How to Make an Affiliate Marketing Website in WordPress and make $$$$

Building an affiliate marketing website with WordPress is easy and quick, and it gives you the potential to generate good money and revenue for your business or yourself. However, if you’re a beginner in WordPress, then it might be challenging to figure out how to build a website for affiliate marketing. This video will teach you absolutely everything to build your website, how to sign up for Amazon Affiliate, how to create links, and how to make money.

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00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:30 – Find your niche
00:01:46 – What is a Domain and Hosting?
00:02:45 – Find an available domain name
00:04:14 – Purchase Hosting + Free Domain
00:07:33 – Build a WordPress Website
00:09:58 – Website Settings + Create a new user
00:13:47 – Visit Your Website
00:14:23 – How to Login or Logout from your website
00:17:06 – Install a Theme
00:19:07 – Customizing the Theme
00:23:45 – Seeing your updated website
00:24:44 – Sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program
00:26:14 – What commissions do you get?
00:29:32 – Amazon Affiliate backend interface
00:30:19 – Create affiliate links
00:33:59 – Keyword Research
00:40:48 – Installing required plugins
00:43:36 – What kind of content should you create?
00:45:47 – How to create content
00:51:25 – Optimize the content with AIOSEO
00:56:10 – Add Affiliate Links
00:59:13 – Creating other types of content
01:05:15 – Customize Your Website
01:14:42 – Closing Words

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Are you looking to build an affiliate Marketing website and make some extra Money on the side you're on the right Video because in this video I'm going to Show you exactly step by step what you Need to do to build an affiliate Marketing website how to write content On it and how to start making money from Your affiliate marketing website and Don't worry it's a completely beginner Friendly tutorial so if you have never Built a website you've never experienced In affiliate marketing you don't even Know what affiliate marketing is you'll Going to learn every single thing in This video are you excited I Particularly am so let's get started So to build a successful affiliate Marketing website the first thing you Need is to decide on the niche of your Website which is another way of saying The topic of your website and the E Easiest way to come up with a topic for Your affiliate marketing website is by Thinking and looking into your own Interests and passions and also look at All the different products that you Purchased in that Niche so just for Example I'm a camera guy so I have one Camera I have another camera I have a Few lenses I have tripods I have lights I have lenses I have microphones variety Of microphones I spent a lot of money in The camera camera enthusiastic Niche

Because I'm I like cameras in Photography and video making now you Might be interested in other things you Might be interested in photography just Like me or you might be interested in Landscaping you might be interested in Camping you might be interested in Coffee you might have a cat and you Might be interested in all the different Toys and different I say cat houses that You can build anything nich or any Niche That you are interested in or any any Passion you have usually there are a lot Of products associated with it and when You find those products and create great Content around it people can find it and When they purchase the products through Your affiliate links that is where you Make the money so this is just the idea Of how to start picking a niche there's Some other things we need to consider But you can start with this and I'm Going to give you some I said detailed Instructions on how to actually find the Topics that users are looking for so you Can write exactly content around them Later in the video so now that you Understand the concept of a niche it's Time to build a website and it's going To be absolutely easy but before you Build the website you need to understand The concept of a domain name and hosting A domain name is the name you type in Your browser which takes you to the

Website so it's that's the domain name the hosting Is a service behind the domain name that Makes it all possible for you to access The website the easiest example I can Give you to make sure you understand the Concept is take a look at your phone Your phone number is your domain name Because that's how people reach you but If you don't have the Sal service behind It then there's no use for having a Phone number because people can't reach You so the domain name is the name and The hosting is the hosting so in this Case the phone number is the domain name And the Sal service is the hosting and You need both of them working together So that your website can go live now What you need to do first is actually Find an appropriate domain name which is Available to purchase in your Niche That's the first thing so let's go and Find a domain name appropriate for our Business so what I'm going to do is go To Google Search and type a fantastic Website's name which will help us find The right domain name that you can Purchase so type along with me n m Nameboy nameb we'll go to nameb and this is a beautiful website Which will help you understand or also I'll say suggest a domain name for your Business and for example just have to Type a couple of words here related to

Your Niche so let's say you were in the Coffee Niche right so I would type in Coffee maker and I'll click submit and This will give me a list of variety of Different coffee related domain names That I can purchase and see so many Different suggestions test coffee maker My coffee maker Tech coffee maker the Coffee the daily coffee that's pretty good you can Also see more results I'll just click Here and you can find tons of different Suggestions here mobile coffee maker Design coffee maker contact coffee maker And so many different options so once You look at all these options you'll be Like wow these are so many great options For you to purchase a domain name and Yes you can decide on domain name here But you don't actually have to purchase It from here I'm going to tell you a Great way in which you can get a domain Name and get a u not a domain name you Can get hosting and you can get a domain Name for free without having to pay for An entire year for a ridiculous low Price so whatever domain name you like From this options for example I like my Cofem it sounds good to me so Mentally I'm making a note of it that Hey this is the domain name I want to Purchase once you've decided on that go To another website right so I'll type it In here and you can follow along with me

Https WP beginner Doc slre RF r/ Blue host and this is a reference Referal link to blue host and Bluehost Is one of the best i' say domain Register and hosting provider at a Ridiculously low price you can get Started and build your website just look At this you get a free SSL certificate Oneclick WordPress install so you don't Have to do any of the tech stuff to get Started one click and your website will Be set up and you also get a domain name Entirely for free for your first year so Whatever it cost to get a domain name 10 20 $40 a year you're going to save all That money and you can click the uh get Started now button which will bring you To the pricing options you can take any Of these pricing options you can go for The basic plan the choice plus plan if You want want to build more websites but I suggest if you're just starting out It's a first website just stick with a Basic plan just have to pay $199 a month So let's click the select button and It'll give you a popup to uh build your Online store which we not going to do Right now so I'm going to click the skip Button which will take us to the next Step and once you click the link on the Next step you'll be prompted to enter The domain name that you want to Purchase here I selected I think I don't

Remember it but let's go with the daily Coffee maker I think it was available I Think it's a great domain name so from This list the daily coffee maker yeah That sounds good so the daily cofem is the domain name I want to Purchase here so what I'll do is I think I already have it on my clipboard I'll Paste the link here andom is already Added so we don't need to add it I'll Click next and let's see all right the Domain name is available and it's added To the cart already now all you have to Do is finish the purchase using your Information and and your payment Information now scroll down you have the First name last name and some other Information you have to fill in make Sure to create enter your username and Password or an email and a password and You have the package information here And Bluehost adds some extra optional Things to your account which you can Disable so domain privacy and protection This is something you want or not I Think it's completely up to you so I uh I would just turn it off and also Anything else you see here you can Remove uh professional email 3 months Trial you can also remove and make sure That the pricing is something that you Are paying for whatever you want to pay So code guard basic I'm going to remove That and make sure the pricing is

Exactly what I want to pay for so once You're happy with whatever optional uh Things you are getting here whatever uh Additional things you want to pay for Just select everything you don't want And select everything you want and What's the pricing is exactly what You're happy with make sure to just go Here and make sure to enter your payment Information and finish the purchase once You finish the purchase a couple things Will happen of course your account will Be created and all that but you're going To get a couple of emails from Bluehost That your account is activ and all that And you'll get a link inside those Emails to access the backend area of Blu Host using the username and password That you just created so your username Will be just your email address which is Where the receipt will also be sent and Your password is what you will login Your back end with the blue host backend So make sure to click that email you'll Reach the back end of Bluehost login and Then we'll continue the rest of the Process from there since I already have A blue host account there's no sense for Me to actually go ahead and make another Purchase on Bluehost make sure to finish This go back and click the email and I'll see you right inside the Bluehost Admin area all right hopefully you've Completed the purchase got an email and

