How to Find and Validate a PROFITABLE Affiliate Marketing Niche

Affiliate Marketing can help you generate revenue for your site, blog, store, etc., but what is Affiliate Marketing, and how do you find the right niche to promote, the right products to sell?

In this video, we’ll talk about how easy it can be for you create and publish content that is related to stuff you might already be writing, and how you can build an audience that will click your links and start generating that sweet affiliate revenue.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Finding the Right Niche
3:29 What are you Selling?
4:49 Affilate Networks
6:59 Keyword Research

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So you want to build an affiliate Marketing website that's great news but One important thing to keep in mind Before you start your affiliate Marketing website is to find the right Niche the niche is the most important Thing you can spend time on before you Started affiliate marketing business Because it will have a Disproportionately high impact on your Success it's the business equivalent of Not trying to sell that nobody wants to Buy so if you're in the right Niche the Likelihood of you being successful are Going to be much higher and vice versa But don't worry this video is exactly About that in this video I'm going to Give you a framework on how to find the Right Niche and also validate if that Niche is viable for your business let's Begin so let's start on the first side Of the question which is finding a good Affiliate marketing Niche and the Easiest way to do that is scratch your Own itch which just means that look Around your passions your interests and Problems that you are solving for Yourself in a particular Niche because If you find something from your interest Your passions then you're already a few Steps ahead of the competition when it Comes to to understanding your Market What the problems are what the needs are What the demands are and what products

You can sell to your audience let me Share some practical examples with you And I'll also place on the screen the Exact websites that you can see are in The exact same nich solving the exact Same problem so the first example I came Up with was Homebrew beer it's a passion Thing a lot of people like beer and a Lot of people have passion of creating Their own beer brewing it at home that Means home brew beer and here are some Websites that I found about home brew Beer that you can take inspiration from The next Niche I found was travel you Might love to travel you might have Found great places to travel some travel Hacks maybe accommodation hacks then you Can start a travel website of course Make it successful another nich I found Was finance and credit cards a lot of People like to maximize points on the Credit cards figure out which are the Best credit cards and use them to Maximize their savings get a lot of Points and benefits from credit card Companies and some websites on the Screen which deal with this are already On your screen now talking about myself I'm a camera guy I love cameras lighting Equipment producing videos and editing Videos and here are some websites in That Niche I would look at if I would Start an affiliate marketing business in That Niche similar to the previous

Example you might be a laptop PC or Tech Guy so there are many websites covering All these niches and here are some Examples on your screen another cool Example is pets for example I have a cat And I deal with a lot of cat related Problems so if I were to start an Affiliate marketing website in the cat Nish here are some websites I would look At another cool example of a passion or Interest is reading books and you can Probably see I read a lot of books this Is just one shelf there's also another One right there and probably have more Than 400 books myself so I like reading Books and I like searching about books As well so from a customer's perspective If I could find a really great blog that Always lists great books that I would be Interested in that's a success win for Me so here are some examples on the Screen of specific websites that do just That another example of scratching your Own is is pool cleaning if you have a Pool at home and you spend considerable Time figuring out how to clean your pool Effectively you could probably start an Affiliate marketing website around it Teach people how to clean their pools And sell the products that are used in Pool cleaning in the process through Affiliate marketing another very common Example is coffee tons of people like Coffee and there are a lot of coffee

People who spend ridiculous amounts of Money on Coffee Beans Coffee equipment And drinking the most fanciest coffees And if you're one of those people you Can start an affiliate Market website in The coffee finish and hopefully make a Lot of money so now that you have a Little bit of idea on how to find a good Name in affiliate marketing The Next Step should absolutely be finding Related products that you can sell Because if there's no products to sell How would you make affiliate marketing Work right so that is the next step and Here's how to do product research on a Variety of websites that you can find The best affiliate products in your nich The answer is Amazon and affiliate Networks you probably know that Amazon Has a great affiliate Network that means Anything you can find on Amazon you can Refer people to buy from Amazon and make Money in the process and if you just go To Amazon on V website in your Regional Uh location as well you can scroll down To the bottom of the page and you can Find something like this here become an Affiliate and we've done a complete Video on how to start an affiliate Marketing website where I detailed the Process in a lot more detail I'd say so You can go to that uh video after Watching this video and go through the Process but the simple idea is anything

You purchase on Amazon anything you see On Amazon and literally every single Product you see here can be sold through Your website and made commissions on by You so Amazon is the best place to start Because Amazon is very trusted a lot of People I'd say everyone you know is Probably buying something from Amazon Anyway so it's a seamless experience for Them to just go to your website then go To Amazon just make the purchase so it's Easy commissions for you but there are Other places as well where you can find Products physical products information Products or many other kinds of products To help solve your customer need and Make Commission in the process those are Called affiliate networks because they List a lot lot of offers from different Product owners for Affiliates like you So here are some of the most popular Affiliate marketing networks that you Can find and going and search for before You decide on what products you're Selling in your affiliate marketing Journey so the first one is share a sale It's absolutely great go and share the Sale the website is linked on the screen The next one is aan AWI in aan or aan How you like to call it the next is CJ Or Commission Junction I'll accept Cookies here you can find lot of Different products here software Products physical products and a lot of

