How To Make An Ecommerce Website With WordPress EASY – SureCart Tutorial

Learn how to make an online store website with WordPress using the best WordPress ecommerce plugin, SureCart.

We cover every detail of running an ecommerce website in our signature non-techie style, so anyone can follow along.

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Table Of Contents
00:00:00 – Ecommerce
00:12:38 – Getting Started
00:14:38 – Make Website
00:20:14 – Install SureCart
00:23:03 – Store First Look
00:24:10 – Important Settings
00:28:04 – Menu Cart
00:33:12 – Creating Products
00:44:13 – Customize Product Page
00:53:44 – Custom Product Templates
00:55:30 – Product Collections
00:56:58 – Selling Products
00:58:05 – Traditional Storefront
01:02:12 – Instant Checkout
01:05:18 – Custom Checkout Forms
01:13:17 – Visually Customizing Everything
01:19:31 – Customize Cart
01:22:28 – Customize Checkout
01:24:43 – Customer Area
01:28:39 – Product List Block
01:32:06 – Core Features Coupons
01:35:28 – Setup Tax
01:40:00 – Tax Overrides
01:42:42 – Shipping
01:47:54 – Order Management
01:49:50 – Order Fulfillment
01:51:40 – Go Live
01:58:14 – Subscriptions
02:21:29 – Revenue Boosters
02:24:48 – Order Bumps
02:30:17 – One-click Upsells
02:36:25 – Affiliate Program
02:45:26 – Affiliate Coupons
02:46:51 – Affiliate Overrides
02:50:47 – Common Use Cases
02:51:06 – Donations
02:58:09 – Selling Software Licenses
03:00:11 – Free Shipping Over Amount
03:01:50 – Zero Dollar Transactions
03:03:24 – Not Charge Tax To Certain Customers
03:04:42 – Custom Thank You Pages
03:05:49 – Integrate Data With Apps

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All of the opinions expressed in this video are my own, I was not paid to make this video. Whenever there is a link in any of my videos, if there is a referral program available, please assume that you are clicking on a referral link.

I've had e-commerce websites for the Past 8 years in this video I'm going to Show you how to set up an online store An e-commerce business for yourself and I'm going to do it non- teie style that Means it's going to make sense to Everyone I'm going to take all my years Of experience and pour it into this Video and share all the different Insights that I've gained over the past Eight years so let me show you what the Outcome's going to be what we're Building in in this video we're covering Everything in deep detail there's time Stamps for everything so I found this uh Product on AliExpress it's a karaoke Machine it's only 9 cents if you can Believe that and so we made a website Based on this now here is that website The video is not really about creating Websites it's about making online E-commerce stores so here's the website That we end up creating around this Karaoke machine and let me show you what The Shopper experience is like cuz we Customize it throughout this video and You're going to learn how to customize All aspects of it to make it look Exactly how you want so first we made This shop page right here and this is The product we made here's some of the Sample products that show you everything You can do with the e-commerce tool so We made this product right here and it

Just has a real fun beautiful product Page you can customize these product Pages in you're going to learn that as Well in the video and so if I want to Buy this I would click on add to carts And then there is this customized Slideout panel that you can see your Buyer can change quantities can remove Products you can customize this all the Text and colors you can see I tried to Add the the brand of the website to it And I'll go ahead and click on checkout And this is going to take me to a very Shopify looking Shopify feeling checkout Page and this is all customizable as Well you could put the custom fields in Here radio boxes you could do a bunch of Things but there's already some things I Did so you can see I had it match the Brand and by the way this looks amazing On a mobile device so on the left column Here this is a physical product so There's shipping options for it there's Realtime tax calculations so you don't Have to worry about that you just toggle A switch and it's going to calculate the Tax I've also added an order bump this Is a great way to generate more revenue For from each order is by having one of These order bumps here and so I'll go Ahead and fill this out and you'll see That there's a tax that gets calculated There's shipping options and all of that I just need to pop in my my address okay

You can see here there's a tax Calculation it's coming in at a lower Rate because the e-commerce system has a Way to override the tax rate in those Special cases where some products you Might sell have a different tax rate Here's my order bump I've got my address And here are the shipping options so I Added a free shipping option you're Going to learn how to set up shipping if You're selling physical products you Could sell digital products and Subscriptions but this is for physical Products and then down here I've added a Credit card number this is a test mode Type of thing so I'm going to go ahead And click on the purchase button and We'll see what happens next I really Love this and uh what what we're trying To do is take the eight years of Experience that I have to to show you How to generate orders where people Purchase a bit more so we're going to See right here it instead of going to a Confirmation that you just placed an Order it's going to show a one-click Upsell and so what happened what just Happened is the first order was placed And now based upon that order based upon What the order had in it the products This extra product is being offered at a 50% discount so you're going to learn How to add these oneclick upsells so That you can encourage people to buy

More simple example someone's buying Some shoes from you you set it up if Someone's buying shoes give them a One-click upsell to offer them maybe a Shoe cleaner maybe a shoe cleaner kit Maybe some socks something that you know Is going to go great with that pair of Shoes or what they've purchased so here It is you can see there's a countdown Timer going on we have this this message Here to let someone know oh hold on uh Your your your order is not complete yet There's one more thing for you to check Out and here's this onetime discount Right here and all the buyer needs to do For you to generate more revenue from This order is click this one button add To my order and I'll do it right now They I don't have to put my address in Again I don't have to put my credit card Number in again and boom the order is Done I'll click on continue and this Takes you over to a fully customizable Customer area so every part of this Customer area I show you in this video How to customize and it's going to show Your customer all their order history And they can click into it for example I'll click into this and as a customer I Can see everything I ordered the status Of the shipment of this I can click on This button right here to download a Receipt or an invoice for it I see the Full breakdown including uh right here

The discount that I got from that Oneclick upsell I see the tax I paid as A customer I can fully manage all of my Orders and stay in the loop down here is A subscription plan I also purchased Inside of the video and I'll show you How to sell subscriptions and as a Customer I could go in here and I can Manage my subscriptions as well the E-commerce tool we're going to be using Is called sh cart it's an e-commerce Plug-in for WordPress and you can use it To sell anything if I scroll down it Also lists it right here you can sell pH Physical products digital products Recurring Subscriptions and installment plans Which is really cool oneclick order Bumps oneclick upsells and managing your Store is super easy for example here's An example of another product in this Store and this product has multiple Subscription options so for this I can Subscribe monthly or I can get an annual Subscription I can choose here as the Buyer for you physical product sellers There's variation support so that's if You have a t-shirt or in this case a Hoodie and there's multiple sizes and Multiple colors the customer can just Choose the size and color multiple Variations is fully supported by this Ecommerce tool very easy to set up you Can also have a subscribe and save setup

This is the hottest thing in e-commerce Why sell a product one time to someone When you can sell it repeatedly to them Through subscription at a discount where You you mail them the product every Month you can easily set up a subscribe And save setup right here so you would Display your product as a onetime Purchase or subscribe and save so I can Save a bit of money and it's Automatically sent to me this is amazing For consumables I use this all the time With Amazon I have them shipping me Coffee beans uh spin drifts it's a drink I like to have everything and that's not All we're also going to set up an Affiliate program in this video and That's where where you can have people Referring buyers to your store and you Give them a simple commission we're Going to go over that all the details of Setting up an affiliate program and Managing an affiliate program now you Might be thinking wow that sounds all Kind of complicated it's really not when Using sh cart everything really gets Reduced down to a toggle because Everything is seamlessly integrated you Don't have to go and um go and get a Plug-in here a plug in there someone Different made that someone different Made that and I got to now make them all Work together and I got to learn how They all work that's not how sh cart

Works and that's the beauty of it and That's why it's so simple and seamless Is because it's all reduced down to just Turning a feature on turning a feature Off so for example if I go into the Settings of sh cart right here and uh Right here is let's see the affiliate Program it's really just toggling a Switch and filling out a few pieces of Information and boom the affiliate Program is up and running and it's Seamlessly integrated with every part of Your site the same thing goes for taxes You literally just turn this on pop in Your address where what is the area that You need to collect taxes for if you're In in the EU it has all the the options For that vet included local reverse Charges things like that it has it all And also the EU vet number real-time Lookup it it has all of that uh built in The same thing goes for shipping it's Literally just reduced to a simple Toggle that you enable now the reason The videos as long as it is is because I Go over all the details so you can Consume as much detail as you want in This video uh or just skip to the parts That matter to you that you're you're Mostly interested in learning how to set Up now if I haven't introduced myself Yet sorry my name is Adam and you can Tell I have a YouTube channel and I make These videos I'm a little rusty at it uh

But I make these YouTube videos and I've Been doing it for a few years but I also Have been in the eCommerce business with Multiple stores over the past eight Years and over that time those stores Have generated over eight figures in Revenue combined over that period of Time and the reason that's important is I've used every single e-commerce tool That's available and I've experienced a Lot of the pains and that's why I use sh Cart it's because shart solves all of Those pains so the traditional WordPress E-commerce setup you might have Experienced you add a plugin that Doesn't have everything you need in it Then you have to go and add a bunch of Extensions and buy a bunch of extensions And you're left with a website with a Ton of plugins a ton of different user Interfaces a ton of different code that Has different quality and might have Bugs and incompatibilities your Constantly clicking the update button Because you have these 10 or 15 add-ons Just to make your store do what you need It to do and it gets actually very Complex very delicate and very expensive For having a setup like that and then on Top of it your website works really slow And you have to get a more powerful more Expensive web Hosting account just to Support all of that and that is not a Fun way of having an e-commerce setting

Up if you're trying to focus on your Business and grow your business so That's why shart is the perfect fit nits It's like the hottest e-commerce tool Right now there's 30,000 merchants and It's growing using shart because it's Easy it's so much easier it's so much More fun to use everything's reduced Down to a few toggle switches so that's Why I wanted to make this video to show People how to set it up for their use Case whether you're selling physical Products digital products digital Downloads courses membership programs Donations you're selling your services To people you can use this one E-commerce tool for all of those Different use cases so in this video We're going to cover nine core topics And there's timestamps to everything so You'll be able to jump around very Easily and get to the parts that you Want and if you want to go over Something a second time you can you can Easily find it through those timestamps Now I'll most likely make this video Again in the future because interfaces Can change new features come out things Slightly change a little bit and I'm Pretty much sure I'm going to remake This video in a six months to a year so I want to know from you while you're Watching the video which parts you think I could go deeper on if I miss something

That really mattered to you I I want to Hear about that in the comment section Below so I can get better at making These videos for you And while you're at it if you could give This video a thumbs up and subscribe if You want to follow along on additional Videos that I make on this e-commerce Tool short cart is made to work with any WordPress theme so you probably already Have a website so it's going to be no Problem adding short cart to your Website for this video though I'm going To be using the Astro theme has a couple Little extra goodies for short cart when You're using it with short cart and but You'll have no problem with whatever Theme you're already using for your Website and also as it relates to web Hosting short cart's not as resource Hungry as other WordPress e-commerce Plugins so whatever web hosting you have Should be absolutely fine uh you don't Have to buy some expensive web hosting Plan specifically designed for E-commerce in order to use sh cart on Your website and have a great experience Using it so for example here is Hostinger you could visit this page by Going to order new and you Can see the hosting here is really Affordable it's only uh$ 3.99 per month Depending on the term you choose so I'll Click on choose plan now this business

Plan is what most people typically go For when they're getting hosting here at Hostinger you just choose the term and This is kind of like a prepayment so if You just wanted to pay for a year it It's actually $4.99 per month and scroll Down now uh there's also a coupon you Can enter right here it says have a Coupon code you can pop in WP crafter And it's going to reduce this even Further so you could save even more Money so you could use an affordable web Hosting service like hostinger if you Want but I'm going to build this website Just for the purposes of this tutorial Using zip WP which has an AI website Builder built into it so we can have Something to go off of all right so you Can follow along if you like just go to Zwp domcom create a free account and You'll see exactly what I'm seeing right Here so what I'll do is go right here Where it says build site with AI and It's going to take me through the Process of creating a website now the Website will actually be building today For this tutorial video I was on AliExpress and I saw this karaoke Machine I thought Wow Let's uh make a Website ite where in a store where we're Selling karaoke machines and karaoke Systems and so you see right here you Can buy this one for just 99 Cents and Uh comes with two mics and a speaker so

This is perfect so uh let's go ahead and Create this website so I'm going to call This karaoke fun and then right here I Just need to choose the type of uh Website it is so I'm going to choose E-commerce all right here it is E-commerce and this site will be in English I'll click on continue and in This step I just need to put a Description of the website so what I'll Do is I'll put a brief sentence in there And I'll copy over some of the features Of that karaoke machine so I just Entered uh we sell karaoke systems for Home use they are fun for groups as well As anyone that loves singing and in the Product description here I'll just Scroll down and I'm going to go right Here where it says feature and I'll take This and the only reason I'm doing this Is there's more descriptions in here Specific to to the capabilities of the Karaoke machines as well as like use Cases and things like that so let's go Ahead and paste that in so we got a Bunch of text in here but what you Really want to do is click this option Here that says improve with AI and what This will do is it's going to take all This text and it's going to improve the Website description based on it so I've Gone ahead and clicked on it you Definitely if you're doing this you want To do that and now that it's uh improved

It with AI I'm just going to uh read it Really quick and make any adjustments All right I just made one little text Edit and I'll click on continue to go to The next step and this is where I can Pop in some business information so You'd want to pop in the address and the Email address the email will configure The contact form for you and the address Will be added to the contact page as Well as the phone number if you wanted To do that pop that in along with any Social media profiles and that would be Added I'll skip this and just continue And on this step we need to choose some Images and these are all royaltyfree you Can use them on your website also There's an option here to upload your Own images but what I'm going to do is I'm going to go through and select a few You literally just click on it and That's all you have to do to select These images so I'm going to go ahead And select a few of them all right I've Selected a few images I'll click here And you can see the images I chose I Like to choose aspirational photos of People using the product and and Enjoying themselves or very happy or Maybe how they see themselves when They're using it so you might see Yourself is this with the karaoke system Is this Rockstar or whatever uh so That's why I chose these uh so I'll go

Ahead and click on continue and now this Step is really cool it's where you're Able to choose the design of the website And there's a lot of options that are Going to be shown to me and it's going To give me just a kind of a glimpse Preview of it using the images and just Changing a little bit of the uh text so Now these first two options here Actually already have short cart added You can click on the little I and it Tells you what they have and here it Says it has short cart now for this Video I'm not going to choose those Because I want to show you for the video Installing short cart from scratch but If you are making an e-commerce store With short cart and you're using zip WP You can go ahead and and choose one of These if you wanted uh it's entirely up To you so as you scroll down here you're Going to be shown lots of different Designs that you can choose from and When you get to the bottom like this if You wait a second it's going to start Showing you even more designs so I'm Going to scroll down I happen to have One in mind so I'm going to scroll down Until I find it this is the one I have In mind um I'll probably have to to Change the placement of those images so I'll click on it and when you select one Of these there's some options to add Your logo change the font uh style as

Well as change the color palette so I Actually like the font style right here And I'm going to change the color Palette I don't have a logo it's just For this video you can preview the Website and the layout and see if you Want it you can go back and choose a Different one but I'm going to go Forward with this um I'll probably need To change out some of those images which Is easy I'll click on continue this step You can choose features to add to the Website um I'm just going to click on Start building and start building now This process should take under a minute And the website will be created okay We're all done and uh here's the log to The site I can click right here to Customize the website this is just going To log me into it and we'll take a look At the website really quick you can see I'm just at the WordPress dashboard so I'll go here and visit the site this is Fine I probably would change out these Images a little uh it just takes a Second but the text is perfectly good Elevate your Home karaoke experience and It's really getting people excited about Singing karaoke at home and that they Can do it um all right so now that we Have this all set up let's install sh Cart so let's go back to the WordPress Dashboard and then I'm going to go where It says plugins and I'm going to choose

