How to Create WooCommerce Sales Notifications on Your Store (Make More $$$)

Do you want to show live sale notifications to WooCommerce customers?

Live sale notifications let your visitors know about all the real-time sales happening on your online store. It’s a powerful social proof method that can increase your overall sales.

In this video, we’ll show you how to create a live sale notification for WooCommerce.

FOMO & Social Proof Notifications by TrustPulse

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One of the easiest and best ways to Improve the conversions and overall Sales on your woocommerce store is by Adding some social proof to your site And one of the easiest and best ways to Add social proof to website is by adding Some notifications similar to what you See on the screen to your WordPress Website using these notifications you Can tell what people are buying on your Site what products are they checking out What activities are happening on your Site or you can use this just to say Hello to your users and in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to add These kind of notifications on your Woocommerce store on your website let's Go so to demonstrate the process I Created this website which you see on The screen what I did was install Woocommerce on site create a free Product and just place a few dummy Orders so I have some data that I can Work with now let's start the process of Creating those notifications and to add Those or configure those notifications I'll be using a Plugin or product called Trust pulse it's a social proof plugin That you can utilize on your site they Have a free WordPress plugin available Which includes their free plan technique They have some paid plans as well but For the functionality I'm going to Demonstrate the free plan will suffice

And technique if you want to purchase a Paid version it starts with just five Dollars a month so you can check out if The functionality actually makes sense To you but I'll be using the free plugin On the site so what I'll do is go to the Plugin section on my site I'll go to add New and I look for the trespass plugin Plugin I'll just go here and type in Trust oops Trust pulse Let this search happen it takes a few Seconds and this is the plugin we're Looking at for more and social proof Notifications by trust pulse this is the Logo you can remember this is the trust Pulse link so that you can know that It's by trust pulse and install it on The site And let's activate the plugin as well So once the plugin is installed and Activated on your site this is screen That you'll see now to start using trust Pulse on your website you'll need to Create a free account on trustpulses Website which you can do by clicking This green button right here once you Click this you will be prompted to Create new account on the site and once It's done you'll see the same process Again I already have an account so I'll Just click the connect to existing Account and that way my website will be Connected with my account I can start

Creating campaigns so I'll click this Button first And in just a couple of seconds my Account is now activated on the site now I can start creating campaigns by Clicking this button I'll click this and It'll take me to trespassers website Inside my account now you see or you'll Be taken directly to the campaigns page But I'll recommend that you go first to The site section where you can add Multiple sites or you connect your site First so I'll go here I'll go to sites And as you see I have a test domain Connected which is not the actual URL of The site I'm working with so this just Tells you that okay just make sure that Your correct website is now connected to Do that I'll just click this add site Button and this will prompt me to add a New name so I'll just name it Woocommerce In the domain name of the website is Actually this which I'm working with so I'll just save this and my site is now Added I'll just delete the test website Which you can do again delete the Campaigns as well And go back to the campaign section by Clicking the trust pulse icon and now in The campaign section so my website is Now connected I have the correct domain Name also added I can start creating a Campaign let's create a campaign and

This is the campaign creation screen you See there are five places or five steps We need to take to complete a finished Campaign the campaign type appearance Capture activity display rules and Publish I'll explain all of that how it Works first let's name the campaign Something appropriate I'll just name it Woocommerce for Simplicity Selective site the correct site is Already connected here because there's Only one side now select your campaign Type this is interesting place or Interesting uh decision that you need to Make what kind of notifications do you Want to show on your website using Trespass the first one is recent Activity which shows a live stream of Website activities happening on the site So orders being placed uh people Visiting or people visiting Pages people Clicking buttons people submitting forms All that registration signups everything Will be starting or it will be used as Notifications second is on fire so if You see right here when I click the Recent activity the notifications on the Bottom left is a live preview of what Kind of notification you can expect so The reason activity is someone from New York just purchased some new shoes or Some new sales so this is the kind of Notification you can expect if you use The recent activity campaign type the on

Fire one is what number of people are Visiting a particular page of taking a Particular action in this place 100 People in the last seven days made a Purchase so it's a cumulative kind of Notification that instead of just one Person making a sale how many people Actually bought this and this can also Be utilized to give lots of social proof If a product is particularly popular the Third one is visitor analytics which is Like okay how many people are visiting At particular page this is also Important if it's a blog post so it's a Content consumption piece then you can Utilize the visitor analytics kind of Preview or visitor analytics uh campaign Type to show notification on your site And the next is action message which is Just a call to action button so you can Say hello hey visit thanks for visiting Click this button to go to the best Price or contact customer support or Anything like that this can be used in Any way like for this campaign Particular campaign I'll be using the Recent activity because I want to show The orders that are being placed on my Site I'll go to the next step And here I have few options first one is Display a default notifications now this Is something that you can utilize inside Let's say I already have created a few Demo orders on my site but if there are