Have your account created on blue host Back end and also are logged in if you See my screen here this is how the blue Host admin area looks like now for you It might look like this when you're on The homepage good afternoon your name Here and you'll have lot of different Options here and blue host keeps testing Things around so don't worry if your Interface looks a little different all You have to worry about or all you have To consider is just go to the website Section which is where websites exist That you have created inside Blu host Now since I have a multi-website account You have or you'll see that I have a lot Of different websites already created Here all of these are websites that I've Created so you don't or you won't see This inside your account if you just Created an account and you don't have to Worry all you have to do is create your Website right you don't worry about the Existing websites so to start creating Your website you have to click this blue Button here and it might show up here on The screen for you just click this Button called add site and this is the First step install WordPress or transfer An existing site or other empty Environment we're going to choose WordPress and click continue and here You can choose a site Title Here the Title doesn't matter here because you

Can obviously change it later so I'll Just type in coffee maker just to keep It simple or you can even skip it for Now click continue connect the domain Name this is the important part find the Domain name inside your account just Type it in now since I didn't finish the Purchase the domain name was not added To my account you just have to type your Domain name in and once it was added or Since it was already added to your Account you'll be able to link this Website with this domain name this is Import step important step to complete Otherwise you'll have a website with a Temporary domain and you'll have to fix It later so make sure to do this step Perfectly once it's done it's just Typing little bit things in and once You're done you your domain name will be Connected to this particular website That we are creating now since I didn't Actually purchase or made the purchase I'm just going to use a temporary domain Name and this is where uh I'll start With once this is done make sure you Enter your domain name here click the Continue button well and that's it uh With just this little bit of information We've started creating our website and You can already see the installing WordPress section appearing on the Screen it just takes a few minutes and Your website will be completely ready so

No hassle no uh configuring different Things on your site this is the beauty Of one click WordPress install by Blu Host just set up or provide a little bit Of information and your website will be Ready so it might take just a few Minutes of time so once this is done We'll resume the video and I'm going to Show you how to then access your website And we'll do the rest of the setup all Right see you there so in just a couple Of minutes the website building process Is now complete and once again I went Into the website section and since I Have a lot of different websites I just Search for the title so I searched for The title and this is the website we Just created it is showing up in your Account only the one website will show Up so all you have to do is just click On the name here which will take us to The settings of the website now you Don't need to worry about all this you Don't need to change this you don't need Even to understand it but it's good idea To just know where the settings are now Before we actually go out and check out A website the couple things you need to Do so that we can actually access our Website don't click this button right Here because this will take you to Bluehost AI website automator and Creator and that's a lengthy process and We're going to change the appearance of

Our website in other ways so if you do This then you'll be stuck up with that Process and it's a great process but It'll just sa uh save your time if you Skip the process so if you go into the Settings here you need to scroll down And find the option where you'll see the Coming soon page we'll just disable this First and once this is done let's wait For it to finish we'll go into the user Section and why user section because by Default the website is created with a Default username with a default Blu host Administrator password which you which You don't want right you want to have Your own email address and all own Password associated with your website so What we're going to do is just click the Login button here and this will log in Or this will just log in you to the Actual website back end so let's click On it it'll open up a new tab and you Will be logged into your website so I'll Create or will help you create a new Username and password for your website And then you'll be able to log in and Log out from your website anytime you Like using your actual credentials so This is the Blu host or not the Blu Host This is the WordPress back end and you Might find this little overwhelming lad Of information here don't worry I'll I'll simplify this once the website is Done for now what you have to do is just

Go into this section do you see this User section there's a add new user this Is where you'll go this is where we Create a new user for your username and Password so I'll just type in a username Which will be my name you can enter any Other um as a username that you like Also enter an email address here so I'll Just enter my personal email Here and then rest of the information is Optional you can fill this in or you can Leave it blank you can also edit it Later more importantly you have to Understand the password option here the Password that you see here is a default Password generated by Bluehost or Not Sorry blue host but by WordPress so it's A secure and strong password you can Replace this with your own password but I would suggest that it's a very it's a Strong password you can use this as you Like so just enter the password that you Like or just I'll just copy this as for Reference that I have the password ready And once you are happy make sure to just Change one more setting before you click The add new user button we have to Change the role of this user from Subscriber to administrator because you As the administrator of the website need To have all the access about for to do Everything on the site so once again I'll recap enter username enter an email Enter your first name last name if you

Like change a password or generate a new Password and copy it and keep it Somewhere safe and then just change this To administrator once all of this this Is done just click the add new user Button and your user name will be added As a new account on the site and now you Can see it also here if you go into all Users which you by default will be taken Into you'll see the old email address an Old user here and you have the new user Here and the new password or the new User has been created so technically Your website is now already created Let's check out our website first how it Looks from the front end and then I'll Tell you how to actually log in and log Out from a website and then we'll Customize and change the appearance of Our website so the few ways to actually Visit your website you can just open a New tab and type the actual domain name That you did the other way uh from the Back end is to go here in the top left Corner and once you see the coffee maker The title of the weite if you hover over It you will see the visit site option if You right click and open it up in a new Tab this is also will take you to the Actual website so congratulations your Website is now created and you also have A username created to access your Website how great is that so this is a Beautiful website this is the default

WordPress template it looks absolutely Beautiful but we'll customize this and Change this uh in just a few seconds but First I need to tell you how to log in And log out of your website when you Require or once your job is done so by Default you'll see when you are actually Logged into your website and you access Your website you'll see this black bar Come up here this is the admin bar only Shows up for website administrators so Your visitors or users won't actually See this and on the top right you see The current user that is locked in so This is the default username that we uh Saw in blueh host so if you hover over This you'll see a few different options So you can do uh click the user you can Edit the profile and you can also log Out so if I click the log out button This will log log us out from the Website and also will take us to the log In page so that you can actually log Into your website again now how do you Actually Reach This automatically or how Do you reach this um later without Actually going into Blu host and going Here inside your account and actually Doing this let me also tell you about This for that all you need is the domain Name your of your website and just add An as a an abbreviation not an Abbreviation but need add a little bit Of a phrase after it so what I'll do is

I'll just go here first I'll just copy This here and I'll just copy the name of My website once here and you see I'm Logged out here so if I want to access The admin area I'll just paste the Domain name of a website and do keep in Mind that what you see here is the Temporary domain name you will see or You will copy your actual website's Domain name just add a forward slash Here and then type in the following Words WP which stands for WordPress Hyphen then a DM i n WP admin once You're done click on this button and it Will take you to the login page once Again so once you log out from your Website you want to login back again you Don't have to go through the blue host Route you can just directly use this URL To reach the login page and what you Have to do is paste your password which I have here and also enter your username Once this is done click the login button And you'll be logged into to yoursite With now your new username so let's wait For that to finish and now you're logged Into your website and how do you know That it's your username the top right Corner is what you will see your Username come up so amazing progress With media I told you how to access a Domain name I told you how to actually Get home domain name and hosting and We've already built a website in just

Less than 30 minutes so your website is Now live you can just take check it Around and go to the front end and check Out how the website looks and all that Good stuff but make sure that everything Is set up now we're going to actually do Some customization to your website to Make the Cosmetic changes and make sure The website looks right before we do all The other things required to build an Affiliate marketing website all right I'll see you there all right so now that Your website is ready I hope you have Spent some time understanding and Looking at your website how it looks Like and it already looks beautiful but We want to customize it and I want to Give you the ability to customize the Design and other areas of your website And for that we're going to use a Specific theme now think think of theme As a new chassis for your car or a new Paint job because it completely Transforms how you have looks and Similar to how we set up WordPress in The easiest way possible we're going to Set up a new I say theme on the site in The easiest way possible so let's start The process of setting up a theme on our Site and the theme options are inside The appearance menu inside WordPress so Just go to appearance here and you'll See themes option come up here click on The themes option and this will take you

