How to Enable Automatic Updates in WordPress for Major Versions Video v1

Do you want to enable automatic updates for major WordPress updates?

Automatic updates are enabled for minor releases on WordPress. This means that the team can automatically install security updates without requiring user input.

However, it does not automatically update your website when there is a new major release. Luckily, you can easily turn on automatic updates for major releases as well.

In this video, we will show you how to enable automatic updates in WordPress for major versions.

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Today I'll walk you through how to Enable automatic updates in WordPress For major versions By default automatic updates are enabled For minor releases in WordPress and that Means that the WordPress team can Automatically install security updates Without requiring your input now this is Perfect for automatic updates on minor Versions but if there's a major release You still have to install it manually so In this video we'll show you how you can Enable automatic updates for major Versions as well so let's Dive In Before making any changes to any website That we talk about we always recommend That you back up your website first and One of the ways that you can do that is By installing a plugin like duplicator Because it's one of the best backup Plugins out there and it's super simple To back up your plugin then once you Have your backup turned on then we can Enable updates for major releases from The dashboard let's head over to our Dashboard Come up here and we'll head to updates And you should see something saying this Site is automatically kept up to date With each new version of WordPress And then if you want to switch to Automatic updates then you can click on This section so you can enable that and Only receive automatic and security

Maintenance from now on now if you don't See this in your dashboard then we can Move on to the next method using a Plugin since we'll be installing a Plugin and we'll want to head over to Our plugins add new And from here we want to search for easy Updates manager This is the one we want so let's go Ahead and install now and make sure we Stick around to activate the plugin as Well Great now that it is installed we can go To our dashboard go to update options to Configure it and under quick Configuration actions we can choose from All these buttons let's go ahead and Click on the custom button And these are all the ones that you can Choose to update you can auto update all Releases And you see now it's green now do be Cautious when clicking on this because The quick configuration action this will Turn on automatic updates for everything Including WordPress core any of the Plugins themes and translations it'll Throw all the settings and enable major Releases to automatically be updated Now the third method involves manually Enabling automatic updates for major Releases in WordPress using Code we'll Have a link in the description below of The written tutorial on where to put

That code and just know that it's a Little bit more for advanced users but You can follow that as well And if you're wanting to get a little Bit more out of the block editor for WordPress then watch this video next as We walk you through step by step on how To use the blog editor in WordPress and I'll see you over there

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