No orders I can configure a default Notification to be created or displayed On site until the data can be captured For the recent uh the actions that are Being captured by the plugin so for Example if I preview the default Notification now this is the default Notification that can be shown on the Site if there is no other data to be Found what you actually configure so Let's say there are no woocommerce sales This is what will be shown until data Can be found about the orders I'm going To disable that just wanted to highlight That this is option available now There's tons of options to configure so Let's quickly run them now first is the Language refer to visitors as someone You can say hey customers bought a Customer bought blah blah blah anything What's the message text just purchase Some new shoes I'm going to change that To purchased This product because I only have the one Product on my site you can change the Copy easily and once you just click this The automatic notification live preview Automatically Updates this is something Interesting next the message link so if You want to add a link to this Notification you can actually add a link Here which will take them to a specific Page so you can have let's say you are Promoting a special sale that you are

Running you can just add a link here Next is the notification image so right Now you see the map icon here you can Change it to map icon or change from map Icon to Avatar or pre-made icons that Are included with the Plugin or Custom Image that you can upload just let's Keep it to user avatar for now next is a Notification position so you can place It on the bottom left bottom right top Right any place you like I'll just keep It to the bottom left because that's Where I like it then you can also change The shape of the Plugin or shape of the Notification you can also change the Size of the notification how it looks Like and also the animation on how to Appear so let's slide it vertically Slide in horizontally and also fade in I Like slide in vertically let's keep it That there are also some advanced Settings you can configure so you can Hide the location data that okay someone From New York you don't want to show That you can hide that information like This you know how also hide the timing So let's say you're just picking up Orders or unless or uh you're not Receiving orders very frequently you Want to hide the time duration of from The Last Action you can do that you can Also change the complete styling of the Notification so completely you have Complete control over what the

Notification displays and also how it Displays it so all these settings are Available once it's done I'll just save The campaign once I'll go to the next Step this is the most important step how Would you like to capture activity this Is more important step you should Configure the first or easiest option to Use is Auto Magic now Auto Magic pulse Captures every information so it will Capture orders happening on the site Forms being submitted buttons being Clicked Link's been clicked all the Other activity will be captured but just For this use case what I'm going to do Is just configure it to woocommerce Because automatic is very easy to Configure but woocommerce requires a Couple of extra steps which I'm going to Demonstrate So what I do is click this and you can Just do woocommerce orders right but Definitely also clarify one more feature That's pretty powerful here so I can Also configure zapier as a capture Activity and what I can do is using JPI I can connect with any other app and I Can send any kind of data to trespass Which can be used as a notification so If some activity is happening off site With zappear can capture I can use that To show notification on my site as well That's pretty powerful let's stick to Woocommerce orders for now this is what

We'll be doing so what once you select Woocommerce let's say you just want to Display woocommerce order similar to What I'm doing you need to connect your Website to woocommerce once again so What you'll do is click this button It'll open up the uh login page of the Site so you'll see all this permissions Granted I think and you're logged into The website again already because all Technically I am logged into the website So I don't have to login I just click The approve button right here and what It'll do is connect my website to uh Trespass to woocommerce so actually data From woocommerce can be put in by trust Balls I also create this web hook using Which the transfer of data will actually Take place so I'll click this button and Automatically add a new webhook to Woocommerce and now nothing else you Don't need to even understand what I did Just click two buttons and now Woocommerce is connected to transfers And also webhook is live so now data From your website from woocommerce or Order related data can transfer over to Trust pulse which will trigger the Notifications making a complete circle Of perfect social proof all right now Once this is done you can configure even Some additional data about the product So let's say you want to display data About what products being bought so you

Can use the product name smart tag Correct on the site as well so I'm not Just Google that you can do that single Product priority what this is some Additional details you can configure Replace icon image with product image so Let's say I already have an image of the Product on the site and you can replace That notification link with product link You can just configure that very obvious To understand and very powerful feature As well let's save the campaign once Again and let's go to the next step and Where should we display the Notifications now this is where we'll Configure where notifications are picked Up and where they are displayed so what Pages do you should you uh use for Notifications unless this you can have Or I say you have complete control over Where the notifications are displayed so If you open this option open the menu Display on any page display on exact URLs URLs complain containing specific Text matching a regular expression Display on any page except these pages And display on any page except except These exact URLs so in short you have Complete control over exactly what pages You want to display the notifications Just to keep it simple I'll just use or Choose display on any page because that Makes the most sense to me Delay in seconds before showing the