To the theme repository and the best Part about the theme repository as that Every website or every theme that you See here is completely free to use you Don't have to pay any money to have this Website so what you have to do is just Go to the theme options and click the Add new button or add new theme here Which will take you to the next page Where you'll able to search themes and Also look at the popular themes Available here now there are tons and Tons of themes that you can see here a Lot of different themes that you can Install but the best theme that we found Which is one of the best themes Available for WordPress right now is Called the Astra theme so let's search For the theme here and we'll install it On our website we'll type in as R A and Let the search finish meanwhile I'll Just close this button here and here you See the Astra theme here now you might Think that hey this Astro theme doesn't Look like the site I want to build don't Worry Astro theme has a trick OB Bly Where you can have completely different Look your website and also everything That you see in any theme is usually Completely customizable so you don't Have to stick with what you see here you Can customize it I'm going to give you Some basic ideas on how to actually do That so for now just click the install

Button and let take a few seconds to Install once this is done we'll also Activate it let's also click Activate and now it is activated now This is what the trick up the sleeve I Was talking about Astro themes comes With a companion plugin which is called Starter templates and what starter Templates gives you the option of having Let's say if you just have or by Installing the Astro theme you now have Access to a lot of different uh I say Templates or designs you can have on Your website just for example if you Have the starter templates installed Which I'm going to show you how to do You can have this template this template Or many other different templates which Will let you customize your website in Just one click so you'll have completely New website uh from what you see here so What you can do is just click the Install Starter templates button here But sometimes what happens is you don't See this popup here so I'm going to show You exactly the other way of doing this If you don't see it here for that we'll Need to install plugins on our site so Similar to how we went to the appearance To install a theme we'll go into the Plugin section here and we'll go to add New plug-in and we click it and this Will again take you to the WordPress Repository where you will install a

Plug-in for now I'll close this because We are I'm sh showing you the manual Method so type in Start Templates and let the Search complete And you'll see the starter templates Options come up here and this is the the Actual template or starter templates um I say icon here so just click on the Install now button and the same plugin That uh you were seeing in the pop-up Notice this the same plugin will be Installed this is the manual way of Installing the plugin once this is done We'll click on Activate so as soon as the plugin is Activated it will instantly take you to The setup process where it'll take uh Tell you how to actually build your Website or install different templates From the starter templates repository so For the first option I stick with the Classic starter templates it's much Easier and for this we'll select the Block Builder and we'll proceed to the Next step now this is the beautiful part About stter templates if I keep Scrolling you'll see there are so many Different templates available to me that I can actually have on my website some Of them are premium but many of them are I say most of them are free sometimes You'll have a different order so just Scroll and find one Plugin or one theme

Or one template that suits your needs Now I particularly like this Outdoor Adventure uh theme if let's say you have A camping based kind of a website Affiliate website you can use this I'm Going to stick with this one uh planet Earth I think it looks beautiful it Looks very colorful and nice and we can Customize everything that we see so no Matter it says Earth and endless Potential we can change this to Something else we can change the images Around to say coffee but this looks good To me we can also scroll down and find Some other templates but yeah I think I I'm happy with this one again you you're Not limited to what I'm selecting here You can scroll and find any template uh That you think is great and then you can Install that and the principles I'm Going to show you on how to make these Small edits how to make the changes they Will be exactly the same so don't worry About hey this is this guy is using Another template you can choose any Template that you actually like so I'll Click the planet Earth template here and It'll take me to The Next Step where it Prompt me to upload my logo here and Preview it on this website I'm going to Skip this right now because I'm going to Show you how to actually add your own Logo later in the process I'm going to Click Skip and continue and then next

Option you have some default color Choices or not default color choices you Have the first default color choice but You also have other color uh palettes That the theme is bundled with so if you Click this button you'll see instantly The color palet is changing here live And you can choose any color palette That you like I'll switch around and see Which one I like I think I like the Default ones the best here and you can Also do the same thing for fonts or Typography so if I scroll here you'll See this is the default uh font Combination that the theme is shipped With but if you click around you'll see Instantly uh the theme actually changes And shows you a different variation of The text so let's say I I actually like This Poppins and lto I also like the Moner lto and we can see some other ones As well let me just quick quickly scroll Around and see which one I like the best Actually I like this one the rubic and Carla one I think this is a great Looking font you can also stick with the Default one I'm going to go with this One once you're happy with your choice Just click the continue button and in This process you can just have some Optional information filled out for you All these options have to be checked Except this one this is completely Optional so if you don't want to share

Any kind of data uh with this you can Just uh click uncheck this but the rest Of the things you'll have to import if You want to have the website actually Look like exactly how it looks like in The demonstration once you're happy just Click the submit and build my website Button and this will start uh completely Importing the demo website onto your Website right now this takes uh less Than a minute so we'll wait for this to Finish and once this is done we'll take A look at our website once again so our Website is now built and you can see the Website was just built in 23 seconds and That's the power of start nlat instantly You'll have or you'll see that you have A brand new website so I'll click this Button View your website and a new tab Will open up your new website and let's Look at the website beautiful now you Have a brand new website which you can Customize I'm going to show you how to Customize this to beautifully just Create content on your site so now you Have your website ready now it's time to Get into the affiliate marketing side of Things we need to understand how to Actually find products where to find Products how to create affiliate links How to add the content on our site and Then once that is done I'm going to show You some cosmetic changes that you can Make on your website I'm going to teach

You how to customize the homepage here How to add some extra addition things or I say uh beautify your pages and all Some good stuff about affiliate Marketing I hope you're excited by all Of that because it's going to be a lot Of fun so let's get started with the Affiliate marketing site of actually Building an affiliate marketing website So now it's time to discuss the juicy Stuff the affiliate part of the website Building process and there are hundreds Or I'd say thousands of places where you Can sign up to become an affiliate and Promote their products to earn Commissions but the easiest place to get Started and the most trusted place to Get started is Amazon Amazon has a Fantastic affiliate program which makes It easy for you to sign up and refer any Product inside Amazon's web store to get Commissions on Amazon or get commissions From Amazon so to get started I'd say What you can do is first go to actual Amazon's website and anything that you Can find you can use the search option You can go to the category and all these Products that you see here fashion Electronics mattress Health and all the different products That you see in there everything Actually has commissions attached to it Now you already have decided on a niche So you don't need to do this research if

You already shop from Amazon you already Know that these products are available So what you can do is you have to just Sign up for an Amazon affiliate account Or Amazon associate account there are Few different ways to do this so what You can do is scroll to the bottom of The page sometimes it's difficult with All the loading things but you'll find The option here on Amazon's website Called become an affiliate and you can Also do is just go to search and just Type in Amazon affiliate or Amazon Associate and which will bring you to The same page now before you get started There's good thing to actually Understand what the commission structure Is for your category of products how Amazon works is for different product Categories the amount of commissions you Get as an affiliate are different so What you can do is search for Amazon Affiliate commission and this will bring You to the actual page or you'll find The page for your particular uh Country's Amazon affiliate fee schedule So uh the way it works is every country Has different different affiliate Structures so I'm based in India and you See this website this is so This commission structure I'm about to Show you as a reference is only for India so if I click this link this will Open up this page and I can find all the