This option that says add new plugin and Over here on the top right we're going To search for sh cart all you need to do Is type in sh cart for that and here it Is I'll click on install now this should Just take a few seconds and then we're Going to activate sh cart there we go Activate perfect and now it's activated You can click on the dashboard and now You're going to see a new Option here That says sh cart now when you click on It it's going to start this step-by-step Onboarding process I'm going to click The X here on the top right and come Back to it and that's because I know one Of the things that's going to ask is for The color that you want for the store The primary color and it's going to use This in all sorts of ways so I want to Get the color before I do the onboarding But don't worry you could just do the Step-by-step onboarding process and you Can change the color later I just want To get the color right now so let's go To the front of the site I'm going to Click on customize because I want to get That pink out so you should probably Know the color codes of the colors You're using on your site sometimes I Just use black uh okay so here's the Color I'm going to click on it and I'm Going to copy this into my clipboard and Then let's go ahead and get out of there So now I have the color in my clipboard

Okay let's go back and start that Onboarding I'll click where it says get Started create a new store and then here It is the very first thing it asks so Let me paste it in and you can see now That color is there uh which is perfect Or you can click on the color and just Choose something uh you can you can do It that way as well then we want to Choose the store's currency I'm going to Leave this at United States dollar Bottom right I'll click on continue now For this video and I would suggest for Your testing purposes or when you're Learning short cart uh I can start from Scratch and there's no products or I can Choose this option here that starts with Some demo products and you can easily Delete these but these demo products are Really good for seeing different ways That you can configure your products so I'm going to choose that and then I'm Going to go and choose continue this you Want to make sure you have the right Email address because this is going to Pre-configure those email notifications That ecomer stores need so when an order Is placed this is where the notification Is going to go that you just made a sale So you want to pop in the correct email There and then click on continue this Just takes literally 10 seconds and the Whole store is done being created now I'm going to show you the experience on

The front and uh where we're at right Now but keep in mind there's a couple Adjustments we're going to have to make Here or there to get it just right and I'm going to show you how to make all of Those adjustments in this video so I'm Going to click right here where it says View my store and what it's going to do Is it's going to take me to a page that Was created Called the shop page and this is going To show a list of your products now Don't worry about the design of this Right now we can fully edit this later But this is just what it's going to look Like out of the box and here are those Uh dummy products now this right here is Called the product list and we can style This and change this all that we want And here's a variety of the products That are available let's go ahead and Click into this product it's named Subscribe and save and so right now this Is the product page don't worry we're Going to adjust this and it's going to Look beautiful but this is what it's Looking like out of the box we'll spend A minute or two making some adjustments And it will end up looking uh fantastic All right before we make those visual Edits let's go back and take a look at Some important short cart settings so I'm going to go back to my dashboard and Then from here when I click on sharecart

Now you're going to see I got all these Things here that are for my store orders Products coupons subscriptions if you're Selling those Affiliates if you're Having those customers you definitely Want those um and then some of the Important parts of your website such as That shop page your checkout page and All of that we're going to customize all This stuff but what we want to do is go Right here to the settings and we'll go Over some of the settings really quick Now this is where you're going to Configure out your entire store so let's Take a look at some of the important Settings just so that you know they're There and they're options for you so First place that you'll end up is where It says Store settings and this is very Important these are where you're going To need to fill in information about Your business for compliance purposes so Right here's your store name and you can Change this at any point by the way any Of this stuff you can change the Currency the time zone of your store What's important though is to put Something here for the terms p page and The privacy policy page so you're going To want to create a page on your website Called terms and a page that says Privacy policy but I believe WordPress By default adds a privacy policy so it's Important to add that important

Information then down here is your Notification settings so that email from The onboarding is right here but you Also want to put a sender name so this Can be your name it can be the name of The store that's the one sending this Email out actually since this is going To be seen by customers so when they get Emailed a receipt or a subscription Remind reminder notice this is the Sender name that will show there as well So you're going to want to make sure That this says something that you're Fine with your customer seeing so Typically the name of your store or your Brand you'll pop that in right there and Then right here is a very important Section it's contact information now the Reason this is important is for email Compliance so there's a lot of rules on Email delivery and email uh compliance As well as invoices and receipts this Info right here is going to be added in Use for a lot of these things so it'll Be send it'll be used for the can can Spam compliance all kinds of things so You'll want to make sure you pop in the Email address you want to show on the Receipts and invoices phone number Contact information the address it's Very important and this will show inside Of those receipts and this will show on The bottom of email notifications that Go out just for compliance and delivery

Purposes I know that sounds like a lot But it will just take a moment or so and It'll make sure that your store is set Up the right way from day one and if you Ever need to change any of that Information just come here to the store Setting and you'll be able to uh change That information okay and then we have This second option here that says design And branding and this is where you can Change that color that we set in the Onboarding process and this is also Where you can go to add a logo you'll Probably want to add a logo because It'll be used in the emails it'll be Used in the customer dashboard it'll be Used on the checkout so that'll be nice To have but if you don't have a logo Don't worry I'm not going to add a logo For this video all right if uh select a Theme this is actually cool if you have A dark themed website you can try the Dark style there and then here's the Cart and let's see the settings here so The cart is enabled the cart is going to Be a slideout cart but what we want to Do for this is Automatically add an icon to the Navigation on the front of the website Let me show you that really quick so Right here's the navigation we're going To customize this a little bit but I'd Like somewhere over here to have an icon For the shopping cart so let's go ahead

And configure that down here so uh you Can choose the icon that's used I'll I'll stick with this one now let's have Fun let's go with this other one and Then it says the cart icon type there's A floating icon this would be on the Bottom right so someone has uh product In their cart it would show there that's Actually not my preference I actually Just like having the menu icon But it's entirely up to you and you can Try these and you can actually have both So I'm going to click on menu icon and Then right here I need to choose the Menu so this would be choosing the menu That has been created on your site and This has one called main menu and uh Then I can choose where I want the icon And if I want it to always show I'll Click on save so you saw just a second Ago there was nothing in the header but Now let me go to the front of the site And you can see now we have the shopping Cart icon and so they'll be uh it'll Look different when someone has added a Product to the cart which is pretty cool And when you click on it you have this Uh slide out cart right here so let's go Back and start going through the rest of The settings okay there's another tab Here orders and receipts this is where You can customize the order numbering System it could be sequential it can be Random number where you want it to start

You can add a prefix and then down here A memo to add to invoices and receipts And there's a bunch of other options Here that we're going to go over later So we'll go over abandon checkouts later In the video notifications uh these are The emails that go out you can choose Which ones you want which ones you don't Want to go out and there's also here you Can customize the design of these emails All right subscriptions this is going to Have some of the behavior of Subscriptions but later in the video We'll go specifically go over Subscriptions and subscription saver uh We'll also go over setting up this Affiliate platform we'll we'll have a Section where we're going over setting Up taxes for your store and we'll also Have a uh segment in the video where We're going after uh going going over Setting up the shipping the payment Processors here uh is data export you Can export the data at any point uh if You want to like uh have a separate copy Of it that maybe you load into some Google Sheets or something and then we Have some final advanced settings uh Here that I'll touch on some of them at A later point in this video so I'm going To spend a moment to fill this out great I populated my time zone my terms Pages The sender the address information I Have it all loaded up in there and

Hopefully you have that as well so now The final step in setting this up is This option that you see at the very top This green Banner that says complete Your store setup and go live or to go Live so what this is going to do is walk Us through creating our short cart Account for everything so all you have To do is Click where it says complete Setup and it's going to take us to Create an account now if you already Have a short card account and you just Want to add an additional store there's This option right here that says log in Actually it's right here it says already Signed up sign in so it doesn't say log In it says sign in so I'll go ahead and Sign into my account I already have an Account but it's real simple actually You know what I'll just create a new Account uh just for this video now you Can see right here you can also click This button here if you're logged into Google and just link it all up with your Google account so you only have to put Three things in a name your email and Your password I've gone ahead and done That I'll go and click on sign in and Now I just have to answer a few Questions uh so really just verify this Information so I store name store URL The currency the language the time zone I just set the time zone a second ago And then I'll click on next step and it

Says I'm all set that was real easy I'll Click right here to go back to my site And I'm back and we have this Banner Here that says setup is complete so Awesome we have completed this first Portion of this video our next step is To start creating products so I'm going To show you how to create a product and You're going to see all the options that You have available when creating a Product and we're also going to see how It looks on the front end of the site so I will click right here where it says Products underneath shart and we're Going to see all those products that Were in the demo data now don't worry It's super easy to bulk delete items so If I wanted to which we're not going to Do now but I could check this box and You can see how it's selected everything And then right above it it says bulk Actions and I can choose this delete Permanently and what that will do is go Ahead and remove out all of these Options you can also customize the Columns that you see here very easily if You look here on the top right it's says Screen options and if there's some bit Of information in one of these columns That you don't care to see you can just Uncheck the Box very easily and so we Have some information at a snapshot we Have the name of the product the price We have the quantity if you're using

Inventory on your products Integrations Collections that's kind of like Categories for grouping products I'll Cover that later is the product page Published or not is it featured and the Date so this is when it was created as Well as when it was edited so what I'm Going to do though is create a brand new Product and all you have to do is Click Right here where it says add new now the First step is to give your product a Name I've named my product karaoke fun Machine I'll click on Create and it's Going to now populate with all of the Options so let's take a quick glance Over these options and then I'm going to Go ahead and fill them out so we have Our name we have our description of the Product this is going to appear on the Product page and what I like to do here Is I like to get a little chat GPT help Sometimes to write a nice description That is benefits driven to uh sell Products so I'll do that in a moment Then right here we have this section Where we can add images multiple images And we'll do that then we could set a Price for the products here's an option For inventory and this is if we are Going to track inventory so we can Enable this then there's an option here For product variations this is very Simple the word always kind of scared me In the early days but product variation

Is real simple so it's a different Variations of the product that you have And you see this most with different Sizes so if you your product has a small Medium and en large those are the Variations of this product and you can Have multiple variations so it could be Um colors and sizes very easy to set up And we'll have to go over that Integrations is typical if you want to Use a shart product to integrate it with Other WordPress products uh so when you Click on add a new integration actually Let me save and publish this product First and now I can click on add a new Integration you can see all of these Different uh products here that you can Integrate with all right this product Does not need an integration and Downloads is if you want to attach a Secure digital download to a product so Uh that option is available licensing We'll cover that a little bit later Search engine listing information so This is what we show when someone's Searching for the product in Google let Me scroll back up to the top and we have Some info here in this column first we Have uh publishing so if I wanted to Make this product a featured product I'll show you in a moment when we use Featured products or how you can use This option and then availability of the Product so sometimes you might have a

Product in here that is not purchasable So right here you can click on any of These and change it so if this is Unavailable for purchase I can just Change that right there and then the Product page so you don't have to Publish the product page uh if you don't Want it listed there And that was that page we looked at Earlier in the video that listed out of The product so if you don't want your Product listed there you can go here and Just put the product page in draft and Then there's the template we'll cover That in a moment and then the direct Link to the product you have full Control over clicking on this and Editing what that is here's the link and Here's the specific part of the link all Right now we have some shipping options So is this a physical product or digital Product so obviously this is going to be A physical product so I'm going to Choose physical product and I'll enter The weight I don't know what the weight Is so I'll just put a pound right now Now there's other metrics right here for The weight shart is used for selling Physical and digital Goods so that's why You have the option here and then uh is There tax to be charged on this product We'll cover tax later but this is nice Cuz if you are charging tax but maybe Not charging tax on this product cuz it

Doesn't need to be text you have the Option right here collections are like Categories so if you want to group your Products together then we have an option Here to limit how many times a customer Can actually purchase this product and Then if you're using the affiliate Platform there this is some options for It there so I'm going to go ahead and Start filling this out now the first Thing I need to do is get a description Going so let's go back to my product and Uh here here's my features right here Now a lot of us have bad habits with E-commerce and we write out all these Features when we really should be Writing out the benefits so I find it's Best to just ask chat GPT or some kind Of AI tool to help me out a little bit With that so let's go and copy this and Jump into chat GPT and ask for a little Help what's cool about chat GPT recently You don't even need a log in so I didn't Log in uh you don't even need an account Anymore which is cool all right so down Here uh let me write out my what I'm Going to ask for okay what I put was uh Please write out a short benefit driven Product description based upon this list Of features and then I just pasted in The list of features uh I don't actually Know how this is going to come out uh Hopefully yeah so I'm going to Definitely have to say make much shorter

That's pretty long there you are make Much shorter let's see actually uh I Think I rather have it in kind of five Bullet points there we go so convert Into five bullet points that's probably More like it for e-commerce this is Describing it Crystal Clear vocals Stable connection actually that's not That good uh portable and light weight Design elevate your entertainment Experience okay this is actually fine um I would probably spend a little bit more Time on it so I'm copying and I'm Pasting it in here I'm going to edit This just a little bit perfect I've Tweaked that some that's going to be Fine for now uh and now I want to add Some images so I'll click on ADD now you Uh so I have these images here there's a Free Chrome extension called Ali save And it will just download the images Automatically for me which I did so I've Gone ahead and downloaded those you just Click on upload Media or drag and drop Your images so I'll go ahead and do that Right now now that I've uploaded my Images I actually have to select them in The order I want so I'm going to click On image number one and what you want to Do here there's um something called alt Text and this is really good for Accessibility for accessible um making Your store very accessible to people With screen readers and things like that

So you'll probably want to write Something descriptive here for your Image um describing it in words now There's AI tools for this I think I Could actually just upload this to chat GPT and it would crank out a description So you'll want to make sure you do that For your images so it's accessible to People that are using screen readers Okay so I'm selecting my images and I'm Choosing my files and you can see here Are all my files right here and I can as You can see the first image is a feature Is going to be the featured image it's The first image that's shown if you want To change that you can just drag and Drop rearrange so if I go like this you Can see when I let go now that image is Going to be my featured image okay so Let's continue on and you you can Actually edit your images at any time if I don't like an image I can get rid of It I can add more images it's quite easy Okay so now we're at the pricing and I'm Going to click on add a price and when You do that you get this really cool Slide out panel And this is a really unique feature of Shart you can have a product with Multiple prices so I can have a product With a one-time price an installment Plan a subscription plan a combination Of all of these it's very flexible but For this use I'm just going to have a

Single price for it okay if I wanted Those different options they're right Here installment subscription uh so for This I'm going to make the price uh $29.99 And the original price uh which is Called the compare at Price I'm going to Make $59.99 and so what it will do is it will Show this is the original price it'll Cross it out and it'll say this is the Sales price right here and then we have Some options here that are more for Digital products and Subscriptions uh and donations things Like that uh pay what you want expire Access uh exclude from upgrade options You don't need to pay attention to those For what we're where we're at right now In the video but I'll click on create Price and you can see right here now we Have a price and I can add more prices But for a fysical product there's really Only a reason to have this one price Right here so now we have um the track Quantity there's an option here if you Want to allow out of stock selling this Is entirely up to you and your business So for the available stock let's set This to to 50 units and I can also add a Skew number if I needed to okay I'm not Going to set a variance for this product Uh Integrations downloads or any of the Remaining items uh this is all good

Right now for what I'm trying to Accomplish I'll click on Save product And now what we're going to do is take a Look at the product for the first time And make some of those visual Improvements that we mentioned earlier That we'd want to make so I'm going to Click on view product And uh w we can see right there the Products looking great we have this Image gallery right here where I can go Through the different images that I Uploaded over here on the right we have Our product title we have our price we Have our description we have quantity And we have all of that now let me show You how to customize what a product page Will look like so I'm going to go back And I'm going to click on edit product And you can see right here there's this Option that says template and it says Default and then when we click on it There's two options and it's important To explain these options so the first One says the page layout now you saw by Default this is a brand new page by Default it chose short cart layout when I click on this the other option is to Choose the layout that comes from your Theme so when you choose short cart Layout out it's going to give you this Predictable result what you saw when you Choose the theme layout that basically Means your theme is going to control how

