How to Disable Emojis in WordPress (Step by Step)

Are you looking to disable emojis on your WordPress site?

Emojis are small icons that are used to express feelings or emotions. WordPress loads additional CSS and a JavaScript file to add emoji support and some users may want to remove it to improve performance and speed.

In this video, we’ll show you how to easily disable emojis in WordPress.

0:00 Intro and explanation
1:05 Installing and activating WPCode
2:07 WPCode features and settings
3:46 Using the Disable Emojis plugin

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Today I'll walk you through how to Disable emojis in WordPress By default WordPress loads an additional JavaScript file and some CSS for adding Emoji support to your site you can see This if you go to your website if you do Right click inspect If you do control F to search for WP emoji and we see that there's extra JavaScript in CSS that comes on the site And now subsite owners you might want to Disable this extra Emoji support to Boost speed for your website and Increase performance by not downloading That bit and now note when we're saying We're disabling Emoji in WordPress what We mean is we're disabling the extra Checks and scripts like you're seeing on Here to handle emojis you'll still be Able to see emojis browsers that support Them will still be able to display them We're just wanting to turn off this Extra bit so that your site can be a Little bit faster and I'm going to show You two different methods so you can Pick the one that works best for you The first method is by using a bit of Code and normally you put this in your Functions.php file or maybe your site Specific plugin but with a tiny error in The code they could easily get messed up So to avoid that we always recommend Using something like WP code it's a code Snippet plugin for WordPress and it's

One of the safest ways to do this to get Started you want to head over to plugins Add new And from here we can search for WP code What I also like about this is it'll Allow you to basically reduce all your Overall plugins you do things like Disable comments you usually need a Special plugin for that if you want to Disable lazy load you need a special Plugin for that you can remove all of Those and just use one plugin and WP Code we're going to install this And we want to stick around to activate It as well Once it's activated you can either go to Code Snippets here or if you ever need To come back from your dashboard you now Have a code snippet area we can go to Code Snippets to see them in action Right now you see we have disable AZ Load custom CSS display last updated Date WP code has several to choose from and There's several that you can see all These Snippets are already here so you Can remove any kind of plugin that does This for you and simply turn these on Just little bits of code for you For this one we're going to add our own Custom code Snippets so we'll use this One you snip it and from here we want to Add a title And now we want to add some code

We will have this code that you can copy In our written tutorial and I have the Written tutorial in the description Below so we're going to paste this bit Of code In and you'll see all these little Errors over here What we want to do is we want to change This to PHP snippet and then it will Remove those errors Once we add that we want to scroll down To make sure that the insert method is Auto insert and that it runs everywhere Because we want this on our whole site And now the last thing we need to do is Come up here and make this active And let's go ahead and save snippet And now we can open in a new tab and I'm Going to go back To My inspect element I'm going to Ctrl F to find that WP Emoji string That we had talked about earlier now you See that it's not in here So we've properly disabled it just fine Now method two is by using another Plugin so I'll set this to inactive and Updated we'll go to plugins add new And we're going to search for disable Emojis This is the one we want so let's go Ahead and install it And activate it as well

And with this one the plugin works right Out of the box there's nothing else that You need to do And if you want to see a little bit more Of what WP code can do for you watch This video next as we cover how to Insert headers and Footers into your Website and I'll see you over there

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