How To Make $200000 A Month with ChatGPT and Affiliate Marketing Using TikTok or YouTube Shorts

Did you know that you can make money online with Chat GPT and affiliate marketing in a lazy way? That is you can use short form video content on TikTok or YouTube Shorts and get tons of sales every day.

This video will show you how you can make $200,000 in a month with affiliate marketing by using ChatGPT ai bot and create short form videos you can post on TikTok or YouTube Shorts.

The times on how to make money online have changed and now this is the easiest way to earn money online every day. When you use this strategy, you can start earning $100 a day to $1,000 a day within days!

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Now it is the perfect time to start making money online with chatgpt technology, because it is here to stay and when you start using it now correctly, in just few months you can be earning $10K, $20K or $100K in a month of passive recurring income online.

We have never seen anything like this before. So you need to act now and grab the piece of this AI technology market before it gets too late…

➤ Want to get the tools to make money with?

➤ Get the Live Classes on Making Money with ChatGPT and Short Form Content:

Watch this video and learn how to make $200,000 a month with affiliate marketing and chatgpt today!

This is proven method to make money online, because there are thousands of faceless YouTube channels, where you don’t need to be on the camera at all. And when you use ChatGPT create the videos scripts, you are saving $30-50 per video! You should have no excuse anymore when it comes to making money online. More videos you create, more passive income you will earn.

It’s simple math!

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Hi! I’m Brett and I have been learning and applying ways to make extra income online. After while I was able to quit my 9-5 job and start my own online business and martial arts school. When I first start learning to make money online in 2001, I did not expect that this will be the best option for me to be my own boss, do what I love to do and travel to different countries and learn about new cultures. I will show you the best ways to make money online that helped me to get to the point that I could quit my 9-5 nightmare. If you have any questions about how to get started to do your own thing online, let me know. I am more than happy to help.😉

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How To Make $200,000 A Month With ChatGPT And Affiliate Marketing Using Tiktok Or YouTube Shorts

On this video you will see what is the easiest way to make money online with ChatGPT and affiliate marketing. It requires just few minutes to do research and than let ChatGPT and othe ai tools do the heavy lifting for you. With this make money online method, you can easily make $1000/a day in just few months of work.

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You will learn the laziest way to earn Two hundred thousand dollars a month Right now online which is using jgpt and Smart AI strategy to earn money online Faster and easier my name is Brett Slansky and let's have a look this is to Show you an example of what is possible To make online like for example on this Account you can see that we've made 234 Thousand dollars if we take a look at The past 12 months it's over a million Dollars and even if you just look at the Past seven days it's 69 000 this is not To brag but this is just to illustrate Anybody can make money online with jgpt And short form video content on Tick Tock or YouTube and the reason is that We are in an age that we've never been Before in fact just November last year There was when to ggpt just launched Things have changed the landscape has Changed and you can earn money online on Autopilot like you have never before now Are you going to make 200 hundred Thousand dollars tomorrow I don't think So it's gonna happen for you next month No way you need to work for this kind of Money but if you follow the simple Tutorial and the other classes you will Get to one hundred thousand dollars in a Month then you can get to three thousand Dollars in a month next month you can be Sitting at 5K and then ten thousand Dollars a month and trust me when you

Earn ten thousand dollars a month you Can easily scale it up to 20 to 50K and At the end of the year you can make two Hundred thousand dollars in recurring Income online but even if you just make An extra 10 to 20K in a month it is Worth it again it will take work and you Should not expect the money to just Magically get to your bank account Understand that ggpt is not get rich Quick money button no money is gonna Show up immediately when you start doing This stuff it's gonna take a work and Some time but when you use the AI tools You can make it as lazy as possible and By lazy I mean that you will work Smarter not harder you are going to let AI due to heavy lifting and you just Guide it to make this all work for you But before we get started with this Tutorial on how to make two hundred Thousand dollars with jgpt and Tick Tock Or YouTube for example I want to ask you A small favor if you could stop right Now and comment yes down in the comment Section underneath this video that would Be really great that way I look at these Videos and I can see how many yeses I Get and it helps me to understand what Kind of videos you guys want more of so I can start making what you want and of Course it helps me with ranking in YouTube and everything else so if you Could let me know that would be really

Awesome and if you are edit also please Hit that like button on this video the First step is we are gonna get the tool Bots at there are tools That they will help you to make money Online so go to the site and grab the Free checklist this checklist will give You the list of companies that will pay You nice Commission when you promote Their products so when someone goes here And they click on the link and sign up You get paid commission for that sale And a lot of these have recurring Payments as well part two is we are here In the yellow bar you can join the free Facebook group where tens of thousands Of people are in every day posting about What's working answering questions and Helping other people and showing their Own success you want to be around people Who are already having success and are Doing this every day that helps you to Move forward and overcome a lot of Challenges that you might run into As You move forward with making money Online with affiliate marketing and GPT Because the simple truth of the matter Is if you keep doing what you've been Doing you're gonna keep getting what You've been getting if you like what You've been getting this fine but if you Don't like that you've been getting

