How to Properly Use Focus Keyphrase in WordPress

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your WordPress site’s SEO, you’re in the right place. Specifically, you may be wondering about the use of focus keyphrases and how they can improve your content’s performance.

So, what is a focus keyphrase? Essentially, it’s the main topic or keyword for your content, representing the information that users might search for on a search engine.

In this video, we’ll guide you through the process of using focus keyphrases effectively in WordPress, helping you to take your content to the next level and boost your SEO rankings.

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In today's video I'm going to show you How to properly use Focus keywords Inside WordPress let's go Before I show you the actual process of Adding the focus keywords on your WordPress website let me take a second To explain what Focus keywords are if You're very new to WordPress when you Build a WordPress website you'll add Content on it and you'll want the Content to rank in search results for a Particular set of keywords Let me Give An example I have this example website Right here and I have a post on it which Is how to make lemon curd now even Without reading the article you can Instantly understand that I would want This post to rank in Google and other Search engines for keywords like make Lemon curd how to make lemon curd and Variations of this key phrase or this Keyword that's the concept of focus Keyword the exact words or combination Of words or key phrase that I want my Post to rank for that's the focus Keyword and that's what we understand How to add to your WordPress website so You can get something out of it I hope You understand the concept now let me Explain a little more details and then We'll go to the process of where we Start adding Focus keywords on our WordPress website so let's use how to Make lemon curd this post as an example

Of of adding Focus keywords on your site As I already explained you can typically Understand what the focus keyword would Be it would be how to make lemon curd Make lemon curd or some typical Variations of that now let me clarify One thing Focus keyword is usually not a WordPress native feature Focus keyword Is only added or the feature can be Added once you install an SEO plugin on Your site it can be any SEO plugin and I'll say all SEO plugins have some sort Of variation of this feature where You're typically allowed to add a focus Keyword and Focus key phrases on the Side and I'm going to demonstrate using A plugin called All in One SEO which in According to me is one of the best SEO Plugins out there so I already have the SEO plugin all in one SEO installed on My site and I'll show you how to add Focus key phrases with it as I explained Uh any SEO plugin that use will have This feature with the user interface or The a little bit of the design and the Cosmetic elements might change but the Feature usually works almost the same Way all right so to use all-in-one SEO To add Focus keywords on the site all You have to do is first install the Plugin which I already have and then Scroll to the bottom of the post where You see the SEO controls with all in us Here so I'll scroll to the bottom and

You'll see all in one AIO SEO settings AIO SEO is an acronym for all in one SEO So you'll see all sort of settings here When you scroll down a little bit you'll See Focus key phrase settings here here And couple of options now it can be a Little bit confusing to the beginners Because you have Focus key phrase Additional key phrases then add Focus Keyframes get additional key phrases and Then add additional key phrases what Does this mean why there's so many Fields and what do we do this let me Explain the first thing that we'll do is Add the main focus keyword that we want To rank this post for for example if I Showed you the post title once again it Says how to make lemon curd typically The ideal title or the ideal key phrase That this post should rank for for the Best traffic for me is how to make lemon Curd right so let's choose that as a Focus key phrase in this example and We'll go to the first key phrase setting Which is the Focus key phrase and I'll Type this in so I'll type in how to make Lemon curd and I'll press enter to Register that in And what all in one SEO is doing is Taking that Focus keyword and analyzing The content of the page and telling me And giving me recommendations on how I Can improve my post to rank on this Particular key phrase so you see how to

Make lemon curd the score for this post That means the optimization for this Post is around 50 out of 10 which is a True SEO score that all in an SEO Provides so it's very helpful to Understand how optimize your post is but There's one important thing to keep in Mind here as well Is also telling me that Focus key phrase Length is little too long try to make it Shorter this is also important to Understand because you should not keep Focus keywords very very long or Typically one word shot it should be a Fine balance between uh short I said two Words or typically three words and four To five words is the maximum but right Now all unless he was telling me that This focus screwface is a little too Long so what I'll do is I'll change this Focus key phrase to something like just Make lemon curd because again the intent Of the words is the same whether I say How to make lemon curd or make lemon Curd but by keeping it short I am Getting more targeted uh say Optimization recommendations from all in Russia I'll press enter once again And now I am seeing some sort of Recommendations and these Recommendations which you see in green Have now already been passed my score is Also improved and also I have some Important recommendations that I can

