How to Install Google Analytics for Beginners (FREE)

Installing and configuring Google Analytics can be a nightmare, especially for beginners. Worry not, WPBeginner is coming to the rescue. In this video, I talk about how to Install Google Analytics on WordPress. I start with the absolute basics, creating a Google Analytics account, create a new property, set it up, then install the necessary code on your website in the easiest way possible.

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Setting up Google analytics on your WordPress website can be a headache but In this video I'm going to simplify that For you even if you've never set up Google analytics you have no idea how to Do any of it I'm going to make it Absolutely simple for you to install Google analytics on your WordPress Website in this video so this video is Going to be divided into two distinct Parts the first part is going to be how To set up your Google analytics account So everything we'll do is on Google Analytics website we'll set up your Website and the second part we're going To install the code that Google Analytics gives us on our website and We'll configure it and for the Second Step I'm going to give you two different Ways to do it so that you have some Flexibility and I'm going to give you Some pros and cons of each so you can Decide which method is good for you now Just to clarify both methods are easy to Do there's just a few minutes of time And you already can see the length of This tutorial so it's not very Complicated all right with that out of The way let's start with step number one Which is setting up Google analytics or An account on Google analytics let's Switch to my screen here so obviously You need to first go to Google analytics Website so what I've done is just search

For Google analytics or Google Google Analytics and the first result is Analytics tools and solutions beginers This is the Google analytics website so Let's go here and we'll sign in or start Up uh or log in with our account now you Do need a Google account to use this so If you already have a Google account Then just make sure you're signed in in Your browser and you can just login or You'll need to create a Google account Which is out of the scope this video but Takes a few minutes of your time so Since I already have a Google account I'm going to sign into to analytics and This will open up my Google analytics Account now Fair bit of warning I Already have a couple of sites set up in My my Google analytics account so your Interface might look different if you're Just starting out this is your first Website that you ever connected this Will look different but there's no need To worry the interface looks absolutely The same I'm just going to do a couple Of additional steps to reach the place Where you will start if you're starting Out for the first time so what I'm going To do since I already have an account on Google analytics and if you can or if You have an account yourself you have Let's say an account created and if you Have forgotten how to do this all you Have to do is go to this Cog icon here

And inside the Cog icon there's an admin Section so I'll click on it to reach the Admin area and inside the admin area you Need to go to the create section now Inside the create section you have Account and you have property now Property is what we denote or what we Refer to as a website it can also be a Mobile app but since we are just Connecting our website to Google Analytics we'll create a brand new Property so I click the property button This will bring the interface where I Can create a new property the first is a Property name you can name it anything I'll just name it Oops Business website And I'm going to change the uh time zone To my time zone it's India so I'll just Select the drop down type in India you Can just do this for your country Whatever time zone you want to be in and The currency I'll change to Indian rupe CU I'm in India you can use any currency You like once this is done you can just Click the next button uh show Advanced Options there's nothing here we can just Uh ignore this for now and of course you Can already see that uh any of these Things can be changed later so even if You let's say make a mistake and you Want to change something it's completely Fixable later as well so no need to Worry about it let's go to the next step

This is where you just have a couple of Options this is nothing this does not Affect your account but this information Google collects so what's your business In let's say if I'm in the education Business I'll select jobs in education Let's say I'm a small business I'll just Select small and click the next button Now this this is where Google analytics Will give you choices on what you're Trying to achieve with your website you Have generate lead options you have Drive online sales brand awareness Examine user Behavior this is how Google Analytics will customize itself for Certain kinds of reports if you select Any of these options Now for the beginners I'd say hey get Familiar with Google analytics sometimes You'll discover reports that give you Insights that you might not have if you Just select any of these options so what You should do in the beginning is just Get Baseline reports so what happens is In if you select this option you'll get All sorts of reports and then you'll Have an understanding of what you're Trying to do and Google analytics is Quite friendly you can customize reports If you want to later but this is a great Option to have so that you can get all Kinds of data and then decide later how You're going to use that data once this Is done I'm going to click create and

Once we we do this the property will be Created and we'll see some uh details Here so this is the step where we'll Tell Google analytics how do we present Or how where the data will be coming From if you had a mobile app you would Choose any of these options but we Connecting Google analytics on a Websites so I'll just select the web Option and once the web option comes up You have these options now what happens Here we just have to create a stream now What is a stream think of stream as a Stream of data that's connected between Your website and Google analytics so all You have to do is just enter the name of Your website I'll just enter a dummy website I've Created for this example I'll just name This as well I'll just say hey Business Website and I'll just fix it because I Also had https so I'll just remove that And now it's fine also remove the Forward slash now one important thing to Remember as I mentioned already in the Beginning of the video I'm going to show You two distinct ways to do the Second Step if you choose one of those steps You might need to turn this off because Otherwise you'll have double reporting And your data will be messed up but for Now now I'll just keep this enabled and Once I show you the second method and How to do it I'll also tell you how to