Commission rates for different category Of products so I can see Kitchen Appliances kitchen houseware Furniture Outdoor DIY and tools have 6% Commissions grocery has 8% e Echo Devices and Alexa devices Amazon devices Have 7% baby products Automotive lawn And garden and Sports have 6% consumer Electronics and accessories excluding Data storage that means hard drives have 5% then home large appliances books Office Products pet products toys have 5% apparel and accessories luggage and Bags have 5% 5% 4% 2% different Different categories now whatever Category your um I said Niche falls into You can find the percentage so example I'm assuming that the coffee maker Category is somewhere in the home and Large appliances category or Office Products category not Office Products But yeah you can have coffee makers on Um in the office as well so I'm assuming You'll have at least 5% or you can fall It into the kitchen appliances or Kitchen and houseware which falls into 6% commissions so coffee uh Niche or the Coffee maker Niche is a pretty good Niche so this is how you get started First understanding the commission Structure now how about signing up for Amazon Affiliates now I already have an Amazon affiliate account so if I just Log or click I'll automatically be

Logged in so what I'll do is I'll open Up an incognito window first and I'll Just copy or just let's open this up and I'll show you the process of signing up Using an incognito window so I'll do Amazon affiliate and I'll go here and Usually what happens is as soon as you Search Google will personalize results For your country so as you see this is For Amazon affiliate in for India your Country might have different programs or Different URLs so you just click the Link and take you to the setup process Now it's very easy to sign up it doesn't Require too much details you can just Look at this and one thing I'd recommend You always pay attention to is the terms Of service Amazon is quite stringent When it comes to enforcing their terms Of service they are quite ruthless in Many countries when it comes to Suspending Associates accounts before They or because of they actually don't Understand a small I say fine print Policy that they misled or they they Actually didn't read so I would Recommend that once you sign up you also Go through the operating agreement Conditions you use all the different Legal terms and the terms of service Amazon has so that your account stays Safe once you have done that you can Click the sign up button it's a simple Form you have to enter your or you can

Always connect with your Amazon Affiliate account and it goes through The same process of like how do you set Up any account just ask for basic Information your email and of course Inside the account you also set up your Bank account details so that the Payments can be processed it's very simp Simple and straightforward and if you Have an Amazon account you can just do Most of the things directly once that is Done you can actually log into your Amazon affiliate account so what I'll do Is I'll actually log into my affiliate Account and show you how the operation Or how the actual process looks like how The interface looks like inside Amazon Affiliate so this is my Amazon affiliate Account and you see some I'm making some Money here and there U by not doing much Here so this is the benefit actually This is a website iting this is from my YouTube channel which I'm not very Active on but still I'm getting some Money paid uh by Amazon affiliate Because the links are coming in so this Is how the affiliate account looks like Uh the main things that you need to Understand here is first of all look at Your metrics what earnings you're making What what money are you making so you Can go into reports and find the Consolidated summary where you'll find The detail summary of your account so

You can see this is the amount of money I've made from Amazon and other things And this is the idea now once you have Logged in once you've done this of Course you won't have any earnings here Because you have just set up your Account the more important thing you Need to learn is how to actually get Links for different products that you Want to advertise on your website right So this is how you do it there are two Ways to do this you can go into the Product linking section and go into the Product link section and then this is Not something that or uh usually happens Let me just fix this or let me see if it Works all right so this is where you can Do it now that capture was something That I also experienced for the first Time if it comes to you just enter the Capture details now this this is what Where you can actually create uh links So if you want to create a link to a Particular particular product page then You just find the product page on Amazon Website you enter the link here name a Link and click the get HTML button this Comes up here then you can link to a Search result page so let's say somebody Searches for coffee maker you search for Coffee maker the entire search page can Also be linked to you can do that here And the third option is link to favorite Destination this is mostly like a

Category page where all the different Category of products or a certain Category of products can be displayed Now this is usually not the easiest Process and it takes a lot of time to do What I would recommend is use Amazon on S strip so if I go to the tools option You'll see the S strip option and the S Strip is automatically enabled for most Accounts unless you disable it and what The S strip does is whenever you are on Amazon and this works on mobile phones Too by the way what you can do is just Go to any product right so for example If I have let's say I'm viewing one of These products so I'll click on this Page which will bring me to the product Page here and I can see the price I can See other options now let's say I want To create an affiliate link for this Product what I'll do is just go here on The top here you see the get link button I'll just click on it and this will Create an affiliate link for me using my Account so there's two options here you Have the store ID and tracking ID that Will be default set up automatically you Have the full link which will bring you The actual full link and you also have The short link so this is how you can go To any page or any product on Amazon and Just create an affiliate link right here And then you can just copy and paste it On notepad or you can just uh refer to

It or create the links when you are Actually adding it to the content on Site that is completely up to you I'll Give you example of how it works for Example if I do coffee maker so I'll Click coffee maker and search for it now This search page can also be created or Made into an affiliate link so if I go Here once again and I click Text now Again this search page has now this Affiliate link which is unique to my Account and I can copy and paste it Inside the content of my website and Start creating content and referring Users to my website so this is the basic Of how Amazon affiliate works you have To find the right products you have to Find affiliate or create the affiliate Links and then add it to your content This part is actually particularly very Easy because there's nothing much need To figure out but the next part of the Equation is where it gets interesting Because there you can use your brains And some research to find things that Users are looking for because if you Have to create content and Mak uh Commissions through Amazon or as Google search then you have to create Content around the things people are Already searching for and this brings us To the process of keyword research think Of keyword research as market research You want to find out what users are

Looking for create the right content and Fulfill that demand of content and then Refer people to the right products so That they can make the purchase and you Can make the commissions so once you've Set this up once you're confident that You understand how to create the product Links and you can find the exact Products you're looking for I want you To start the next stop step of the Process which is the process of keyword Research so let's talk about the process Of keyword research as I mentioned Keyword research can be thought of as Market research because it tells you Exactly the questions people have in Their minds so that you can answer those Questions with the help of the right Content and then you can benefit the Users and benefit yourself and also Benefit Amazon so it's a win-win-win Situation and it helps everybody in the Equation so that's the process or that's The reason why keyword research is so Important now how do you do the keyword Research process is something you need To learn here with the help of this Video so there are very few or I said There are variety of ways you can do Keyword research but what you should Start with is this the gray stuff Between the ears because as an expert in Your Niche or as a passionate Enthusiast In your Niche you already will have a

Lot of different ideas about what users Would typically look for when they're Making a purchase in your Niche for Example since I'm a camera guy I know Exactly what kind of question people Will ask is this a fullframe camera What's the recording limits like like For this camera or what's the maximum Resolution can I record in 4k can I do Slow motion video with this camera uh Can I connect with a bluetooth app what Kind of lenses are supported is this Supported what kind of monitors you get The idea right I can name hundreds of Questions that anybody would have in the Niche to help create content about that And then users will be uh will be helped With the content so let's say for Example I'll just uh switch my on my Screen here what you should do is set Some uh I say sit down and maybe you use Notepad maybe use use a whiteboard like This just write down some topic ideas That you think users will look for when They're making a purchase decision in Your Niche so for a coffee maker uh one Would start with let's say for example Uh what type of coffee Makers are made right different kinds of Coffee makers so you can have that as a Topic then you can say which is the Best coffee maker right and you continue This process till you have found out the Exact or I say you have written a decent

Number of questions now instead of Typing everything out I'll just give you Some ideas from the top of my head what I would look for if I was entering into The coffee maker Niche what's the Average price of a coffee maker what's The average amount of I should spend on A coffee maker what type of coffee is The best what's the variety of ways air Pressing or some other methods to make Coffee this will give me an Understanding of what I'm getting into When I'm getting the coffee Nish so Armed with this list of keywords now you Can begin the actual process or armed With this uh say collection of questions You can begin the actual process of Keyword research and the process will be Fantastic so what I would do uh or Suggest you do is go to once Again and search for WB beginner keyword Research tool it's completely free tool So that you don't have to spend any Money to find the best keywords Available so that you can dominate your Nish so once you find this keyword Generator tool just click here and this Will bring you to the keyword generator Tool by WB together now what I would Suggest is that you start with just the Basic Niche here so since your Niche is Coffee makers I'll just type in Coffee maker and I'll just click the Analyze button now what this will do is

