How to Get a Google Featured Snippet for Your WordPress Site

Getting your site ranked high in Google is a must. But what’s better than number one? Having your site shown in Google’s Featured Snippet. That blurb that shows on the top of all of the other Google search results.

In this video you’ll learn the best ways to make sure your site shows up in the Google Featured Snippet. What are you waiting for?!

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2:07 Product rich results
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Every website wants to rank in the Google's featured Snippets but the Question is how do you do that in this Video I'm going to answer that question I'm going to tell you how to rank in Google's feature Snippets and also a lot Of different Rich results which can give You an edge in these search results Let's talk about them step by step So the first kind of snippet you can aim To rank for in the Google search results Is something like this beautiful snippet Appearing on or I said before the first Result which ensures that the first Website ranking for the snippet attracts The majority of the clicks and that's One of the reasons you should aim for to Rank here right here in the Snippets so You see right here the question has been Answered whatever question I asked has Been answered here so there are a few Different things you can do to ensure That the website has the maximum Probability to as I achieve this when I Say rank in these snippet here so the First thing you should ensure is that Your website has high quality original Content and also has a lot of authority New websites which just start out or Don't have much content won't be Rewarded by Google in the Snippets with This kind of results you need to have Some sort of authority you should have Some I'd say age on your website and

Also have some Authority that means Links coming in high quality or history Of high quality content make sure the Website is indexed by Google for a long Time and it's been updated frequently With up-to-date information and this Ensures that Google understands and Trusts your website with the information That it decides to show here so these Are are the basic things that you need To have first and on the post itself or On the content itself there are a few Different things you can do first of all Even though whatever the question is Whatever the post is about make sure That you include some pieces of content Maybe a few different paragraphs which You're trying to answer the questions Specifically or I say in a way that can Be directly picked up by Google for Example how to lose weight at home Without strategized and going this Entire post or from the title I can Ensure that this entire post is about How to go or how to lose weight without Crash types but if this was a post about How to lose weight they could have Included a paragraph which could have Said how to lose weight without crash That this is how you include the Specific kind of questions inside your Post itself where Google can pick up the Question and directly display them in The search results so here's how to do

It when you're writing the post when You're writing the post whatever your Content is if you're seeing or if you Have already understood that hey Google Might use this as a snippet then make Sure to include a couple of paragraph Answering specific questions and to Increase the chances of you appearing in The search results for these kind of Questions you should also include that Them as as FAQs for example if you see It right here this entire post is a kind Of an FAQ frequently asked questions About dieting so what you can do or what Should you should do is include these Questions as frequently asked questions Not only in the content but also in the Metadata or the schema for example if I Just do it right here if I just add some Content here imagine that there's a lot Of content here now I want to answer the Specific questions how do I do that well I'm using a product called all-in-one SEO which is a SEO plugin and what it Allows me to do is add the FAQs right Inside the WordPress editor so I can Just add an FAQ block here and it'll Give me this interface where I can write The question so I'll write the question How to lose weight Without crash diets and then I can write The answer right here And this will be picked up not only on The post itself I mean this the users

Will be able to read it but it will also Be added as a metadata or schema to the Post itself and this increases chances Of you appearing in not only this kind Of snippet but also in frequently asked Questions or people also asked somewhere Here so make sure to have all these Questions answered in FAQs as well and What you should also do is include the Relevant metadata about the post also as Schema for example what I've done is I've written the blog post I've added FAQs here but what about the post what Is the information about the post that I Can give Google so that they can Understand or Google can understand that Hey this is what the post is about I Should add some schema here for example Inside all known SEO you can generate The schema about any post very simply so As you can see on the screen all in one SEO is giving me some options to choose The kind of schema I should or I say I Can add on the post itself right now It's giving me the default option for Adding the article schema which is what The post is about if I click the Generate schema button I have the option Of not adding just the article schema But different schemas as well because One uh symbol article can also mention a Product it can also be a how-to it can Also be an FAQ so I can add multiple Different schemas on a single post so