It looks so as we saw earlier in the Video the theme was trying to add in a Sidebar it had the title twice and it's Very unpredictable that's why there's This short cart layout and a theme Layout let me show you what the theme Layout looks like because when we looked At that product earlier it was using the Theme layout so I want to show you that So I can also show you how if you want To use the theme layout how you can Adjust it some all right I'm going to Now click on view product and you're Going to notice it's going to look a bit Different so you see right here this is How it looked earlier uh it's a little Unpredictable so uh it looks fine except We wouldn't want this sidebar here that Has nothing in it and we don't need this This uh title of it right here CU we Have the title here let me show you how To tweak this a little bit to get this Looking a little better so this is going To be using the WordPress customizer and That is typically where the settings are For your WordPress theme so I'm going to Click on customize and I'm using Astra And I'm just using the free version of It and you can see down here there's an Option that says short cart so it sees That short cart's on the site so I'm Going to click on short cart then I'm Going to click on products and then I'm Going to click right here it says single

Sh cart products and this is going to be Some options for the layout here so the First thing is I don't need this uh Product title area right here so I'm Going to disable that and it's going to Go away and then I don't need this Sidebar so when I scroll down there's an Option here that says sidebar layout and I believe this right here it says no Sidebar and so what that's going to do Is it's going to spread that out as well I actually really like the way this Looks with the white background kind of Framed a little bit so I think I'm going To leave I'm going to save this and this Is going to be the design that I go for With all of the products now there's one Other thing that might happen to you and It's not happening to me but you can see On the product page there's two options Add to cart or buy now and what you Might notice is depending on your theme That the buy now button or the second Button listed here might have an odd Formatting now in Astra it's really easy To fix so let me show you how you would Fix that here so I'm going to go back All the way back to my list of settings I'm going to click where it says Global And then buttons now this is where I Said Astra has a couple goodies and this Is one of them uh you can style your Primary button and your secondary button So two buttons and automatically what

You set for the primary button is going To go here and secondary button going to Go here so I can click on secondary and I can change and customize the style of That button very easily now I'm going to Show you what you can do if you're not Using Astra and that button's not Looking right I'm going to show you how To adjust that as well but everything's Looking pretty good here so let's go Ahead and publish my changes and then I'm going to click on the X to get out Of the customizer and now I got this I I Really like the design of this and uh It's working for me now what we'll want To do is uh see how it looks with the Other products but it's going going to Probably look great and so you can see Right here we have that scratch price The sales price this is uh looking very Very good now let me show you how you Can make adjustments to the product page Layout you have full design control over It so let me go back into edit product Because remember there was two options To look at under where it said template So I'm going to click where it says Default and I think for all my products I'm going to stick with the theme layout I like how I adjusted it uh now there's This other option here that says Template and this is going to be the Design of the product page the elements And the blocks and all that and and how

It looks so if you wanted to maybe swap The gallery and the The Columns of Information or change things in any way Design wise you can create custom Product page design templates and you Can choose which products will have that Design so there's this default design Right here here but what I can do is Click here right at the top there's this Icon and when I hover over it it says Add templat so this means I can make a Brand new template let's just do that For the sake of this video I'll click on It and I can give this template a name Now if you just wanted to have one Template and make some adjustments you Can do that as a matter of fact I think We should do that before I make a custom Template uh let me X out of that so if You want to edit the design of the Template that is selected here you click On edit template and it's going to take You in this whole different interface Where you can design out the elements Inside of your product page and exactly How it looks so I'll click on get Started and then here it is so this is Using the WordPress block editor so I Can click this icon right here to see The list View and expand this out and This is going to be all the components That make up my product page and when I Click this icon over here on the top Right these are going to be the settings

For each component so for example um I Can click right here where it's I Actually can visually click on anything So I can click right here where it says Product title you can see now it's Selected here and then over here on the Right I have all the customization and Styling options so if I want to make the Font size larger I can easily do that Here I can make any change that I want To spacing padding colors to fully Customize how this looks um and this is Actually how you would fix that button The second button if you didn't like how It looked so I can click on the button Right here and it takes me all the way Down to selecting it and then I have the Options right here and all of these Different components have options that You can customize to make it how you Would want it so for example this is the Buy now button uh here's where you can Set the text if you're out of stock Or if it's unavailable and I can set the Width of the button if I just wanted a 50% width I can go like that I'll leave It at the 100% also though there's these Options here where they are for Styles So I can set the different styles sizes And all of that and so this is where you Would fix any styling issues if your Theme doesn't support that secondary Button okay so you would have this here Sizing and spacing uh so like a real

Quick thing uh say you didn't want the Buttons stacked like this and you wanted Them side by side well I can click on The add to cart button and then for the Width settings change that to 50% then I Can click on the buy now button and for The width settings I can set that to 50% And it's now merged both of those into The single line like that and that's how You have visual control over all of These so let me actually go back cuz I Don't want to edit it like that uh and All of these different components you Can rearrange or if you don't need it For your store you can remove them so Here's the quantity switcher if I wanted To change the word quantity I would do It right here and if I didn't want it I Can click these three dots right here And just delete it uh and you can always Get it right back by clicking on the Plus uh right here on the top right and You get all these components right back And you can rearrange things so if I Wanted uh the price to be at the top I Can click on it click the arrow up and You can see now the price is the first Thing you see I actually prefer it down Uh so this is how you can customize it Exactly how you want and then you would Simply click on Save okay I'm going to Go back I don't want to save this I Didn't make any fundamental changes and Then you could also do the same thing by

Creating a custom template for your Product pages so if you want some Products to look a certain way and some To look a different way you can easily Do that you click the option here you Give it a name and this name can be Anything you want so say I wanted a Special design for the microphones I'm Selling I can choose the word mics click On Create and now what you'll see Underneath template there's two options The default and the new one called mics And I can click on edit template uh Actually let me save the product really Quick whenever you get that warning just Save your product and then I'm going to Click on edit template it's going to Take me into the template editor and These changes will only apply to the mic Template and they'll only show on Products that I've assigned this mic Template for and you can fully change The uh this is actually really cool so We've got these two columns say I wanted The info on the left and the images on The right I can literally just uh Rearrange it and you saw it just went And swapped out like that so it's super Flexible and you can easily do that I'll Go ahead and save this click on Save and Then I'm going to go back to my product Page and now let's click on view you're Going to see that I flipped them it was That easy and if I look at other

Products it won't be flipped because it Has the default template assigned to it So the templating system is super Powerful inside of uh shortcut here and And you can truly do really unique Things with the product pages okay let Me save this and let me quickly show you Product collections right here uh this Is just a grouping of products so if I Wanted to have a category or a group of Products called mics or karaoke systems Or Accessories it's super easy to do this You just click on add new you give it a Name right here the collection and name And then right here you can give the Collection a description click on Create And so now it's created and let me go Back to my products and I'm going to Show you how to add a product to that New collection so if I scroll down it Says Collections and I can click on add To collection it's going to list all my Collections out and I can just choose it And a product can be in more than one Collection let me save this and now when I go back to that collection and I click On miks you're going to see That the product is in the collection See where it says products and now it Says one product if you want to see all The products in a collection you can Click on this link and pretty pretty Much what it does it takes you back to

The list of products but it shows and Them filtered so here is a filter so This is all products this is products in Particular collections so if I click on Products again you'll see I can see all My products again and you can see I've Got my product preview image to make it Easy to find my product my name the Price and you have the quantity Displayed right there now in this Section of the video we're going to go Over selling your products you just Learned how you can create products on Your site but now is exciting because We're going to go over selling them and Short card is very unique and flexible When it comes to selling your products Because it offers three different ways That you can actually sell it so the First one's a traditional storefront We'll go over that in a second the Second option is something called an Instant checkout page they're really Cool really fast and it's effortless to Get going and the third o option is Creating custom checkout forms that you Pre-configure the products in them and Then you place these forms anywhere on Your website so you see these in the Real world where you might visit a sales Page and it's talking about a product Specifically and then there's a form to Buy it instantly right where you are Someplace on the page and so that's an

Instant checkout form so it allows you To turn sales pages into checkout Pages Anywhere on your website so let's go Over these three different ways that you Could sell products on your website so The first is the traditional storefront That's where you see a list of products You go into a product you add it to the Cart and then you purchase it let's go Over what that looks like for a user Right now but keep in mind uh with this We are going to customize all this in The next segment of the video so I'm Going to go to the site title here and There's an option here that says visit Store and this is the page that was Created by short cart now you probably Want to take the link to this page out Of convenience and add that to your menu Navigation as a matter of fact let's Just go ahead and do that quickly right Now so um I have a quicker way to get to It so I'm going to go to my dashboard And we're going to go to appearance and Menus and this is the menu That's Displaying on my site here and you can See the most recent page created was That shop page so I'm going to add that To the menu and you can place this Wherever you want in the order I'll just Uh maybe place it there I'll remove this Homepage link uh just like that and I Don't need like a portfolio on this site There we go that looks uh perfect and I

Actually don't need Services either Wonder F so I'll go ahead and click on Save menu so now when I just go to the Front of the site you can see it's shop About blog and content or contact so I Click on the shop page we'll customize This later including this list of Products but this is the traditional E-commerce flow a buyer goes here sees The product they want clicks on it looks At the beautiful Pro product page clicks On add to cart and This slide out cart appears where the Buyer can remove products or adjust Quantities they can click back and Continue shopping if they want and you You notice the menu uh there now has a One next to it so I'll click on that and Then let's go ahead and check out and Then here is the centralized checkout Form and we're going to actually Customize the look of this as well in The next segment uh so uh let's just go Ahead and place our first order together So I'm going to go ahead And check out at this point you can see The store and this checkout form is in Test mode so this is not a live order And you can toggle the mode uh right Here very easily but let me go ahead and Fill this out so we can see the Remaining parts of the buyer's Journey All right I've filled everything out and You can see there's the order summary

Here so I can adjust quantities if I Wanted to or remove items if I had Multiple items there's an option here to Add a coupon if I have a coupon perfect So I will click on purchase now pay Attention to these bits of text it says Submitting and then finalizing and the Reason I said that is because you can Customize those so if you want to make Those say something different that might Be more brand on brand for you you can Do that uh okay and then when someone Purchases they get this confirmation That the purchase went through you can Also customize out this text Uh we'll go over that later and then Here I am in the customer area and we're Going to edit this uh customer area up But this is where a customer can go in And manage their purchases subscriptions Downloads all of it right here all their Account information so here's the order That I just placed you can see uh as a Buyer I'm able to see it's processing It's not shipped I can click into the Order and I can see details download a Receipt a PDF receipt seat invoice uh Right here see all the details uh down Here you on the bottom left is um my Name and I can click here and I can edit My payment methods and my address very Easily so we'll be going over fully Customizing the design of this uh now The next option is with the instant

Checkout so I'm going to go back to my Dashboard and I'll go into a product so Say I have a particular product and this Is maybe maybe my store is only going to Have one product or just a few products And I don't want to have the traditional Storefront flow and I also don't want to Do any work I just want to create a Product have a beautiful way to sell it Without requiring any effort on my part And that's the idea behind instant Checkout page is they have this Beautiful yet opinionated design that You can start using right now to sell Your products so you enable this by Going into a product that you've created So let's go into the product that we've Been using for this video now over here On the top right you see it says instant Checkout this is a button you can click On and it shows all these options and These options are going to determine how The instant checkout page looks so by Default this is not published it's just For your eyes only unless you click on This toggle here to publish it so we got Some options here for your store logo Which I actually didn't add in this Video um and uh elements in this page But let's just go ahead and look at the Page I'll click right here where it says Preview you can see it takes me to this Beautiful yet opinionated checkout page And I can enable and disable whatever I

Want if I don't want to show the product Image gallery don't have to if I don't Want to show the description of the Product I don't have to it's just the Toggle switch that I can turn on or turn Off uh this is beautiful out of the box You can quickly make a product and start Using this instant checkout page so let Me go back and or I'll just click here Where it says edit product and you can Let's go ahead and open up the options Again and you see here say I didn't want To show the product image or the Description or the coupon field you Don't always want to show the coupon Field you can just toggle these off or If I wanted to custom thank you page I Can toggle that on and when I am ready To start telling people that they can Purchase this product right here I just Need to toggle this publish option right There and then uh here's the link you Don't want to use the link that you were On when you were viewing it because some Extra stuff gets added to the URL you Don't want to share that one you want to Go here where it says link click on this Little icon and it's going to copy the Link the proper way into your clipboard You can start using that on your social Media on your email marketing campaigns Uh wherever you want you can start Sharing that link and people can go There and start purchasing right away

From you it's amazing how simple and uh Easy it is to do that so I'm going to Unpublish that and um that is instant Checkout now the next way you can sell Things is a using a custom checkout form And then placing this custom checkout Form anywhere on your website and you're Going to configure this checkout form With the products that you want in it For someone to purchase setting this up Is very simple there's multiple ways to Do it so I'm going to show you one way But there's other ways of doing it so I'm here in the sh cart settings or in The sh cart area of my site and at the Very bottom it says settings we don't Want to click on that but right above it It says custom forms and that's what we Want to click on so I'll go ahead and Click on that now you see one custom Form here already and that's that that Centralized store checkout that we just Did that transaction on uh just a moment Ago we're going to customize that in a Bit but we're going to create a brand New custom checkout form so I'll click On add new and it takes me here and the First thing is to give this checkout Form a name and then choose a starting Design if I want which will do so I'll Go ahead and give this a name all right Now that I have a name let's choose from One of these designs so these designs Are really showing you different

Possibilities with your cart cuz you Really have control over that whole Checkout form there's a lot of cool Things you can do so there's donation Forms in here there's just so many Options I'll just choose the the default Option right here I'll click on next and In this step we're going to Pre-configure the checkout right we're Going to add the products so let's click On add products and I'm going to choose That karaoke machine that we had the Karaoke fund machine there's some Options here if you are adding multiple Products uh which I'm not doing and uh Another option here for adding a custom Thank you page I'll just click on Create And it's going to create the checkout Form now when I'm displaying this on my Website I'm not going to have it display This wide I'm going to put it in a more Narrow kind of container um so uh let's Take a look at this at the very top here Is the most mode that the checkout form Is live or test mode and then you see The shopping cart icon when you click on That you can change the products that Are preconfigured on this checkout form Very easily um you can remove you can Change the quantity you're Preconfiguring it so let's click on the Icon again to get rid of that now There's all kinds of options here so When you click on this if you noticed

Here on the right I can change my Template I can change some spacing I can Change the highlight color so if this Color is not the color this is my store Color but if this is not the color for My sales page I can change that uh and There are some other options here for The loading text the success text um uh It's all right here let's see loading Success let me explain this really quick While we're at it remember when I was Doing that transaction I said oh pay Attention to these words well this is Where you change the words right here That's called the loading text and then After that was done there was a little Popup and and it said thank you for Placing your order and had some info and I said I'm going to show you how to Customize that well this is where you do It right here it's called the success Text right there so you can customize These these bits of text however you Want or translate them the way you can Always get back is in your form you Click in this top gray area and it's Just going to appear right there uh so This is just using kind of the block Editor so uh I can click this icon here On the top left and it shows a list of Everything that makes up my my form and You can see here is my name my payment Information since it's a physical Product the address will automatically

Display and each of these components I Can click in them and change things so Down here is the submit button or I Could have just clicked on the submit Button and you see over here on the Right I've got all kinds of options I Can change the text if I don't like that Little icon there I can toggle that off Uh I can do whatever I want this bit of Text down here if I don't like the that At all I can turn it off or I can change The text so each of these things as you Click into them there's going to be Options available to you to customize it To get it to work and look exactly how You want on top of that if you click on This plus and you scroll down to where It says sh cart there's all these Additional components you can add to Your checkout form and you can do this To the store checkout you can add order Bumps custom Fields radio boxes These different entry types checkboxes You can add so many different things to Really customize out the checkout form To make it look exactly how you want and Work exactly how you want it to end up Uh looking and working I'm going to keep It simple I'll click on publish and then I'm going to click on publish again and So now I have this checkout form so Let's go back I'm going to click on the WordPress logo and now you can see I've Got two forms that store checkout uh and

