How to Customize WooCommerce Product Search Results Page

Search is perhaps the most used feature on an ecommerce store. Unfortunately WooCommerce default search leaves a lot to be desired. But worry not, WordPress has the answer if you have the right plugin. In this video, I show you how to customize your WooCommerce search experience from scratch.

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Let me ask you a simple question when Was the last time that you were on and instead of just searching For the products that you were looking For you went inside the category menu Found the subcategory and then went to The products that you were looking for If you like 90% of the people on the Internet including me just like to Search for things and purchase things Now that's great news for Amazon because Amazon search is great but not so much Great news for woocommerce store owners Because WordPress website although it's All right it's not great especially when You combine it with woocommerce let me Show you practic example so I just made This website to demonstrate this Features to you so this is a website That has some demo products from Woocommerce and you can see here I have This long sleeve te here it's obviously Green in color and just to give you an Idea the color green is visible here and I think some attributes on this website Or some attributes to this products were Also added so I've also added the size And the color right here in the Information but if I go to the homepage Of the site go to search and I just type In green small t I can't find it and if I search for Small T then also I can't find it and if I

Search for green Tea still I can't find it and that's the Problem with woocommerce and in this Video I'll show you how to fix this Problem I'm going to demonstrate one of The best search related plugins on the Internet for woocommerce and WordPress How to install it and four distinct ways You can customize your W Commerce and WordPress search let's begin so the Product inqu question that I'm going to Talk about is called search W and you Can see here WordPress search can't find Much and it has a lot of different I say WordPress search has a lot to be desired It can't search for custom Fields Doesn't work well with e-commerce Document content custom tables and even Short codes and tax me so search WP Fixes all that by giving you Customization options when it comes to Search now obviously all these fields or All these features work beautifully but We'll be focusing specifically on E-commerce which is vcommerce and Product related search so it's a premium Plugin so you'll have to purchase the Plugin install it on your computer or I Say install it on your WordPress website Which I'm going to demonstrate or show You Basics so what you can do is just Watch the video till the end figure out If this is a product that you want to Think is worth your time and money and

Then make the purchase links will be in The description and also the website Link search is on the screen for You now so I've already made the Purchase and already have the searchwp Plugin installed but not activated on my Website so you see I'm already logged in So once you once you made the purchase Inside your account you'll find the ZIP File to download for the plugin and also Your license key so going back to your Site here you see search WP I've already Installed it but I kept it disabled just Simplicity let's activate the plugin and Once it's activated I'll enter the License key activate the plugin then I'll show you all the features inside it I'll go to search WP and go to add License key so inside the license key Option I'll just paste my license key I'll hide it for Simplicity I'll click Verify and the license key should be Verified in a couple of seconds all Right so the license key is now Activated so I have all the amazing Features of sege WP active on your site Or on my site so the first thing I want To do is install an extension for sege w Because search WP is very worst style For different scenarios they have Extensions available similar to how we Have plugins for WordPress and the Extensions are available obviously in The extensions options you go here

You'll see all these options just have To find the extensions menu so inside The extensions you'll find a lot of Different extensions the W Commerce Integration is what we be working with But you can just see you have the Metrics related custom results order Model search life search short codes and All these amazing options we'll use the Woocommerce integration so I'll click it And it will automatically install the Extension on my site but one of my Favorite extensions is the metrics which Gives you inside data about what people Are actually searching for in a website Imagine this you have 10,000 people Making searches but you never know what They're searching for but with this Extension you can do this but let's Focus back on newcommerce integration I Have this installed now we'll close this And once this is done I'll recommend That you go into the algorithm section Because here is where we configure how The search engine algorithm or search Algorithm for your store works and once You here here you'll see something like This let me collapse this and explain What these are because for beginners This might be a little I say too Complicated and inside here let me Collapse all these options you'll see Different kinds of engine related things Here so let me explain how search W

