How To Create Viral Ai Faceless Videos To Get Millions Of Views (Make $100/Day Not MidJourney)

Want to learn how to create viral ai faceless image talking videos that get millions of views on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok?

These Ai generated faceless videos generate millions of views and massive paychecks for the creators. With these videos you can easily make $100 a day with work that can be done in just few minutes every day. The goal is to be consistent and create at least 3 of these videos on a daily basis.

Want to see how to make even more with Ai generated videos in 2023?

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On this video I will show you how you can make talking picture videos using FREE AI video editing tools. yes, they have paid versions as well, but the free trials are good to get started. Once you know how to make these viral faceless videos and get views on Instagram reels or YouTube shorts, you can slowly scale up with affordable membership investments. For all the tools shown in this video, expect the monthly investment of $50 – $100 max.

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The Ai tools used for this Ai faceless talking picture video:

– Audacity (free)
– Eleven Labs (free voices and trial)
– (free 150 credits daily)
– (free 20 credits)
– CapCut (the best free video editing software)

Those six tools are all what you will need to create amazing Ai generated faceless videos that get millions of views on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube shorts…

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If you want to make money online, you need traffic (visitors to your websites) and these videos can generate millions of views, so the traffic potential is huge right now! In make money online you need to understand that more visitors you get, more money you will make.

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How To Create Viral Ai Faceless Videos To Get Millions Of Views (Make $100/Day Not MidJourney)

Most people use Midjourney to create the viral Ai image talking head videos, like for example videos by The Wealthy Ai or Jonny Shapland, but Leonardo ai have way better interface and the results are amazing… so on this video I decided to show you this Midjourney alternative and I hope you will like it as much as I do… the video script can easily be written by chatgpt in any niche and if you dont like your voice, the elevenlabs has amazing voices to create voiceovers for any content you will ever need to produce. And after you make the talking image using the d-id studio, you can easily ad captions in Capcut video editing software, which is so easy to use.

Then I'm gonna show you how to create Viral AI faceless videos that get Millions of views and make money online Lately AI technology is really insane And a lot of people are making AI Faceless YouTube channels and videos That have millions of views and the best Part is that it really takes a couple of Minutes to make them and upload them on Your YouTube channel or Tick Tock Facebook reads Instagram reels and you Can make money online with these videos So let me show you how these videos are Done so the first step is that you need To have YouTube script or video script Basically all you have to do is go to and you basically tell Him hey I need YouTube shorts videos With script title give them the title And the video should be about and you Give them whatever information you want The video to be about and once you do This just press enter and GPT will give You this video script right now for me It is too long so I ask him hey I need The video to be 45 seconds or rice so Now basicallypt gave me shorter script But what I like to do is I don't like to Just copy and paste this script I like To get an idea from it and make my own And the way to do it is go to basically Any editor for the text and I created Scenes one two three four five six and Each scene has its own text and it's

Gonna have maybe its own uh video right So the first step is or the first screen Is the easiest way to make money online Because I do my niches make money online So I'm gonna show you examples I know The best and second screen is do you Want to make money online without Showing your face so basically all this Is the script for the video at the end Don't forget to put a call to action for Example I do grab the free training at Aiprofit so it it's whatever You want to people to send right so you Just put the domain address now once you Do this you need to chord uh voice over Now there are a couple of things that You can do with the voiceovers first is You can go to program called audacity And basically just record yourself right And it's pretty easy you have this Script You press record And then you just read the easiest way To make money online do you want to make Money online without showing your face On camera and then you would continue Until you finish this whole script and Once you are done you basically export And Export as MP3 and you have your Audio file if for some reason you don't Like how your voice sound then you can Go to and you can create voice Over using AI tools right so I'm going To show you how it's done so right now

Basically we go to speech synthesis and Let's just pick whatever ways they have And test it you can also clone your Voice for some reason I'm good at Cloning because it feels like I don't Sound it doesn't sound like me but let Me actually show you my voice so what You do is you create the script You copy paste put it here Then I remove these numbers And you basically generate As you can see the system clones my Voice so once you have this clone you Can listen to it And if you don't like this voice you can Change the voice completely so you do That by going here to the settings and Maybe let's just pick Daniel And once you do this you can hit Generate again and the voice will be Recreated Do you want to make money online without Showing your face on camera and then if You like this voice basically all you Have to do is hit this button which is To download and it's going to be Downloaded to your computer you're gonna Need it because you need to have your Faceless AI generated image a voice Right so by doing this you already Created a voice for it so what we have Done so far is we created the script and We created the voice over for your Faceless video so right now I'm gonna