First notification so how many seconds Will trust persuade to show the first Notification and how long will the Notification be on the screen I'll just Make it this 15 seconds so that I have Ample time to demonstrate and talk about The notifications once it happens and Delay between notifications I'll just Keep it to three seconds just to keep it Short load notifications for mobile Phones Loop notifications that means it Keeps rotating approx notifications you Can configure these settings well in the Advanced settings you have some other Options as well so you can hide Anonymous notifications show Notifications as Anonymous so not Actually talking about the customer data And when somebody closes you want to Permanently close it or not or how many Maximum notifications you want to show All those details can be configured here Save Next Step once again Now before I publish the campaign I just Want to talk about it was very simple to Create this campaign it was very easy to Create this campaign but it was also Very powerful right you can configure Trust pulse in any way you like Capturing all sorts of data how you want To display what you want to display Where you want to display everything is Under your control and very easy to or Understand easy to configure very easily

Laid out so even if you're a beginner With WordPress you're just doing it for The first time you should have no Trouble configuring this campaign Exactly how I did this or even something That you want to do very very easily Just want to point out before I make This campaign live so now everything Works we can just launch this campaign That will start working on the site but Just let me clarify one thing sometimes What will happen is you see the the Green pulsing button right here your Site is connected sometimes what will Happen is it will show you that your Site is not connected and show a piece Of code that will ask you to add it on Your site don't worry if you follow the Steps correctly then everything should Already be present on your site you Don't need to take additional steps but Sometimes the connection takes a few Seconds to pass through so just wait Couple of minutes refresh the page there Will be refresh button on the screen Already or check the connection and once You do that after a couple of minutes You will see similar screen to what you See on the screen which is your site is Connected once this is done once you Follow the step the campaign is created Completely let's click launch your trust Pulse campaign and this campaign will be Pushed live so now this campaign is live

If I click return to dashboard I can see This campaign is live and this is where I can edit the campaign I can see Notifications I can do other options or I can enable or disable the campaign or Click this to edit the campaign as well So now you understand completely on how To create a campaign how to configure a Campaign how to edit a campaign how to Enable and disable a campaign now it's Time to test the campaign that if it Actually works on the site so I'll go Back to the site here and what I'm going To do is open the site up in a new Incognitive window because I don't want To interfere with my existing login so I'll just open a new incognito window Let me just resize it correctly now Paste the URL of the website here I'll Just open the product page and just let Me press enter let the Page open on the Site and this is a page I created just As a demo let's wait for a few seconds To see the notification pop up let's Wait for it and notification is coming Up without from some random address California just purchased this product An hour ago by trustworld this is when I Created the order now I purposely Configured the notification stay for 15 Seconds and then there's a few second Delay between the next notifications so Then a notification has disappeared but The next notification will be popping up

Really soon solution from North California again just purchased this Product the notification or other Notification from another order is now Showing up and let me just wait for one More notification I'll just go back to My original site or actually admin area And I'm going to show you the actual Orders that I placed so that you can Compare the information coming here from That as well and Jain from India California just purchased this product And you'll notice the image replacement Features are demonstrated it's coming in From here this is the product image this Is the notification let's minimize this Go back to my orders which is here Commerce orders And you'll notice here this is exactly What I or kind of orders I placed Virat Rishabh Jane and there should be another Notification popping up as well John From India indoor so exactly these Notifications started popping up and Obviously this is helping me convince Potential users that okay these people Are already buying this product that Means the product is good and of course They should be or they'll compel the Users or this notification will compel The users to take action faster on my Website right so this is all about Trustpers how you can utilize the path Trespass to show notifications social

Proof and increase your conversions and Overall sales on your WordPress website If you have any questions about this Product leave that in the comments if You like this thumbs up would be Appreciated and if you're interested in Easy to follow along WordPress tutorials Just like this one then the Subscribe Button should be somewhere on the screen Just click that and the magic will Happen the white button will turn gray Right this is just a joke but yeah Definitely subscribe if you're Interested in watching WordPress Tutorials just like this one you're Watching yuvraj from W beginner I'll Catch you in the next video really soon Take care

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