You're gonna have to change something And when you change change is hard Sometimes now I'm not having enough Money is harder but change is still hard As you move towards making money online With AI you're gonna have some Challenges and being in the free Facebook group is the best way to Overcome that so if we look at one of These tools here so if you just pick a Tool for example and go I'm just gonna Go Jasper because we are gonna build on Something that's already going and if we Go here and we can go down to the bottom They'll have an affiliate program and we Can sign up for the affiliate program That's pretty easy and basic nothing new Here I'm sure you've probably seen that Before you can apply to be a partner and Once you sign up you get into the Dashboard which looks like so and They'll give you this affiliate or Partner link basically when someone Clicks that link and buys you get paid And then of course you get paid 30 Recurring commission which is really Awesome because every month that Someone's customer you get paid which is Why you see that our pay house here we Haven't promoted this tool for a while Yet we still have these two 3 000 Payouts coming in and the reason is Because people have signed up and we are Getting paid at recurring commission

That helps us to move forward towards Building gold because I mean when you do 10 hours of work at your job you get Paid for 10 hours when you do 10 hours Of work over here you can get paid for The 10 hours now and next month and next Month and next month and next month and So it continues so there is one thing That we need to use to be lazy because Honestly it's just smart to do work now And get paid for it every single month Forever which is of course amazing and That's why I love affiliate marketing And you should as well the next thing we Need to do after we have our checklist And we've chosen the product to start With you're gonna start with just one so Pick one to start today okay and we just Started with Jasper here then we are Going to go and do some of the Replication here so let's go over here Here to YouTube and so I've just go Ahead and search Jasper AI here on YouTube and I'm gonna sort by under four Minutes because we are looking for short Form content that is the quickest way to Get views really fast and that's you Know the vertical videos that you are Like 60 second or less because you can Make a 15 second videos 30 second video And get tons of views I mean here's 7 000 views if you roll over we can see That there ones that get 47 000 views And so on so you can go ahead and find

One that's working right now okay you'll Find one for example that's getting 47 000 views or you can go to tick tock and Find one that's getting like a million Views right it doesn't really matter Where you get the video from you're Gonna replicate it or model it uh what Does it mean it means that you express a Similar idea on your in your own words And at the end of it or somewhere in the Video maybe a couple points in the video See how this one has an URL in the video Your going to do the same and put your Own URL in that video You're Gonna Create why does it actually matter Basically there are these live classes Where we're gonna talk about first of All how to edit a video to put your url Like this how to get the URL and then How to redirect it to your landing page In order to capture their content Information you simply have to register A domain name and redirect it then when You replicate the video you you want to Paste that domain name in that video Like here you can say it and you can Paste it in the video so you have Replicated the video and made another One just like the one here in your own Words but you put it in your own domain So where does the domain name redirect To that domain name is going to redirect To your landing page that you will soon See how to create landing pages are

Built in what's called CRM if you don't Know what it is just drop a comment Below and I will explain it here is one System and this is some landing pages I'm gonna go here to this landing page And we're gonna edit it and build on on Top of it basically you need a headline Sub headline so we need to access this Jasper AI bot because it is more Reliable than tgpt or use it only when GPT is down because it is so popular That it gets overloaded with free users All the time when you start using 2gpt You will understand so you can use this Tool when jgpt is overloaded just for costs a few bucks a month and There is a free trial so you can get it Started for free of course but after That there is a few bucks in a month but This lets us to create content we need Without any delays which is really handy Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to Ask you to write High converting copy Because we are interested in conversion Right so if you go here on this landing Page and 100 people show up to the London page and one person enters their Email address then you have one percent Conversion now if 15 people do it then You get 15 conversion so you want High Converting elements on that landing page And that's really where AI comes in and Does good job because it gives you ideas That you might not think about now if

You are not good at sales copy and that Sort of stuff this can really do have a Lifting for you and increase the Conversions why is this big deal well Let's pause for a second and look at That so far you have a landing page Created where you gonna drive through Traffic using the short form videos on Tiktok and YouTube shorts you're getting Free traffic from the video that you've Created a model and you're sending People to the offer that we picked from The so the way It works is like this your video has an Affiliate link it sends visitors to the Landing page and then they enter their Email address and then once they enter Their email address you can start Sending the emails automatically every Single day with your affiliate link that You put inside the emails in your Sequence that link is what the company Gave you when you sign up to become Their partner or affiliate that's the Link when someone signs up you get paid In fact when we go right now we can just Take a look at it it take takes them to This page when they have a video and They can sign up and get a free trial And then once they start paying you get Paid makes sense so you want to get People here but you don't want to send Them straight from your videos to that Affiliate link you don't want to send