And then I have the the checkout form I Just created so now I need to put this Someplace on my website and uh there's Two ways to doing that if you're using Um the block editor Elementor soon Beaver uh no Beaver Builder soon bricks Builder uh there's a module or a block That you can just add that into your Sales page design and you've turned that Page into a checkout page if you're Using some other Maybe random page Building tool that's not as popular you Can drop this short code so since I'm Using the block editor all I need to do Is go and create a new page and this Will be my sales page now I'm not going To design a sales page right now uh but Let's I I just want to demonstrate how You can add the form anywhere on your Website so I'll go ahead and give this a Title so I named this uh karaoke special Offer I want to hide the title on my Page so I'm going to go ahead and throw In a container and I'm going to add a Head In here and then underneath it I want to Add a checkout form so to add the sh Cart checkout form I'll click on the Plus and you can start searching for Checkout or I'll scroll down to the Checkout uh the shart blocks and there's This one here called checkout form I'll Add this right there as fine it's saying Do you want to create a new form or

Select a form I'll select the form and Now I am here and I can click this to Reveal all the forms I've created or Searched for one I only have two so it's Easy I'll choose karaoke special offer That form and then I'll click on choose And here is that checkout form that I Created so now let me just spend a Minute to adjust the way this looks a Little bit and we'll take a look at it Great so here we are I've hidden the Title uh I've put it in this container I Kind of scrunched it in a little bit Ideally you would design something here And integrate this into it so you'd have A beautiful sales page and you would Just add the checkout form so I'm going To click on publish publish and then I'm Going to view the page and you can see Here is my checkout page and I've got That title I added I should probably add Some spacing underneath it to give it a Little breathing room um and uh here's The the checkout forms and I can change The quantity and you can control how This is all set up very easily uh you Can see the check off form is in line Mode let's switch that you can see in The admin bar I can change that to test Mode I'll click on okay to confirm and Now it's in a mode where I can actually Purchase it through that same test Processor that you saw a moment ago and So you are not seeing the greatest

Example of a design page where I'm Integrating this but uh you can design Your page however you want and and turn It instantly into a checkout page with Custom checkout forms now we're going to Go over maybe the moment you've all been Waiting for and that's customizing Everything so you can see a little bit When I've clicked here there in previous Segments that there's a lot of Flexibility to make everything look how You want it to look but now we're going To go ahead and start tweaking Everything uh to make it look maybe a Little bit more like our brand so let's First take a look at our store our shop Page so I'm going to go to the front of The site I'm going to click on shop you Saw earlier I added the menu item here For the store So first of all I want to get rid of This I don't like the way that it looks Now this is a theme thing so this Doesn't have anything to do with sure Cart per se your theme controls Typically if the title shows or whatever In this bit of design here uh but then What we'll do as well is we're going to I'll show you how to customize the way This looks and there's also filters Sorting and filters so filters would Show all those categories and all of That uh as well as a search option up Here so I'll click on edit page now

What's nice I'm using the Astro theme They have a really easy way of hiding a Page title you literally just click on It and go like that and that page title Is not going to show anymore let me Actually show you that really quick I'll Update and I'll show you and uh actually That did not work actually I know why That is I think I have to disable it a Different way that is specific to Astra So uh let me go back into the Ed edit Page there's this option here where There's the astro logo now a lot of Themes do the same thing they'll have The logo for the theme there and there's Some additional options for hiding Things so there's this option here that Says disable elements and there's this Option here this says disable Banner Area I think that is going to get it so I just clicked on Save now I'm going to Click on view page oh and I got rid of That Banner area perfect so now let's go Over designing this page out a little Bit so I'm going to go back into edit Page page now this is just a block Editor you can add whatever you want on The top some headings some designs uh Anything that you want I want to focus On editing the product list here so I'm Going to click right here on the top Left where it has the list view of Everything and let's start expanding This out so you can see there's this

Block here called product list and when I click on it it highlights everything Here in the center and over on the right I get a ton of options and this is great So you can choose how many columns you Want let's go over the options actually So uh there's uh the amount of columns Is showing as four which I think is good For e-commerce but if you wanted more Room you could go down to three uh how Many products per page so with with four It's showing two rows of colum of Products maybe I want since it's four And I want three rows I can increase This to 12 12 so now there's three rows Right three rows of products so that's Pretty cool there's some options here About Pation sorting search do you want these To be available the size of the Topography you really have all these Style options here as well for the Spacing but what most people actually Want to edit that's just more like the Structure of it what most people want to Edit is actually what's in the Individual item right because you can See this image does doesn't look great Um here because this image is not uh the Image itself is square but the frame Here that it's displayed in is not Square so you can actually edit what the Card design is so let's do that together So I'm selected on product list here's

This WordPress toolbar and there's this Icon here with a pencil icon and when You click on it you're going to see it Changes and now I'm literally just Designing the individual card okay and The elements that make up the card so For example I'm clicking on the image if I want to change the dimensions of the Image on how it displays there's this Icon right here that says aspect ratio And I can choose a different aspect Ratio so maybe I want all my images to Be square Or WID screen or something like a Tik Tock video I can do all that here now Keep in mind it will apply to all the Different cards in this grid so I'm Going to choose square and now you can See it's a perfect square but you know What I also want to do is I want to take This product title so I'm going to click On it and I want to center it so I've Clicked on it here's some options to Change the design of it the size and all Of that but right here's the alignment Button I'm going to Center that and I'm Going to click on the price and I'm Going to Center that just like that uh For the product title let's maybe make The size a little bigger it's set to 14 And let's increase this to maybe 16 and Maybe for the font weight let's make This a bolder weight so it's set to Regular let's see maybe semi- bold okay

There we go it might stand out a bit More all right so once you're done Editing your card and there's other Things you can do here you can click Here you can change background you can Do some crazy stuff this is just basic Stuff I'm going to click on done and so Now you can see everything in a square Uh the ratio aspect ratio and that fits That image a bit more and I've just kind Of changed the way things look a bit so Let's click on updates let's click on View page and you know I got to say this Looks much better than it did before it Looks a lot cleaner I got rid of that Page title um I like the aspect ratio Better Square for my store but you can Set it however is best for you in your Store and what you what you really want Okay let's continue on the customization Process I'm going to click in here now I Already showed you how to customize the Product page I'm not going to go over That again uh it's looking pretty good Here but what I want to show you how to Do is customize the cart so I'm going to Click here where it says add to cart and We're going to customize the way this Looks so I'm going to maybe change some Colors some options and all of that the Way you do that is you go back to the uh The admin area I'm going to click where It says sh cart and there's this option Here that says cart and when I click on

That it's going to take me into this Interface where I can customize that and Let's have a little fun so I'm going to Click into it and it changes a little I'm going to click on this top area and Just like the other parts we've been Customizing over here on the top left You can click on the list View and see All the different components right there And you can click on the plus and add New components so I've clicked on the Cart header and over here on the right I'm going to change the background color To match that kind of pink and then I'm Going to click the text color and let's Kind of make that white hey it just Looks a little nicer and maybe we should Um double click here and change out the Text some so all you need to do is uh Double click on it you can see I'm just Removed everything and I can put some Different text I named it uh your Shopping bag and each of these things That you can click on are going to Reveal options so this is called the Cart header these are the items so if I Didn't want someone to be able to change The quantity I can toggle this option Here that says edible off and now they Can't change the quantity and if I don't Want them to be able to remove it I Could do that so you can uh set this However you want and what makes sense to You for the coupon right here when you

Click on that there's also color options And there's options to change the bits Of text strings by default it's Collapsed but if you toggle this off It's going to show like that where it's Just asking you to enter the coupon so Each of these items you can customize However you want uh very easily and There's also something I'll go ahead and Mention it you can add a cart message so If I wanted to maybe add this right here And I can say free shipping or some kind Of promotional thing I can easily add That bit of text right here and style it Up a little bit so I'm not going to do That I'll just delete it but I like what Changes I've made so I'm going to click On Save and I'm going to save it and now I'm going to end up uh going back to my Um uh let's go back to see what the cart Looks like so I'm going to go to the Front end of my site and remember we Have the menu icon there I'm going to Click on it and you can see wow it looks Different uh it looks very nice uh oh There was one more change you could Actually adjust the width I didn't show Show you that uh but it's in the same Area you can go there and you can change The how far wide this is or narrow you Have full control over it okay so that Is the cart now the next thing is going To be that checkout uh so let's go and Check that out I'm going to click on the

Cart I'll click on checkout and it's Going to take me right here to the Checkout now I don't want to make a ton Of changes here but I do want to change This background color um because I don't Think it look looks great it's a default Color but I don't think it looks great With this pink um so I'll choose the Lighter pink color to go with it super Easy I'll click on edit page like this And it's going to take me to the Checkout form right here and I can There's multiple ways of getting to this I could have done it this way or I could Have gone back here to the back end of My site clicked on sharecart and then Clicked on checkout like this and then It would take me directly in it that way So there's multiple ways to get to these Things a lot easier okay so what I'm Going to do is expand everything by Clicking on the top left here to see the List View and I'm going to expand Everything out we need to choose right Here where it says short cart columns Not the in specific column but right Where it says columns right there that's Where it is and then I'm going to click On the style here on the right and There's my background color I knew I Would find you and I'm going to change It so it kind of is part of my color Palette right let's see let's go with The lighter one yep that looks good uh

So everything in here is Customizable as well um just like I Showed C uh creating a custom checkout Form you can fully customize this in Many different ways and it's also quite Easy to do so just don't be afraid to Break anything so I'll go ahead and save This and now let's see what it looks Like and I think it's look a lot better So I'm going to click on check out see Doesn't that look a little better than That kind of a gray I think it does and So you can add custom Fields you can add Radio boxes I covered a lot of this in The creating your custom checkout form Uh if you want to go back to that Section but I think this is looking Quite nice and it looks spectacular on Mobile devices so now there's just one More area uh to customize and that is That customer dashboard That we saw when I did a test order so Go to the back end here click on short Cart and it says right here customer Area so I'm going to click on that and It's going to take me to the page that Is the customer area and I can fully Customize this as well so let's take a Look at the front end of what this looks Like and identify some changes we want To make so I'm going to click here to Visit this page and you might want to Link to this in the menu of your site uh It's up to you so for this I for this

Site I'm not going to have digital Downloads so I don't need this downloads Option here uh plans is for Subscriptions and so I am going to have Subscriptions on this site so one thing I want to do is remove downloads so I'm Going to show you how to remove items Here and then for this I want the order History to be above subscription plans CU everyone's going to have some order History and I'm going to remove this Downloads here super easy so I'm going To click on edit page first let's edit The menu items and so if you look all The way over here on the right it says Template options and when I click on This and it shows the little shortcut Logo we have similar options to that Instant checkout we saw uh options for The logo and here's for the navigation So I personally don't want downloads so I'm going to toggle that off and then I'm going to click on update and let's See what that looks like when I go here You're going to see I no longer have Downloads and that's how easy it is to Edit the menu items here but now let's Edit the content that's here I'll click Back into edit page and it's essentially Just blocks and you can see the blocks Are right here so let's expand this out By clicking on the list view the option Here the icon on the top left let's Expand this out and you can see here are

The three blocks that make that up so I Said I want my orders at the top so I'm Going to click on it and I'm going to Move it to the top and now I've got my Orders at the top and I could have just Done it this way you know we've got These options I don't want downloads so I'm going to delete that so now I just Have order history and plans let's click On update and now let's go and view the Page and here we have it we've got my Order history now at the top and my Plans underneath it but say I want to Add something a little custom in there You can easily do that too and I want to Add add some kind of a welcome message Above where it says order history I'll Click on edit page remember these are Just blocks so I can add anything I want In here so let's go ahead and add a Heading and uh I'll put some information In here all right so I wrote this here In this little bit of text so I want to Move this up to the top so I can drag And drop it uh or I can expand that list View and just do it this way it's Whatever is easier for you and now it's At the top my little message I can add a Video I can add buttons to go places I Can do whatever I want here um you have This control of doing it so I'll click On update now let's view the page and You can see I've totally transformed This now I've got a message here maybe I

Want that font a little smaller I've got Some text there maybe I want a video Underneath it I can do whatever I want To design and then underneath that would Be my order hisory history and the Subscription plans and that's how easy It is to also customize the customer Dashboard and in this segment we've Covered a lot we've covered the product List we've covered the product page not Really the cart though the checkout and This right here there's one more thing I Want to mention and that is let me go to The website so when I go to the shop Page this right here is called the Product list block and you can actually Place this anywhere on your website so It's actually very customary sometimes To have a list of just some of your top Sellers or maybe featured products on Your homepage to get people funnel People into your store and you can do This very easily by placing that block Anywhere you want on your site so I'm on The homepage here if I wanted um to Replace this with products um change This text to our hottest products and Then have the product list block here I Can easily do that let's actually do That really quick just to show you how Easy it is so I'm going to edit this Page and let me go ahead and go back Into the list view um all right so I'm In that specific section and then

There's this bit of of these images here So I'm going to delete that and now it's Gone so I just have this latest works so Let's change this to uh maybe top Sellers so it's says top top sellers and Uh let's go ahead and add that product List block here so I'm going to click on The Plus on the top left you can search For product list or just scroll down and You can see it's right here product list I'm going to drag and drop that uh right In here like that and let go great and Now we have that product list block but I want to tweak it a little bit so Obviously I'm not wanting to show all These products I just want to show maybe Uh four four of my top sellers so I'm Going to click into it and let's Customize it so I want to show four uh Product per pages I want this to be four Right because we're only going to show Uh our top sellers and then I don't want To paginate meaning let people see all The products here uh I don't want sort I Don't want search and I don't want Collection so now we just have this Really nice list of four products but How you choose the products that you Want well simple when you scroll down Here it says products to show so Literally I can show all products or Featured products or handpicked products And I can literally just choose the four Products that I want to show there and

That's how you would do that and let's Quickly uh change the design a little Bit remember I click on the Block and I Click this pencil icon and I go in here So I'm going to click on the image and I'm going to click on this icon to Change the aspect ratio Al to a square And then I'm going to click into the Product title let's Center that and for The price I'm going to Center that and Let me click back on the product title I'm going to adjust the the font weight For that to semi bold to be a little Thicker like that I'm going to click on Done and there you have it and so I'm Going to click on update and now I'm Going to go back to view my page and you Can see now when someone Scrolls down What do they see they see my top sellers Right here it'll look really good with Some vibrant images and someone can Click directly into this and it's going To take them directly here into the Product page so that's how easy it is to Show products anywhere that you want on Your website hand selected products you Can do that all very easily so now we're Going to go over some of the core Features that you might want in your Store so the first one we're going to Take a look at is coupons so I'm going To click on shortcut and here is coupon You can easily create coupons by Clicking on add new and then right here

You would give the coupon a name and Then what the coupon code actually is And you have some targeting options for The coupon so is it just for a specific Customer and you can also make affiliate Coupons we'll cover this later and you Can choose which products the coupon Good for so if I click here and I only Want this for that karaoke machine I can Click here and now this coupon can only Be used On this particular product and then when You scroll down there's additional Options you can choose is this a Percentage discount or a fixed amount so You could choose the options here and Then enter the value here as well now There's this option for the duration This is more applicable if you're Selling subscriptions so if you're Selling a subscription is the coupon Only good for the first payment or is it Good for all your payments Uh or is it good for just a few of your Payments so say you have a subscription And you want to just discount the first Three months you would choose repeating You would choose three months like that And say you wanted it to be 50% off Actually percentage discount you would Enter 50 and this is how you would Configure it so you have all this Flexibility and then when you scroll Down there's also options here for

