How to Do Basic Image Editing In WordPress

This video tutorial demonstrates how to edit images within the WordPress media library.
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Steps to Edit an Image:

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to “Media” — “Library”.
Click on the image you want to edit to open the “Attachment Details” page.
Click the “Edit Image” button below the image preview.
This opens the image editing interface with tools for cropping, scaling, and rotating.
Editing Options:

Click the “Crop” button.
Drag the corners of the cropping area to select the desired image portion.
Refine selection using “Selection” and “Starting Coordinates” fields (optional).
Click “Apply Crop” to confirm.
Click the “Scale” button.
Enter desired width and height in “New dimensions” fields.
Click “Scale” to resize the image.
Click the “Image Rotation” button.
Choose to rotate 90° left/right or flip vertically/horizontally.
Select the desired rotation option.
Saving Edits:

After making edits, click “Save Edits” to save the changes to your image.

Log into your WordPress dashboard and Head over to the media section then Click on Library click on the image you want to Edit this opens the attachment Details Page for the image click on the edit Image button below the image preview now You'll see the image editing interface There are tools for cropping scaling and Rotating your image to crop the image Click on the crop button drag the Corners of the cropping area to select The desired portion of the image you can Also fine-tune the selection using the Selection and starting coordinates Fields to scale the image click on the Scale button enter the desired Dimensions in the New Dimensions Fields Click scale to resize the image to Rotate the image click on the image Rotation button you have options to Rotate the image 90° left or right or to Flip it vertically or horizontally Select the desired rotation option once You're satisfied with your edits click Save edits to save the changes to your Image and if you're struggling to manage Your WordPress sites we'll handle Everything behind the scenes so you can Focus on running your business and have Peace of mind click here to get started

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