How to Create WordPress Forms with a Payment Option

Having an easy way for your customers to pay you is essential to having a business. But shopping cart services and other payment methods can be a pain.

Don’t worry! In this video, we’ll show you not only how to set up a payment option in your form on your WordPress site, we’ll walk you through setting it up and show you just how easy it is to start taking payments on your WordPress site.

0:00 Intro
0:47 Setting up WPForms
1:49 Choosing the addon
3:14 Payment settings and connecting
5:07 Customizing your form
7:22 Payment option inside the form
8:49 Embed and testing

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In today's video I'm going to show you How to create a form with a payment Option inside WordPress there are Several different ways we can achieve This but I'm going to teach you the Easiest and I say one of the most Customizable and Powerful ways to do This which is by using a plugin called WP forms WP forms is technically a form Builder for WordPress it has a wonderful Free version as well which you can Download and use on your website to Create forms but if you opt for the Premium version then a world of Possibilities opens up with add-ons Which are like plugins for WP forms and One of those add-ons is a set of payment Options that we can activate on your Site and use payments or collect Payments on your website and that's Exactly what I'm going to demonstrate How you can do that so check out WP Forms from the links in the description Make a purchase if you like it otherwise You can watch the video and then decide If WP forms the premium version is for You let's get started on my site So I'm inside the admin area of my Website already and I have the wp forms Plugin already installed if you go to WP Forms you make a purchase you'll get two Different things that you can download Or store on your computer one is a ZIP File which will be the plugin file you

Need to upload to your site you can see WP films right here if you get the zip File from the website you can go into Plugins you can do go into add new and There'll be an upload option right here Once you have this upload option you can Drag and drop the zip file here or Select it from your computer and it will Be installed on your site you'll also Have a download or as an access key a License key that you'll have and once You have that you can go into WP form Settings right here and enter the Activation key you can see it mine is Right here and it's already activated Once you've done this you're ready to Now take the next steps that will use The add-ons and install the deforms Add-ons on a site so to access the Add-ons inside WP forms all you have to Do is go to the add-ons section and once You are activated with the pro version You'll see this add-ons menu if you Don't see the add-ons menu that means You're using the free version as of now So if you go to the add-ons here You'll see all these different add-ons And as I said a world of possibilities Opens up when you use the pro version When you use add-ons so you see we have Add-ons for activecampaign Aweber so you can connect your forms With any of the email service providers We have also a lot of different add-ons

For geolocation format abandonment Google Sheets add-on lead forms add-on Miller Lite and a lot of different Options but in this video we're Concerned with only the payment options So we have some payment add-ons as well We have the PayPal Commerce add-on we Have the PayPal standard add-on and we Have Square Order when we also have the Stripe add-on and now you can choose any Of these add-ons that you like if you Are familiar with square you can use Square around if you're familiar with PayPal you can use PayPal I'm going to Demonstrate this video using this try Add-on and to install any add-on all you Have to do is click the install add-on Button and it'll just take a few seconds And the install or the add-on will be Installed automatically on your site and How can you verify if it's installed You'll see it right here active and you Can activate it and deactivate the uh The add-on and you can also go into the Plugin section and just check the Individual plugin the add-ons to WP Forms are installed actually as plugins On inside so you see WP forms and you See wpo form stripe that means the Stripe add-on is now installed on my Website and once this is done we'll need To configure stripe access on a website So that stripe can actually process the Information on the correct accounts to

Do that what we'll do is we go to WP Forms we go to settings once again And you'll see now payments options open Up here so I'll click the payments Options and these are the settings that You need to configure so right now you See stripe is not connected for your Current payment mode so I'll have to Connect and configure stripe before I Can use or collect payments using any of The forms first you need to set the Currency I'll just keep it to US dollars For now and what I'm going to do just For this demonstration uh demonstration I'm going to enable test mode because I'm not collecting or this is not a real Website I haven't configuring this so I'm going to use test mode and what you Can do if you're not sure how to Configure this audio doing this the First time I would still recommend you Use the test mode configure everything And then once you're sure that Everything is working perfectly in a Test mode where no real money is Exchanging ads you can disable the test Mode and follow the same process to Connect stripe so once you have enabled Test mode or if you're just adventurous And you want to do it live you can just Click this connect with strike button And stripe will open up and you'll need To connect your account if you already Have one or if you don't have an account

Then you'll have to create a new account The process is very straightforward you Just fill in your business details some Of your personal information and also Your bank details I already have a test Account setup so you'll see some of the Information pre-filled in so I'll just Quickly navigate through the process and Set up my account Just as a security measure stripe might Also send you a text message with the Security code I'm getting it so I'm just Waiting for that and I'll enter that and Proceed So once all the settings are configured You'll be brought back to your site just Like this and sometimes you might notice That even though you configured Everything correctly you'll still see The connect with stripe button and Sometimes what happens is even though You configure everything correctly for Some reason the test mode is disabled Accidentally you might see something Like this so in that case just enable The test mode and you'll see the Connection status done and then just Make sure to save your settings that's Important otherwise the test mode will Be disabled once again which you don't Want so once you've done this and you've Configured everything you've changed the Currency now we can start creating firms Which will use the payment options to

