How to Password Protect Your WordPress Admin

Do you want to learn how to password-protect your WordPress admin directory?

Adding another layer of password protection to your WordPress admin directory can be a great way to improve your WordPress security.

In this video, you’ll learn how you can password-protect your wp-admin directory easily.

0:00 Intro and explainer (what is password protect?)
0:31 Setting up password protect
1:48 Creating user name and password
2:34 Setting this up with code

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Today I'll show you how you can password Protect your WordPress admin directory Area this is great if you're wanting to Add just an extra level of security for Your website A lot of times hackers will try to log Into your dashboard by figuring out your Username and password but if you limit The login attempts then that's helpful The other thing that you can do is Actually password protect this area so That they have one extra step that they Have to try and get through before they Can access your site So we're going to set something up like This where they'll have to sign in with The proper username and password and Then they'll have to know the username And password to your actual WordPress Dashboard To do this you'll want to log into your Hosting provider I'll be using Bluehost To show you what this looks like many Hosting providers have something similar So you just need to dig around and see Where the directory privacy area is for Yours but if you're using Bluehost then This will be quite simple for you as Well Or Bluehost we're looking under Advanced And then I'll take us to this area where We can go to files and directory privacy And click on that and then scrolling Down we want to click on the public HTML

And then from here we're looking for the Wp admin area From here we want to click edit And then you see we can password protect The directory so let's enable this And you can change this enter a name That is Meaningful to you or you can Just leave it like this And do something like admin area to help Me remember it and let's go ahead and Click save And now it says that it's been password Protected but we need to go back And now we'll have a username password And password strength for us to fill out They even have a password generator that Can set it up for you so allow it to Generate the password If you find one that you like so you've Copied it and use it and then it will Fill it out and tell you that it's wrong Remember to save it Along with your username you want to Save it somewhere so you'll remember it And now it is Set up so when we go to our admin area We'll be shown this username and Password and once we do sign that in Then now we can go to our login now note That the username and password for this Area as well as for the original area Those should be different and so you'll Want to have them saved in a separate Location and remember both of those

Now that is the quickest way to do that If you want to password protect the Admin area using code and you can check Out a link in our description below for The written article on how to set that Up but for most people this is the best Way to do it for your site and if you Want to get more tutorials on how to set Up and use your website watch this video Next as I walk you through step by step On how to create your first website and I'll see you over there

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