How to Create a Free Business Email Address in 5 Minutes (Step by Step)

If you are looking to create a free business email address, there is a really good chance you may already have the option to create one if you already have website hosting. Many good hosting companies offer a free email service as part of their hosting package.

In this video, we go step-by-step through creating that free business email address in 5 minutes through your website hosting. We also look at how you can use Google Workspace to create a business email address if you don’t have a free service with your hosting provider.

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00:00 Introduction
00:46 Setting up Business Email with Bluehost
06:12 Setting up Business Email with Google Workspace

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Creating a free business email address Is actually really easy and Straightforward and if you already have Hosting for your website and a domain Name it's probably something you already Have but just haven't set up yet now I Know what you're thinking what's wrong With that generic email address you can Get from Hotmail Yahoo Google Etc well Let's put this to the test up on the Screen are two email addresses which one Would you trust more if you received an Offer about the services they provide I think we all know the answer to this One now that debate's over in this video We're going to look at two ways we can Create a business email address The first method we're going to look at Is creating a free business email Address through a hosting provider the Second method we're going to set up one Using Google workspace let's do it So the first thing we need to do in this Video is get some WordPress hosting and With wpbeginner you get a fantastic Special offer with Bluehost if you use Our affiliate link and all you need to Do to use our affiliate link is Type in forward slash refer Forward slash Bluehost and click enter As this is an affiliate link we do get a Small commission if you use that link And that link will bring you to this Page right here and as you can see you

Get a special offer for WordPress users And with this offer you get a free Domain a free SSL certificate Bluehost Will install WordPress for you and You'll get other options as well all we Need to do is click the green get Started button right here that then Brings you to the sign up page so you Can select the plan that's going to suit You now what I would recommend is Looking at different options that you Get with each of these plans and see Which one is going to fit your budget But also give you an option to grow as Well the one that we recommend because It's a really really good deal is the Choice plus a option right here because You can add unlimited websites to this Plan you get a huge amount of website Space you get the free SSL certificate You get the free domain name and then You get all these other options as well So once you've made a choice just click The green select button right here to Choose the plan that you want so next You'll see this page and this page is Where we'll set up your domain so if You've bought a domain previously you Can use that and you can add that right Here or you can use the free domain name That you get when signing up for Bluehost and you can choose that right Here so I'm going to add in a domain That I want for my business

And I'm just going to click the blue Next button to see if that's available As you can see that domain is available So I can use that for my website All you need to do is fill in your Account information right there Take a look at your package information And make sure that's correct you can use The drop down right here to choose Either 12 or 36 months and if we scroll Down a little bit more You can also see under package extras There are things that you get with the Package and also there's add-ons that You can add to this package as well I Don't currently want this add-on so I am Going to uncheck that so once you've Added your package extras then you can Add your payment information and create Your account once your account's created Then you can sign into your account and I will meet you in the Bluehost hosting Dashboard so now we've logged into our Bluehost hosting dashboard and we've got Our hosting and we've got our domain Name what is the next thing that we need To do well the next thing we need to do Is create our business email address It's a really easy process and this Process will be pretty much similar for All hosting providers that provide you With free email addresses with the Hosting when you buy it so the next Thing we need to do here is log into our

Cpanel and to get to the cpanel all we Need to do is come over to Advanced here And click on that and once the cpanel is Opened you'll see at the top here is the Email section and underneath the email Section is email accounts just click on That and now we're on the email accounts Page page this is where you'll see all The available email accounts that you Create for this Hosting account So we don't currently have any email Accounts set up for our business and our Site so in this example with Bluehost All we need to do is come over to a Little blue create button over here Click on that and now we get to set up Our first email account so our first Option here is to choose the domain name That you want associated with this email Account we've got the domain name that We purchased with this hosting but you Can click the drop down just there and Choose any of the other different domain Names you might have on your account as Well below that a very important one is The username you want to use for your Email address whether that's your name Your business name or something else That you want to write in there you just Type it in there below that you can Choose your password so you can enter a Password in here or you can Auto Generate one by clicking this button Right here so I'm just going to click on