Go into action and find the all the Great keywords that you have scattered Throughout the internet now here's the Fun part when you see the alphabet Suggestions this won't make much sense To you coffee maker Amazon coffee maker Alarm clock Walmart grinder amps Target This is not something you the keywords Or this is not the kind of keywords you Can create content about but what you Should do here instead of looking at the Alphabet option look at the prepositions Options so if you click this button now You see coffee maker can make cappuccino This is a common question can a coffee Maker make cappuccino coffee maker can Boil water so can a coffee maker boil Water uh quizy not coffee maker can't Set clock again a product specific Question Coffee maker that can make espresso Coffee maker that can make tea coffee Maker that you can schedule coffee maker Doesn't work coffee maker not working Coffee maker that will last all of these Are individual topic ideas you can Create content about and refer people to The right coffee maker and make Commissions again this is just one Category coffee maker for camping coffee Maker for car coffee maker for sale Coffee maker for office for RV for kups For pods for party for ground coffee for One person coffee maker slow is brewing

Slow very slow clogged not Brewing Leaking water is called use for all These are great topic ideas and how much Money did you spend to find all these Great keywords NADA so also coffee maker To go coffee maker to make tea to clean It grinder all these questions now these Are just the preposition sections There's also a question section so if You click here you'll find all the Related questions that people ask in the Coffee maker nich a coffee maker is bad For you does the coffee maker really Make a difference coffee making sleepy Is coffee making me tired can coffee Maker make tea can coffee maker make you Six or sick can coffee maker get moldy How coffee machine works what coffee Maker is the best and when making coffee When making a a coffee maker with what When cleaning a coffee maker with Vinegar what is Juda coffee maker from Or where it is from what coffee maker Should I buy what coffee maker does Starbucks use how does the C coffee Maker know when to stop so many Different questions I had no idea coffee Was this complicated but if you were in The coffee Nish you probably knew all of This so combine this with the set of Questions that you had you can repeat This process a variety of different ways So you can just repeat the process with Coffee maker clogged and again find

Questions coffee maker slow again find Questions so you'll have thousand at Least different ideas to keep creating Content that means lot of opportunities For you to rank high and get more I say Generate commissions for you now the Better your content is the more specific It is the more likelihood that Google Will actually rank it in the highest Search results so make sure to make a Note of all this and of course you can Just click the show graph button and Copy the SVG to clipboard and just copy And paste this somewhere or you can just Drag and like copy the content here and Just paste it in a notepad file or Somewhere so you can reference this Content later once the keyword research Process is done now we'll go on the Website and actually start creating this Content and once the content is done I'll show you how to add links to it and Also show you how to like say change the Design of your website to match the Theme of your actual affiliate links so Hopefully now you understand the process And your mind is like light bulbs going On here that how easy it is to find the Right areas to create content about all Right so I'll see you back inside the Admin area of your WordPress website and I'll talk about different kinds of Content you can Create so we're inside the admin area

Now and it's time to create that all the Awesome awesome content that we looked At in the keyword research process and Make those juicy affiliate commissions But before that we have to set up the Right foundation for our website we had A lot of plugins installed by Bluehost We want to clean them up and we want to Install a couple of plugins on our site So that we can optimize or create Optimized content from the fly without Having to spend too much time on it so First what we'll do is go into the Plugin section here and going to install Plugins we're going to select all the Plugins that are not necessary for the Functioning of the website and we're Going to delete them off the site so Make sure to select first all the Plugins here by going into this Plugin Or check clicking this check boox and The plugins I mentioned just make sure To uncheck them so uncheck the Spectra Plugin or uncheck the starter templates Plugin and uncheck the blue host plugin Apart from this these plugins we don't Need any of these plugins that are Installed on our site now just to give You an idea Spectra is the plugin that We will configure a website with uh the Design Parts starter templates I already Demonstrated if you want to change the Template in the future you can use the Starter templates plugin and the

Bluehost plugin is connected your admin Area with your WordPress website so These are essential rest of them what We'll do we'll go back to the top Cho Choose the bulk actions first deactivate These plugins we'll click apply so all Of these plugins will be first Deactivated on the site and then we'll Disable or I said delete these plugins On the website as well so now you see All the disabled plugins are showing up Here so again once again I'll click this And the three plugins that are active I'll exclude them once again go back and I'll click delete and just click apply And click okay and all of these plugins Will be deleted off our site once this Is done we'll install just one plugin That is essential to create high quality Content on a site and optimize it so Once this is done the entire process is Finished we can just click this button Called add new plugin and this will Bring us to the WordPress repository and Don't worry we're not paying any money All of these plugins that I'm to install Or all these plugins that are in the Repository are completely free to use I Want to type on this search results or In the search options a Ioo which stands for allinone SEO now You probably know if you're building an Affiliate marketing website that search Engine optimization or SEO is the

Process by which you'll get a lot of Traffic on your site in all Hest one SEO Is one of the best SEO plugins out there It'll give you suggestions about how to Improve a Content how to write better Headlines how to optimize your content How to look in the search results and All that amazing things for absolutely Free so once this plugin is installed We'll be ready to actually start Creating content on our site so let's Install this plugin first we'll activate It and I'll just give us an option of Configuring our website we'll skip that Part and we'll just go into the process Of what type of content we should create So now this is the onboarding visit you Can just go through this process if you Want to set up completely on your Website I'm just going go uh to go back To the dashboard I'm going to click no Thanks going back to the dashboard now Our website is perfectly set up to start Creating content but now the question is What kind of content you should create Now you might say if Raj you already Showed me all the great great keywords We should be creating content about well That's not complete picture so I want to Take a couple of seconds or a minute to Explain to you what kind of content you Should create on the site so what I'll Do is I'll just give you an idea about Different variety of content you should

Create as an affiliate if you want to Maximize revenue on your site so Whatever we search for the keyword Research process we did all are Informational keywords right most people Are looking for a certain amount of Information that how do I clean my Coffee maker XYZ my coffee maker clogged All these are information products so The user who's looking for this maybe Just is looking for information so even Though this will bring a lot of traffic To your site these users might not Actually buy stuff so you need to have The information type articles on your Site but you also need to have Transactional type uh I say content on Your site now what's the transactional Type content the transactional type Content is when the users is explicitly Kind of asking what should I buy so when The user ask which is the best coffee Maker under $100 that's a transactional Piece of content so you can repeat the Process for $100 $200 $300 $400 which is The best coffee to go with this XY That's again a transactional piece of Content then there can be individual Product reviews so so let's say there's A XYZ coffee maker somebody is looking For a review for that product somebody Who has or review from a product or Review from someone who actually to use It so if you have a coffee maker in your

House you have a personalized experience Of using that product you can create That content and then rank for it and Then make some commissions and also U as Say versus type of content where you can Compare two different products the pros And cons right regularly so these are Some basic ideas of transactional type Content so just to give you an idea Informational content all the articles That I all the keywords found and the uh Transaction content three types product Reviews product comparisons and also uh The best of keywords all of these are Kind of keywords or all all of these are Kind of Articles you should have on your Site you should mix and match and this Will give you or the users the right Information and also have the right Transaction amount of content on your Site so that you can make those Commissions so now that everything is Ready now let me just show you how to Create the content or how to actually Add the content on your site all right So what I'll do is I'll go into the post Post section on my site now everything Or you create whatever content you Create should go into the post section So go to the Post section and click the Add new post so I'll click add new post And this will bring us the WordPress Block editor block editor is the I say The editor inside WordPress that helps