Go back into your account and actually Disable this so just remember that Enhanced measurement is something that You should be aware of if it's turned on Or turned off depending on the method You're going to use to connect your Website with Google analytics right now We're just setting up Google analytics Uh on Google analytics we're just Setting up a property so once this done We'll click the create stream button Which will create a stream that connects Our website to Google analytics this is Created now you have to also connect Website with it so once the stream is Connected you see all these details you See the stream name URL stream ID Measurement ID and automatically this Will pop up you can also click and go Back and what happens here you have all The details that you can see hey what's What's happening what's the detail or What's the data being captured and all That all you have to do is now connect Your website with Google analytics by Placing a piece of code on your website So if you just click this button then it Will bring you the same instructions That started here now you have variety Of options to connect to your website With Google analytics you have install With a website builder or CMS this is Also a viable option but I would Recommend that you go install manually

This will just give you a piece of code And this is the piece of code you have To add or update or I say copy on a Website for Google analytics to work now Don't worry even though it looks scary You just have to click this button and It's copied to your clipboard and I'm Going to show you how to actually add it To your website so once you reach the Step technically everything you needed To do on Google analytics has been Accomplished you don't need to do Anything else but don't close this tab Because you might need to refer to this Piece of code later in this video so What I'm going to do is now switch to The second step or second part of the Process which is adding this code or Adding Google analytics to our website And for that we'll go into our website The tab that I've have opened with my Website open don't close this tab you'll Use this later so here I am inside my Website this is just a demonstration Website so no data here what we need to Do as I mentioned we have two ways to do This so the first method is by using a Plugin called Monster insights now Monster insights is a fantastic plugin What it does is not only just connects Your website with Google analytics it Gives you tons of reports about what's Happening on your website and it turns On or gives you additional reports that

Google analytics might not be able to Give you directly on your website so the First method I'm going to do is go into Plugins and click add new now there's a Free version of monster ins size is a Pro version as well I'm going to use the Free version and if you think this Plugin is worth it if you think the Features that are available in the pro Version are useful to you then you can Use the pro version as well I'm just Going to type in Monster Insights and a couple seconds the search Will be completed I'll see monster Insights here so you can see monster Insights Google analytics dashboard for WordPress website stats Made Easy this Is the plugin you can see 3 million plus Inst installs it's a fantastic well Recommended plugin just click install Now in a few seconds the plugin will be Installed on our side and then we'll Activate the plug-in so the plugin is Now installed let's also activate the Plugin so once the plugin is installed And activated we'll reach this screen Which is where you'll read about all the Features monster insights have all the Upgrades and all whatever you can get With monster insights and a notch to Upgrade to the prome version because you Get tons of additional data now the Easiest way to get started if you're Just starting out you just want to

Install monster inight and have Google Analytics on your website is use this Option which is launch the wizard The Wizard is a step-by-step process which Will help you install and configure Monster insights so once you click the Button you will just be prompted with a Set of questions and once you configure Them just more go through the process Monster insights will be set up on your Side of course I'm going to guide you Through the process step by step so the First option is hey welcome to monster Insid what kind of category your website Falls in so since I have a Business Website I'll choose a Business website You can also choose publisher and E-commerce it's important to set this up Correctly because the underlying reports And whatever configuration needs to be Done will be done on based of this so if You have an e-commerce website you need To connect or choose e-commerce so all The different analytical reports Regarding e-commerce will also be set up So make sure to choose the right option I'll stick with business because this is A Business website I'll click save and Continue and this is where it gets Interesting and easy for you what Monster insides uses instead of going to Have Google analytics and finding this Code and add add to website monster Inses connects with your Google account

And directly configures everything and Starts fetching the data for you so it's Hella lot easier for you to get start Started without having to mess with any Code so all you have to do is just click This connect monster size button and it Take you to the next step by Authenticating and you'll be prompted to Connect with Google analytics or connect With your Google account that you use to Configure and create a new property Inside Google analytics so just click The continue and connect to Google Button I'll take you to Next Step this Is where you'll have the option of Choosing which Google account you have If you have more than one I have more Than one Google account so make sure to Choose the account you use to create the Google analytics property I chose this Account so I'll just click here this one And it take me to The Next Step again it Ask me to sign in with this account and This is a prompt I'll just click Continue and on the next step this will Ask for some permissions and of course We want to fetch the data directly into Moner inze on our website so we need Provide these permissions so that we can Have all the data coming to our website Directly I'll click the allow button Here and once this is done we'll come Back to monster insights now this is Where you'll need to configure only one

