How To Customize The WordPress Reset Password Page

The default Password Rest Page in WordPress can be quite boring, and unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for any customization. However, it’s WordPress, you already know that you can do almost anything if you know how.

So in this video I go over a few different ways to customize your password reset pages.

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The default password reset page and even The login page of any WordPress website Is quite boring it looks vanilla all the Website looks the same when it comes to The login on the password reset page and There's no customization options so that You can match your branding on your Website to the login pages and the Password reset Pages well all that Changes today because in this video I'm Going to show you exactly how to Customize and change those login pages So you can customize and add your Branding to those pages on your website Let's go so let's talk about the Simplest way we can customize these Pages on our WordPress website and of Course I'm talking about using a plugin Design for this specific purpose so Let's go to my website I'll go to the Plugin section I'll go to add new to add A new plugin to my site and then the Plugin search options I'll search for a Plugin called theme my login so I'll Just type it in My login And this is the plugin we will be Installing it looks like a chameleon I Hope it's a chameleon so this is the Identifier that you can instantly notice That this is the plugin we'll be using Let's install the plugin And the plug is installed let's also Activate it

Another plugin is activated we can head Over to the settings by going into the Settings option right here or going to Theme in my login and theme my login and Go to the journal settings here so Inside the plugin settings you have Plenty of options you can configure or Even the registration process you can Force users to use their username only Email only or let the settings be at the Default values all these settings are Something that you can configure on your Own depending on how you want the Behavior to be on the login and Registration pages but the thing that we Are concerned with is these options Which is these slugs so what are these Pages already created or what is this Options so what this plugin does is Automatically update change or I say Modify or customize the dashboard page The login logout register loss password And the reset password pages on your Website automatically so all of this has Already been done you don't need to Customize them if you just want the Styling to be matching with your theme Styling let me demonstrate I'll just Copy the login page URL and then open up An incognito window right of course Because I am not I don't want to be Logged in I'll just open up the login Page for this site And insert the default WordPress login

Page you see this page which is matching My theme styling which is the default Theme in WordPress but you can instantly See that hey this is not the regular WordPress login page it's matching the Style of my theme and this is what the Plugin does I can match or I can open up Any of the other Pages as well let's say The lost password page I'll copy this And I'll just go back here I'll Open this page up and the last password Page also looks like my theme styling or The theme styling is inherited already On this page so all of this is Automatically done now all you have to Do is let's say if you want to change The URLs anywhere on your site just copy And paste these URLs let's say you want To change or add the lost password URL To somewhere as a button on the header Footer that's completely up to you if You just want to have this theme styling Match but what about additional Customization options let's say you want To customize any of these Pages a little Extra or add some additional elements on The page well you can do that as well Let me demonstrate how that works so There are two things that you need to Keep in mind or let's say three things First you need to create a new page on The site of course so I'll go to the Pages section I'll create a new page And I'll add configure two different

Options on the page the first is the URL Or the permalink of the page so keep in Mind that right now we're configuring The lost password page the URL has to be The loss password URL has to match this URL which we see here so I'll just copy This for Simplicity I'll go to the page first I'll add a Title say lost password You can keep the title of the page Anything you like but the URL has to Match so I'll go to the URL section just Keep in mind I'm using the latest Version of WordPress in this uh 6.1 and Above the URL section is under the page Options but in the previous versions of WordPress you have a permalink section Or permlink entry here so make sure to Find it at the appropriate Place click It and what I'm going to do is just Change the url or perm link of this to Lost password because this is one of the Requirements of the plugin that this URL And this slug has to match otherwise it Won't work right so this is done now What I can do is or what I need to do is Add a short code to the page as well so I'll just type in the shortcode option For adding the shortcode block and I'll Just type in a shortcode which is very Simple to remember it's the name of the Plugin theme Hyphen my login so theme my login Separate bifens space

Action Equals to quotes open the same slug that We used lost password I just pasted in Double quotes closed and also square Brackets closed simple to understand Let's publish this post publish And the page is live let's copy the URL Let's go back to the old Incognito I've Closed this window let's open one more Incognitive window let's paste it and I'll just resize the window once more And now you see that this page has been Customized but you might notice that This is the exact same page as you saw Earlier because of course I haven't Added any customization options on the Page for demonstration so let me close This window once again and just to give An example of what you could do with This plugin is you have complete control Over the page all you can do inside the Block editor that's the only requirement Only limitation you have anything that You can do in the block header you can Customize on this page so just to give An example of what you can do I'll just Add an image on the page so that I can Just demonstrate how it reflects or how It works right so I'm just going to add The image block here And I believe I already have one image Uploaded as a random image let me select That image I'll update the post So right now or anything or everything