Works so inside SE WP the products is Something that will only show up if you Have woocommerce and the extend Extension installed otherwise obviously You see it but the post Pages media and Products how it works is you can Configure what kind of things or post Types on your website how they are Searched and how you can change their Rage and what attribute from Individual Post is used for search now let me give You more practical information on the Screen if I open the post area up you'll See what kind of attributes are Available for me to make sure that the Search uses it and what weightage I want To provide to them right now the title Is the highest the content is the lowest Slug is highest excerpt is lowest and Author His Highest now since we are Working with woocommerce and our most Important concern right now is Woocommerce search I'll just leave the Posts pages and media aside just head to The product section I'll expand the Product section and here we have the Title content slug exert and author now Obviously for w Commerce products or any Products the author is not important so We can just take the slider here and Just make it go here now if you want to Include product description or the Product excerpt in the uh mix as well You can just make it hey medium priority

And let's say the content is also you Want to include it here you can make it Again medium priority so this is how you Can configure what attributes or I say What weightage each attribute gets but What about adding attribut because right Now you don't see essential attributes Like color and size which are common With clothing but any custom attributes If you have your own a store how do you Add this well for that all we have to do Is add additional attributes by clicking This button called add and remove Attributes so once we click this button Now we have options configure which of These attributes we should be using now By default I think the content and there Other some fields are not available or So we'll add it right here so obviously We don't want the author right here we Already disabled or I say minimize the Weightage it has but now we want to add Some other fields as well so what we'll Do is we'll find uh the keys related to Our meta keys or say the custom field Related to size and color by just typing The size I'll type in Size and you'll see size come up here I'll click on size and I'll also type in Color and now color also comes into play And if you want to add tax en as well For example you might have let's say if You have a mobile Cas store and you have A theme of products let's say floral

Theme have categories and all that you Can add those here as well anytime Somebody makes a search related to a Category based things can also be added As an attribute which can vary the Weightage or I say you can customize the Weightage of the search now just to keep It simple right now we just click done And it should be done now in the custom Fields option you start noticing these Are coming up and I'll will increase the Weightage of these because obviously the Size and color is something that people Look for so I'll increase the weightage We have excerpt here content here and Edit or I say the author part is remove Now so that's how you can add and I say Edit or remove attributes based on any Any kind of custom post type or in this Case the product search so once this is Done all you have to do is click save And it should take a few seconds and Index needs to be rebuil we just pick it And it takes a couple of minutes and do This and yes so while this happens let Me just explain it just takes a couple Of minutes to build the index and it Does not take additional I say a lot of Resources so even though your website is Live visitors are actually visiting your Website the index status index will not Say slow down your website in any way so Once this is done once the index is Rebuil and you see it's already done you

Have see index is already done we go Back to the page here and I'll refresh This page by going to the homepage once Again and let's start searching for the Green tea once again let's search for Green tea and now you can see that the Green tea is now showing up here so this Is how search WP can actually fix uh the Search related issues on your website so Let's get back to the admin area of the Website and I'll show you the basic Configuration options you should be Having and I made some changes in the Background just to ensure that the Search works properly so inside here Once again inside search WP we had the Posts pages and products related search Now let's say if you're writing a blog Post on your site or you have content Being written on your site do you want That to appear in the search that is up To you but what I would highly recommend Is that you remove the media from the Search for example if you click here You'll notice that the post Pages media Products and other related things are Also enabled so you should do two Important things here to ensure that Search for at least products works fine You should disable the media because we Don't want media to be search post in Pages is up to you if you want to enable Them and you should also include Comments because woocommerce reviews are

Actually stored in the database as Comments so if you want to enable the Search to work on product reviews as Well then this is what you should enable And once you've done this you'll see These changes come up here and then Inside the comments once again you'll Have attributes that you can add and Remove and once you've done this then Once you've configured everything then Your search should work fine make sure To check make change the save or I say Make sure to save all the changes or I Say configure everything then save your Changes once you're happy just click Save and sometimes it will require you To rebuild the index otherwise it'll Just update the index and this is Working fine so once you're here once Again this is how the first thing works How to fix your search on WordPress Website and let's talk about a couple of Other things you can do on your site to Make your search even better so now let Me show you how to customize your search To make sure that you can control the Visibility of certain products a key Thing of I say key example I can think Of is that you want don't want the out Of stock products to be appearing in the Search right very common Behavior let me Show you how you can set it up but first What I'll do is I'll just go to my Product page here and the same long tea