That that's generated a very strong Password there and then below that there Are optional settings but you don't need To touch them at this point and then to Create this email account all you need To do is click the blue create button Right there as you can see that's been Successful we've got a success message Up here and we can see the email address That I've just added in there So now we've created the email address How do we check our emails through Bluehost it's a really simple process All we need to do is head over to here And click the check email button right Here and by doing that that's logged us Into our Webmail we can see that up here It says Webmail and then to view emails All we need to do is click this open Button right here and now we're in our Email inbox so we'll be able to see all Of the messages and emails that we get Right here and then it's very similar to Other email clients there are graphs Sent Spam folders deleted items and Things like that there's options for Contacts calendar and choosing some of The settings but what if we want to Connect this email account to an email Client or have it on our phone or our Desktop and access it in an easier way Well if we just head back we're back on Our email accounts here and we can see There's a little option next to the

Email address that we've just created Called connect devices so we can click On that and that then brings us to this Page page and you can see it can Automatically configure scripts for Different email applications as well and Below that there are also some manual Settings as well you can input to set up Those email applications as well So now let's look at the option of Setting up our business email address With Google workspace now in the Description below there is a link that We're providing to Google workspace it Is an affiliate link so that does give Us a small commission if you sign up for This service and I think the main Question here is why would you want to Sign up for a service like Google Workspace where it's a paid for service Well if you're venturing online with Your business or just starting a Business up and you need a business Email address Google workspace is a Fantastic option because it's not only The professional business email address That you're going to get you're also Going to get a lot more for the money That you're spending so if you follow That link in the description you'll be Brought to this page right here and this Is the sign up page for Google workspace And as you can see it gives you a little Bit of information there about tools and

Services that they provide and right Here you can see what workspace includes So you get the Gmail account you also Get drive you get Google meets with Video calls Etc so it's a really really Powerful Suite of search services and a Great option if you're starting your Business online So as I said Google workspace is a paid For service and they do give you a range Of options depending on the needs of Your business so the one that I'm going To go through in this video is the Business starter package so once you've Chosen the option that suits you you can Click the get started button and that Will take you to the next step so on This page right here I'm just going to Enter the business name that I want Associated with my Google workspace Account And then below that you get to choose The number of employees in your business And just a quick note here any of these Options that you choose so if you choose Just use because it's just you signing Up or whether that you have two to nine Employees any of these options will then Determine how much you are charged per Month by Google so what we recommend is Just signing up for just you and then Adding in link accounts as and when you Need them rather than picking a number Right now I'm just going to click on

Just you choose your region and then Click next then all you need to do is Fill in your contact information then Click next so this page right here is Asking you whether you have a domain Name already set up for your business so If you do then you click the yes and That will take you through to verify That you actually own that domain name And that's the process we're going to go Through in this video but if you don't Have a domain name then you can click no I need one and then Google workspace Will take you through purchasing a Domain name that suits your business There is additional cost to that as well So if you follow that process just be Aware there is an additional cost for The domain name as well on top of the Google workspace monthly cost I'm just Going to click yes I have one I can use Then all you need to do type the domain Name in here then it's just asking you To confirm that is the domain name of The account you want setting up so all You need to do is Click next you can opt Out of this one and this is going to be The business email address that you're Setting up for yourself so choose Something that you will be using for Your business email address and choose a Password then click the recapture And then click agree and continue And then once you've done that all you

Need to do is enter your password and Login to your Google workspace account Then you may need to verify your account So you can go ahead and do that and once You're through the verification process You'll then see this screen so you just Need to agree to Google's terms and Conditions I'm just going to click on I Understand and then it's going to ask You to review your payment plan so you Just review that and then click next and Then just go through the checkout Process for paying for your account then Once you've been through all that you'll Now see this screen to let you know that Your Google workspace account has been Created all you need to do then is click On the continue to setup button and now We need to sign in to continue to our Admin console so we just need to put our Email address in that we've just set up And then once you've done that hit the Next button right down here that's thing Going to ask you for your password so Enter your password and continue So now we've logged into the admin Console of our Google workspace account We get this little welcome message and All you need to do is Click next right Here And here Google workspace will take you Through A process to get your workspace set up Correctly