On the page is exactly the same except For this image let's open up another Incognito window I'll resize it first Let me open that up And now you see the lost password page Has the same fields that we were just Looking at earlier and also the image so It's that easy to customize your pages With this plugin of course you are Limited by some of the limitations of The block editor but still you have much More control than the default WordPress Settings which doesn't give you any Options at all right you have the Default WordPress logo so that's how you Customize the password reset page but You of course any of these Pages you Want to customize just follow same rules Make sure the slug matches from the slug Add the shortcode and then you are free To change anything that you like but of Course this is not giving you complete Control and if you want complete control You want to design the page exactly how You want it there's another way as well Which I'm going to discuss right now Let's talk about that so let's talk About the second method you can utilize To completely transform how your login Pages registration pages and even the Password reset Pages look on new website Of course we'll be using a plugin again This time but this time we'll be using a Different plugin called WP forms WP

Forms the website is called And you might be thinking thinking even From the website drag and drop WordPress Form Builder I'm not trying to build a Form I'm trying to customize the login And password reset page on a website Well you're correct but WP forms is much More than just a form plugin and Technically if you think about it what Is the registration page it has a form What's the password reset page it has a Form and what is a password research Completely or all the pages that we are Talking about customizing all consist of Forms and what WP forms allows you to do Is just utilize or use WP forms to Create those forms and then you can Embed them anywhere on your website all Right but just keep in mind that the Free version of WP forms which you can Find in the repository does not have This feature you'll need the premium Version of WP forms to pull off this Functionality but don't worry you can Check out the pricing on the wp homes Website and you can download the plugin Which I already have so let me install The plugin I'll go to plugins I'll go to Add new and I have the W performs Premium version zip file already on my Site or already on my computer I'll just Click the upload button I'll just drag And drop the plugin file I'll install it Let's activate the plugin

Let's go to WP form settings first and Also first activate the plugin with the License key of course I'll just paste That in but if I And now my website is activated with the Premium version of WP forms now to Utilize this feature of customizing your Password reset Pages you need to install An add-on to WP forms similar to how you Install plugins on WordPress you can Install add-ons on WP forms which keeps The Plugin or the main plugin light and Adds a lot of functionality you can go To the add-ons by clicking the add-on Section or add-ons link here in the menu And this will open up the tons of Different add-ons you have available to Customize and enhance the power of WP Forms tons of plugins or tons of I say Add-ons here but the one we are Interested in is this one called user Registration add-on you see it right Here let me click the install add-on Button so the user registration add-on Has been installed on the site and of Course I have the premium version also Activated now we're ready to start Creating some forms on the site which Will replace the default forms or Default registration forms so let's go To all forms or we can just instantly go To add new And this will bring us to the form Creation workflow which where you can

Select or create a form from scratch That plenty of add-ons available Templates available you can utilize in One click right now we're interested in Only the specific forms that we are Trying to create so instead of trying to Hunt down the specific add-on or Specific form just go to the add-on Templates and once you click this you'll See three options you have the user Login form user password reset form user Registration form so yes technically you Can use WP forms to customize all of These so you can customize the Registration form uh the login form and Also the password reset firm the process Will be exactly the same in all three But since this video is about the Password reset form I'll just utilize That one right now I click on that and this will load my Page so this is the default user Password reset form that WP forms has Provided to us now we can customize this Form but of course for password resets We don't need to add a lot of fields Whatever is present is more than enough But we can customize the form still for Example the submit button we can replace To restart your password so I click on This it will bring up the general Settings for the form I can go to submit Button text I can just change this to Reset

Password And in the processing I can say Verifying credentials Or verifying email I'll go back to the fields and now the Button has been customized of course This form is uh ready to go that you can Utilize but there's some other things That we can customize as well so we go To settings or if we go to the settings Here we have plenty of options to Customize but right now I'm just focused On the confirmations and notifications Notifications is like if you want to get Emails about that okay a user is trying To reset the password then you can Enable this notification and customize It in the confirmation sections what Users will see once they actually submit The request so right now because it is a Form the confirmations message says Thanks for thanks for contacting us uh Contacting us we'll be in touch with you Shortly but we can customize this which Will make it more appropriate for the Password reset form so we can say hey Password uh Reset Request Accepted Please check your Email So this is the confirmation message that Will be shown to the users once they

Submit this form and of course we have Other options as well so if you just Don't want to show a message and you Want to redirect them to a custom page You have that option as well you can Show a page or you can redirect them to A specific page but I'm just keeping a Simple uh sticking with the message Option I just save my page Save the form I'll go to the fields Option and now this form is ready now we Just need to add it to a certain page so That the form page can be customized Based on whatever we want to do right so The easiest way to do that is by going Into the embed option I'll just click on This and I can create a new page or Select an existing page I'll create a New page just for demonstration I'll Name it password Reset WP forms Don't want any conflicts with the old Plugin let's go this will create a new Page on my site and automatically name It password reset WP forms so once again We are at the same place which we were With the previous plugin the form is now Embedded on this page and we have the Gutenberg or the block editor which we Can completely utilize to add anything Customize whatever we want to do with This particular page let me just Demonstrate that very quickly to you

