How to Fix Featured Images Appearing Twice in WordPress Posts

Are your featured images appearing twice in your posts? Then this is video that will give the right answer on how to fix it.

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Are you facing this issue on your site That the featured image on the site Shows up twice on every single blog post But when you go to the Post section it's Actually just available once I just Added it once so in this video I'm going To show you how to solve that quickly And easily now the way to solve this is Understand why this problem happens in The first place and the problem happens Is because the image that you've added Here is not the featured image and this Is not where the featured image is Supposed to be added to your blog post So let me show you where the featured Image is and you'll instantly understand Understand why this problem is happening On the side so from inside the block Editor Let Go to the settings on the Page and from the settings you'll find That there's a section for Featured Image separately if I click on it you'll See that this is where the featured Image is supposed to go and that is why You see this is a featured image and This image is actually a duplicate that You've added to the blog post and hence You see this image appearing twice on The blog post so what you have to do is Just take the image you have manually Added here and just delete that block by Clicking the three dot menu delete and Once you're happy with the layout just Click update and the post is updated if

I go back here and refresh the blog post Then you'll see the featured image is Just showing up once now you might be Tempted to remove the featured image From here and leave this blog post or This image here I wouldn't advise it Because the featured image is also Appearing or used when you see the Category pages on the site or many Different areas it's also used for Schema on your site so I would not Recommend you change or delete the Featured image and have this image Appear here I would always recommend That delete the duplicate image that you Have manually added to the post and Whenever you want to actually add a Featured image you should have featured Images added to the separate or the i' Say dedicated section for Featured Images on the site hope that solves your Problem if not let me know in the Comments and I'll try and help you out As much as possible subscribe for more WordPress tutorials and I'll see you on The next One

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