the description the image Everything that's being shown we can Choose to just show the post title We can we can choose to add in a new Description so as you can see in the Preview it's changed those there We've also got the option to change the Image so we can change it to the Featured image of the post so that looks Much better already And if we've got a video that we want to Insert in there we can put the video URL

And we have other options as well And once you have it how that looks you Can click update and that will save the Changes And there you have a fantastic looking Preview of what sharing this content Will look like on social networks so That's the six steps to getting your Content ranking faster but now you're on A roll why not jump in and check out how To use monster insights to track all the Traffic that will be heading to your Site it works seamlessly with all-in-one SEO to help you grow your website if You've enjoyed this video let us know in The comments below we are more than Happy to answer any questions you may Have too and make sure you subscribe to The channel for more videos like this Thanks for watching

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