How to Fix the “Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page” Error in WordPress

If you are seeing the “Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page” error when trying to access any part of your WordPress site, it can be pretty frustrating.

In this video, we take you step-by-step through the process of finding out what is causing the issue on your website and how you can fix it.


00:00 Introduction
00:21 How to Check Your WordPress User Role
00:59 How to Check the .htaccess File
02:23 How to Check Incorrect WordPress File Permissions
03:12 How to Deactivate all WordPress Plugins
05:02 How to Activate the Default WordPress Theme

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Hey what's up everyone if you've ever Tried to access a page on your WordPress Site and being faced with the sorry You're not allowed access to this page Error it could be pretty frustrating the Good thing is you found this video and We're going to break it right down and Help you fix this error so our first Step is to check that you've got an app Enrolled for your website if you don't Know don't worry there's a quick and Easy way we can check that out let's Take a look so the first thing you need To do is try and log into your site so If you can access the back end of your Site you can log into your dashboard Then that's great and you can check Whether you have the admin news role From here if you can't then move on to The next steps but if you can log into Your dashboard then all you need to do Is just look over here on the left hand Side and if you can see the user section You're pretty much sure that you're Going to have the administrator roll you Can double check by clicking on it and Then search for your username and then Look underneath roll here and you'll see That you have the administrator's role Now if you've got the admin role and That problem still occurring across the Site then move on to the next step so Our next step is to check the htaccess File and to access that file we either

Need to use the FTP client or the file Manager through our hosting provider's Control panel I've logged into my Bluehost hosting control panel and I'm Going to access my file manager through Here you can choose whichever way suits You but this is the easiest way for me So to find my file manager it's in Advance here I'm just going to click on That and right here is the file manager I'm just going to click on that it's Going to open the file manager in Another window and here we have the file Manager with my site root folder open so Just make sure you're in the root folder Which is the public HTML and what we're Looking for is the htaccess file so the HD access file right here all we need to Do is right click on it and delete it Just going to ask you whether you're Sure you want to delete it we're going To click confirm just to delete that Then what we want to do is we want to Try and log in to our WordPress Dashboard so if you manage to log into WordPress dashboard and you can't see The error on the site at the moment that Could mean that the htaccess file is the Cause for that error so all we need to Do is create a new HD access file and The way that we do that is we head over To settings here hover over that and Then click on permalinks now we don't Need to do anything else to this page

All we need to do is click save changes And then that's going to create a new HD Access file if you couldn't log in when Checking your HC access file that could Mean there's a problem with your file Permissions as we've got the file Manager open let's check that out now And once you're in the public HTML root Folder for your website you'll be able To see all the files for that site now There should be somewhere in the columns That you see in front of you The Heading Permissions and that's what we're Looking for right now and what we're Looking for is that all folders have the Zero seven five five permission and all Files have the 06 for for permission if You see any folders or files that don't Have those numbers in the permission Then you need to change them to those Numbers so the best way we can do that For a file manager situation is right Click on the file and then click on Change permissions and then that will Allow you to change that so once you've Checked all that and all your Permissions have the correct numbers to Them see if you can log into your site If you can't still can't log into your Site or you're still getting that error Then move on to the next section if You're still getting this error then the Next thing we can check is whether a Plugin is causing this issue so what

We're going to do is we're going to do Activate all our plugins and then we're Going to reactivate them one by one and See if we can see which one it is let's Do that so now we're moving forward now We're going to try and troubleshoot Whether a plug-in is causing the issue And the best way to do that is to log Into your file manager again navigate to WP content double click on that that's Going to open up that folder then find The plugins folder right here right Click on it and rename the folder and All I'm going to put is Plugins.deactivate Now what you want to do is see if you Can log in to your WordPress dashboard So if you can log into your WordPress Dashboard or you now can't see the issue On your website that means the plugin Was probably conflicting with something On your site and the plugin is the cause Of the problem now if you head to the Plugin section here on the left hand Side you'll see that you can't currently See any plugins in this section so we're Going to rectify that by heading back to Our file manager navigate yourself back To the wp content folder and then right Click on the plugins folder rename it And just remove what you wrote after the Plugins folder name Make sure you save those changes that's Updated on here so all we're going to do

Is head back to our website we're just Going to refresh this page and now we Can see that all of our plugins are back In this section but all these plugins Aren't activated so they're all Deactivated at the moment what we're Going to do to try and find which Plugins causing the problem we're going To go through each plugin reactivating Them and seeing if any of those throw up An error if the error happens after You've activated that one plugin then You know that plug-in is the culprit and You'll either need to replace that Plugin or contact the plugin developers To let them know that it's conflicted With your site and they may be able to Help you out there and do something About that another option for us to Check is whether the theme we currently Have on our site is causing this issue And a really easy way to check that out Is by activating a default WordPress Theme and seeing if that fixes things so Very similarly to what we did with Plugins we're now going to troubleshoot Weather the theme that we have on the Site is causing this issue too So to do that all we need to do is log Into the file manager and then head to WP content folder right here double Click on that and then find the themes Folder and double click on that now find The themes that you currently have on

The site I have the bloxy theme on the Site so I'm just going to deactivate These two folders right here to do the Bloxy theme so to do that I'm just going To right click on them and rename them And you guessed it I'm just going to put Dot deactivate So now I've deactivated those folders I Can head back and see if I can log into My WordPress site now if you manage to Log into your WordPress site and you Can't see the issue anywhere that means The theme might have been causing this Issue and if you want to double check What's happening with the themes right Now you could just hover over appearance Here on the left and then click on Themes and right here in the themes Section is telling you the active theme Is broken and it's reverting to the Default theme so it's going to revert it To the 2022 WordPress theme so if you Visit the site you can now see it's Showing the 2022 WordPress theme and if You just check that out in the themes Section you'll now see that's active and Just down here is telling you that There's a broken theme right here so if Theme you was using was causing that Issue then you will need to get in touch With that theme developer see if they Can help you out at all or just use a Different theme that suits your site if You've been through all the steps in

This video and you still have this issue There are a few things you can try out You can check the error log to see if There's anything in there you could Update the latest PHP and see if that Helps out you can also restore your most Recent backup or contact your hosting Provider I'm going to put links in the Description to help out with all of Those if you have different people Working on your WordPress site then it Can be really useful to have dedicated User logins for each person and site Permissions based on what they're doing Is then less likely there could be a Security issue or someone could change Something accidentally To cover all that I highly recommend Watching this video next make sure you Hit the like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel thanks for watching

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