Show you how to create the image one of The easiest way to create the images is To go to a lot of people are Using my journey but the one you have to Pay and this one is free you get every Day 150 credits which you can use these Images with so I'm going to show you how Easy it is right so basically when you Are on you go to AI image Creation and you give it to prompt right I just use this because my channel is About make money online so then my Prompt for image generation is rich Businessman Andrew looking straight to The camera but I'll face sitting in Private jet wearing golden or business Attire and this is what I got right so If you are not happy with any of these Images all you have to do is generate And it will create another set and then You will see hey maybe you like this one Better So let me just do this and see how Leonardo's Corner create these images And as you can see these ones are not The ones I was looking for so I'm gonna Go probably with this one so once you Have this image all you have to do is Let's upscale it so we upscale this one And when it's done all you have to do is Hit the download to the image and it Will again download it to your computer And basically right now you have Everything you need to create this AI

Faceless videos so right now let's put Everything together for that you're Gonna need a website that's called and this is where you upload Your own image and the audio and you Will be able to actually make the Talking image so first when you do Create video you're gonna have different Options so you can choose different Characters but I like to add my own the One that we just created so we upload it Just easy like this And as you can see it's already inside The ID program and then what we need to Do is we need to upload audio also if You have the script you can just copy Paste the script here and you can Generate voice over in this program as Well but I just like to do is in 11 Lives or upload my own audio so let me Just go to upload to your voice and it's This one now we have the image and we Have the audio so what we have to do is Click the generate video and the system Is going to generate a video so we just Generate And it's going to take a couple minutes But then when it's done you are Basically set and if you want to preview Your video basically just click on it And as you can see it talks it's all About creating engaging videos now if You like it basically what you need to Do is download the video but what I like

To do is I also like to add subtitles And for that I'm gonna use software that Is free and it's called KitKat okay so When you open a kipkart basically open a New project and then import a file I Have the file and the downloads then you Drag it right here And as you can see it can talk right so What we need to do is you we need to Click on text and auto captions English And create and right now KitKat is going To create descriptions And what I like to do I like to make Them a little bit pop up and the way I Do that is you can see this this is the Text I like to use this both phone 2022 I like to put maybe this color And then also what you can play with it Right you can put maybe glow and glow You can let's let's do the maybe Red Shadow now Shadow I'm going to put a Little bit more thick and I want to make It a little bit bigger So maybe like this right and I put it on A little bit above but because usually When I when you put it on social media There's going to be text around here And people will not be able to read this Text so once you have it done like this Then you listen to it again and you see If the text matches me online without Showing your face on camera exactly like That it's all about creating engaging Videos so so far it was good using Ai

And showing your viewers your affiliate Link where they can buy what you want to Promote want to learn how it's done grab The free training alright so right now Because this is a website I like to put it together Maybe like this this is how you edit the Text and when it's done You hit export you maybe name it Easiest way to make Money online And basically export and right now your Video is going to be ready and when it's Done exporting which is right now all You have to do is open the folder Right now it also has the text the Subtitle this text right here and yeah You can watch it do you want to make Money online without showing your face On camera it's all about creating Engaging videos that give you millions Of views using Ai and showing your Viewers your affiliate link where they Can buy what you want to promote want to Learn how it's done grab the free Training at aiprofit you see It's amazing this is what you can do With technology and if you just learn The skill on how to do this and create This faceless YouTube channel you can Use these videos for Instagram real or Facebook reels for tick tock for Clapper And they get really millions of views Which means more views more traffic to

Your website and that means you make More money online if this video give you Some value give me like and also comment AI videos rocks and if you're completely New to my channel make sure you hit the Subscribe button and the bell Notification icon so you don't miss out Any good content on how to make money Online [Music] Foreign [Music]

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