Us create the content on our site this Might look intimidating at first what so Many options but here I am clarifying This so that you can start creating Content easily right so you're seeing so Many different things don't worry it's Pretty simple to use and understand if I Collapse this here it'll make it a lot Simpler so let me just explain how it Works here you add the title here you Add the title of the blog post you want To write and here you write the content Itself so let's say for example you're Writing a piece on how do I clean my Coffee maker the title of the website Will go here how do I Clean My coffee maker so now the title of the Page is already done now here you can Add the content right so you just uh Give instructions on what kind of or how Do you actually clean how do you open it Up whatever the process is I'm not the Coffee maker expert probably you are so Let's say for example I add a couple of Pieces of content step one and I say Open The coffee maker so this is the Straightforward process of actually Creating the content now inside the Content itself you can divide the Content into headings so how do you Write an heading well WordPress uses as I mentioned it's the block editor uses

Different kinds of blocks to actually Optimize your content also organize your Content so what are the different kinds Of blocks you can add all you have to do Is just click this plus icon and this Will show you all the different blocks That you can have on your site so if I Scroll down here you see blocks and Blocks and blocks of details that you Can add so the common blocks that you Will use are media that is images videos And you have the paragraphs headings Lists and some other details and also Tables so just to give you an idea There's another way to add blocks on the Page now if I want to add a heading I Just type the forward slash key and I'll Type in heading this brings me the Heading option I'll click heading and Now I'm adding heading here so if I have To uh write step two as a heading I can Write step two as a heading now how do I Add images the same way just click press Enter and forward slash image and now You have an image option Now inside the image option you have the Option of media library which which is Your central repository of where all the Images go so these are all the images Already on the website how do we add Images of coffee makers I'll just tell You so what you can do is just go to a Website called This is a Stock website where you can uh download

Images for free but let's say you have a Coffee maker of your own so I would Suggest that you actually do the process Of cleaning your coffee maker and just Take pictures from your phone and upload Them to your site so I just type in Coffee maker And let's say this is a great image of a Coffee maker let's take this one so I'll Click on this I'll download it for free And this will go into my Chrome Downloads and once this is done I'll go Back here I'll drag and drop this here And now the coffee maker image is now Uploading to the site so let's wait for It to finish and then I'll show you the Actual process of adding the image and How do you create different kinds of Content on the site so now you see the Image is uploaded and you can see the Blue check mark that means this image is Actually selected we'll go into the Select option and click select here so This image will now be added on the site Now it's a gigantic site so we can just Actually or gigantic image we can just Drag it and crop it and we can also Click this button to align it in the Center here and we can do all sorts of Stuff to actually make sure the image Fits in the I say the right way on the Page so this is how just the basics of WordPress work you can add the title Here you can add the content here you

Can add images you can you can add Headings you can also add lists for Example if I go here and click the enter Button let me just show you how to Actually do this I can type in a list And now I can actually add a list here And I can just type in XY Z XY Z XY Z And this will be done now this obviously Is just a demonstration I didn't want to Spend too much time actually creating The content so what I'll do is cut the Video for a second and come back with The finished complete video on I say how Do I clean my coffee maker all right see You in a Second so I've created the entire piece Of content as I promis and this is how It looks like you can see I have divided The entire Post in a few different Headings there are bullet points here And it looks like a very very well Polished blog post now you can do a few Things before you decide to publish this Blog post you can preview it and if You're happy with the preview you can Publish it so how do you preview this Blog post well just before the publish Button you see the desktop icon here This is the preview button inside word WordPress just have to click on it here And then you have preview in new tab so If you click on this this will show you How the final or published blog post Will look like once it is published on

The site so once you're happy you look At the page it looks nice it has a lot Of in uh content here and of course I'm Just giving this as a demonstration you Can add more pieces of content or I say More images here just to demonstrate the Process you can add embed videos here All that is possible with WordPress and Once you do that then you'll have a very Very nice blog post ready to go live on Your website now on this particular Block post two things remain we have to First optimize the content because it Will increase the likelihood of of it Ranking these search results thereby Bringing you traffic and the second Thing we need to do is add affiliate Links now in this uh particular blog Post there's not an opportunity to add An affiliate link because this is just How to clean you're not recommending a Product here but I'll just give you an Example of how to create a link on the Page so that you understand the process Once that is done I'll show you the Process again to create different Different kinds of post we'll spend a Little bit of time there and once that Is done you'll have the opportunity to Just put everything together and start Building your website all right so bring Bring it here now how do you know if Your content is optimized well that's What we installed allinone SEO for

Inside the Allin plugin you'll see these Two options or not inside the all plugin Inside the admin area you'll see these Two icons appear here these are not uh Added to WordPress by default these are Added by all in one asere what are these Numbers 53 out of 100 and 81 out of 100 The 53 out of 100 has a kind of a h sign And what it is it is a headline analyzer All Inu has a built-in headline analyzer Which tells you how optimized your Headline is for clicks so what you can Do here is click here and this will Bring you the score of how your actual Uh headline is and what you can do is Just go here change the headline and Then see the results in real time how so For example I'll give you a live example How do I clean my coffee maker so Instead of this if I just say what is The best way to Clean coffee Maker let's wait and in a couple of Seconds you'll have the updated score Wow already 81 out of 100 so just by Rewriting the headline allinone seo's Headline analer is telling me that this Headline is much much better than the Previous headline and therefore the Likelyhood of this article ranking Because of the headline is more high so That is where the benefit of allu is and You can go inside the actual content Here the details what kind of

Information you're getting and we've Done uh many of videos there's videos on The channel already uh going through This in detail so I won't go into detail Here but the idea is anytime you change The headline you get realtime feedback Of how good that headline is now what is This second score this is the actual Optimization score of your content Itself so how do we make sure or how do We look at the specifics here well just Scroll to the bottom of the page and you See see the aiio SEO settings that I Collapsed in the beginning of the video Or beginning of the section if I click On this you'll see this actually open up So what is this this is some extra Information about SEO on your site so Here you can see a Sur preview which Means how this piece of content or this Article is going to look like in the Search results so this is how it's going To look like you'll have your content Here what is the best way to clean a Coffee maker and you can see all of this Here now this just tells you how you can Uh change certain things on the page and How the pre will look like now there's So many different things in allo that It's impossible for to cover all of this We have the social open graph tags we Have schema we have link assistant we Have redirects and all that good stuff But the most important thing you should

Do here is add the Focus key phrase the Focus key phrase is think of it like This if you have to describe what you Are explaining here in three words or Five words then what how you describe it So in this case the idea is clean coffee Maker so if you just type in Clean coffee Maker that's the focus of the article so That's the focus keyphrase once you add It here all the recommendations about Optimizing your content will be focused Around this Focus keyword so now you see That the focus keyword is not in the S Title it's not in the URL it's not in The introduction not in the subheadings All attributes and key uh key phrase Density so now you're getting realtime Feedback from all invio on how to Improve the content of this page and You'll notice the score also dropped Because before there was no Focus key Now the direction to allo has been given Through a focus keyword on how you Should optimize this and you can also go Into the details here you have basic SEO Errors you have the title errors and you Have the readability errors as well so Not only are you getting recommendations On how to improve the quality of the Content but also how to simplify it so Everybody can read and understand your Content it's a powerful powerful Recommendation engine here and all of