Redemption limits and this is you you Don't want to not set these it's very Important to set these because sometimes You can create a coupon you're busy you Forget all about it and next thing you Know it's being shared all over the Internet or it's not being used the way That you intended so you can limit uh How many times the coupon can be used You can also limit how many times an Individual customer can use the coupon And then down here you can configure the Minimum subtotal amount and the Maximum subtotal amount so this is like If you had a Coupon that uh is good if your order is Over $500 you know that's when you'd put 500 here as the minimum and then you can Optionally set an end date right here And then you'll click on create coupon So I'll fill this out for myself right Now okay so I filled this out I'm just Going to have a coupon that takes 20% Off and it's only good for that carryer Y product and then it's going to expire On a specific day I'll click on create Coupon and then boom I have made my First coupon and now when you go into The coupon in at a later date there's Some information that's going to display On this coupon so right here you could See a summary of everything but I can Also see how many times it's actually Been used right here which is very

Helpful uh for me so yep there you go You can always go in here and edit out Your coupon and over here on the top Right there's an option next to the Update coupon to delete the coupon if You no longer want to have it now the Next core feature is tax adding Real-time tax calculations to your Products also there's tax overrides for Specific products that might have a Different tax rate for them now this is Not tax advice I'm not a tax accountant And and any of that so there's my legal Disclaimer but it's all pretty simple to Set up insure card and also uncover it Also covers there's options for those Real unique requirements that might be In some U EU Nations where maybe the Vats Included uh or uh there's just lots of Different options that might apply to EU Countries they're all in here so I might Skip some unintentionally as I'm showing You how to do the taxes so this is going To be enabled you turn this on in the Settings so I'm going to go to settings And then over here I'm going to go to Where it says taxes and then I'm going To turn on tax collection to enable this Option now it's important that you put Your address in because taxes are kind Of complex sometimes it's based upon the Sell's address sometimes it's based upon The buyer's address and that depends on

Where you're selling to so you want to Make sure you've got your address in There so let's look at these options do You want to collect tax yes or no uh is The tax included so that's like vet Included where you're displaying the You're selling and displaying the price With the tax included um there's a Fallback tax rate right here uh down Here there's specific EU vat options do You want to require a vat number oh Local reverse charge that's the one I Was not able to remember uh and there's Also in the checkout form there's a Component that you can add for the EU Vet number validation So uh but I believe if I turn this on It's just going to appear there Automatically where automatically it's Automatically being added by short cart Um but you might want to change this Location so I would go in and manually Add it and then maybe move it exactly Where you want in your checkout form Okay I'm going to just save where I'm at So far and oh validation arrows that's Probably because I didn't put an address In here so let me go ahead and uh fill This out and then we're going to to Choose which tax regions we have okay Great that notice went away cuz I just Needed to pop my address in perfect so I'm going to scroll down here and then You want to choose the uh tax region so

I'm going to choose the United States And uh here we are and right here I'm Going to choose uh or I have to enter The sales tax registrations I have so I'm going to click on plus to collect Tax and then I'm going to choose right Here which state I am collecting tax and I'm going to choose C California there It is and I'll choose collect tax and You can see now I'm collecting tax for California so you got to configure this Out how you need it to now there is on The Shir cart channel uh more Information specific information on Setting up tax it's not that complicated And many times you have a situation like With other e-commerce tools they either Can't collect tax or they can't Calculate tax in real time or they don't Meet all of the specific unique things That uh EU Merchants need but all of it Is here but for some of the specifics You might need to take a look at the Documentation on short cart's website Now this is going to be automatic tax Calculation I guess I should go in there And purchase that karaoke machine and See the tax get calculated let's go Ahead and do that and then we're going To return here and take a look at Shipping overrides so I'm going to go to My store and I'm going to click on the Machine uh instead of add to cart I'm Just going to click buy now because I'm

Just going to go straight to check out So I'm going to fill out my address and What we're going to see happen is it's Going to calculate the tax based upon my Address all right so I popped my address In and you can see it's it's Calculated that it needs to charge 7.25% that's the rate for me and it's Automatically adding it so it's Calculating it exactly the way that I've Configured it and it appeared as soon as I entered in my country and my state all Right so let's go back and take a look At the tax overrides so I'm going to go Back to the settings and I'm going to Click back on tax I'm going scroll down And I'm going to go back into the United States now what's really nice about Short card is that you can also override The tax rate so if certain items are Having a different rate may it's usually Like a lower rate or something like Maybe a book or water or some obscure Product you can override what that tax Rate is and this is another use for Product collections so the way it works Is you would create a product collection For products that need to be in this Different tax rate or if you need to uh Tax the shipping rate Uh for or if you supposed to if you're Legally obligated to tax the shipping Charge as well you can you use this for That as well so um that's called the

Shipping override and then there's the Product override so I'm going to choose Add a product override and first thing It's saying is well what's the Collection of products that we're going To override so I created a collection Earlier in this video called mics so I'm Going to choose mics and say for example Um in California miks need to be charged The tax of 2.5% so then I would enter 2.5 and click On ADD override and so now any product That is in the product collection named Mics will have a 2.5% tax rate and you Do the same thing for the shipping Overrides um if you need to tax if You're required to tax the shipping so If I go to products and I look at my Collections the mics have one product And it's that karaoke machine even Though it's not a mic I I added it to This collection here so let's see what Happens if I try to buy that just a Second ago we saw it was tax that the Karaoke machine was taxed at like 7% now We should see it at 2.5% because it's in The product collection and we said any Product in this collection gets this Special rate so I'm going to go to store Let's go check it out I'm going to go Here I'm going to do buy now and I just Need to fill out the address really Quick all right now that I've filled it Out you can see now the rate is 2.5%

For. 75 so this is how you number one Set taxation you turn it on and you set The real time calculations and then Here's how you can override those Calculations for those those random Products you might be selling that have A different tax rate now let's take a Look at shipping so you can charge Shipping you can have different shipping Rates different shipping methods uh and It's really easy to set up so we created This product but we never and it's a Physical product that we're going to Ship but we never created the shipping Charging for the shipping so let me show You how to do that it's real simple so I'm going to go to shart dashboard click On settings and then there's this option Right here that says shipping now the First step with shipping is to enable Shipping rates so let's turn this on and Let's click on Save and it's giving us This notice it's it's saying it that Shipping rates is on but there's still More work for you to do that's all this Message is saying so the next thing You're going to want to do is scroll Down and you're going to want to set up Your shipping methods these are the ways You're shipping to people so think of UPS FedEx the Postal Service DHL Whatever those methods are and the the I Guess the category of the shipping is it Express shipping is it overnight

Shipping you can configure these methods However you want so out of the box the Shipping methods listed that are going To display as options for the customer Are economy standard and express and Each of them display the estimate Estimated time it's going to take for Them to receive the product now you can Delete these edit these add new ones add Whatever you want they could say FedEx They could say UPS they could say Whatever you want um so for example uh Economy what if I click the three dots Here click on edit and I'm just going to Name this free shipping and I can change The description click on update and you Can see now I have Express standard and Free shipping uh so you can set this However you want so the first step is to Set up these methods now we have to Create a profile and what the profile is Basically which areas you ship to and How much do you charge for each of these Methods to that area so you can do One Rate so I'm in California I can do one Rate for the United States and then a Different rate for Canada a different Rate for Mexico or if I don't want to Ship to Mexico or South America or Europe I just don't have rates for those Uh so you have these options what I need To do is well here's the profile that Has been created for me uh and then I Can create custom profiles based on

Weight of products and things like that So let's go ahead and click in here all Right so name General Ro it's showing All the products included and now I need To choose the zone and this is where I'm Shipping to I'll click on create Zone And I'll give it a name so let's just First choose United States so you can Name the Zone however you want so I put United States and here I'm going to Choose United States okay I've chosen it Now this Zone can be multiple countries If the rate is the same so I'm I Selected United States but I can select Other countries as well so these are Just pretty much where you ship to I'm Going to click on next and uh now I Choose the method and so these were Those three methods we saw right so There's free shipping and for this let's Charge zero uh keep in mind you have Other options here for uh flat rate Based on the item weight uh based on the Order price and the order price is how You can do free shipping if the order is Over 500 bucks that's how you can kind Of do that that I'll click on ADD and so Now we see our first rate for one of the Methods selected so say I have free Shipping is free uh and then let's do Express shipping and this is say uh 20 Bucks how about that 20 bucks like this And we'll do flat rate so you can start Customizing this out however it is to

Your requirements so now let me go and Try to purchase the same product I'm Going to go to my store and I'm going to Choose by now and then what we're seeing That we didn't see before is it says Shipping it says to check the available Shipping choices uh please provide your Address so now I'm going to put the Address in we're going to see that 2.5% And we're going to see some shipping Options so let me pop this in okay as Soon as I click on California we should See all the magic happen boom we got our Tax over here we have our shipping Options so now I'm shown those two Methods that I added a price for in my Zone so I wanted to choose express Shipping CU I want it faster it's 20 Bucks $20 gets added to my order and That's all there is the setting up Shipping uh is doing it this way so I'm Actually going to place another test Order uh right here so let's go ahead And order this again I'll click on Continue and now you see I have two Orders uh this is the higher priced one And when I click into it you can see the Full breakdown what I paid uh the Shipping the tax and I can download my Receipt or invoice if I need to and the Reason I did this is because we're going To go over product fulfillment in a Moment so now let's get into some of the Order management and why don't I show

You how to refund an order super easy so You click on sh card click on orders and Now we see a list of our orders and kind Of some information on these orders We've got order numbers we've got status Fulfillment so uh I can see I have not Fulfilled this order yet and we've got Uh shipping have I shipped it we've got All this info right here so what I'm Going to do is let's go ahead and refund This first order right here which was $29.99 and this was earlier in the video So you can see I haven't shipped this Yet if I wanted to ship this I would Click on fulfill item I'd pop in my Tracking number uh this would send a Notification to the customer and I click On fulfill items I'm not going to do That instead I'm going to refund it so No matter what's ordered you'll see here On the top right an a button that says Actions and you'll see this in other Parts of shart and there's a drop- down Arrow and when I click on it I have two Options Mark is paid the reason it says Mark is paid is because we're using the Test payment Gateway uh if you when we Go live and someone places in order You're getting the money you're getting Paid instantaneously so there isn't the Mark paid so here's an option though to Cancel this order uh I actually can't Refund it because I haven't actually Collected the money for it uh because

It's the test order but anyways I can go Here and click on cancel and I can Cancel the order and you can see now This order is cancelled you can see by The badge right there and when I click Back on orders you can see this order Has been cancelled yeah it's kind of Hard to show you how to refund an order If I haven't actually placed an order Where I've received the funds so that's How you cancel an order but uh if this Order had been paid for it's going to Say refund and you can refund and it Gives you an option to choose how much You want to refund uh so we'll probably Hit that again later in the video but While I'm at it let's take a quick look At that order fulfillment so I'm going To click into this other order that was Not refunded I'm going to mark this as Paid because this is how it would be if It was paid and let's see that should Show that just shows the cancel the Order okay perfect so I've got this Order I want to fulfill it what you do Is pretty much print your shipping label And get the product ready to ship you Click on fulfill items now if this order Had multiple products you can partially Fulfill it if you want there's an option For that see here where it says one of One so if there was multiple items uh That's what that is for so I can put the Tracking number and the tracking link

Right here I've got the shipping address And I can click on fulfill item now what Happens when you do that and you add the Tracking information the customer is Going to be emailed hey the order Shipped here's the tracking link and Also that tracking link is going to be Added to the customer dashboard so now When that customer logs in they'll be Able to follow along with this the the Process of this order uh getting to them All right so now the order has been Fulfilled let's change it to shipped Great now when I go to orders you can See it's paid it's fulfilled and it's Shipped and as a customer let me go Ahead and visit the customer dashboard So it's just a page here go on view I Can see the the one the order that was Refunded here's the order that's paid And shipped and you can see all the Status of it right here the shipment Here it is here's what was shipped and Uh I should have added the tracking link To it but uh it would show here a Tracking link for your customer so They're always able to know where they Are with you so now we're going to Finally take our store live and I need To do this because the next section We're going to go over subscriptions and I need a real transaction in order to Show you how to manage those Subscriptions so it's time to do this

Let's just go ahead and get the store Live it's actually very simple we Essentially just need to connect to a Payment Gateway and there's multiple Payment gateways to choose from PayPal Stripe Molly so and each of those have Their own different payment methods that They make available so for example a Payment method might be Clara or might Be Bolero for Brazil or might be sepa For European Bank payments or a for US Bank payments so you connect to the Payment processor and then they have Payment methods credit card a things Like that so I'm just going to connect To stripe now I don't probably need to Walk you through going to stripe and Create an account it takes 2 seconds There's no monthly fee uh you pay a Percentage they always charge a Transaction fee all of them charge a Transaction fee uh but it's very low and So uh PayPal has a fee Molly has a fee So I'm just going to connect to stripe And connecting to all three is going to Be super easy um so let's go ahead and Do that so go ahead and create a stripe Account takes just just a moment or two To create it if you don't already have One that's so Go to short cart let's click on settings And let's click on payment processors And I'm going to connect to stripe now All the payment processors have a live

Mode and a test mode okay so when we Connect to stripe we're going to connect To both of those modes all right so I'm Going to click right here where it says Stripe now this is going to open in a New tab and it's going to take us over To the short cart platform where we Created a login to earlier and it's Going to take us specifically to the Part uh the settings page where we will Connect to the payment Gateway so I'm Going to click on stripe and then here It is I'm going to click connect I'm Going to connect to live mode and this Takes me over to the stripe page now I'm Already logged in with a single stripe Account you can have multiple businesses In there so I have three businesses Listed and I'm blurring it for my own Confidentiality so I'm going to choose The business I want to connect to this Shart store and then I'm going to click On connect and now it says returning to Sh cart it's going to redirect me back Here and my live mode is connected now I'm going to go back up to connect and I'm going to click on test mode and this Is going to do the same thing it's going To take me back here and I'm going to Choose the business that I want to Connect to and then I'm going to click On connect and it's going to establish The connection and now I'm ready to take Payments with stripe and if you wanted

To connect to other payment process well You can see here active processors the Built-in test processor and also the Stripe processor now if I wanted to also Set up Paypal uh which if I was really Going live I would want PayPal and Stripe it's probably good idea to to use Both because some people are just DieHard PayPal users PayPal fees are a Little bit higher though Um but uh stripe would be for credit Cards and things like that so okay great So now that I have this all set up I'm Going to go back to my store this just Opened in a new tab so my other tab is Right there now I'm going to click on Refresh to refresh the page and you can See now it's changed it says stripe it's All connected and enabled so now when I Go to the checkout you're going to Actually see the credit card form uh let Me just show you that really quick so I'm going to go to the store I'm going To click on my product and then we're Going to click on buy now and you can See I'm on the checkout page and when I Scroll down you can now see where you Can enter in a credit card or choose Google pay because I'm using Google Chrome if I was on Safari it would show Apple pay and I also have enabled uh a For US bank accounts now I am the step One for going live is certainly Connecting to your payment processor now

Each form on shart on your website that You've created in sh cart has its own Live mode or test mode so you might have Seen it prior parts of this video if You're on a page like the checkout page Here when you look into the admin bar That says black area here at the top You'll see it say checkout form and test Mode this is just letting you know that The checkout form you're on is currently The mode that it's currently in because And this is an easy way to toggle it so Every form that you create you can Quickly put it in test mode do some test Transactions and then put it into live Mode and then it's live for all so if I Wanted to go into live mode I can just Go up here switch live mode click okay And now my store is live for customers To start buying things real transaction Money is exchanging hands it no longer Says uh test mode right there so uh this Is how you go live you just connect to The payment processor and then you would Go here and toggle your checkout form to Go into live mode now what I have Noticed some troubleshooting if you have Just connected the processor and then You've come here and you're not seeing The credit card stuff appear this is Just a quick little thing uh just go Into say a product and make a minor Change and it will kind of like refresh The connection so like you go in here

