How to Open External Links in a New Window or Tab with WordPress in 2023

Do you want to open external links from your blog posts in a new browser window or tab?

Opening external links in a new window allows your users to visit the link without leaving your website. This leads to higher user engagement because they spend more time on your site.

In this video, we will show how to easily open external links in a new window or tab on your WordPress site.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Using the Block Editor
1:16 Using the Classic Editor
1:51 Using HTML
2:24 Nav Menu link in new tab
4:32 Open ALL links in a new tab

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Today I'll show you how you can open External links in a new tab or window This is perfect if you want to allow Users to visit the link without leaving Your website this will lead to higher User engagement because they spend more Time on your site and we'll cover a few Different methods depending on what type Of WordPress installation you have so Let's get started The first one is by opening external Links in a new tab using the block Editor from our dashboard you want to go To the post that you want to edit we'll Go to posts all posts and pick the post That you want to edit this is the post That I want to add a link to so let's Just say I want to add a link here so I'm going to highlight this area And I want to link to this blog post I'm Going to click on the link I'll come back to my post highlight an Area that we want to add a link we can Come up here to the link area Click on it and then we can paste the Link in here And open in a new tab I want to make sure that you hit the Submit and now we have a link Update your post and now all those links Will open in a new tab But what if you're still using the Classic editor no problem we can do Something very similar so you want to

Highlight the area again so we're in the Classic editor going to highlight the Area we just want to come up to insert Link We'll paste the link that we want we can Toggle on the link options And open in a new tab and update And now we have a link there as well Again don't forget to update your post And now you'll have the link opening in A new tab The next benefit is by opening a new tab Using HTML code sometimes you just need To add some HTML and so it's usually if You're in the text editor portion of the Classic or if you're in the block editor And you're in the text portion You can add a link using HTML like this And the biggest thing you want to make Sure that you have is along with the Href opening you'll also want to make Sure you add Target equals underscore Blank That's the parameter of this code That tells the browser that it opens in A new tab or window Okay now if you want to open a Navigation menu link and a new tab then You'll want to follow these directions Go to appearance menus And we'll also want to come up here to Screen options Under screen options we want to click Link Target and I'll show you what that Does in a second

Now we want to add say a custom link so The link that I've been using Add that here Give it a link text Add it to the menu and now we need to Expand this And now we can click open in a new tab Come down here and make sure you click Save changes and then that will open in A new tab for you And if you have a newer theme then the Nav menu will be in a different area and I'll show you how to add a nav menu and Open in a new tab with the newer themes So I'm going to update my theme to the Most recent of 2023 When I activate that you see all of Those items that were there are no Longer there it's because it's the new Full site editing system so we need to Go to editor instead And we can click on this area but to Make it sure that we're in the right Area we can go to headers group row For this just navigation And the one we're working on Then we want to add a block let's go Ahead and add that Then we change the text And submit it now we have an area where We can open in a new tab You also see over here that it is a link As well We can save all this

And again you'll have a new link that'll Open in a new tab And now what if you decided that you Wanted all external links to open in a New tab you can do that by adding a Plug-in it's called open external links And new plugin so let's go to plugins Add new This is the one we're looking for so Let's go ahead and click install now And let's go ahead and activate the Plugin as well and then the great thing About that is there's nothing more that You have to do all the external links That are added to your website will now Open in a new window And if you want a few more Gutenberg or Block editor tips and tricks then you Can watch this video next as I walk you Through step by step on how to use the Block editor or your WordPress site and I'll see you over there

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