Thing if you have more than one website I have more than one website so I am I'm Getting this prompt here where I have to Select the right property or right Website if you just have the one website You might just see the name of the Website here so if you click the drop- Down menu here you'll see tons of Options here so all you have to choose Is choose the right property name and I Named it the Business website which you Can see here and you might just see one So it might be easy for you since I have More websites here configured and Sometimes Google also adds demo Properties here so that's why I have to Show you this option that select the Right property click on it it'll be Selected you see right here then click Complete connection which will take us To the next step and authentication will Be done and this should be done so let's Wait for it to finish all right so the Configuration is now done now you have To configure some basic settings on top Of monster sites what we need to track On our website and this is again very Easy to do on the recommended settings You have events tracking of course we Want to track events enhanced link Attribution this is also useful and they Also find download tracking now if you Have file downloads on your site zip Files doc files PDF files this is very

Useful you can track how many people are Downloading things and if you have some Other files that you also sell let's say You might sell noshi templates you might Sell Jon files configuration files or Images just make sure to add the Extensions here so they can be tracked As well now configuring this is Absolutely easy you don't have to do Much just click on the field and just Type in a comma because that's how you Separate the extensions and just type in The name of the extension so let's say I Want to track JPG file downloads I'll Just say jpg I'll also add PNG I'll also Add AI for adob files and you can add Any types of files that you actually Have downloads or enable downloads on Your website there's no limit so this is How it can or Monster insights can Configure these settings for you and Give you lot of tons of details about Hey how are users actually using your Site this might have been very difficult To do in traditional sense with Google Analytics this is where monster insights Helps you and helps it makes you shine So going to another option you also have Affiliate track link tracking so if you Have affiliate links on your website and You uh want to generate more Revenue With affiliate uh links then what you Should do is just configure the kind of I' say modifier You' have added to

Affiliate links so that they can be Tracked appropriately because they are Clicks to outbound websites so right now The basic configurations is go and Recommended which is the default options But you might have configured Differently just click the add another Link path and configure this however you Like we also have some other options in Who can see reports so default says Administrator and editors but if let's Say you want only the administrators to Be able to see these reports just click Or delete this editor and only the Administrator will have access to Reports then we have install updates Automatically which is good you have Show monster insid badge which is Disabled and you can help us improve by Adding this option which will just send Anonymous data to monster ins sites to Understand how you use the product once You've done what when you satisfied that You configur these settings correctly Just click save and continue and this is The next option now this is very Important to understand again so let me Just go through it you have what kind of Features would you want to enable on Your site and you see there are plenty Of options now by default standard Analytics and reports is checked and you Can't uncheck it enhanced link Attribution is is checked you can't

Uncheck it there's also add recommended Plugins to my website now why this is This important and useful if you're just Starting out a website you need tons of Plugins so what we have done is just Selected a bunch of plugins that are Useful we have the world's best form Plugin we have the best SEO plugin in The world and other plugins are combined And if you enable this option all these Plugins will be automatically installed Inside and you can start configuring Them similar to how you're configuring Monster insid it's absolutely powerful There are some amazing plugins out there And you don't have to pay anything now Just to remind you this is optional if You already have your website setup and You already have tons of plugins Installed you might not need this so Just remember to check this off if you Don't need the plugins but if you're Just starting out uh I would recommend That you enable this and have the all The plugins be installed inside and test Them and just check them out and how you Like them and then you can use them There's some other additional options Here now some of these will be available Only in the pro version so if you enable Any of these options you might be Prompted to upgrade to the pro version Only then will this functionality be uh Automatically enabled on your site you

Have the privacy compliance add-on you Have the advanced reporting so you have Search keyboards report realtime Analytics dashboard Publishers and E-commerce report then you have E-commerce tracking and advanced Tracking and media tracking all this is Available in the premium version so if You need any of these features just Enable this for example let's say if I Was an e-commerce website I would enable This all the necessary settings will be Configured I'll just be prompted to Upgrade to the pro version since this is This demonstration I'll just disable This and also disable this just to keep It simple let's click continue to Finalize the steps now this is where Everything is done we seeing the Confirmation reports of hey everything Is installed so now tracking analytics Are all set up now this might take some Time for the data to fetch to your Website so within 48 hours is the Maximum am of time so even if once You've done all of this you might not See uh data coming to your monster Insights uh reports directly or Instantly so make sure to just be a Little patient now here nothing is uh Something you to do or you don't need to Do anything on this stage just a Confirmation of whatever is installed And there's a little nutch to upgrade to