And do something as simple as moving an Image like that and then clicking on Save product that'll re refresh Everything and it'll all start working So that is how you do that however uh we Want to stay in test mode for the next Part of this video which is managing Subscriptions in this section we're Going to go over subscriptions and Specifically how do you sell them how do You manage them and how do you retain Them see there's lots of products on the Market for selling subscriptions there's Really nothing special about that well I Think the way sh cart does it is in some Real clever ways everything that you Would want you can do but what those Prod not all products are created equal Selling is simple but managing and Retaining is hard however shart has Those features that you would need to Manage a subscription and to retain a Subscription but just keep in mind when I'm showing you these other e-commerce Tools don't have these options and it Leads to subscriber churn that's you're Getting subscribers and they're Cancelling and you have to get more and More new subscribers to cover all the Ones that are cancelling and your Business never grows so if you can Improve and Master the managing and the Retaining of subscribers that's when Your business selling subscriptions

Flourishes okay that's my two cents About subscriptions okay so let me show You how to sell subscriptions or set Them up so you remember uh earlier I Mentioned that one of the unique things About short cart is products can have Multiple prices that is amazing so you Can have a product with one subscription Price in term or or second one or a Third one or as many as you want and There's tons of options for all of it Now what's nice is you can go here in With the sample products and see how Some of these have been created right so I can go to this is a a subscription With a free trial a subscription or Subscribe and save um and I think There's a couple more in subscription With a setup fee or just a straightup Subscription we can do all of those so Let's just go ahead and create a new Product I'll click on add new and we'll Make this maybe a karaoke subscription Who knows okay there we go I'm going to Click on create I'm not going to go Through all the bells and whistles Because I want to get through this video Uh you'll you know about adding Descriptions and images I don't have Anything for that so a subscription in This case this is going to be a digital Subscription so I'm not choosing Physical product I'm leaving this on Digital product and doing the autof

Fulfillment so where most of the Subscription action is is on the price So let's add a price I'll click here and This is where we want to have a name so You let's create a product with a Monthly subscription and an annual Subscription there we go um yeah let's Do that so I just entered monthly in for The name for the payment type this is Going to be a subscription uh for the Price let's make this $9.99 per month How about that it's going to repeat Every month this is where you'd say Every year for when we make the annual Subscription um and here's where if I Wanted to do some things like have a a Trial I could do it here how long is the Trial uh and then if I wanted it to be a Paid trial uh I can add a fee right here For the trial there's all these options Here of what you can do with Subscriptions okay so this is good for Me I'm going to click on create price And you can see the price has been Created but we're going to also have an Annual fee or or subscription option I'm Going to go here and oops let me click On cancel and click on add another price And let's name this annual and I'm going To choose subscription and for this Let's charge $99 like that $999.99 it's going to repeat every year And so we're giving it a little bit of a

Discount I click on create price and now We have a monthly option and an annual Option where you have two payments less So far this is looking good let me click Where it says view product now it's Going to look a little Bare Bones Because I don't have any pictures but You can see here that when a product has More than one price this price selector Appears and you can see it's monthly and Annual so I can just easily buy um uh One of these terms this way and you also Have that switcher uh when you are in The instant checkout so here's the Instant checkout uh let me disable the Product image because we don't have it And then let me just click on preview uh Let's see and here's what the preview Looks like so you see how we have this Product switcher right here so I am Going to go back and I'm going to uh Purchase this subscription now remember We're going to use the template right Here where it says the for the page Layout I'm going to switch that to theme Layout so we're using that for all of Our products let me show you what I Meant about that there we go products Where it shows in the box like this so It matches everything else we're doing Okay so I'll go ahead and purchase this Annual no let's purchase the monthly Subscription I'll click on buy now and My checkout forms in test mode which is

Good I'm going to go ahead and fill this Out now when you've connected to stripe And you're making a transaction in test Mode when you hover over here let's see Can I click over it no I can't okay the Number is 4242 you can Google stripe uh Stripe credit card test mode numbers and There'll be a whole list of them so it's Usually 42 42 all the way across and Then the rest of the information doesn't Matter so I'm going to go ahead and fill This out okay so it's all filled out I've got my test card number in there And I'm going to purchase the Subscription and what you're going to See now on the customer dashboard There's going to be an entry for plans Let me click on continue and you'll see So remember before we had the order History uh and we didn't have anything Here for plans because I hadn't Purchased the subscription plan this is For subscription plans and in Installment plans uh and here it is so I Am the customer I can go in here I can See my active subscriptions I can see It's active I can see the renewal date So this is when the next payment's going To come out and I can click into to this And I can get some additional Information so uh if you see up here on The top right I can update my payment Method so that's if I need to change my Credit card number uh or if I want to

Switch from say I have stripe and PayPal If I want to switch between those I can Easily do that you can't normally do This with e-commerce systems but you can When you're using short cart uh I can Cancel the plan right here so when I Cancel it it will just cancel it at the Next billing date so I'll still have Access well there's actually options in In there for that I'll show you but uh The user can cancel it you can actually Disable this if you don't want the user To be able to cancel it all right and This is actually one of the coolest Parts you can see what's happening here In the customer area since I have two Subscriptions I can upgrade to the Annual and what it will do is it'll Prate things so it'll prate in charge me Immediately so it's really nice for me As a customer that I can upgrade or Downgrade these are actually options Though if you want to not make it Available for the customer you don't Have to so I but I really wanted you to See what the customer sees so that when We go and look at the options you'll Know what they are for because you're Able to see what the customer can see uh Right here uh which is pretty cool so um Yep uh now what I would like to do is go Ahead and show you the options in the Back end so I'm going to go to the Dashboard I'm going to click on short

Cart I'm going to go to subscriptions And you're going to see here's that Subscription I purchased but we're going To get back to this in a moment but I'm Going to go to settings and there's Right here the subscription option and In here is going to list the options of How subscriptions are handled managed uh Here's how upgrades downgrades and Cancellations happen so right here you Can uh choose when someone downgrades You typically don't want to mess with This stuff though when someone Downgrades you don't want to downgrade Them immediately because uh you you want To downgrade them because you don't want To be in a refund situation right where You're having to refund someone uh so You want to do it on the next billing Period upgrades though you typically Want to have an upgrade happen Immediately so if I'm upgrading uh I I'm Going to prate you immediately and you Don't have to PR rate them the short Cart PR rates and charges the right rate And then when do cancellations happen Remember I mentioned cancelling it'll Cancel at the end of the period Well you Actually can control it to be how you Want it but typically you want to leave These three settings the way that they Are okay uh failed Payments um this is one of now we're Getting into some of the management

Features of sh cart um but let's just go Over the settings and we can Circle back To it so a big cause of churn with Subscriptions is when the payment Cancels I mean when the payment fails so It can fail for many reasons it can fail Because maybe the credit card number a Credit card expired uh or and and the Customer didn't update it or it might Fail because they've hit their balance Or it might fail because maybe there's Some increased uh maybe fraud on their Credit card and their maybe their credit Card company denied it or declined it There's all sorts of reasons uh so what What happens with shart is uh shart Right now you're telling it how do you Handle the failed payments but sh cart Will also um uh and we're going to talk About it in just a moment chase down the Customer to get them to fix a failed Payment but anyway so if there's a Failed payment you want uh the Subscription cancelled immediately Or actually it looks like one we are Options are one week two week 3 weeks One week is perfectly fine um okay let's See yeah here's the customer portal so Here's some of the options for the Customer portal that I was talking about Do you want to allow the customer to Change their subscription do you want to Allow them uh allow subscription Quantity changes and allow subscription

Cancellations so if you don't want Cancellations in there and you want them To contact you you can turn it off uh if You don't want to allow them to upgrade Or downgrade uh you can turn that off so They can't change their subscription and They have to contact you I think it's Better to always leave these on though To give the option to the customer to um Be able to manage their subscription Without opening up a support ticket all Right so here's a lot of our Subscription stuff and actually when you Go to Notifications there's some Notifications that are specific to Subscriptions you see them right here so Subscription renewal emails this will Send an email to the customer when the Subscription renews uh they'll get a Receipt any way uh so they don't really Need that a subscription cancellation Notification this would send a notice Once the if their subscription is Cancelled whether you canceled it or They canceled it or it was canceled Because of a failed payment then there's A subscription reminder notification This you probably want on I think it's Good to have on basically and it might Be a legal requirement in certain parts Of the world and this is going to let Them know three days in advance of a Payment uh of a renewal that the the Renewal is coming up you're going to be

Charged in three days pretty much and Then we have the subscription recovery Emails this is what is going to be sent To them when there's failed payments Okay so let's go ahead and save that and So let me go back to the products and The pricing just to make sure we've gone Over a lot of the options so this is What a subscription with a free trial is It's configured so I'm going to click Into this product uh here is the Subscription so I'm going to click into It so you can see the subscription is Set to $99 every month but the trial is Enabled and the length of it uh it's 7 Days so this will always be days if you Need a six-month free trial just just uh Calculate how many days that are is what 18282 yeah I think it's like that uh you Just calculate it and and pop it in There so this is how you would configure A product with a free trial subscription With a free trial and here's a Subscription with a setup fee so I'm Going to click in here and let's take a Look at how this is so we have the setup Fee toggle enabled you can name the Setup fee whatever you want to name it And this is how it will appear in the Order summary and what that fee is you Can actually have a discount as well and So this is how you would set up a Subscription that way and I believe Those are the the main things I mean if

You're doing physical products where you Want to tie in a subscription you can Create a product uh price for one time And if it's like a recurring thing that You send on a recurring basis you can Name it subscribe monthly and save pop Your price in and your term in and uh Then you're that's a very common model Uh especially with Amazon is like Turning a product into we we'll ship This to you regularly at a discount so Setting up your products for selling It's super easy but now let's go into How do you manage the subscriptions so We just had a subscription transaction So I'm going to go to subscriptions and Here's some kpis of your subscriptions So you can see the the subscribers you Can see um the MMR that your monthly Recurring Revenue it'll be calculated if You are selling annual subscriptions or Subscriptions uh outside side of monthly Terms and so you've got some stats here Now you might be looking at this and Saying well if you just sold the Subscription why is it not showing here And that's because when you see data Like this it it's showing you live Transactions but if you want to see test Transactions there's a little toggle Here on the right so now when I toggle That it's going to show me the the test Transactions you want to display these Differently right because you don't want

To have like a ton of test transactions And then that data is mixed with the Live transactions and it doesn't give You an accurate view of your business so That's why now you can see it's a Subscription and what my MMR is and how Much it's increased okay so what I'm Going to do is Click into the Subscription so if I want to manage the Subscription I need to find it and click Into it there's a search here but I can See this is the sub description I can Click into it and see all of the details So let's take a look at this screen and The action button on the top right just To see everything you could do to manage These subscriptions and it's very very Nice so first thing is we can see when The payment renews when it when it was Created right here we can see when it Renews we can see the status of it you Can see it's active right here for the Price you can actually change the price Or change the subscription product right Here if your customer is like you know For some whatever reason you want to Give him a discount on the next payment You can create a coupon and then you can Add that coupon right here to their next Payment that one's really cool keep in Mind you can't do this with other tools All this management stuff the other Tools can't do this stuff that's why People that sell subscriptions use sh

Cart because you can fully manage uh Subscriptions this way which helps you To retain them okay upcoming billing Period you you can see the subscription The term the price they're paying and All of that and then down here you have The billing periods and these are the Past payments that someone has made and This is where managing subscriptions is So easy so I can go here and I can see If maybe the last payment failed because A lot of times what happens is someone Will will get a failed payment they log In they update the payment method and They say hey can you re reactivate my Account or or can you try again or Things like that so you literally just Go here and you would see the failed Payment in the three dots you would Click on it and there'll be an option to Retry the payment it's so clear clean And easy uh what you need to do and then Uh right here you could see all the Payment methods that they've added and You can change the one that actually Gets build for that next payment that You try uh so it's just so flexible uh Okay now uh over here let's take a look At our actions so I go here um I can Update the subscription change the Renewal date pause the subscription and Cancel the subscription so we have all Of these options here so what is update Let me click on update and what update's

Going to do it's going to take me here And it's going to give me an option of Changing the subscription that they have So I can click on the three dots I can Change the price I can change the Product it will tell me what it's going To be I can automatically prate I can do All of that all right here and then There's this option here that I can Change it immediately or I can change it On the next period it's so flexible next Option is to change the renewal date and So this is the person that says oh hey You know um I well there's actually two Cases for this right there's someone Asking if the date can change maybe your Business requirements and the way it Runs you want them all on a certain day Or maybe you're helping someone through Support maybe they're having a tough Time and you want to cut them a break oh Hey I'm going to push out your renewal a Month or something like that so there's All kinds of different cases for this But it's super easy you just go here Actually let's see it renews on July uh 3D let's push that out I'm going To go here change renewal date so it's Set to July 3D let's change this to two Weeks later so I'm going to give them an Extra two weeks I'm going to just choose The date choose update and now it's Going to say it re it's going to renew On June 17th you see how easy that is

It's all right here um I could pause the Subscription so you go in here it will Pause the subscription and start back up On the date that you select okay so let Me close that and then so for the the Use case of pause in is uh simple uh so Say you have a subscription someone Needs to participate in it to get some Value they're going out of town for 3 Months or something um and or Something's happening and they want to Cancel because they're not going to get The value you say oh let me just pause The subscription I'll pause it um and That way you're reducing churn because You're not canceling it you're pausing It and pushing it out into the future uh And then you can cancel the subscription You go here is it cancelling immediately Or at the end of the period so you have All these management options and Typically with e-commerce tools that Sell subscriptions only when you might Need to make one of these changes and You can't your only option is to cancel The subscription so it causes lots and Lots and lots of churn so shart gives You all the tools to manage that Subscription properly so your your Answer is never cancel the subscription It's never cancel subscription and maybe Pray that they renew or they subscribe To the other thing that you can't switch Them to because you're using the wrong

Tool um so that's what management is all About now let's take a look at retention You want to retain so the two ways that Short cart's going to let you retain is Is simple the first one is going to be Subscription recovery and what Subscription recovery is is when there's A failed payment sh cart's going to Track them down get them through email Re send them a couple emails and it's Going to get them to come in and update Their payment method or contact you and All of that it's going to chase it chase Them down uh in order to get their Attention to address the subscription P Failed payment and now the other half of Retaining subscribers is by not letting Them cancel in the first place not that You don't let people cancel but if Someone tries to cancel say what we saw In the customer area when they click on The cancel button instead of letting Them just okay you're cancelled to stop Them for a moment and say hey why are You wanting to cancel and then based Upon the reason why you say hey why Don't I give you 50% off for the next Year or the next two payments or why Don't I pause your subscription for the Next few months and uh would you like to Accept this offer you must have Experienced this I know I have uh I used To get it and I think I was still do With Hulu uh if you subscribe to Hulu

And you try to cancel they're like oh Hey wait we'll give you a deal this next Three months and what do you do you're Like oh I'll take that deal and I won't Cancel um and so that's what the Subscription saver feature is now I'm Not going to show you the subscription Saver feature in this video when I go to Subscriptions and subscription saver This requires a Pro Plan of short cart I Should ask them if they they can switch This to not be the just the pro version Uh but this is a huge deal because it's Going to prevent it's going to reduce The amount of it's going to accomplish Two things right it's going to reduce The amount of people that actually Cancel and it's going to allow you to Gain insights into the reasons why People cancel so when you go on Subscriptions here you see the secondary Option that says cancellations it's Going to list out the cancellations Right here and this right here is going To show you Data points on what people said they Canceled for and it will also show you How many subscriptions it prevented from Cancelling so that your store ends up Just making more money because it has Reduced churn okay let's go through the Three Revenue boosters that come with SH Card and it's all built in now normally With other e-commerce tools they either