Create a new form you'll just go to add New here and that this will start the Form creation workflow and this is the Form creation workflow in the beginning The first step here you can name your Form and you can choose from our Hundreds of templates of forms already Created for you for example if you Scroll here you'll see tons of different Options you'll see a play testing Feedback form rainbow registration form Blue badge application form tons of Different forms already created they're Also filters here so if you want to just Find a specific form to choose and Customize you can use that or you can Use the search option so for example I'll just search for payment now see a Lot of different forms here which accept Payments so in this case I'll just start For from scratch just completely a blank Template so that I can demonstrate some Of the features of WP forms if you're a New user it will be helpful so I'll just Choose the blank form and first I'll Name the form I'll just name it payment And I'll create a blank form and this Will open up the form creation interface And it's a very simple interface it's Just drag and drop think of its Legos You stack things on together so let's Imagine we are creating order form what Information is required by let's say you When you when a user fills in the

Information so you'll need your first Name last name you'll need email phone Number address and of course also the Payment information so let's create that Form very quickly I'll drag the single Line text here first which will add as The first name or just the name then I'll also have the let's say the phone Number here I also need the email let's say I want To add the email above the phone number So I'll just drag it above something Like this and leave it and the email Will be added here I would also prefer The address so I'll just add the address Here And of course you can drag and drop Anything that you like so it says let's Say I have one address add the address Before the phone number I can drag it on Top or the bottom so everything is Completely customizable even though or Whatever you do then comes the payment Field so there are three categories of Fields you see here standard Fields Fancy fields and payment fields in the Payment field there are multiple options As I explained that you have PayPal Options you have stripe you have square Since I configured stripe I'll use the Stripe credit card option I'll just drag It somewhere on the screen and let it go And you'll see stripe credit card option Already done so you have single line

Text which can be customized so how do You customize the labels just click on The field and the form or field options Will open up then you say hey just enter Your first name So now you have first name email address Address phone number and stripe credit Card there's one more thing you'll need To enable before you can accept payments Go on the payments option here and you Have all these payment or add-ons Payment add-ons that are available with WP forms since we activated Justice dry Pattern that will be only one that's Activated restaurant grayed out I'll Just click here I need to enable this so Enable stripe payments once this is done I can enter some description and choose Emails for receipts customer email and Just enable some conditions or I say Configure some detailed options these Conditions are very powerful or these Options are very powerful but are the Scope of this video so I'll just leave That for another video once you're done Make sure to save go back to setup or Not to set up the fields and go back to Add fields and now you'll see everything Done here And once again if you want to customize The placeholders the labels anything Else you have this complete control so You can go here change the thing add Descriptions go to Advanced do something

Else font and even the smart logic let's Say for example you want to make some Fields available only when some fields Are enabled for example if you're Collecting donations if they enter or Enable a check mark only then you show The donation field everything is uh Completely customizable that's why I Chose WP forms for this video because This gives you all those powerful Options instead of just a drag and drop Or slap on solution for collecting Payments and once you're happy with how The form looks you have to embed it on a Page right so first let's save it and The two ways to embed it on any page you Can go to embed here or just use or Create new page or if you have already Page created you can do that as well so I'm just going to use the embed option And also also also explain how you would Do this on an existing page so that once I click embed there are two options I Can select an existing page or I'll Create a new page if just for this Example I'll create a new page and I say Hey Test Payments Let's go and this will create a new page And embed the form on the page as well So this is the block Builder and the Form is already added on the site or on The page now how do you add it on any

Other page what you do is this is just a Simple WP forms block so I'll delete This block for now so just imagine that You're on any page or post on your site And you want to add this particular form Here just type in the forward slash and Choose WP forms this is the wp forms Block you can also go to the plus icon Here or choose the plus icon and add the Wp forms Block it's just adding a block On the Block editor and once this opens Up you'll have to select the appropriate Form since we just have created the one Form here we go or it will show just the One form but if you have more than one Form you select the right form and it Will be shown up here and you also have Some customization abilities which is a New feature inside WP forms if you want To change or change the colors and the Backgrounds and every anything I say Cosmetic or visual about the phone you Can use the block Builders options right Here so change the colors the Backgrounds the style labels everything So this gives you even more control over How the forms look like so if you have a Specific kind of color schemes going on Your website you have a specific brand Colors you can customize WP forms to Match your brand colors as well so that Gives you even additional lower control So once you're happy with everything Just click publish publish and this will

Be live I'll just open it up in a new Tab And you have the test payments first Name email address phone number and Credit card everything done for you now Since this is a test account obviously Payments will not go through but this Works perfectly once you've set up your Account everything should work perfectly So you can enter your email you can Enter your card number expression Everything and your submit and payments Will go through and whatever you've Configured in the stripe add on the Emails you'll get receipts and your Customers will also start getting Receipts and of course you can see all Transactions happening right inside Stripe account so any transactions or Anything happens on your site any Payments you get you can check double Check inside your stripe account and That's how easy it is to create any kind Of form with payment options lovely Performs makes it extremely easy to Create customizable experiences with With or without payments on your website And that's why it's one of the best Phone plugins out there so if you want To learn more about WP forms I'll place A couple of videos on here and if you're Interested in learning more about WordPress how it's easy or WordPress Products can make it easy for you to

Build a great website and subscribe to His channel comment if you have any Questions like this video if you liked It and watch for more videos you're Watching from wpeginner I'll catch you In the next one take care Foreign

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