This for completely free so this is how Allin SE helps you and I would recommend That once You' installed noite every Time you publish a piece of of content Make sure that you are at least in the Green make sure that your score for the Headline and the content is above 80 at Least so that you have the highest Likelihood of making it in the search Results and ranking higher you don't Have to go 100 on 100 every time because Sometimes it might be impossible but Getting a green score is something you Should op for now this is the basic of How to optimize your content how do we Actually add affiliate links on the site Well now let me go to the good stuff Once again I'll go back to my Amazon Affiliate account let me just find it Oops let's go back here so on this page This is a simple page on the coffee Maker uh or I say let's say this is the Product that I want to actually Recommend on my website as I mentioned Already all you have to do to create any Kind of affiliate link is go to the text Option here click on it and this will Give you the affiliate link for this Particular page oops let me just refresh The Page and once again I'll click the text Link let's click again and now you have This now you can choose the full link I Usually PR prefer the short link so I'll

Copy it here and go back to my website And inside the website I have to find an Appropriate place to actually link now You can link in the headline you can Link in the content or I would Explicitly also tell you to experiment With the different places where you can Link and get the most benefit some Affiliates also do they also link the Images so images when somebody clicks an Image they also go to the affiliate Website but that's completely up to you I'm just going to show you how to add an Affiliate link here so let's say for Example if I Clin supplies you need Let's say if I'm having a little fun With the users I'll say Hey you also Need a coffee maker right so you need a Coffee maker as well because if you want To clean it you need a coffee maker now If I want to add a link to this text Coffee maker to the website Amazon all I Have to do is Select this text first and Automatically I'll see some i' say um Options floating around with the Specific text I selected which is here So if this text you see this icon this Is the icon for adding links and the Keyboard shortcut is control K and Command K on a Mac so if I press the Keyboard shortcut or click this button It's going to do the same thing once That is one now you have the option of Pasting the URL that you want to add

Here so I'll paste this URL and now you Have few different options you want to Open it in a new tab yes you want to add No follow absolutely you can also add Sponsored and ugc that's completely up To you Google keeps changing their Guidelines but open a new tab is a best Practice and no follow through any Affiliate links is highly recommended Once this is done just click on this Submit button and now you have a link Created to Amazon website so now if you See this link click it and you'll reach That page so just to give you an idea What I'll do is I'll publish this post I'll click publish I'll click publish Once again once the post is published I'll open it up in a new tab and I'll Show you how it actually looks like so I'll click on this and this is opening Up my website in new tab let's find that Particular link and now you see if I'm Hovering over it it's actually link so If I click on it now it'll take me to Amazon with my affiliate link so any User who clicks on it will go to the Website with their affiliate link and Now if I make a purchase you'll get paid Commissions great stuff right so this is How you create articles on the site this Is how you add links on your site this Is how you optimize content on your Website right so this is just one type Of content there are some other things

On the content or other things as I Already mentioned you should be doing on Your site for example you should be Creating content U like product reviews You should be creating product Comparisons and you should be creating U I say best type of uh I say content as Well all all of that had have different Formats but I want to uh I want to Highlight a couple of things that you Can add to your content to make it more Important I say more usable and uh Potent in a way so just for example Let's say if this was uh best coffee Maker under product work type of link And the best practice for those kind of Affiliate I say articles is that they Usually include a table on the page so What does a table help you do is Define All the 10 products that say you're Comparing so let's say if the article is Best uh coffee maker under $500 so if You have 10 uh candidates in that Category then all the 10 candidates if You present in a table and just uh Showcase their pros and cons it helps Users uh get the right information uh Very easily and sometimes or I say a lot Of times they'll just click through and Make the purchase here so I just want to Give you some of these ideas on how you Can create those pieces of content so as I said WordPress uses the block edor so Most of the things we'll be doing is

Using different kinds of blocks so if You want to add a table to your page all You have to do is choose the table block So you just type in forward /table You'll see the table option here just Click table and now you have a table Here so how many columns you need let's Say I need four columns and I need 10 Rows to create the table so I can just Click create table and now a table is Created for me so here what I can do is The same thing the same formatting I'll Say uh serial number and I'll say Product Name and I can say pros and I can say Oops let me just go back to the table Here and I can say Link now anytime I want to change Anything I can just click here and say Hey coffee Maker one Pros XYZ and you can add the link here I'm Keep pressing Tab and then you can add Uh buy on Amazon and you can just select this and Press control K and just paste the link Here and do this and now it is added on The site and now you can do the same Thing for 10 different coffee makers and Just click the links here so if I click The update button this will be updated We'll go back to the post once the Update is done and we'll refresh the Page and now you see this beautiful

Table here now of course the table is Compressed because I haven't added the Content here but you can see the link Actually works if I click this I'll go To Amazon so this is again a great way To add um I say information in the right Format on your post to make sure that Users can find the right information now You can take it a step further and what You can do is inside this section you Can create buttons so let me show you How to add a button and how to add a Link to a button somewhere else on the Page first so let's say for example I'm Uh want to add a button before this Heading cleaning a French press so I'll Just click enter a few times to make a Little bit oface face I'll click forward Slash and once again we're going to use A button block which is a predefined Block in WordPress b u t t o n so now You have the button block so if you Click the button block it just brings up The button and now you can add the text Here so I'll add the text buy on Amazon once Again and I'll select the text here and I'll add the link here or I'll just Click the button and go here and I can Select the button options here so the Button options has design options and You also have different options you can Make sure the button is large or small You have the fill and outline you can

Also change the color of the button so Let's say if I want to change the Background color to Red now the Background color is red so once this is Done I'll just select the link option Here once again I'll paste the link here And I'll add the link here on the page And I'll click open a new tab and this Is done once again I'll click Update and go back to the page I'll Refresh this page And go here and now the buy on Amazon Button is huge let me just make sure it Is medium size let's click Update and let's Refresh and now the button is small There are also lot of different options To customize things so if you want you Can add borders to a button you can also Add the Border radius so that button is Rounded and you can also add buttons to The tables themselves so if instead of Adding the text here you can actually Add a block here once again and then Just add the button there and add the Link to the button so WordPress gives You tons of flexibility to create Different kinds of content once you've Done this all of this uh you have as a Beautiful website setup so that you can Create a lot of content and make a lot Of commissions so just to recap Everything we've learned we started with Explanation of Amazon or say affiliate

Market marketing I told you about the Domain name and hosting we combined Created a website using domain name Getting it for free create a website Install stter template set up the Plugins also I told you how to create Content and we went to Amazon I showed You how to create an Amazon affiliate Account what the commission structures Are I told you how to find products how To create links and also how to add Links to your site The Only Thing Remains which is not even important I'd Say is how to customize the design of Your website that's something that we Can also I'd say you can completely Leave because if you select template Most of the time you won't have to do Anything but I just want to give you an Idea on how to do things if it is Required so what I'll do is finish this Part of the equation here the website is Absolutely ready I showed you how the Articles look like I'm going to show you Some other cosmetic changes you can make On the website so that website looks Exactly how you want it and then we'll Finish the process of creating a Beautiful Amazon affiliate Website all right so now that you have Built a website added affiliate link Sign up for an Amazon affiliate account Created variety of content the only Thing you need to learn is how to

Customize the appearance of your website So that you can actually start making Changes to the Cosmetic areas of your Website and absolutely it is going to be As easy as the rest of the tutorial so Let's get started so on your WordPress Website setup all you have to do to make Some basic changes to site is by going Into the WordPress customizer so go into The appearance section and inside the Appearance section you'll find an option Called customize let's click on it and This will bring up a new feature inside WordPress new for you called the Customizer which is where you would make More most of your changes now there's a Lot of i' say there's a entire world of Education required to understand every Single thing inside the customizer but What I'm going to focus on are a few Essential things the first thing I'm Going to focus on is how to actually Change the logo on the website I'm going To talk about how to change the menu and Also the visuals here how you can Differently change the images so to Change the logo on the website here all You have to do is hover over here and You'll find this white or I said the the Blue pencil icon so once you click on it This will instantly take you into the Astra themes feature called the header Pho Builder and this is where you can See the logo option all you have to do