Follow so it's saying Focus key phrase In introduction that means add the focus Case in the introduction of the post Somewhere when you start in the first Couple of paragraphs if you scroll down You'll have focus keyways in subheadings So included in subheadings and also Focus key phases in alt text attributes Or alt attributes for images so if I go And see the image it should also have With the focus preface in the alt text Attribute of this image these are Recommendations given by olynvacio to Maximize the chances of this post Ranking high in the search results Because on page SEO is very important if You want to rank high in the search Styles now this is the typical first Focus key phrase what about additional Key phrases now this is where it gets Interesting usually when you create a Blog post you you can't just have one Focus key phrase which is defines it all You might have variations of the key Phrase which still Define the post but Not the primary focus key phrase that You want to work for again in this Example if I talked about lemon curd Then make lemon curd could be my main Focus key phrase but how to make lemon Curd easy lemon curd recipe that can Mean additional co-focus key phrase so Let's say for example if I want to Choose or add an additional key phrase

Then I can add an additional keyframes As lemon Curd Recipe That can be a simple additional Focus Key phrase another one can be a Variation of this word which is easy Lemon curd recipe let me also add that Lemon curd Recipe So now I've added additional Focus key Phrases to this specific post and the Main focus key phrase is this now again All universio is providing me some Helpful recommendations on individual Additional key phrases are added giving Me ideas on how I can improve the Optimization of my post depending on on This particular key phrase if I select This you'll see this typical Arrow right Here that means the recommendations are Appearing for this particular key phrase That means telling me that use the Focus Key phrase in introduction use the Focus Key phrase and image alt attributes and If I click this one then the arrow Shifts here and the recommendations are Now specific to this additional Focus Key phrase now here I like to pause for A second and just clarify one important Thing you don't need to actually Optimize for every individual Focus key Phrase and it might not be even Practical in most cases because let's

Say for example I have added the make Lemon curd key phrase in the Introduction paragraph of this post but If I also include the lemon curd recipe A keyword in the introduction and also This key phase is easy lemon curd recipe And let's say I added a couple of more Additional key phrases it's not Practical for me to include all those Focus key phases in the introduction Even though that's the optimal way to Optimize my post because of course it Might appear appeal to robots or Bots Who scan my site but not to humans They'll instantly understand something Is off it's not naturally that how you Write so for the first question that Whenever you write a blog post or any Kind of content or site should be humans Not search engines and typically If you've selected a good Focus key Phrase for example make lemon curd most Of the time search engines are smart Enough to understand and do all sorts of I'd say substitutions for additional key Phrases or substitutions for similar Sounding words similar meaning words so In this case I'd say most of the times Say if your post is well optimized for Make lemon curd then Google another Search engines already understand that Easy or lemon curd recipe is also key Phrase that this post should rank for Now whether it ranks or not that's up to

Google but it should rank for both these Keywords it's already search engine Already smart to understand that so Don't go overboard with optimization Typically you should follow the Optimization process or all the steps in The main primary focus keyword but for Additional key phrases just do the bare Minimum just try to see wherever you can Squeeze that in without affecting the Quality of their post or at least make It appear like it's written for humans Right so in similar manner for the Additional key phrases you can keep Adding more additional key phrases if You find they are closely related don't Just try to add Focus keywords just for The sake of recommendations because as I Said you don't need to follow all Recommendations this is more of a Guidelines that you you can follow if You have the bandwidth or the capacity To do so in this particular post so you Can keep doing this until you find a Good balance of Focus key first but what About this Focus key phase and what About this get additional key phases now This is where it gets interesting Because typically when you're writing Focus keywords in this post it was quite Obvious that what the focus keyword was Because the post is very straightforward And I just typically understood or I'd Say I made an educated guess that make

