How to Create a Custom Home Page in WordPress

Do you want to create a custom homepage in WordPress?

By default, WordPress shows your latest blog posts on the homepage. However, you can often create a better first impression by designing a custom homepage that highlights your site’s most popular content, products, services, and more.

In this video, we will show you how to easily create a custom homepage in WordPress.

0:00 SeedProd helps you create a custom Home Page
0:43 Downloading and installing SeedProd
2:12 Creating a new page in SeedProd
9:10 Publishing your new Home Page

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Today I'm going to walk you through how To create a custom home page in WordPress and this is something that I'm Having to do this weekend as well so I Thought that would be perfect to share With you if you're like most people when You first start your WordPress website It often shows just the latest blog Posts on the home page which is what I've had for the last three and a half Years which has been fine too because I've just been worried and concentrating On creating content for my audience but Now I want to showcase some of my most Popular posts I want to showcase the Maybe my most popular categories I want To showcase what they call a hero Section of why they should trust me when People come to my homepage they don't Really know what to do with my website So I want to kind of guide them through That if you're in that same category Then this tutorial is for you as well so This is kind of what the home page of my Website looks like it's just showing the Most recent blog post we're going to go In and fix that this is somewhat reliant On each theme but the way that I'm going To show this to you you won't need to Worry about what theme you're using Because we'll be using a plugin so let Me log into my dashboard we're going to Use seed prod which there is a free Version if you wanted to use that but I

Want to show you all of the power that C4 can do so we'll be using the pro Version if you want to do that as well You'll want to go to seed prod and sign Up for an account once you get signed up You can go to downloads to download the Plugin you also want to make sure you Copy your license key as well while We're here we can head back over to our WordPress dashboard we'll go to plugins Add new And we're going to upload a plugin you Can either choose file and find where It's at because I have it down here I'm Going to left click drag it up and Install now Once it's installed we also want to Activate the plugin as well And I'm gonna go ahead and close this Out since I've already used it now we See that seed prod is here I want to Come over to C prod on the left and Let's go to settings so we can add our License key we can paste in your license Key and then check it I've already Installed it so it already showcases That I have my license key here once You've added your license key then you Should be good to go and then we can Come over here to landing pages this is Where we will create our it basically Our home page which is also a landing Page for this one let's do add new Landing page and then these are all of

The templates that come with it you can See that you can go into maintenance Mode 404 cells webinar squeeze thank you You can just go through here and find The one that is closest to you or you Could even start from a blank template I Like to save a little bit of time by Choosing one that then I can adjust What's cool also is you can also type in The one that you want to work on so We'll use this one you can click on the Check mark you can also preview it if You want to see it a little bit more but This is the one that I want for my home Page so we can click check mark and then You want to give it a name and the best Part about this is I can customize Absolutely everything about this so you See as I'm going through the page you See different colors these are the areas That you can adjust so we have section Area we have a block area and you keep On scrolling and you have all of these Areas that you can make changes you just Want to go through here and customize it To you one of the first things I want to Do is I actually want to create an area So I can have a header up here at the Top and my menu area so we'll do that And when we're looking at all of this we Can see on the left all of these blocks That we can choose from and we also have Sections so these are perfect for like Adding a header which is exactly what I

Want to do so I'm going to come under Header and let's see which ones they Have these are the different ones to Choose from I kind of like the idea of My logo on the the left and my menu and Then a call to action So I'm going to choose this one And it drops it down all the way at the Bottom but I actually want to bring this Up so what I'm going to do is get on the Purple And move it so I'm going to take it all The way up to the top And now we can adjust this so now we Have the little image areas in the block Sections that we can adjust here as well So I'm going to click on my logo click On the Block settings you see we have an Image here cool thing about this is we Can delete this if you have a logo You'll definitely want to use your logo If you don't and you just want to have a Placeholder then once you delete this You can use stock image Let's see what comes up here so you can Use something like this as a stock image They have millions of stock images for You to choose from since this is a logo We actually want to use an actual logo Maybe your own and I'm just going to Pull something in that I have here and We'll select that as my demo store and This is pulling in once I click on this This is pulling in a WordPress menu so

