How to Display the Last Updated Date of Your Posts in WordPress

Do you want to display the last updated date for your posts in WordPress?

Some websites update their posts regularly. Showing when each post was updated makes sure your readers don’t miss any content, and helps build trust.

In this video, we will show you how to display the last updated date of your posts in WordPress.

0:00 Changing the date on an existing post
0:25 Downloading and installing WPCode
0:55 WPCode settings
1:50 Changing the date on a post

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In this video I'll show you how you can Display the last updated date for your Posts in WordPress by default showcasing The updated date lets viewers know or Readers know that your content is the Most up-to-date for them and if your Theme is something like this it'll show The published date which is perfect However once you update it it won't show The updated date so let me show you how You can get that on your website first Thing you want to do is head over to Your WordPress dashboard and we'll go to Plugins add new we want to install a Particular plugin that does a great job Of allowing you to add bits of code Without messing with your theme files or Your WordPress files so in the plugins Add new we're going to search for WP Code And this is the one we want so let's go Ahead and click install now And go ahead and activate it as well Once it's activated we'll go to code Snippets and let's go to add snippet and The cool thing is we don't have to know What the code is we just simply need to Search for display the last updated date And this is what we want so let's go Ahead and click use snippet once you Click on use snippet then it'll create This bit of code and then you can see it And then you can scroll down and see all The code that you've created this is

Where you need to decide where to insert It we're going to Auto insert it let it Do its thing on its self there are Several things that you can do with this We're going to keep it as simple as Possible so this is also going to show On single posts and single poster page And if the post type is a post so we're It's already doing all of this stuff for You there's nothing else that you have To decide on another thing you want to Do is make it active And go ahead and click update and now if I go and look at it and I see that I've Refreshed it I notice that it hasn't Changed so that's because the post Hasn't been updated so I need to go and Find this post and let's go ahead and Edit the post We'll just add something in here to make It different When we click update And now when we see it we can see that The publish date is here and then the Last updated is this date you can make Some adjustments to that if you'd like You can also change a little bit of The Styling if you are comfortable with Doing that I'll show you what that looks Like you can go in here add a little Snippet And from here we actually want to create A brand new piece of snippet we're going To custom

And we're going to just create a title Of Custom CSS for updated Eight And do CSS snippet I'm going to paste this here and we Actually have this in our written Tutorial that you can use and this is Just a really good way to start with Something so I'm going to make this Active as well we're going to save it And then we can see it in action so when I come back to my post when I update it It has changed this and made it a little Bit smaller given it a little bit of a Different transformation for me so you Can go in and make any changes that you Want for that but now you have an Updated date on your WordPress website Now if you want to see the power of what WP code can do for you then you can Watch this whole video next as I walk You through how to use WP code for your Website to remove unwanted plugins and I'll see you over there

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