Lemon q a code is the focus keyword I Should go for but I don't have any Statistical data to back this up that is This the focus keyword I should be Trying to rank for because for difficult Or different types of keywords the Search volume and the search competition Might be very different so how do I get That data you can get the data by using This option which is get additional key Phrases and what all in one SEO does Which is typically I'd say much better Than other SEO plugins is it integrates With semrush a very popular SEO service A set of tools that they provide and it Gives you some keyword data about what Keywords you should be targeting based On search volume and the search Etc Trends the seasonality of the keywords You get all that data by just signing up For a free sem Rush account that's Pretty awesome right so I'll click this Button right here which will open up a Dialog box it's office window of my Screen I'll just drag it on the screen Right here just give me one second And this is typically what you will see If you don't have an sem Rush account Already then you can what you can do is Sign up and just log into your account Using the credentials that you'll create When the signup process and once that is Done you'll start seeing additional key Phrases here so I'll pause the video for

A second I'll start the signup process I'll sign up and sign into my account as Well and then I'll show you the process Of how the additional key phrases will Appear and what the interface is like so That you can understand much better how You can make Intelligent Decisions about What Focus key phrases and keywords to Go after So I finished the signup process I just Signed it with my Google account it was Way quick to do just take a few seconds Of my time and now this is in the Interface you will also see if you Complete the signup process right so You'll see first uh show results for That means if you're targeting a Particular country then you have the Option to choose between countries you Have all sorts of countries I'll just Leave it to United States of America Right now just to give an example this Is where the focus keywords start coming Into play the Focus key phrase that I Have targeted for this post is make Lemon curd which is typically a key Phrase which has a volume of 210 Approximately per month right this is The focus give it I have added but how To make lemon curd has a search volume Of 200 or 2900 searches per month which Is more than 10 times the Focus key Phrase I have selected so now instantly You can see that this makes much more

Sense even though the Focus key phase is A little long because once I select this Focus key phase I'll get more targeted Recommendations on how to optimize my Post for this particular keyword again Search engines are typically smart to Understand but this just gives you a Little bit of edge to Target just the Right key phrases so that you can get More traffic out of search engines right So this is so valuable if you can Understand what this means and this is Just not for this post any post that you Write any Focus key phrase you add you Can get all this data for free from sem Rush so let me just choose how to make Lemon curd in this case and I'll just Add this and I can add more key phrases If I want to just to give an example and What they'll be populated instantly so I'll close this route and all the focus Or additional Focus key phrases have Been added to this section right here But now because I know how do you make Or how to make lemon curd is a more Search volume or search worthy traffic Key phrase to go after what I can do is Switch the main focus key phrase from Make lemon curd to how to make lemon Girl let me do that once again How to make lemon curd and I'll modify The how to make lemon curd just to make Lemon good And that's it and now the

Recommendations I'm seeing all here are Based on this more a search worthy or I'd say higher search volume Focus key Phrase which I can now optimize so I'm Giving uh getting all these Recommendations from all International Which is telling me that Focus grief is In the SEO title that's great Focus key Phrase is in the meta description that's Also great what I can do is focus free Phrase length which as I already Discussed because it's a higher search Volume we'll ignore this for now Focus Key phrase in url this is important if You are using the latest version of WordPress you'll remember or you'll know That the URL has now switched to the Summary section you will see this option You can change the url here Focus key Phrase and introduction so if you go to The introduction of the post and you try To write the folk introduction in a case Where you can include this Focus keyword Then you will have that optimized as Well Focus key phrase in subheadings so If you have subheadings on your post try To include the focus keyword there and Focus key phase in image alt attributes That means the images that I've added Add that as an ALT attribute and just by Following these simple instructions Right here which are present given to You by all SEO very easily you'll Optimize your post for that particular

Search key phrase very very easily and That's the basic idea of how to use Focus keywords right Focus keywords what Do you want your post or page to rank For that's the Focus key phrase and then Every SEO plugin will give you some sort Of different functionality but using all In an SEO you will see all these Advantages the recommendations that are Targeted towards that Focus key phrase The power of adding additional key Phrases and also looking at Recommendations specific to that Focus Key phrase and also getting additional Key phrases with the help of a very very Powerful service called semrush getting More statistically significant data to Make Intelligent Decisions about what Focus key phrases you should be Targeting in the first place right That's all about using Focus key phrases I think now you understand everything About how to pick good Focus key phrases And keywords and how to use them with The power of all in SEO and typically Other SEO plugins as well on your Website if you still have any questions About how to use this feature or how to Understand or how to think about Focus Keyframes leave a cautious question in The comments I'll get to them as soon as Possible and if you enjoyed this video Liked it learn something new make sure To hit the like button and also

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