Or I said the green tea we were working With I'll just make sure the inventory Is actually out of stock so I can Demonstrate this feature for you I'll Come here in the stock status I'll say Out of stock I'll go here click update And once this is done or while this is Working go here and inside the product Section we first work with attribute but Now we'll work with rules this is where It gets really really interesting if you Go into the edit rules section here you Can Define rules based on which the Visibility or I say the appearance of Certain products in search can be Affected so if I click the add rule here You'll see you have two options either You can Whit list products or Blacklist Products so only show entries if the Rule is accepted or don't show rules or Don't show the product if the rule Actually accepts so what we'll do is We'll switch it to exclude entry if and Inside the taxy I'll search for a taxy Called Product visibility which is an Internal category which deals with Product visibility and you can say Exclude entries if tax enemy or product Visibility is out of stock so I'll just Type in stock and out of stock actually Appear here in search we'll click on This and we'll click save and done and Once once again we'll wait for a few Seconds we'll save our settings and the

Index might be rebuilt but once this is Done now if we go back to our homepage Here and if I just search for long Sleeve tea or I say green tea once again Which is the common search green Tea then the search will not work Because that specific product is out of Stock so in this case if you go back Here you have multiple multiple options Configure or I say multiple rules you Can configure if I go to edit rules Again you have you have tax to me Published date or specific ID as well so If you have limited time promotion and You want to exclude those products from Search you can just enter the ID of Those products and you can even category Wise products so they you w have you Have internal categories that you have Selected you don't want them to be Appearing in the search you can do that Here of course you can combine and I say Mix and match these rules however you Like you can create or based rules that Means uh you can have conditions met any Condition met or you can do and based Rules so both conditions have to be met If the visibility or the rulle is Applied so this is one more feature Where searchwp completely transforms the Way woocommerce search works let me show You another cool feature inside search WP so another cool feature that you Implement with search WP is live search

When somebody people are starts typing Something these search results are Displayed in real time so to make sure That works first of all I'll go back to My product here and make sure that the Product isn't stock because you set a Rule like this I'll go to inventory I'll Make it in stock and update and while This is updated I'll go here now for Live search we'll have to another Extension and it already available Inside searchwp all I have to do go is Go into extensions and inside extensions I just s for where is the live search I'll just scroll down I'll find live Search I'll install It all right so once the search or the Live search module is installed and Activated it should start working Automatically let's go and test it out I'll go back to the homepage here I'll Just refresh it just for safety and and Once this refresh I'll go to search and I'll start typing in the same keyword I've been searching for Green T and instantly you should start seeing Search results come up here so that's How you implement live search in just a Button or a click of button in Woocommerce let me show you show you one More amazing thing inside uh search WP That you can Implement so if you go into Search WP and if you go to settings

There's some amazing settings you can Configure which can atically change how Amazing your search Bec So inside just these options see there Are partial matches so by default I Think this is disabled I was testing This out so I enabled this but if I Enable this you have some other options As well so you have partial matches you Have closest match you also have quoted Search so if somebody search for say Example something in quotes the exact Matching will happen I've disabled this You can also highlight terms this is Something you can do and you have par Short codes so once this is done all you Have to do is go back to your website Here not here here I'll just click this I'll refresh the page I'll show you how This works and how this can dramatically Improve sales and of course improve the Search as well if I go here what was I Searching for previously I was searching For green tea but not everybody uh let Say types the right spellings in the Search when they're searching for Something so what if I missed an e and I Just typed in granty you think the Search will work yes the search will Work absolutely because I have enabled Partial matches so any kind of small Spelling mistakes that you add fuzzy Searching if you if you will then this Will also start working and since I I

Enabled the Highlight option the Highlight option the product name is Being highlighted for whatever I or is Being found here so this is how you Customize or use search WP customize Improve the search on your WordPress Website and also hopefully improve your Sales as well sub WP amazing product go Check it out link is in the description Of this video also in the pin comment And also I'll place it on the screen Once again you can go check it out and If you have any questions about W or any Questions related to WordPress the Comment Box is open otherwise you can Like this video share this video do all That good stuff and if you want to Continue improving your WordPress Education then all you have to do is Subscribe to the channel W beginner Which you're watching right now I'm yrj You're watching W beginner I'll catch You in the next video take care

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