Don't have this or you have to purchase Some expensive on to be able to do this I'm going to go through these really Really quick card abandonment order Bumps and oneclick upsells and they all Three uh will lead to more revenue for Your store card abandonment get you more Sales order bumps and one click up sales Get people to spend more money so let's Go over these quickly card abandonment Super easy you would go to settings There's an option here that says Abandoned checkout and you simply need To turn this on and what this does is is If someone goes to add a cart they go to The checkout page and they get Distracted it's happened to everybody They get distracted and they don't check Out maybe a call happens a kid Interrupts them or something happens uh And they get distracted or maybe they Have some moment of Doubt what card Aband abandonment is going to do is Going to capture that info in a gdpr Friendly way it's going to capture that Info and it's going to email them three Emails on the schedule that you set but You should probably leave the default Set And what it's going to try to do is to Get them to come back and complete the Purchase and you can even escalate the Urgency here by offering them a discount On that last email to come and complete

The purchase now many times just the Simple discount five bucks 5% is all That's needed to get them to come back And complete the purchase so when you Turn it on you can see here's the email DeLay So the it the first email set to Go up an hour after they abandon the Checkout and then a day and then the 5 Days or you can change this to whatever You want there's all these options here And then you can choose do you want to Offer them a discount or not if you turn This on it's simple like a coupon you Set the amount or the percentage uh the Durations this re is regarding Subscriptions uh and then when do you Want to make the the discount offer I Think you should always offer it on the Final email and then you can Elevate Their urgency by making it expire so you Can set a 3-day coupon and what's going To happen on that last email it says Hey Right now it's set to 15% off why don't You take 15% off here's a coupon it's Only good for 3 Days guaranteed that's Going to increase sales and it does and It works really good you typically can See a serious Revenue increase just by Enabling card abandonment sometimes 10 Or 15% more revenue for your store Here's the gdpr options for this and Then down here is some Advanced options To fine-tune it so you can have it Ignore products that they might have

Purchased before and you can also have a Grace period where uh maybe someone's Abandoned the cart and then they Completed the purchase and then they're Back to buy something in 15 days and They abandon it again maybe you don't Want to send that sequence so you can Toggle on this grace period option and You can enable it to not put them in Another sequence for a period of time This is card abandonment it works really Really well and it's that's it you just Make more money just like that so now The next two options are order bumps and Upsells so when you click on products Right here you'll see some options order Bumps and upsells and these are very Easy to set up and essentially what this Is is discounting products so an order Bump is someone's on the checkout based Upon the what they have in their their Checkout or maybe the amount of the Check of the order you're going to offer Them something at a discount and they Can check the box and just get it right Then and there so that's typically an Order bump and upsells are the same Thing someone completes their purchase And instead of sending them to the thank You page you say hey we got one more Thing for you with a big old discount so Let's try to go through those quickly I'll choose order bumps and I'm going to Click on add new I'm going to give this

A name I'm going to name it special Offer and let's just say um the karoke Subscription how about that someone goes To buy the karaoke machine I'll offer Them this annual subscription and I'm Going to discount it so I'm going click On Create and you just have to fill this Out I've already chosen the product That's going to be offered now you got To display when you got to choose when Are we going to offer this and that's Called the display conditions so it's All based on rules so I'm going to show This if someone is purchasing that fund Machine that's the only time I'm going To show this off offer okay um and you Can add multiple products multiple Conditions it's a very very flexible Oops I forgot one thing show this you Want to show this if all the items were In the cart any or none so it's super Configurable and you can have multiple Order bumps and all that all right all The items are in the cart which is just This one let's choose a discount so Since it's a subscription we could do Like a heavy discount so let's do Something let's make it a no-brainer 50% Discount and then you can put a Description in here and the call to Action in here both of these are Optional you might want to save it Without something here and then test by Putting some data in there just to to

Get it just right so we're going to Leave it optional and leave it blank We'll see how it looks and then we'll Come back over to it all right we've got This all filled out I'm going to click On Save order bump now when I go back Here to order bumps I can see it's right Here this uh karaoke subscription offer So let's just go and try to see it so I'm going to go to store I'm going to It's only going to show if I'm trying to Buy the karaoke machine I'll click on Add to cart and then right here I'm Going to click on checkout and you're Going to see down here is that special Offer now two things uh first thing is We got to edit those texts those Optional texts on this remember I didn't Add a picture uh and there was I didn't Add a description and all of that so There's not much info to go off of other Than you're saving 50% on what what the Heck you're saving 50% on who knows um So we're going to go and edit that Really quick and then uh the second Thing is where the order bump is by Default it's going to appear right Before the checkout button but you can Actually move this wherever you want uh Let me show you how to move it and then We're going to go ahead and fix what it Says so you essentially just need to go And edit the checkout page and when you Edit the checkout page and you're in

Here there is an option for order bump That you can drag uh wherever you want So I'm going to click on the plus I'm Going to scroll down to the short card Blocks and one of these will say order Bump on it and this gives you the Ability to place the order bump wherever You specifically want so I've got it Here say I want to display it over here On the right just like that so um I can Click on update save now let's view this Page and you will see it has moved see Now it's over here it's no longer down Here so you can move this order bump Visually wherever you want now let's go And fix that up some okay I have to go Back here products order bumps here's my Order bump and let's scroll down and put Some text right here so this will be the First thing that's shown and then this Will be the info beneath it I'll fill This out okay I kept it simple become a Member and uh member become a member Members okay become a member let's save This and let's see what it looks like on The front so you can see it's starting To fill out here become a member special Offer and then I can put a bunch of Information if I had a product an image On the product it would show the image Here so you get the idea of creating Order bumps and you can have multiple Order bumps that display and all someone Has to do is check the box and then it

Gets added to the order so you can see The karaoke subscription and they're Saving 50% off on it and they can Uncheck that order bumps can increase The average order value easily by 10 to 15 to 20% depending on what you're Offering if you're making it absolutely Irresistible and the benefit here with SH card is it's Dynamic right it's going To be based upon this Condition it's Only going to show when this other Product's being purchased so you have a Lot of control over it now let's look at Oneclick upsell funnels so I'm going to Go here and click back into products and This time I'm going to click on upsells And I'll click on add new and we're Going to give this upsell a name I've Named it the karaoke upsell and right Here is going to be very similar to Setting up an order bump so a lot of the Setup is very similar so the display Conditions all purchases or specific Purchases this means is it going to show Up for everybody or is it going to only Show up for people that buy certain Things and you can set this up how you Want so I'll just set it up for specific Purchases and let's just say when Someone purchases the karaoke machine Okay so this funnel is going to show When someone purchases that and you can Have multiple conditions and and all of That now right here we need to add the

Products to the first upsell offer and If someone accepts that it's one click Up sell then they're going to be shown The second offer if they they decline They're going to be shown a different Offer and you can set this all up right Here very simple so all you have to do Is click on add a product now we're Going to add a title and this title is Going to actually appear on the upsell Page even though you can edit it however You want so I'm going to go ahead and Add a title typically you want to say Something like wait you want to get Their attention to get them to pause Because they're usually moving so quick Wait wait wait wait there's one more Thing to do uh your order is not Complete yet things like that so let's Choose the product I'm going to choose Uh let's see here I'm going to choose I'm going to choose one of the this uh Simple digital product so um it's going To pull in the info from that product The description and all that so let's go Ahead and give a 50% off discount and I'm always going to show this but this Is actually um pretty cool you can skip This up sell if someone's purchased it Before so if you don't want to offer Them something for half off that they've Already paid maybe full price for you've Got the options here to skip it um if It's been purchased before to skip it if

It's in the current order you got all These options right here so I would Probably skip it if it was in the Current order if it was me okay the There's a templating system just like we Saw earlier with the product pages you Can have totally custom designed upsell Pages very very easily uh and you can Edit the existing upsell design very Easily okay um and the statement label Is how the discount is going to appear On the statement uh the invoice and the Receipt and all that kind of stuff so I'm just going to create this offer now I've created it and you can see it here But you don't have to create a second Upsell if you don't want to you don't Have to create a down sell if you don't Want to so let me go ahead and click on The three dots and I want to click this Option here that says preview upsell so This right here is what it's going to End up looking like it's going to say That heading I wrote wait your order is Not complete it's going to show them the Price it's actually going to show the Discount price when we're in there which Is 50% off and it's going to have this Timer now I can go in here and customize The look The feel the colors I can Customize everything uh but I'm going to Just leave it as is we we're we're Pulling in the product gallery and we're Pulling in the information on the

Product all of this is right here uh so The person can click here to add it to The order or do or say no thanks okay so I can click right here to go back to Edit this funnel and what I would do Next is I would add a second offer if I Wanted to uh and an down sell offer if I Wanted to so let's experience this Really quick um you can see over here on The top right by the well that the uh The funnel is active and there's the Onoff switch for it and you can have as Many funnels as you want so let's go Ahead and try this sucker out to go here I'm going to add it to the cart and I'm Going to check out and here is the Checkout page and I'll go ahead and fill This out here's the membership order Bump all right I have it all filled out I'm going to go ahead and purchase and Instead of going to the customer Dashboard it's going to take me to the Oneclick upsell and then here it is so You can see a couple things so you can See the clock is ticking I have urgency I've got to take action on this uh I got To make a decision right now do I want To say 50% yeah um and and then I've got this Timer here next we're seeing the Discount we're seeing it's a one-time Discount and we're seeing it here and Then all the information about the Product is here now remember I didn't

Add multiple upsells so what I'll do is I'll click add to my order and this is a Oneclick upsell I don't have to do Anything else as a buyer I don't have to Re-enter my credit card all I have to do Is click here add to my order and it's Going to be added to my order I get my Thank you modal it takes me to the Customer dashboard I can see it right Here it's the most recent order and when I go in uh this is what I see I see what I originally ordered I see the upsell Right here and I see the discount so it Was a 19 bucks I'm only paying and I'm Getting a $9.50 discount you see where it says Bundle discount uh this is that line Item that we had the ability to change If we wanted to so let me go and pull This up if I go to edit offer here's how We configured it down here's where it Says the statement label bundle discount And so this is how easy it is to add Card abandonment to generate to to to Generate more overall Transactions then order bumps to get Those people to purchase a little bit More and then one click up sales to Really get them to purchase more to Increase the average order value of the The the the orders on your store now We're going to set up an affiliate Program for your store affiliate Programs very simple it's where you have

Your customers or anyone promote your Store the products in your store and They get a reward and that W is Typically commission so it could be Whatever you want it to be and the way This is all tracked is through what's Called an affiliate link so the way it Will work is the affiliate signs up to Your affiliate program you choose to Approve them they get issued a link and Shart handles all of that they get paid A rate and then when they take that link And they start sharing it out maybe Social media or however your Arrangement Is with them to their email list Whatever when people start clicking on That link it getss tracked and if those People purchase then that was referred By this affiliate and then they start to Generate a partnership with you where They're making money and they're sharing With it with you that's typically how an Affiliate program works and there's also Cases where you might want to give some Affiliates a higher rate than other Affiliates and you might have certain Products that you want to give a certain Rate for and then you might want to have Certain products that you have a certain Rate for for certain Affiliates so it Could get like really uh fun really Quick now the good news is is it's so Easy to set up in shart because it's Built into shart unlike other e-commerce

Tools where you have to go and buy an Expensive plug-in that was not made with The same user interface was not made the Same way um and then it integrates and It's never the ideal experience but with Short card it's just seamless you don't Have to learn anything new you just Toggle a few switches like everything Else you've seen in this video so let's Make an affiliate program so we'll go to Sh cart we'll go to the settings we'll Click right here where it says Affiliates we're going to turn this on Okay done no I wish it was that easy uh Okay so first you want to fill this out Uh right here you want to add a Description of the program and this is Typically just some Basics right hey Refer people to us and earn 25% or Whatever it's going to be 8% 10% just Just the specifics that's really what They want to know any specific details So I'm going to go ahead and put some Stuff in okay so there's the description And then right here is the sign up Question uh how will you promote this Store you can customize this question if You want uh so if you don't put anything In it's going to ask them how they're Going to promote it and that's really What you want to know in an affiliate Application how they're going to do it You don't want them to do uh scammy Things or or stuff like that spammy

Things uh so you'll want to ask that Question to make sure they're legit then You want to put a link to your affiliate Terms I should come up with a doc that I Could give to you on that basically you Want to spell out how you're going to Pay them when you're going to pay them Those types of things okay and then do You want to have the payout email field In the signup typically you'll pay Affiliates through PayPal so they would Enter their PayPal email address that's What that's for here's an option to Auto Approve new affiliate so uh new Affiliate applies to be an affiliate do You want to Auto approve it or manual Approve it I'd recommend manually Approving it but it's totally up to you In your business model let's go ahead And save it and continue on okay Referral tracking So these are just some of the specifics About how traffic is is um how referral Traffic is handled so if if an affiliate Refers someone to your store and we know That person came from that affiliate but Then that person doesn't purchase for 6 Months do you really want to still pay So so basically it's how long the Tracking length is is it 30 days 60 days 90 days 365 days it could be what you Want it to be um and if there's multiple Affiliates referring people to your Store do you give the reward to the

Affiliate link that the person clicked On first or clicked on last so that's Another thing to think about uh and There's different reasons why you would Want to do it either way so I'll uh Leave those as well this right here Affiliate referral URL this is when you Might have multiple websites in the mix And so you're tracking this multiples But if it's just your website and Sh Cart you don't need to enter anything in Here uh and then here we're going to Enter in what what we're going to Actually pay them so we set we set up Here in the description but we actually Need to configure that down here so is It a percentage is it a flat rate I'll Do a 20% commission and um there are Some additional options here about how You handle subscriptions how you handle Repeat purchases or second purchases and Third purchases from people that were Referred do you want to give them uh the The affiliate a lifetime commission so That means they refer someone and they Buy something today and a year from now Do they make money a year from now um And then some payout instructions okay Um done uh let's go ahead and view the Signup URL right here that you're going To give to people so I clicked on this Little icon to put it in my clipboard And here is the sign up form now Remember I didn't add a logo to my store

If I did it would show here instead of This here is um that description of the Program where I just said it's 20% the app asks for their name their Email their website description that was That special question how will you Promote the store and then the payout Email address all they have to do is Come here and fill this out and then the Request comes to you and right here is An option for the affiliate to log in Let's just take a look at that this is What the login will look like for them So let's go here and I'm going to fill This out really quick so you can see What the experience is okay I filled This out and I'll click on request to Join and so there's a little notice here That your request has been submitted and They'll get an email saying that it's Been submitted but it hasn't been Approved just yet so now go back to sh Cart and let's click on on the menu Option that says Affiliates and I'm Looking here and I don't see any Affiliates why is that and that's Because I need to look at affiliate Requests so I'm going to click here now Me as a merchant I just received an Email about this request and you can see Here's all the information from the Request and uh I can see it's pending I Can click into it and I can see all the Submitted information and then we have

An action button here on the top right I Can go here I can approve or deny or Delete so I'm going to go ahead and Approve him yes I want to approve him And I'm going to click on okay and now This is approved so if I go back to Affiliates you can see now I have it Listed as an active affiliate and I have This snapshot of information on this Person person right here and I can even Click into them to see all like a whole 365 degree view of this affiliate I can See their code how many people they' Have referred payouts promotion codes if We've given them an affiliate coupon Clicks commissions I can see all of it All right here including their link so Now that it's been accepted John now Receives an email saying hey you've been Accepted you can log in here's the link To log in so now John can come here and He can log in he will go here enter in His email click on send code and what Happens is there's it's a passwordless System what happens is all here has to Do is put his email in he gets a code Via his email address Pops that code in And then he's able to log in so you have Less admin burden of him maybe Forgetting his password or having Trouble logging in he'll never have Trouble logging in uh he just needs to Be able to receive emails so I'm going To go ahead and get that code okay I've

