How to Connect Your Website with Google Search Console Video (2023 Edition)

One of the most important steps in optimizing your WordPress site for SEO is adding it to Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).

Google Search Console offers specific webmaster tools to help website owners monitor and maintain their search presence and rankings.

In this video, we will show you how to easily add and verify your WordPress site in Google Search Console, also known as Webmaster Tools.

0:00 Intro and first steps
0:43 Inside Google Search Console
1:40 Verifying your site
2:24 Adding the snippet
3:33 Using WPCode’s snippets
5:16 Using All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

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In this video I'm going to show you how To connect your website with Google Search console in the easiest steps Possible the first thing you'll do is Search for Google search console on Google and similar to what I see here You'll see the first result usually Saying Google search console or Google Search console tools just click on it to Reach Google search console's home page Now do remember you'll need to have a Google account and it's advisable that You also signed into your browser or Into your Google account so that it's Easier for you to log into Google search Console now the interface keeps changing Over time so sometimes you'll see the Start now button which I'm seeing or Sometimes you'll also see a button here Which says sign in or start now or Something else just click the button That says sign in or start now anything On the screen since this is the only Button I see I'll just click on it and Instantly it will take me to the setup Interface now this is the first time I'm Using Google search console on this Particular email address that's why I'm Getting this screen but you might just Log into Google search console and have A completely different interface but What you need to do is actually add a New property inside Google search Console and if you're seeing this

Interface then also you can repeat the Process otherwise if you're not seeing This interface you're seeing something Else just look for the hamburger menu Right here click on it and you'll see Something like this in this you can see Add property I'll just drop click the Drop down menu and I can click the add Property button so if your interface is Different just look for the hamburger Menu and go to the add property so just For example if I click this you'll see The same interface pop up on the screen Once more that means you're on the right Place and what you need to do is add Your website's URL here just keep in Mind that you should not use the domain Level verification this might be a Little complicated although it works the Same the URL prefix is what we'll be Using in this case my website is Literally called so I'll add The URL here Foreign and once you've added the URL Just click the continue button And this is the interface that will pop Up Google gives us few different ways to Verify our website with Google search Console and the recommended method that Is the easiest to use is this one called The HTML tag method I'll click on it and It'll expose a verification code that You need to copy and paste on your Website this is the easiest method and

It's absolutely I say the fastest method As well so once you click on it the HTML Tag button just click on the copy button And it will copy this meta verification Code onto your clipboard and once we Have that we can head on to our website And then start the process of adding This to our website so I'll click copy And once I'm here this is my WordPress Website it does have almost no content It has nothing set up so I'll start the Process of adding this piece of content On my site now this can be done in a few Different ways you can edit your sites Or as a website's files but it's a Little dangerous I'd say for beginners Because you can mess up the code mess up Your site and it is a lot of I'd say a Problematic approach or I'd say not an Approach that I'd recommend for Beginners so in this case I'll recommend Using a plugin to do this so we'll head Into plugins and we'll install a new Plugin by going into add new And inside the search option I'll search For a plugin called WP code And this is the plugin we're looking for WP code and previously it was called Insert headers and Footers plugin so if You have watched the previous version of This video then this is the same plugin Just Rebrand it to different name and You can see it's a very very popular Plugin and what this plugin lets you do

Is add code Snippets to your website in A safe way so that you don't mess up Your site and you can always disable Them edit them modify them and gives you A bunch of extra options as well so it's Very safe it's very I say recommended For beginners and even for advanced Users they use this plugin all the time So let's install the plugin The plugin is now installed let's also Activate the plugin and the plugin is Now installed let's go into the Snippets Menu by going into code Snippets and now We can add a new snippet because that's The snippet we've gotten from Google Search console we need to add it to our Website so I'll click the add snippet Button And now this is the place where we'll Need to create a new snippet so what I Can do is just go here and select add Your custom snippet because we are Adding a custom snippet on our site I'll Click use snippet And this will open up the snippet Options or as a snippet creation page I'll just name the snippet first I'll Call it GSC On the code Type HTML is what you need Need to have just click here in the code Preview options just press Ctrl V to Paste it I assume that you already Copied the code from Google search Console

And on the insertion side you have to Skip Auto insert sitewide header no need To change any other settings Once this is done make sure to make the Plugin active or make the code snippet Active and just save the snippet And once this is done in a few minutes Your verification should be complete you Can go back to Google search console Refresh and your website should be Verified that's how easy it is as an Alternate solution you can also use All-in-one SEO to add this meta code to Your website you can see I already have All-in-one SEO installed on my website And altern is a free all-in-one or I'd Say free SEO plugin that can help you Completely set up the SEO on your Website it also has features to connect With variety of different services Including Google search console if You're not using an SEO plugin currently On your website I highly recommend that You go check out all in SEO and install It on your website the installation is Very similar you go to plugins you go to Add new and where I search for WP code You would just search for AIO SEO which Is an abbreviation for all-in-one SEO This is the icon for all in one SEO you See I already have it installed if you Are not using any SEO Plugin or even if You are using any other plugin you can Easily migrate to all in one SEO and

It'll give you a bunch of features let Me show you how to use all in one SEO to Paste the same meta code to verify your Website with Google search console once You have the plugin installed and Activated similar to my website to Similar to my website you'll see the All-in SEO menu here once this you see This go to the general settings And inside the general settings you see A webmaster tools tab entry or menu Entry just click here And once you see this just click to open This up and inside the menu you'll see An option to connect with Google search Console Bing webmaster tools Yandex Baidu Pinterest index now Microsoft Clarity and even Google analytics and You can also paste custom code here Since we are already connecting with Google search console I'll just click This and this will open up the Google Verification code option and I'll paste The same code I copied from Google Search console directly to here And I'll just click save changes and Automatically format the code to just Save the preserved information or Information that's needed and once this Is saved wait for a few minutes five Minutes and then go back to Google Search console or refresh and your Website should be live so once the Changes are saved just wait for a few

Minutes go to Google Search console you Can refresh that page that you're seeing And you should see that your website is Now verified with Google search console Now do keep in mind that the Verification process is not a one-time Thing you have to keep this active Throughout the life cycle of your Website so if your website is verified Once just don't go and edit the snippet Or delete the snippet and don't delete The verification code from here because That will de-verify your website so it's A constant thing that you have to Maintain uh throughout the life cycle of Your website so once you have this just Let it be and you should have no Problems accessing data inside Google Search console and that's how easy it is To connect your website with Google Search console two easy ways if you have Any questions leave them in the comments And I'll answer every single one and if You're interested in more easy to follow Along WordPress tutorials then the Subscribe button is just pressed down Below subscribe to our Channel and like This video if you like it and I'm your Raj from W beginner I'll catch you next Video take care

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