Whatever schemas you feel are relevant For the Post you should add them on the Screen or also add them to the post so Right now I'm adding the article right Here but you can also add other types of Schema so all already everything is set Up for me by default right here Everything is included here I just have To click the add schema button and this Schema will be added as metadata to the Post and this will help Google Understand what the post is about and Also give the FAQ schema which will help You ensure that your post or your Website has the maximum chances of Ranking in the Snippets so that's about How to rank in this kind of Snippets Let's also talk about some other kinds Of Snippets you can aim to rank for The second kind of snippet you can aim To rank for in the search results is When you have products on your website Or you're selling products on your Website in that case you can aim for a Result like this this is a rich result Or is also called Rich results for Products and there are few different Things different about this result than The other results in product results if You have Rich results you also show up With an image you also see ratings also See reviews also pricing and stock Information other metadata also shows up Alongside the product here's how to make

Sure that your website has enough data Or your website has the right data so That Google can actually pick it up and Show it on your website so inside my Woocommerce website this is just an Example if you create a product and you Add all the data for example I'm adding The SKU here I'm adding the pricing Information all of that is added if you Have all-in-one SEO installed which I am Using so I'm going to demonstrate using That all I have to do is just use this Schema option so inside all of an SEO Settings I'll go to schema option it's Automatically detecting that I'm Creating a product so it will select the Product schema I'll just click generate Schema and I'll just select the products Schema and I'll just instantly create The schema and what will all Learners Here do is take all the information I've Added to the product for example if I go Here you see I have the pricing Information added I have the inventory Added I have the images or I'll add the Feature image it'll take everything and Add it to the schema directly which then Google can pick up and show in the rich Results also what will happen is if you Have reviews coming in the Frog for the Product like for example if you're Selling the product yourself then all in An SEO will also take that reviews and Also add it to the metadata so alongside

The product you'll also see these Reviews and all these ratings also come Along that so by adding all this Information along inside your product You can ensure that Google has a high Probability of ranking your website with Rich results in Google search results When it comes to products that's the Second one let's also talk about a few Different others the next kind of Snippet you can aim to rank for is the Local business snippet which you see on The screen here I just made a search for Dentist in Florence Alabama and I'm Presented with some results I used to Aim for ranking these results for Maximum traffic and apart from just the Names of the business I'm seeing some Additional information here I'm seeing The name of the business obviously I'm Also seeing the Map listing so where They are located on a map I'm also Seeing the reviews number of reviews Star ratings and also like the phone Number and the opening up because I see It's closed that opens at 8 pm or Whatever time the business opens how do You ensure that you rank for these kind Of Snippets for local business queries In the search results well you do this By adding local business schema on your Website or local business metadata on Your site again I'm using WordPress and I'm using all in one seo let me

Demonstrate how you can do that so Inside the WordPress dashboard I have All in unless you installed I have the Local SEO model also installed and Activated which you see right here and Once I'm here I can do all sorts of Local business stuff here I can ensure Or I can enable multiple location Support So if I have multiple locations I can have support for that I can Display the business local information Everywhere I can set up opening hours Here which will be visible on the Website or I can ensure that it's Visible on the website but it'll also be Added to the metadata where Google can Actually read that information and also Apart from this I can add the maps API Key so that the location of my business Is very accurately displayed not only on The website as well but also in the Metadata so that Google can actually Understand precisely where my business Is located apart from this I can add a Lot of business local information as Well so what's the name of business I Can upload the logo here you can select The type of business the address the Phone number information everything so Every kind of information Google wants About my business it will have and then Whatever the query is Google will decide What information it needs to show in These search results right here so it

Can be displayed appropriately to the User so this is how you ensure that your Website has the maximum chances of Airplane appearing in the Google local Business search let's talk about the Next one The next kind of snippet is called the Knowledge graph snippet which you see on The screen here if you just search for a Specific business if the business is Authoritative it's well known and it has The appropriate metadata on their site You can appear or that business can Appear in the knowledge graph now this Gives kind of an authority to the Business if you search for a business And Google displays it or I say rewards It with a Knowledge Graph automatically The user thinks hey this must be a Well-established business otherwise Google wouldn't do this right so you see The name of the business when it was a Tab established the official website the Founder subsidiaries an official social Media handles again you need to add this As metadata on your website so that Google can actually have the data and Then display it in the knowledge graph How do you do that on WordPress and with All business here because I'm that's What I'm using here's how to do it Inside all in one SEO go to all known SEO search appearance this is the Setting you'll open up and inside this