Info products as well the next up is ClickBank ClickBank is mostly for Information products so if you have a Course that you want to sell information Courses or as a coaching programs lot of Things you can find here on ClickBank The next is flex offers which is more of A as a curation of different affiliate Offers so you can go check this out a Lot of uh I say Partners here lot of Great offers here the next one is Avangate and this is again a great Affiliate Network another one is Rakuten Rakuten is very popular in certain ises And lot of I say big players around the World also use Rakuten Network to list Out their products so you can definitely Check it out go in the website it will Linked on the description and also Linked on the on the page and the last One that I could find was and You can have lot of different affiliate Networks these are just the top ones I Could find so you can do some research On your own and figure out some great Affiliate networks maybe there's one Specializing in only your Niche so you Can find some great offers only on that Affiliate networks and you're not just Limited to selling affiliate products Sometimes you can monetize with Affiliate as well as your own products So you might be let's say a gardener and You sell some affiliate products through

Amazon but you can also monetize using Your own courses or maybe coaching that You provide to other people who want to Do the same thing as you so you're not Just limited to affiliate marketing and I would suggest always diversifying your Income sources even if you start with Affiliate marketing so that's how you Find the best products on the best Affiliate networks of course there's Always Amazon if you can't find Something else anywhere on any on the Web so now you have an idea about how to Find an affiliate marketing Niche where To find the relevant products let's also Do the third step which is the most Important in my opinion and that is Finding keyword research or doing Keyword research and keyword research is One of the most important processes Because it'll help you understand how Much demand there is for certain kind of Products and what kind of questions are People asking in your Niche and I'd Personally recommend that you do two Things for keyword research do keyword Research for SEO or Google and do Keyword research or I say market Research on social media as well because Some of the niches I mention for example Credit cards and travel are heavily Dominated by Big Industry players so it Might not be the easiest thing for you To break into SEO but it might be

Absolutely easy for you to start a Social media page and then get traffic To your website through your social Media so you should be searching for Social media as well as keyword research To figure out what's the actual Opportunity and where you can spend most Of your time to get the most traffic so Here's the process that I would Recommend to do keyword research first I'd recommend that you go to this Website which is WB beginners keyword Generator tool again link down in the Description and also on the page go to This page and it's a completely free Keyword generator tool so you enter any Kind of broad or say semi broad keywords And it give you all the different kinds Of keywords people actually look for for Example you can see I just did this for Gardening and you can see I'm getting so Many different suggestions relating to Gardening now the best part about this Tool is actually this section because Right now you see gardening dirt Gardening dresses gardening drawing all These are relevant terms but they don't Define the intent of the user so you Actually don't understand what the People or what people are searching for And what they're trying to understand For example gardening exercise I don't Know what that means but are people Looking for gardening exercises or are

They trying to ask the question is Gardening a good exercise you don't know So ranking for these keywords even if You can rank for them might not be great In terms of revenue for affiliate Marketing products so the best part About this is you can go to the question Section and instantly find complete Questions that users ask and instantly Start producing content around this so You can see our gardening gloves Waterproof great idea for a piece of Content are gardening expenses tax Deductible another great question are Gardening zones changing another great Questions are gardening snakes poisonous Are gardening gloves machine washable Are gardening expresses any good our Garden centers open on Easter Sunday Again can gardening cause miscarriage Weird question but okay can gardening Make you sick can gardening help with Mental health can gardening help you Lose weight can gardening gloves be Washed and so many different questions And this is just one keyword that I Searched for what you should do is look Here and find out more relevant keywords In the keyword suggestion department and Then enter the same keyword oneing in The tool and find more keywords and more Questions to answer this will give you a Pleer of options and ple of content Ideas to start creating content ideally

Take these keywords make some Google Searches and figure out what websites And what what kind of websites are Actually ranking in the search results And what other topics are they writing Content for and how are they monetizing Their audience as well this will give You some inspiration ideas on how to Market yourself and what kind of Products you can create on your website And what I would suggest is take the Same ideas and then go to social media Pi take some of these keywords put it in Instagram search put it in Tik Tok Search put it in YouTube shs or YouTube Search and figure out what are the Biggest channels and what kind of Content are they creating and what Products are they selling through their Affiliate marketing Nation or what Products are they selling on their Websites so you can get inspiration with Them and once you complete this exercise You will have a comprehensive idea about Entirety of your Niche what are the most Common questions which videos are Getting the most views that means that Are the topics that most people are Interested in what products are those Popular social media influencers selling So you know that those are in demand and Then of course by completing the Three-step process you should have a Great affiliate marketing nich that you

Can probably monetize in so this is the Three-step process on how to find an Affinite marketing nich how to find the Right products to sell and how to do Some market research to understand what Are the right keywords to Target through SEO and social media so you can be Successful in your affiliate marketing Journey hope you had your questions Answered if you still have any questions Leave them in the comments otherwise Like share subscribe do all that good Stuff and I'm youraj from the beginner And I'll catch you in the next video Very very soon take care

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