First let me publish this page I'll Publish it And I'll copy this open up an incognito Window And I'll just open it once again Now you see this is the password reset Form let's say if I add an email here Just for demonstration And I click the reset password it'll Automatically detect that this is not an Email that's registered on the site give Me an error let me just add my username Which I'm using for this particular Website if you say it's very simple let Me reset the password and now Automatically password request or Password reset request accepted please Check your email this is the same Message we configured in the form so the Form is actually working perfectly and We have the Gutenberg or the block Editor that we can utilize to completely Customize the page however we want now At this point you might be asking Mebrush if I had to use just the block Editor I would just stick with the Easier plugin why would I go and Purchase WP forms and then do the same Thing all to come back to the block Editor which is again limiting I want to Completely customize my page not just Have slightly more control than what WordPress provides us well that's the Best part you're not limited to

Gutenberg or the blocker to customize Your page you can actually use WP forms This password research form with any Page builder you like yes so you create Any page with any page builder seed plot Element or any page building like and Just embed this specific form that you Created on that page that you want to Create and then you that becomes your Password reset page so what I do is I'll Pause the video for a second I'll Install the page builder add-on or Install page builder just import a quick Page on the site and I'm going to then Demonstrate how you can add that okay You can add this specific password reset Form that we just created on any page Builder or page created with page Builder all right I'll be back in a Second So I'm back and what I've done on my Website is install a very popular page Builder called seed prod so seed plot is Installed on my site I'm adding a new Landing page with seed plot and Seed Plot is providing me with our site plot Has tons of like landing page templates I can utilize since I'm creating a login Or registration page I'll go to this Filter and choose any of the templates That are available to me now you can see That there are plenty of options Available uh we can pick any one of Those that we like let's say I like this

One if I want to check out the preview I Can click the magnifying icon and this Will just give me a preview of how the Final result will look like now of Course this is a sign in page template Where we can customize this to password Reset as well so I'll choose this Template which will create a new page on My site once again I'll just name this To Password Reset Let's name it seed plot just for Simplicity Let's save and start editing the page So this opens up ctrl's drag and drop Builder which gives us complete control Over whatever you want to do on our page You can completely customize it whatever You want to do there are tons of Elements that you can utilize to Customize the page whatever or however You like since this is a password reset Form that we are creating a password Reset page we are creating we'll just Customize the form a little bit of page A little bit just to represent what we Are doing so instead of the sign in text Here I'll just change it to reset Password and since this is a pre-made Form built into the page I'll delete This and replace it with the wp forms Form that we created so I'll just delete This one

And I'll go to the search blocks I'll Type in WP forms and I'll go to the Widgets section I'll find WP forms here I'll drag it on the page Just Between The reset password and the click on the Sign in which I'm going to customize Once again And click on the apply widget settings To see the changes I'm going to wait for It and now this is where it gets Interesting now since I just created the One form on the site I had no confusion About what form I want to add but if you Create multiple forms or let's say WP Forms is the regular form plugin that You are utilizing you have to remember Which of the forms or you created for Specifically for the password reset Option so what I'm going to do is just Select this and since this is the only Form I've created I'll just select this And it will apply And now it's showing up right here let Me change some of the other settings Let's say I'll just delete this option once much Simpler to just delete this Yep And if I do this now you can instantly See that I've customized the page Account completely and now this form is A reset password form I'll just save the Page just for example I'll preview or Open this page up in an incognitive

Window just give one second So I opened up the page in a new Incognitive window which you can see Right here now you can see that the page Is completely transformed from the Default WordPress login or registration Page or even the password reset page and Of course as I demonstrated this is Using a page builder so I can do Anything everything is under my control What images I want to add background Colors animations everything that a page Builder supports is uh completely Customizable is doable on the page once Again let me demonstrate how it works if I enter a dummy email which is not an Admin or not a user it'll give me an Error but if I do this Which is a legitimate user on the site It'll say password reset request Accepted please check your email so this Is how you completely customize your Password reset pages in WordPress of Course the same applies for your login Pages or even the registration Pages now If you're wondering where to find the Url and how to place on the screen you Can go to seed product or any page Builder you're uh you're using go to the Pages section a new page is created you Can see the seed plot landing page Password reset seed plot copy the link From here and just add it anywhere on The site you can add it to the footer

The header or wherever you feel that Users need to access the password reset Page just place the URL promptly and They'll be able to access this page on The on your website and of course you Need to remember that even though you Are creating a customized page you also Want to ensure that the emails for Password users actually reaching your Users because if you don't configure a Proper SMTP server or SMTP service with Your website users will not be able to Receive any emails from your site and Then will defeat your entire purpose so If you learn how to do that there's a Video right here on the screen which you Can watch and will teach you how how to Configure your website with the proper SMTP service or SMTP server so that you Can send out emails from your site and Of course if you have any questions About this then you can leave that in The comments like this video If you Enjoyed this and subscribe to our Channel for more WordPress tutorials You're watching you've watched from WWE Beginner I'll catch you very soon in the Next video take care

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