This is a menu that I already had and It's bringing this in from WordPress so If you wanted to change that then you Can make it a simple menu so you just Put in the links here or what I like to Do is just bring in a menu from my Actual site on the menu screen so this Is pulling in here and I like that and Then if you have a call to action then You can choose this here you can go to Templates since this is a button these Are all the templates that you can Choose from you can even do Advanced so If you wanted to change the color here You could change that here And I like that I have a menu at the top I'm going to make that just a little bit Smaller so this isn't as big you can Make adjustments all the way through So now we have our whole menu at the top I like that if you wanted to go through And change like the background of this You can here and because I don't like That we can actually come down here and Undo so let's just undo that and you can Also redo or undo you also have history So if there was a few things back before That you wanted you can look at the Revision history once you click save but Because I'm happy with making that Change I'm good with that and don't Forget you can go in and save often Which I always recommend doing now Scrolling down I'm okay with all that I

Like this area and I like these items That were Showcasing but I want to bring in a Little bit of social proof I'm going to Bring in a column then I want to bring In Social profile so I'm going to click And drag this over And these are the ones that I want I can Go in and click on it so I can change The url structure for our social Profiles and I want to put those there And I want to do that all throughout you Can also choose to make these large Medium where do I want to align them Like in the middle so we'll keep that There now the color scheme if there's Something that you want to change we can Actually go in and change the full color Scheme if you come down here at the Cogwheel these are global settings so From here this is where you can change The fonts completely these are the ones That are automatically chosen Calistoga But if you want to do something like Bungee shade or and then pick the one That you want and then change the text As well that that's a little bit Different and the text will be This text that's on the body font Again if you don't like what you've done You can make undo's until you get back To what you wanted the other cool thing Is here we have the color scheme of this Whole page so you can change this to the

Palette of the rest of your website you Can choose color palettes here and that Will automatically come in to your site You see it's changed up here change the Links change down here as well you can Go through the color palette and pick One that works best for your site that Might be a little bit better it's a Little bit cleaner or if you know the Color scheme that you want you can Simply go in and edit each one Individually so you just want to go Through here and change out everything That is specific to your website and Make it more about your website the Other cool thing is like I one of the Other things I wanted was I wanted to Add a custom email signup form for my Newsletter and we have one here if you Don't have one here you can go back to The block section and from the blog Section you can search for opt-in form If you you can also start typing it in To find it and then you can left click And drag it over until you find it in Here and then you can adjust it since we Already have it from the template I'm Going to go ahead and delete this and Then what cpride will do is it'll go out And it'll actually connect you can Connect to your email service provider I'll show you how to do that under Connect we need to pick our service Provider and then you can connect it go

Through the process of connecting it and If you don't see your email service Provider no worries you can actually Connect it using zapier they connect With zapier and you can connect that There then once you connect that then The Opt-in form here will connect with your Email service provider and you can start Collecting emails for your website okay Now that you've gone in you've adjusted Everything you've changed out everything You make your home page look and feel Like you want it for your website we can Go up here and click save and then the Final thing we need to do is go to page Settings and this is where you can make Any final changes that you want home Page you can change that name to Whatever you want but from here this is Where you want to take it from draft to Publish so let's go ahead and click on Publish So that it is live for our site and then One final thing we need to do is we need To set that up in WordPress to make this Our home page so I'm going to close out Of Seed prod and just to show you that I'm Going to open up my WordPress site you See this is still showing my home page Which is the latest blog posts And so the final thing we need to do is Go into settings

We'll go to reading and from here we Have this area where your home page Displays we want to change this to a Static page and from the home page these Are all of the pages that you have on Your site these are all the page names Home page was what we were working on so I'm going to choose that as my static Home page and if you have a Blog I have A Blog so I still want people to read my Blog so you want to pick the page that All of your blog posts will be on I have Named it blog and then we can save Changes And now when we go to our site and when I click refresh now this is my new home Page which is wonderful and then when I Go to my blog then this is my blog page So perfect way what I want it to look Like I wanted a new home page and I Wanted to customize it and see prod made It super easy and then if you wanted to Create a whole landing page let's say a Sales page or a thank you page or Something like that then you can watch This video next as I walk you through Step by step on how to create a landing Page for your website and I'll see you Over there

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