How to Password Protect Your WordPress Forms

Do you want to password protect a form on your WordPress website?

Normally, when you add a form to your website, it is visible to all users who can see that page. If you want to protect a WordPress form and limit its access to only certain people, then you may need to password protect that particular form.

In this video, we’ll explain step by step how to easily password protect your WordPress forms.

0:00 Intro
0:33 Setting up a form
2:27 Form Locker addon
3:46 Applying the lock to a form
6:46 Adding a form directly in WordPress

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In this video I'm going to show you how To lock your WordPress forms now the First question is why would you want to Lock your WordPress forms well since You're watching this video I assume you Already have the answer but if you're Watching this video just to fulfill your Curiosity let me give you a few Scenarios in which you can lock your Forms and it'll be useful if you only Want your newsletter subscribers to fill Out a form you can send them the Password and have a locked form on your Website you also have the ability to Restrict your form to logged in users And you can come up with any number of Creative ways on how you can use logged Form on your website let me demonstrate How we'll go about doing that so Obviously the first thing you'll need on Your WordPress website to lock a form is To have a form plugin installed and There's no better plugin than WP forms For creating forms on your website it's A fantastic plugin it's free but for the Password protection ability that we're Going to demonstrate in this video You'll need to have a premium version so What you can do is go to the website Check out the pricing make a purchase And once you've made the purchase you'll See a login ability similar to what I Have go to your account and you need to Down load the plugin file as a zip file

Because there's a premium version so you Come to this page and you go to the Download section and inside the download Section you'll find the license key and Also the download WP forms button click This this will download a zip file onto Your computer and you'll also have this License key save it to your computer and We'll be using it to install WP forms on Your website I'm going to demonstrate it On my website So heading into our WordPress website This is a complete blank install just a Demonstration website so there's nothing On it what I'll do is get to the plugin Section here and say add new or click Add new And since I'm uploading a new plugin I'll click upload plugin I'll just drag And drop the wp forms uh ZIP file that I Just downloaded from the website install Now The plugin is installed let's also Activate the plugin all right so WP Forms has been installed on a website Let's also activate the plugin with the License key I'll head to the wp forms Menu right here I'll go to settings And here in the license key section I'll Paste my license key I already have it On my clipboard you'll find it inside Your account just paste it here and say Verify key And congratulations uh the activation

Process is complete so now WP forms has Been completely activated on our website There's one more step we need to perform Before we can actually create the firm That we want to protect with passwords So for that we'll go into add-on section Here and what add-ons are think of them As plugins for WP forms you can add more Ability to WP forms using add-ons for WP Forms and there's a specific add-on I'm Looking for which is called the form Locker add-on and this gives the ability To lock a form for certain set of users So I'll install the add-on just one Click and it'll take a few seconds and The Plugin or the add-on will be Installed let's wait for it to finish So the formlocker add-on has now been Installed now we can start creating a New form and we'll also protect it with WP forms password protection so I'll go To add new inside the form section That's all forms add new which means Adding a new form And this will bring up the form creation Interface W films is pretty easy very Easy to use you see all these templates Pre-made for you so you don't have to Create forms from scratch if you don't Want to so for this scenario let's take For example I'm sending a form to just My employees and I'm going to restrict It with a password so I'll just use the Simple contact form and customize this

Just a bit so I'll just use this Template by clicking use template And I'm on the contact form creation or I say editing section and now I can Customize any of these fields so we have The name option here I can change the Name first name last name I can have the Email for employees emails might not Make sense so you can change something Else I'm going to keep email for now and In the comment or message I'll change This to feedback I'll go here And feedback so let's say I'm doing this Now you notice that it says simple Contact form right now so let's change That so I'm change the font name to Employee Feedback oops Or by the way I went to the settings and The general settings you can do the same Thing by going manually first I actually Just click the Field section and it took Me directly here going back to the Field Section now the form is called employee Feedback form we have all the things in Place that we want to set up on the form Except for the password protection so Anything that you want to add as Functionality onto the phone not the Fields the functionality will be found Under the settings options as I went to The settings option you remember the General settings I made changes to the Channels options but you also have the

Spam security your notifications and Confirmations you can customize them by The way and we have future videos Already on our Channel explaining some Of this stuff so if you want to let's Say have captured in the site you have These options if you want to be notified Whenever somebody fills a form you have That option you also have post form Filling actions so you want to redirect Someone to a certain page or show some a Success message that's also possible we Are interested in the form Locker add-on And this these are all the options You'll get inside the form Locker add-on What you'll need to enable to have Password protection is the first option Which says form verification I'll enable This and you instantly you'll see these Options so you have a type so in the Type we have password we also have age And email so let's keep it to password Because that's what we're trying to do Right now and here we'll type in the Password that people will have to fill In to get access to the form So I'll type in I love WP beginner all Right this is the password and this is Display message which will just say hey Enter your password something like that You can just say enter Your password now apart from just using The password as a restriction method you Also have some other abilities let me

Just demonstrate them or talk about them So that you know this functionality also Exists inside WP forms if you go to the Form scheduling option you can enable This to have the form show up only for a Specific set of time so you let's say You have a limited time feedback section Or whatever something like that you can Enable the form section and have this This is also pretty cool then you also Have form restrictions only for logged In users this is great so if you already Or let's say you have an intranet site You can just have logged in users the Ability to fill out a form and you also Have entry limit by restrictions so how Many entries so let's say only first 50 People and also how many uh entries per User you can also restrict that so There's a lot of abilities except the Password as well which you can utilize To do something like that so once you're Done once you've made sure that Everything is set up completely to your Liking just click the save button and You can go back to the fields option so Everything is set up now all we need to Do to make sure this functionality works Is at this form onto our page one of our Pages on the site and the easiest way to Do this is just go to embed I'll click the embed and you say hey Select existing page or create a new Page now this is a blank website I don't

Have anything set up so I just create a New page I'll say Feed back I'll say let's go and what WP Forms will do we'll create a new page For me and automatically embed the form Right pretty cool right so now it's done Now let's say for example you messed up Something went wrong or you want to add The same form to another page let me Demonstrate how you do that I'll delete This form for now let's delete so this Brings us to let's say a regular page on WordPress it can be a page it can be Post it can be anything else if you want To embed this particular form or any Other form created with WP forms all you Have to do is just add the wp forms Block on the page so I'll just type in The forward slash W films and I can see The preview here I'll click on it and This is the placeholder and from here From this drop down menu I can select The form I want to embed if you create Multiple forms you'll see all of them Here I just created the first sum so That's all I'll see employee feedback Form blah boom so form has been embedded This is how you do it manually and also Automatically now one more thing which Is a recent feature in WP forms is form Customization or form Styles if you want To customize your form colors background Colors font colors everything is Actually available for this

Demonstration I'm not going to mess with This but you can actually go while and Change anything like so you have Complete ability without touching CSS or Anything to customize your forms so now That we're done I'm just going to click Publish publish and once it's done I'll Just open the page in a new tab and Let's check it out if the form actually Works so going back to feedback this is The form enter your password right this Is what we customize I'll type in I love WP Beginner obviously you don't see it Because it's a password I'll click Submit And since the password is correct I can Now reach the form and I can fill the Feedback form and submit and once the Form is filled I'll see all these Entries or I can see the notifications Depending on how I've customized the Form notifications to be done right so Simple simple video on how to password Protect your forms if you have any Questions about this or any other topic Ideas you'd like us to cover in WordPress leave that in the comments You're watching yuvraj from W beginner I'll catch you in the next video take Care Foreign

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