So as you can see this set of processes Broken up into three parts so part one Is to protect your site by verifying Your domain with Google workspace then If you click next part two is to create Other Google workspace accounts if you Need them and then after that you can Activate Gmail bought your domain name And your business But as we said the first step is Verifying uh domain name so to do that All we need to do is click the little Blue protect link right there and this Message right here is just talking us Through how to verify our domain name so All we need to do is press I'm ready to Protect my domain so now Google Workspace is going to take us through The process of verifying the domain and The first thing it's asking us to do is To open up Bluehost and manage some of Our DNS settings so this is going to Verify our domain name through DNS Records to do that we're going to head To Bluehost we're going to go to manage And then DNS I'm going to head to the Hosting dashboard in Bluehost So now I'm on the Bluehost hosting Dashboard just need to head to domains Here and click on my domains and now Under this domain right here I'm just Going to click on manage and now we're Managing this domain right here as you Can see there's a DNS tab right there

I'm just going to click on that and now That shows us our DNS manager so we can Head back to the page in Google Workspace as it says here go to step two To add the verification record so we're Just going to click next to go to step Two so all we need to do right here is Add a text record with the following Code in the text value and make sure That we have these settings set up as Well so we're just going to go to our Bluehost portal on our DNS manager right Here we just want to scroll to the text Records So here we can see our text records I'm going to add a record in here so our Host record right here is at Text value right here we just go back to Google workspace and we copy that right There so let's copy that to clipboard Then we're going to add it into our text Value right here back in our hosting Dashboard and our TTL right here if we Go back to Google workspace we can see Four hours is what it says right there So we're just going to change that on Our hosting dashboard to four hours and Then click on Save that's updated that Record right there If we go back to Google workspace we can Now uh final step right here is to click On protect domain and this may take a Couple of minutes so I'm going to jump Ahead once this is verified so now we've

Done our first step and we've verified Our domain name for our Google workspace We're going to skip step two because we Don't have any other users that we're Going to add to this workspace we're Going to go ahead and go to step three Which is to activate email for our Domain name and our email address so all We need to do is click the activate Button right here and then we're going To just get this little pop-up just Saying that before we begin are all the Existing email addresses added to our Google workspace but after you've had Given that a read and you're ready to Move forward just click I'm ready to Activate Gmail and just like how we Verified our domain name we're going to Now add some more records to our DNS Records to help Google workspace manage Our email or the domain name for our Business so again there are a couple of Steps here we need to take one is to Open up our DNS manager in Bluehost so You can follow this link right here or I've already got the DNS manager open From when we verified our domain with Google workspace so I'm just going to Open that so now we're on this section Right here we want to scroll down to our MX records And if we look at Google workspace we Can go to step two and then in this Second step right here what it's asking

Us to do is to copy and paste each one Of these records and add it to our Domain MX reticles so if we head back Over to Bluehost we can see right here We've got a MX record that points to Mail dot the domain name that we chose We're just going to remove that so we're Going to click this button right here Then just click remove Confirm that and then to add in MX Records we're just going to click the Add record And if we scroll down a little bit now We can add in our first MX record so We're just going to go back to Google Workspace so what we're going to do for Each one of these is add in the priority The host record and the points two so Priority is one I hope its record is at And then we're just going to click that And it copies to the clipboard then Let's add our first MX record in Bluehost so we've got a priority of one Got a host record at 0.2 just paste that in here add the TTL As four then just click save to add that MX record and now we can go ahead and Add in all of the other MX records so We're just going to do that Now we've added all those in we're going To head back to Google workspace Then it says after adding these five Rows then come back and activate Gmail

So click this and then this is going to Take a little bit of time to validate The records we've just added to our Domain and you might find that you'll Get an error message like this when You're validating these record changes And that means that you might need to Give your hosting provider a bit of time For these records to update on their Side before you retry activation on the Google workspace side also it does give You a couple of pointers that their some Records need to be deleted on your Hosting provider's side so you could do That as well and then wait a little bit And then retry the activation again So now we can see that our MX records Are fully updated and that's been Confirmed by our Google workspace Account we can click the Finish button Right here And now we can see that step has now got A Blue Tick next to it we're not going To add any users at this point so we're Going to skip this for now And now we get a confirmation message to Let us know that we're all set up to use Our Google workspace and one of the Things that we can do is send a test Email so if we do that And if we sign into Gmail we can see Right here is our test email that we Sent to test that everything is working With our new email address I really hope

You enjoyed this video if you did let us Know in the comments below we read all The comments as well so if you've got Any questions drop one down there as Well and we'll try and help you out if You want to see more videos like this Then make sure you hit that subscribe Button and I'll see you in the next Video thanks for watching

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