How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

In order to run a WordPress site you have to have hosting, there is no way around that. Your WordPress hosting also isn’t something you want to overlook or forget about. Selecting the correct WordPress hosting provider can actually bring you great benefits like a bump in SEO and overall Google ranking.

This also means that as hosting providers change and evolve you should be looking at changing and evolving your hosting provider too. So, as with every year, we have a new and updated list for the best WordPress hosting. These are our absolute favourite picks for features and price if you’re just getting started or if you’re an experienced WordPress user.

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In order to run your WordPress site you Absolutely have to have hosting there's No way around that but not all hosting Providers are created equal and how are You going to pick the very best one for You well we're going to help you do that I say not created equal and that could Be an understatement it's something that Frequently gets overlooked as ah it's Just hosting but that's really not the Case good hosting can give you a Boos in O an ability to maybe climb higher up Google Search and that in turn can lead To more customers more visitors to your Website more business for your business It's actually a really important tool That you shouldn't Overlook it's so Important that we never Overlook it and We update this list every single year so That you have the most up-to-date Information to make a decision on what's Right for your business for your website And how you're going to grow the most so Now you you know how important it is Here's our five top picks for WordPress Hosting this year our first pick is one Of the biggest on the market and it Certainly helps that they've been around Since 1996 they have been doing this a really Long time this is blue host and they are An official WordPress recommended Hosting provider so you've got that Feeling of security when you just even

Go with them to start with and they do Offer a oneclick WordPress install which Is really nice kind of nice and smooth As you get into things we love the fact That blue host offer a free domain name With hosting which is absolutely not Something you get with every single host And that's going to keep the costs down And speaking of cost the prices for blue Host are absolutely Fantastic and we can make them even Cheaper for every single hosting Provider we're going to list today we're Going to give you a WP beginner coupon Code down in the description and the one For blue host can bring a years Subscription down to under $35 a whole Year worth of Hosting for $35 or under Our next pick is an incredibly highly Rated WordPress hosting provider they Are an official WordPress recommended Hosting provider and they're just Incredibly popular they can be Considered a more premium hosting Service which does mean that they can be A little more expensive but are going to Offer you some unbelievable tools such As the support they offer there's really No competition when it comes to the best Possible customer support from your Hosting provider and it absolutely comes From sight ground exactly how good do we Think site ground is well we use it we Use it to host our WP beginner website

So if you needed a a seal of Authenticity a seal of approval comes From the fact that we picked sight Ground to host our very owned website One of our favorite things about them is Just how fast they are they have data Centers all over the world which means Whenever somebody's logging in to your Website jumping on and typing in your Url they're going to be able to connect To a data center that's close to them Which means they're getting the fastest Possible experience the whole site Ground experience is ultra fast and Really that's what you want your Customers aren't going to hang around if Your website runs slowly all of that Doesn't mean that this isn't suitable For a beginner website if you are a Beginner then site ground is absolutely Going to have the tools for you but if You are more advanced or you're looking For something a little bit more premium Sight ground is also going to work for You like I say price is a little higher But the quality of the product is really Fantastic next up another official WordPress recommended hosting provider In dreamhost we love how easy to use Dream host is it's got a oneclick WordPress install feature which is great And the whole dashboard the whole visual The whole way to use it is just really Nice intuitive and simple they're also

Going to offer 24/7 support and unlike Site ground they are going to offer you A free domain name so all of the Providers are going to offer a free SSL Which is going to save you $80 to $100 It's the same here but the free domain Name you don't always get saving you $15 And it kind of streamlines the whole Process puts everything together in one Bundle which especially if you're a Beginner is really really nice if you Are looking to jump from one hosting Provider to another maybe you've already Got a website and you want to pop over To dream host they'll make that really Easy for you as well with some Auto Migration it just again dream host is Kind of about simplifying things and Providing a great service at the same Time and we love it next up we have HostGator who are specialists in WordPress hosting again you're going to Get a free SSL and a free domain name With HostGator so that is really Beneficial and in our research we found That HostGator is actually really great For growing businesses so if you want to Check out a full breakdown of all of the Hosting providers I've mentioned today And kind of see exactly what each Individual one can offer you then There's a link down in the description For every single one that'll take you Through to our full breakdown and you'll

Be able to get a few more details there HostGator is very popular and we love Their introductory price it's really Really affordable now their renewal Price is going to be a little bit higher So you can kind of migrate after that or Stick with it if you really like the Service but it's definitely worth a shot Considering how cheap it is to get Started next up we've got a newer player On the market and what they're going to Be able to offer is a really premium Service at a really fantastic price we Are talking about hosting it they're Also really great for WordPress Specifically they've got WordPress speed Optimization as well as a oneclick WordPress install we mentioned worldwide Data centers earlier and hostinger do Have multiple data centers so they're Also offering you a really fast product Once you do have your hosting and your Domain name all sorted and you're Looking to get started with building Your website with your themes and maybe A page builder then we would highly Recommend checking out seedprod seedprod Is a page builder and it's designed to Be super simple super intuitive because It has a drag and drop system so Everything that I'm going to make Mention to you that it does you can do With no code the essence is that seed Prod is going to allow you to customize

Every single one of your WordPress pages To exactly how you want them to look Whether that's colors fonts design Everything's there for you to be able to Adjust it so that it can fit your Personality or your brand or your Business and it's just a fantastic tool That's going to let you build exactly What's in your mind rather than having To settle for Less with maybe something That's generic or standard CS available For a really fantastic price and again It is the cheapest if you head down into The description and click on our WP Beginner coupon code so we've given you Five of the very best hosting providers But now I want to give you kind of a top Three that are good at very specific Things to try and help you narrow down Which hosting provider you should go With we going to start with blue host It's basically our top pick because it's Best overall and best value if you're Looking for affordable premium hosting And you want the absolute best-in-class Support then I would recommend trying Out sight ground and if you're looking To grow a small business then it's Definitely worth having a look at dream Host and remember once you do get going With your hosting and you want to refine Your site then check out seed prod if You do have any questions about website Hosting then please leave them in the

Comments down below we will do our best To answer all of them and of course do Get sub subscribed to WP beginner and Remember to like this video because I'll Appreciate that that's all from me here Today I've been James I hope you've Enjoyed it and I'll see you soon

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