Just scroll to the bottom of the page Where you see the knowledge graph option This is exactly the data you need to Fulfill or need to fill so that you can Ensure that your website appears in the Knowledge graph so you can add the Website name here alternate website site Name personal organization so you will Be doing this on your particular website Of that business so does that website Represent the person or organization What's the phone number the contact type And the logo so all this information Which you see right here should be added Right here or should be added as Metadata on your website and this once You've done this then you will increase The chances of you appearing as in the Knowledge graph once you've added all This data so let's talk about the other One So the last kind of snippet you can aim To rank for I'll combine two of these Sections in this one section is site Links which is this site links here and Also the breadcrumbs which you see right Here so for site links what you need to Do is just ensure that all of the Information about your website is Available to Google which means the Structure of your website the hierarchy Of your website an important section the Website are highlighted so make sure That your website submits the site map

Or you submit the sitemap or website and It's updated regularly make sure to Highlight the most important pages and Give them higher priority in the site Map and also include them in your header Inside all in one SEO you do have the Option of prioritizing certain pages so If you have an important let's say a Pricing page a careers page an about us Page you can ensure that Google gives it More priority in the search results that Is what you should be doing if you want To include those or let's say increase The probability of them appearing in the Site links for the breadcrumbs this is Very simple inside your website go to All in one SEO I'm using that as an Example I can go to journal settings Breadcrumbs and here I have all the Breadcrumb settings that I can configure And then breadcrumbs will be added to The metadata and once Google has that Information it'll just start using that Information to display the breadcrumbs Of that particular website or as a Particular blog post or page which is Appearing in search results to display The breadcrumbs so that's how it works So I've given you all the information You need to understand and start working Towards achieving the Snippets in Google Search there are two important things to Understand so don't skip this part this Is very important the first thing you

Need to understand that even if you Provide Google with all the information It asks for for let's say a product Schema or local business schema even After that it is up to Google's Description whether they will include You in any kind of restaurant or include Your website in Snippets all you have to Do or all you can do is just make sure That your website is added or I'd say All the information that Google asked For is added as metadata apart from that You don't have anything else that you Can do if your website is thought it Enough if there's enough demand for a Specific kind of query that you're Serving then Google will pick it up Eventually and display website in the Search results there's no way you can Track it apart from just observing the Search results that's the first part the Second part is how to validate that Whatever information you've added to Your website is actually valid and There's no other information is uh what Google looks for for a particular kind Of race results or snippet well if You're using all unless you as I've Demonstrated then you don't need to Worry because all in one SEO ads or the Code is very very validated you don't Have to worry but even it's let's say if You're not using all numbers here you Just want to add it whatever ad schema

Or whatever metadata you've added is Completely valid you can use this tool By Google themselves it's called the Rich results testing tool I'll include a Link in the description of the video and You have two options to use this as a Product or tool you can add the URL of The page you want to test or you can add The codes snippet so let's say you're Working on a local website or if you Just want to test out the specific Json Code you have created with any kind of Online schema generator you can add them Here just click the test button and it Will validate that whatever information Is required for a particular schema for Example product schemas will ask for Different information product Information local business information Or I say Local business schema will ask for Different different information uh Knowledge Graph uh schema will ask for Different information so whatever query You are trying to serve is every Information Google asking for served by Your website so this will help you Understand if your schema is actually Valid and also it'll give you peace of Mind that hey everything that Google has Asked for I'm actually providing to Google so apart from that there's Nothing else I can do all right so these Are two important considerations you

Need to have in your mind even though Everything is in place it's still up to Google so all you can do is add the Information on your website and then Hope for the best That's it for this video if you have any Questions then leave it in the comments Otherwise like this video subscribe for More WordPress and awesome tutorials Like this one you're watching yuvraj From wbginner I'll catch you in the next One take care

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