Is Click select logo and this will open Up your media library and what I would Suggest is get your logo here and just Drag it you'll have a recommendation of The pixels here just add it here click And it'll give an option to crop what I'm going to do is not crop the image Here or crop it to the dimensions that I Want the logo to be in let's keep it Like that and I'll just going to click The crop image button and just go to the Next step and instantly you see my logo Added here now I can change the logo Width to something I like so if I don't Like it being this big I'll reset it to Maybe 96 pixels and sometimes you'll Have a problem with the aspect ratio What you can do is just click remove Click select logo add the logo once Again and it'll be added here so once I'll do this once again let's do This and let's do This and that's completely fine so That's how you add your own logo to your WordPress website all right once this is Done let me also talk about how to make Other changes to your site so once You're happy with this click the publish Button and this will commit the changes On the site now what about the thing That you see the menu here we can change This by going into the WordPress menu Feature now WordPress has menus which You can add to your themes which means

The actual content of the menu is Configured inside the menu options and Then this menu is pasted on the site so What we'll do is we'll go into Appearance and we'll go into menus and Inside the menu option you'll see this Interface which is the actual primary Menu so you see this Prime menu if I go To the main homepage of the site let me Just scroll and open this page up and I'll go to the homepage and I'll just Clarify what this means and while it Loads Let's uh understand the structure Of the menu here so the menu can have uh Let's say pages that you have on your Site you can add custom links and you Al Play around and reorder them so for Example let's say the home page of the Of of the website doesn't need to be Added to the menu because you can click The logo of the website and go to the Homepage anyway so I can just click this Button and just remove this and now it's Removed and what I want to do is Actually add the blog link right which Is where all the blog posts will live so If I go here on view all you see this is The blog post page already added here so If I click here and say add to menu now It's add to the menu and I can just drag It and bring it to the top and just Click Save and it's done and if I go to this Page and let's scroll down and or scroll

Up sorry let's go to the homepage here You'll see that now this menu is Completely different because I just Added the homepage and or I removed the Homepage I added the blog page and the Other pages are here similarly if you Want to remove some pages you can delete This you can add new pages as well so Let's say for example you have a massive Guide on how to uh pick up a coffee Baker you can just add a link to it here Add it to the menu this is how you make A couple of important changes adding Your logo and adding your menu now what About the Cosmetic changes how do you Actually change the homepage right you Want to change the text here you want to Change the button you want to change the Images here so all of that is very Simple for that we'll go into the pages Section of the website because the Homepage is a page and what we created Were blog posts so we'll go into the Pages section we'll go to all pages and WordPress has a few different pages Already created for you because we Imported the start template but we're Editing the homepage of the site which Is represented by or the term front page The front page is the front page of the Website so if you create let's say a new Page you can switch between different Homages and it allows you to instantly Change your designs this is again a cool

Feature inside WordPress that whatever Uh multiple Pages variations you can Create and just switch the homepage or The front page so if I click the edit Button here this will bring us to the Block block editor once again and this Time the block editor will have a lot of Visual elements added to the screen and Everything that we seeing is actually Made with the block editor so how do you Actually want to change anything all you Have to do is click and just replace the Media or replace the text itself so if I Click this you see this is an image post With this with a container so if I just Want to change the image here I have to Find where the image is linked and Change the image and again if I here Come here and click on this and if I Want to change this to coffee is love And I can say coffee oops yeah I'll just Do this coffee Provides endless potential I just Rewrite It and I'll click here and I'll change This to Explore the Best coffees and I'll just change this To this and now you see here I just Clicked it and Chang the stuff that's That's how easy it is click it change it Click it change it and if I click update Let's let's wait for it to finish in a Second and once this done I'll show you

How to do This all right it's updated let's Refresh the Post and it's done awesome right so now What I do is I'll click here and now Inside the options we'll have to find Where the image is linked so you see you Go to start style Tab and you have the Image here so if you want to change this Image first we'll have to find an Appropriate image that we can replace it With and let's find an image on for coffee beans so let's Go to unsplash once again and we'll go To the site and we will search For coffee Beans and we have to make sure that Whatever design we are choosing or Whatever image we are choosing actually Kind of matches the theme because if you Have too dark of an image this text will Not be highlighted then we have to Change the color of the text we can do That but it's easier to find an image That just suits our needs right here so I'm just trying to find an image that Will suit our needs let's switch to uh Landscape images first and the best part About on flash is it's all of these Images are completely free to use all Right so this looks good so what I'll do Is I'll just download this image and I Might need to uh shorten or I say Compress the image before it can be used

So I'll pause the video for a second and Compress the image otherwise it might Take too long to load on the side so I'll just pause the video for a second And be Back all right so I've compressed the Image let's go back here let's click the Change image button and once again the Media library shows up I'll just drag The image from my computer to here and We upload it to the Site now this image is here let's click On it and now we have a beautiful Looking image here let's update the Post let's let's refresh the page Here and beautiful we've just customized Our website guys so this is how easy it Is now I'm not going to go through the Entire page and change every single Thing but you get the idea whatever you See on the screen you can click find the Appropriate setting for changing the Media changing the text changing the Colors changing the orientation and just Go through it and if you want a more Structured way of understanding how the Page is actually layout WordPress is a Cool feature called the document this List here you can also call a document Overview I just is call it the document List so if you click on it this will Give you an entire idea of how your page Is structured so if you go here this is The first container if you open the

Container up it has text here and it has An info box here which is this info box So now you understand that this Container is what holds the image you Can change the image here so similarly If you want to go and change the Container images here all you have to do Is click here and now you have another Container which is this container and Inside the custom uh this container You'll have the background image the Other features that you want to just Change and then you'll be able to change These images as well as for the text you Can go click here you can change it you Can change it you can change it and of Course WordPress has tons of features You have pre-built blocks that you can Add to the page you can customize so the World is oyster the design options are Completely unlimited and you can create New pages and of course we've done many Tutorials on our on our uh YouTube Channel where we discussed these issues Or discuss these features on how to Actually customize the the linning page How to customize and create new pages on Your site but the idea is just to give You the more I said uh overview Understanding of how to actually do this Yourself because there's always more to Learn but the essential part is that Within a short span of time whatever Time this video is going to be uh we

Have covered everything on how you need To actually create an affiliate Marketing website right we started from The absolute Basics we went and Registered a domain name we purchased Hosting alongside then I installed WordPress on the site then I installed The theme customized the theme and then We went into and found created an Amazon Affiliate account we added uh found how To create links I showed you how to add The links how to create new blog post we Discussed keyword research and I showed You how to customize your theme Customize your website everything so With this knowledge with this just one Video you should be able to create an a Profitable Amazon affiliate website once You have the content ready you have all In onsu to help you optimize your Content you have great design you have All the relevant content on site you Should start seeing traffic and start Making money with your Amazon affiliate Account so I hope you really really are Pumped with this opportunity Amazon Affiliate and affiliate marketing in General and you have all the knowledge You need to create Amazon affiliate Websites now with this information if You have any questions about this leave A comment otherwise like share subscribe Do all that good stuff spread the good Comma out there if you have any

Questions once again leave it in the Comments otherwise make sure you Subscribed and watch for future WordPress related tutorials because That's what we do all day along at w Beginner you're watching yrj from W Beginner I'll catch you in the next Video take Care

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