Entered in the code just now and there's Just this beautiful dashboard for your Affiliate to see all of their stats Their clicks their referrals they can See their settings it's all right here Uh very easy for them to manage and it's Very easy for you as well but let me Show you a couple more things you can do For Affiliates in special cases first Thing is giving an affiliate a coupon And this would be a coupon where if it's Used then it's accounted as their Referral the person doesn't even need to Click through on their link it's all Tied to the coupon this is very simple You would go in here you would create a New coupon and there's this option here That says link to affiliate you'd see All your Affiliates you'd click on it And now that coupon whenever it's used Is going to give John the referral and Actually here let me remove it from here I'm going to go to coupons I'm going to Make this one that we made earlier in The video an affiliate coupon and let's Let's see here I have to click here the Three dots edit and I'm going to link This to that affiliate and I'm doing This for a reason check this out so now I can see this is an affiliate coupon It's John's affiliate coupon check this Out when I go to Affiliates and I click Into John's profile now what's going to Happen is I can see that I have a

Affiliate coupon for him underneath Promotional codes and I can see it right Here and I can jump to it so I'm easily This is where that seamlessness comes in I'm able to jump back and forth and do These special things everything's Integrated and it's all the same user Interface which makes it so much easier So that is coupons now say you have an Affiliate that you want or say you have A product that you want to have a Certain rate for all Affiliates that Might be higher or might be lower than The default rate so the default rate we Set at 20% uh let's say for for the Karaoke subscription I want to do this One a little different so I'm going to Click into the particular product and I've got a few options here and it's Right here custom affiliate commission So let's go ahead and click on ADD Commission and just for this product I'm Going to override what the stores Setting is so say for this for the Percentage for some reason on this I Need to give a lesser amount I'm just Going to give 10% or maybe I need to Have a different am because it's a Subscription I need to handle it Differently or for Lifetime commissions I need to handle it differently I can Control it's totally set this up how I Need to for this product only by going In here and you can see I have it all

Set up here and see how it's all Integrated right it's all seamless and Integrated and it's h super easy so this Is how you would make a different rate Higher or lower or a different term uh For a product in your store okay we have One more case and that is when I have an Affiliate that I want to give just them A custom rate on a product just them on A particular product so say uh it's Right here under product commissions I'll click on add a commission let's Choose a product so say when when Someone buys this specific product this Simple physical product I'm going to Give this one affiliate a higher Commission let's say 30% or a different Term so uh an example of this is if You're only giving commissions on the First payment in a subscription but Certain Affiliates you want to give a Reoccurring commission this is how you Would do that all right uh 30% click on Create and I can see now that John has a Specific rate right here but let's just Say also with John I want to give him a Higher rate on everything so we said That default default rate was 20 say I Want to give him 25% on everybody on Every product except ones that have been Specifically overridden just for him I Want his default to be higher or some of The terms to be higher let's go here I'm Going to give him 25% so this is how you

Can override everything uh for your top Affiliates because typically you'll want To do that if you have a high performing Affiliate you typically want to give Them a little bit more as a sign of Appreciation or better terms on a Subscription subscription sales or Things like that and this is how you do It or the other cases where you want to Have certain products be sold a little Different uh have the commission be Different because it's totally different Type of a product maybe much higher Maybe much lower maybe nothing uh this Is how you would go about doing it and That's pretty much all there is to um Setting up an affiliate program I mean There's payouts uh it's simple um I Don't have data in the store but Basically you go here you can create a New payout or you can pay out an Individual affiliate or you can pay out All of your Affiliates and when you do Pay out batch you basically just choose What's the minimum amount they had to Have earned to be paid and what are the Date ranges of the actual referral that You want to pay out on typically there's Like a delay of 45 or 60 days and then Click on Create and that's going to Create the payout tell you exactly who You need to pay and what you need to pay Them all very quickly and easily so now Let's go over all the common use cases

Or maybe uncommon use cases things I Haven't mentioned already that you want To be aware of to get the most out of Short cart and if I don't hit the one Question that you might have feel free To ask in the comments section down Below so I know that that's what you Want to know so the first one is Accepting donations And you might be surprised but inure Cart is very robust way probably one of The best ways as well of collecting Donations and it's very easy to set up So let's go ahead and walk you through It so I'm going to go and create a new Product and I'm just going to name this What it is donation now what a donation Really is is allowing someone to enter In the amount that they want to pay for Something uh so shart has a feature Called pay what you want and because of That it could be used for donations it Could be used for other things as well Okay I'm not going to do a description I'm going to move quick through this one I'm going to go down to pricing I'm Going to click on add a price and what You want to do or what I'm going to be Doing is I'm going to set up a donation Form that has one-time donations as well As recurring donations so the the way it Will work for the person donating is They'll see some amounts and they can Enter a custom amount and then they can

Choose whether it's one time monthly or Annually so that's how we'll set this up So first I need to make a product and I'm going to name this this will be the Onetime subscription so I'm just going To name this onetime here it is one time Donation it's configured as a one time And I need to toggle this option that Says pay what you want toggle that on I Have it as one time pay what you want Okay I've named it one time donation the Payment type is one time I'm going to Toggle on pay what you want you have to Put a minimum amount in I'll just put a Dollar or maybe I want the minimum Donation probably not to be a dollar Maybe $10 like that and click on create Price oops I have to enter a default Amount so the default donation I'll put It as 10 that's okay perfect we now have Our first price so next we need to do The same thing but it's going to be for A on month recurring subscription so I'll click on add another price and this Time it's going to be a monthly donation So I'll name it monthly and for the Payment type I want it to be a Subscription and I want to repeat this Every month that's the term and it's Going to be pay what you want just like That perfect and then the next one is Going to be annual donation annual Subscription $10 uh for this I need to Change the amount to every year just

Like that and I'll click on create price So now we have the three prices here one Time monthly and annual and they're all Pay what you want so I'm going to click On Save and publish so now what I need To do is create a custom checkout form So I click on custom forms I'll click on Add new and I'll give this a name great Now I'm going to choose the template Down here that says donation there it is Donation I'll click on this and I'll Click on next and I need to choose a Donation Pro This will not show the list of all your Products it's just the ones that you've Enabled pay what you want so it's right Here donation and I'll click on Create And it's pretty much built the whole Form for me all I need to do now is Tweak it and customize it however I want So let's go on the list view on the top Left and let's expand this out and Mostly what I'm after is this grid right Here so I'll expand amounts so these are Individual Amounts but we set it to be a $10 Minimum so I think I should get rid of This top row of options so I'm going to Click on this I'm going to click on the Three dots and delete it and I'm going To delete the $2 and I'm going to delete The $5 now you can actually delete Rearrange add new amounts so if I wanted This 10 to be 15 I can click on it and

Over here on the right I can change the Amount to whatever I want it to be uh so This is actually fine there's extensive Styling options for this when I click Into the different blocks so if I click Right here it's selecting all of the Amounts and then over on the right I can Say how many columns do I want so right Now we have three columns I can reduce This to two columns it could be however I want it to be I can change this text Label and I can go into the style Options and I can start playing around With the padding and the spacing so if I Wanted more space in between these items That's the block spacing watch this you See how it's spreading out so you can Have this be set to however you want but You can also have fun with the colors so If I wanted to have the background maybe Be like more on brand for this brand I Could do it like that and I can change The text color you can really do Whatever you want I'll put that back to White and this whole section when I Click on product donation here on the Left I can style this as well so if I Want to have a different uh background Just there I can do that just like that Instead of the buttons that I did a Moment ago so you have all these options I don't want to get too deep into it I Just wanted to show you uh this right Here and if you see underneath it

There's this option that says make Recurring and so you can the the person That is on your donation form can make This a monthly donation or annual Donation and it's pulling that from what We set up just a moment ago in the Product okay so what I want to do is Just quickly uh publish this and demo it So I'm going to go back let's go and add That to a page so we can interact with It uh so I created this earlier it was This karaoke special offer so let's go Ahead and um uh change this form let me Expand everything out there we go I'm Going to delete the checkout but then I'm going to add a new checkout and we Went over adding a checkout form uh Earlier in this video and this time I'm Going to choose the donation form and You can see Viola there it is let's go Ahead and update this actually here let Me move that to test mode I definitely Want that in test mode and let's view The page so now you have this beautiful Donation form for someone they can Choose the amount they want so say I Want $20 and say I might want to make That a monthly donation so now I've been Able to do that or maybe I uh would Rather give $500 certainly not every Month uh but I can go here and change That to an annual uh donation I can fill This out and you can see in the summary Here it's all spelled out donation it's

The annual donation $500 every single Year and so this is how you would create A donation form For your site the next thing we'll cover Is selling software licenses so shart Has an inbuilt licensing system that you Can use if you're a software developer And you want to sell licenses that would Be integrated and when someone copies And paste a license in it activates your Product and has updates you typically See this for people selling WordPress Products plugins or themes uh that's What it's ideally suited for but people Use this in other uh SAS products as Well and it's very simple uh you would Go and you would go to products you Would create your product and with your Prices for that product let's just Create a new product right here I've Named it WordPress plug-in I'll click on Create you'll fill this out you'll fill Out your pricing do everything as you Normally do but then when you scroll Down there's this option here that says Licensing and when you enable this you Would basically say well how many times S can this license be activated and you Would link to the zip file that's part Of the release now you will have to take The shart SDK and integrate it into your Software they have a video on their Channel for that I'm not that technical Uh but it's super easy it'll only

Probably take you 10 minutes to Integrate the SDK into your software and Use the system to issue the license as Well as to give your custom customer Management ability to manage the Activations just like you might have Experienced with any WordPress product That you've purchased so you can do it All in shart and there's a lot of Product sellers that are using shart for That I notice a lot of the bricks Builder products are sold using sh cart There's a couple caching Solutions There's lots of products starting to be Sold using this license system so you'll Want to refer to their docs for that as Well as the video that shows you how to Integrate the short cart SDK into your Products next we'll go over how to have Free shipping if the order is over a Certain amount I I touched on this in The shipping section but I wanted to Make a specific VI uh segment of this Video on it it's super easy to set up so We have to go into the settings and then We have to go into the shipping settings And then we need to go into the shipping Profile right here and so I'm going to Click into the profile that I had Created and down here is where you set Up your rates and so one of the options For the rate so actually I had created Something here that said free shipping But check this out so you would create a

New rate and you would choose say how About this how about um if you spend Over $500 you get express shipping for free How about that one that's a good one so I'm going to go in here here create a New shipping rate Express but this is Not going to be a flat rate it's going To be based upon the order price and for The minimum price I'll put $500 oops $500 and I'll put zero so what this is Going to do is if someone's order is Over $500 they're not going to see the Express costing them money Express is Now going to be free for them and uh so Now you can see I have two expresses This is the free Express but it's based Upon a condition and these are flat Rates that I've said so it's very easy To add any kind of shipping method free Shipping based upon the amount of money Spent now the next uncommon use case I Guess or common is asking for a credit Card when the transaction is zero by Default Shard is going to ask for the Credit card number if it's zero so how Does it get zero well you can have a0 Product or you would have a zero a Product or a subscription that becomes Zero because of a coupon code um and in That case where say I wanted to give Someone access to something for a year It's a yearly subscription I want to Give them access for a year but I don't

Want to uh make them give me their Credit card information for a year or Two I want them to pop the the coupon Code in it makes the cost zero and I Don't ask them for the credit card That's what we're going to show you how To do right now you go to settings let's See where is this one I think it's under Subscriptions and let's see I might have This oh there it is right there Subscriptions purchase Behavior found it Require upfront payment method so you Can just um turn this off yep why isn't It turning off there we go now it's Turning off and I click on save so now If there's a subscription where you Normally want to get that payment method But you've given them a coupon to make It zero it's not going to force them to Enter credit card information what will Happen is when the renewal comes up They'll get an email uh and if they Don't give you a credit card number for The renewal the the subscription will Just cancel out the next one is what do You do if there are certain customers That you legally are not supposed to Charge tax to sales tax to and this Happens I think it's Nonprofits uh I I think obviously PE uh I think Native Americans in in America Uh each country is going to be a little Different so the way this works is you Typically would have a form on your

Website where if someone should not be Charged tax you have them fill out that Form and then you have to just verify Them and then once you've verified them And you've determined that they should Not be paying tax you would go to shart Click on customer now you can create Manually create a new customer here so You would then if they haven't created Uh a customer profile you would just go And create the customer manually but When you go into a customer like this And I think we didn't go into customers Much in this in this lengthy video but You go into the customer record you Scroll down and there's an option right Here that says tax settings disable this If you do not want to apply tax on Purchases made by this customer so you Would just toggle It Off and now when That customer goes to check out they Will not be charged sales tax the next One is commonly asked and that is how do You send a buyer some to to a custom Thank you page after a transaction Versus the flow that you saw in this Video so you saw in the video Someone Places an order they get a little modal That says thanks for your purchase then They click on a button it takes them to The customer dashboard well you might Want to do something entirely different And it's very easy to do this so there's An option to bypass that and to send

Them to a specific URL that you want to Send them to let me show you how to do That now you would go let's go to custom Forms and this is a setting in forms so If you want the store checkout to work This way you have to edit the store Checkout or a custom form you would just Edit that so let me go to the store Checkout right here I'm going to click This top bar because that pulls up all The settings here on the right and you Can can see right here thank you page Custom thank you page if you toggle this On all you need to do is enter the URL On your website that you want the buyer To go to after they Place their order That's all you need to do and the last One here is how do you take order data And integrate it with third parties now You typically want this when someone Places an order you want to push their Name and email address into an email Marketing tool or maybe you want to push It into Google Sheets Or anywhere you can do anything you want With all this data so the way this works Is shart has an integration with zapier You you all know zapier is extremely Expensive so shart has a sister product Called sh triggers and here's short Triggers it's super affordable there's Even a free plan that allows you to do a Th of these different Integrations per Month what that means is say all you

Want want to do is when someone places An order that data goes into convert kit For example an email marketing tool and Say you have 500 orders per month so you Can use the free plan and basically the Way automations work is there's a Trigger something that triggers the Automation in this case it would be Someone purchasing something and then You would have an action and that action Is send the data into convert kit so in The short cart short triggers website You can click on Integrations you'll see It integrates with 600 different apps And plugins you can search for the one That you use there's also a request Board if you don't see it here but all The major apps all the major Services it Already integrates with and it's super Easy to take your data from short cart And send it wherever you want to Google Sheets uh you can you if you're Collecting someone's mobile number you Can text message them through twillo There's just so many different things You can do with the data you just look Here there's so many options of what you Can do with it so for example let me Search for short cart here's short cart I'll click on it right here and you can See all the triggers and all the actions I mean you can automate your entire Store with short triggers you can manage Subscriptions generate coupons uh manage

Affiliates manage orders change statuses Uh it's all right here there's just no Limit to what you can do with short cart When you're using short triggers now I Think I mentioned the convert kit so Let's search for that here's convert Kits and inside of convert kit there's No triggers but the actions are add or Update a subscriber remove tags so you Can create subscribers remove Subscribers add tags remove tags Everything you would want to do with Convertkit I just searched for Google Sheets uh with with Google Sheets you Can add all your data order data into Google Sheets if you want to manipulate It and maybe have some inventory Controls or some special ways that you Want to see the data you can easily do That you can update rows add new rows Create new spreadsheets you can do so Much uh with this so the cost of sh Triggers is really low if you go over What is given for free so uh there's a Pro Plan and a business plan and these Prices are per month but you pay for a Year so this is like 100 bucks a year And this is like 200 bucks a year but There's also a lifetime option uh right Here uh you can buy it pay once and have It forever and you can also get a split Pay and what's really cool is they're Using sh cart to sell short triggers so Say I wanted to buy this split pay I can

Click on buy now watch we're going to go Oh darn it it made me create an account First oh well uh it will take you to a Beautiful shart checkout form uh to Complete this purchase so that's the Video what did you like about it what Did you not like about it I really want To hear so I can do a better job next Time I'll make this video again as the User interface changes so if you can Just go in the comment section and say Hey I learned this hey I wish you would Have gone deeper in this hey I didn't Hear anything about this how do I do That thing I need you to let me know Thanks for [Music] Watching you got this go get it get cl Cl with it you got this now it's it

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