The pro version of monster insights Which will help you all or give give you All this enhanced reporting and details Now if you already made the purchase You've decided that hey this is a great Plugin I want to purchase this just Enter the license key here otherwise you Can click to this button it'll open up a New page where you'll be able to Purchase monster ins size the pro Version once you've done you can click Or let's say if you don't want to Purchase right now you want uh find more Information out that's completely okay Just click here and click complete setup Without upgrading once you click this You'll be returned back to your Dashboard and now you see that monster Insights is set up now where do you find Your reports how do you find what Information is happening what's Happening on your website you go to the Report section so inside the monster Insights uh as a menu entry just go to Reports click on the report section and This is where you'll find all the Reports now some of these reports are Available in the free version some will Require you to upgrade to the pro Version and of course you won't see any Data here because this is just a fresh Install and no data has actually Transferred over to monster insides but I'm just going to give you idea on what

Information you can see here so you can See the overall sessions the page views You can see sessions page views the Numbers directly here returning and new Visitors device breakdown top 10 Countries every information that usually Google Antics hides somewhere in the Complexity of these Pages you can see Automatically here what are the top Pages so much useful information and you Can also export this PDF and you can Change the date range and all that good Stuff now you have tons of different Reports here in the traffic report if I Click this you have the traffic overview Landing page details Source technology Campaign social inside the Publishers You have overw page report and search Console you have the e-commerce report You have the dimensions report the fs Real time site media so many reports now As I said some of these reports might Not be available in the free version Some of are them reserve for the pro Version but I'm just giving you idea That hey every time you want to find Some critical information about what Your users or visit are doing on your Side you don't have to go to Google Analytics and search for that Complicated report somewhere all of this Information is available right here Inside your WordPress account that's the Power power of monster insights so it's

Easy to set up it configures all the Complex Google analytics setup Automatically on side you don't have to Paste any piece of code and it gives you Reports right here that's the power of Monster insight now before we finish This section about configuring monster Insight onite one important thing which I mentioned in the beginning of the Video you have to do if you configure Your Google analytics using monster Insights important to remember to turn Enhanc tracking off so let's get back to Google analytics for a second you see This installation instructions I'll Close this as I mentioned in the Beginning enhanced measurement has to be Turned off if you're using monster Insights you see this is off by default This is on so if you're setting up with Monster insights make sure that is done Off you make sure it's turned off Otherwise you'll have multiple or I say Duplicate data and then your entire Analytics will be completely uh not it Will it will become useless for you Because then you have you'll have um Data Integrity will be lost that's a Technical term so make sure to turn this Off if you are using monster insights And if you use the second method which I'm going to show you which is again Very simple to do then make sure that is Turned on all right so that's how you

Install and configure Google analytics On your website with monster insights I Hope it was easy to follow so let's move To the second method again again well I'll show you how to install Google Analytics on your website all right so Let me show you the second method to Install the Google analytics tracking Code on your website going back to Google analytics I already showed you That this is the piece of code you need To copy on your clipboard so I'll just Copy this on my clipboard once again so Now this piece of code is copied to my Clipboard going back to my website I Just disabled Google analytics uh Monster Insight plugin for Google Analytics so now we can start fresh you Can also delete this you'll start fresh We'll again go into the plugin section And we're going to install another free Plugin which will help you manage code Snippets on your website so I'll just go Here and search for WP code again let's The search finish and WP code is visible Now wqu is a fantastic plugin What it Lets you do is actually manage code Snippets on your site so anytime there's A need for adding some kind of code to Your website you don't have to mess with Your WordPress files because it can be Risky and as a beginner you can make Mistakes and mess up your website so WP Code is the plugin you should use so you

Can manage them disable them delete them Edit them modify them and do all that Good stuff with Cod snip spp so let's Install the plugin now and wait for it To finish so WP code is installed now Let's also activate it so the Cod Snippet Plugin or WP code is now Installed now how do we add the code Snippet it's absolutely easy let's go to The code Snippets menu here and you have Lots of options you have code Snippets At snippet we have to go into the header And footer option this is important to Understand because the analytics Plugin Or the script for the analytics Plugin Or analytics goes into the header Section of the website so I'll click Header and footer and once you see the Header the body and the footer options All you have to do is just go Here paste the piece of code I just Press control V on my keyboard you can Just go back copy this go back here Paste this once this done now is the Hard part you have to go and click the Blue button here to save your changes And well you're done right I was scaring You a little bit but this is how easy it Is to set up Google analytics on your Website with the help of WP code now Imagine you having to go to your website And messing with the files where do I Need to paste it all that that it's Scary stuff so that's why this Plugin or

This uh process makes it absolutely easy So let's recap what we learned we set up Google analytics property I showed you How to use monster insights to set up Google analy on yoursite perfectly Easily and then showing the code snippet Method by using this we use WP code to Just add this piece of code on our site And within a few hours I say some less Than 48 hours if you have traffic coming To your website you should start seeing Reports in your Google analytics account So let me know which method is the one That you'll be using to set up Google Analytics on your website and if you Have any questions leave that in the Comments otherwise like share subscribe Do all that good stuff spread the Good Karma out there my name is irj you're Watching W beginner and I'll catch you In the next video take care

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