Them straight there because they might Buy they might not buy most people take Seven Impressions before they buy Anyways so they're probably not gonna Buy for the first time around and then You lose them probably forever and you Don't want to do that you want to Capture their contact information so They become a lead and then you will be Able to send them offers for which You're affiliate for once you get their Contact information you're gonna offer Them that and then you can offer them Copywriter and then you're gonna go over Here and offer them a shine ranker and The list goes on you can offer them all The tools trainings and so on and you Are gonna send them offers year long That's how you get to 200 000 a month And that is what a lot of people miss That you want uh build a system that Captures the emails and markets them all Year long we talk about the entire System and the marketing and the whole Nine yards and break it all down in the Chatbots classes so if you Join the live classes you're good to go Just follow through and you'll get it Let's continue you need some subtitles Here for your landing page so let's do That so I asked this chatbot to give me Three subtitles and I gave some Information here so here are three Subtitles that you can use increase the

Conversion rate and I'm gonna choose the Middle one here so create with AI here And I'm gonna go over and I'm gonna go To edit my page here and bring in Subtitle and so I popped in there and Did a little editing and there is more To be done here but again this is just An example video tutorial so here we Have our title and subtitle then we have A place for them to enter the email Address and then click the button and of Course we will change some text in here And again we'll talk about optimizing Your landing pages in the classes I set the Changes and we can have a quick look at This landing page and basically what Would happen is that they would come Here and they would see the title and Subtitle then they enter the email Address and click here and what happens Then is the system automatically jumps Over here and it would initiate an email Campaign now again we are still building The landing page I have not built the Emails but you can see here what's going To happen we'll build the emails here in The next couple of days of videos Because I'm gonna show you how you can Use the GPD some more but basically what Happens is it kicks off and email Immediately after 0 minutes delay and it Sends them an email that says hey you Know go and buy Jasper or whatever tool

You want to promote it's amazing then it Says that everyone and another one and Another one and then when it gets done Here it can send them even more and so You probably want to build 7 to 30 days For the females then you can transition Into the next product so you can go just Something like channelringer for example And Cora and so so on and so forth so You keep offering them a new product Every 14 to 30 days and so this way you Have leveraged AI into GPT technology to Help you create a landing page that Captures their contact information and Rather than just sending them to the buy Page once you can now capture their Email address and you're sending them to The buy page every single day because an Email shows up in their inbox so you Offer them the deal every single day Tomorrow next week next month all year Long and then all of the next year so You keep sending them offers and various Deals and after that you have the Duplication which is just simply doing The same thing where now you can build a Landing page and a setup and videos and Start sending them to semrush and Screaming frog and so on and so forth And you basically go down the list right So you build videos landing pages to Bring them in and everything that can Bring them into the system it doesn't Matter what you bring them in with

Whether it's clean or dial hawk or Whatever you start with starting with One offer use the system to send Follow-up emails automatically when it's Done sending them emails about that deal It starts sending them emails for other Things so you build it in and we can Bring them through anything and we can Offer them anything else this is how you Really go and get to 200 000 in a month And look if you don't want to work to The point where you get two hundred Thousand dollars in a month then you Want to quit at like twenty thousand Dollars or maybe ten thousand dollars a Month whatever works for you obviously That's fine you can do whatever you want The opportunity is here and AI is here And is here to stay but now it's time to Start leveraging AI to make money online And get out in front of it because you Know in a few months from now you could Be sitting on five thousand ten thousand Twenty thousand dollars of extra income Per month and if you stop and think for A second what would it be like if you Had an extra ten thousand dollars a Month coming in right what would you do What would you buy maybe you'd save it In the bank so you'll build up to 10 20 30 50 times dollars in the bank or maybe You set some aside for your kids college Fund whatever maybe you would go to Vacation maybe you would you know buy a

New car whatever the case is if you had An extra ten thousand dollars wouldn't That be nice I have never heard anyone Ever complain in my life that they would Not want extra money sitting around and That's why I think that you should take Advantage of air opportunities to make Money online there is just a lot of People saying there is recession coming And maybe it will be maybe it won't be But at the end of the day more money in The bank is always a good thing so that Is how you would do it now how would you Start though obviously you have to start Somewhere and there's a lot here and you Can't start from zero to two hundred Thousand dollars immediately so Step One Is go to and Pick an offer that you want to promote Step two is join the free Marketing Group right and get in so that you can Be amongst the people who do it every Single day and step three if you wanna Speed up the process and make more money Faster basically go to enter your contact Information and then once you do that You can basically scroll down and you Can get into the live classes so jump in Right by the way the price is going up Too so you know I always would rather Pay less for something because it's the Same product you get exactly the same Thing and you get all the replays and

Everything either way so even if you Jump in now and if you have to rearrange Your schedule for the next couple of Classes you can watch the replays Whatever it is I will get started with and just buy now While it's cheaper before price goes up Until then Happy money making Foreign [Music] [Music]

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