How to Choose the Best Website Builder in 2024 (Compared)

►You need a new website, a professional, amazing website to showcase your business, your blog, or anything at all. However, you don’t want to pay a developer to make this website for you, what do you do?

Thank fully these days there is a huge number of website builders out there that are going to let you create the perfect website for you with no coding and no matter your ability level.

That’s what we are going to look at today, the best website builders for all levels, and all price points, we are going to compare them all, pros and cons.

If you want to grab our top pick page builder then here is the link for best price on SeedProd

Here are some links to get the best possible prices on our favourite products in this video.
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0:00 Intro
0:46: How to choose the best website builder?
2:36 The most popular website builder,
4:47 Free domain and discount WordPress hosting – Bluehost.
5:50 Hosted alternative to WordPress –
7:55 Fully hosted drag and drop builder –
9:49 Best e-commerce website builder – Woo Commerce
11:45 All in one platform with a website builder – Hub Spot
13:03 The best website builder in 2023
13:39 End

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You need a website it doesn't really Matter what for but what does matter is That you don't want to pay a developer To make this website for you which means The responsibility of building the site Falls on your shoulders but that's Absolutely fine because these days There's so many great website Builders To choose from that are beginner Friendly or will be tailored to your Level of skill there will be something There that lets you build build the Exact website that you want with no Coding required and it will be brilliant Trust me that's exactly what we're going To look at today so stick around like And subscribe to WP beginner and we'll Show you some of the very best website Builders to get you going so how are we Going to pick the best website builder Well we're going to have some criteria That we want these website Builders to Meet however you also need to just have A quick think what is it that you want Your website builder to do so that you Can go through this list and kind of Tick off the ones that suit your Requirements the first criteria we're Going to be looking for is how easy is It to use we want drag and drop here Absolutely no code but we still want it To be highly customizable next up Pricing it has to be affordable and it Has to offer good value for money while

At the same time offering you all the Tools that you need like are you going To be selling something do you need E-commerce and how much is that going Toost cost you to add to your site next Up design and features you obviously Want to make this look as good as Possible but you also want to make it Look like you or your blog or your Business you want to be able to create What you are imagining how many designs And templates are actually available and Are you going to be able to add other Features that you want as time goes on Maybe SEO tracking or marketing tools or Forms are they available also customer Support should that userfriendly Interface we're looking for encounter a Glitch is there some customer support to Help you and if there is is it 24/7 that Would be nice and finally data ownership And portability this might not be the First thing that you think of but it's Definitely quite important do you Actually own the data that's on your Site even if you're putting it there Does somebody else then own that data It's definitely worth having look at the Terms of service and the privacy policy Before you sign up bundled with that we Want to make sure that we can move our Data move our website somewhere else in The future should we want to we want to Be able to do that quite easily first up

Definitely the most powerful website Builder that's on our list Not I have to say this every Time that is a different entity alt Together talking. org here Is the most popular website builder on The internet it Powers about 43% almost Half of all the websites on on the Internet so say it's in pretty good Hands so let's talk about positives for Design and features is Pretty much on Match there are thousands Of themes there's over 60,000 plugins to Give your website different Functionality whatever you can dream of You can pretty much achieve with if you are looking to get A really fully custom design then we Would recommend a plug-in like seedr Seedr is a page builder that really is Going to let you kind of dial in exactly What you want for every single element Of every single page on your website if You do want to check out something like Seedr then check out the link Down Below In the description where you're going to Be able to get it at the best price with WP beginner you don't have to use a paid Page builder at all and WordPress itself Is actually free there's a couple of Costs to consider uh but we'll get onto Those in a second and with regards to Your data you have complete ownership of

The data on your s and it's pretty easy To move around should you choose to do So in the future we will tell you now That is definitely our Number one pick it's just the most Powerful the most flexible the most Customizable it's really difficult to Beat but obviously we're Going to go through all of the other Options you might find one that suits You a little better and now we'll have a Look at a couple of the downsides for while there is no code Required to use WordPress effectively You really need to be familiar or get Familiar with the WordPress admin Dashboard the back end now it's not Super complicated to do but something That you absolutely have to do and as I Mentioned earlier there's also a couple Of costs that we do have to consider now They're pretty low but you need hosting And you're going to need to provide a Domain name so is a Self-hosted service so you're going to Need to go to somewhere like for example Blue host and get yourself hosting now Blue host you can get for as little As275 a month if you head down to the Description and find the discount code There the coupon code from WP beginner It's a really fantastic price and it's Going to take care of all your hosting Needs for your WordPress site which you

Are going to need and on top of that I Mentioned that you need a domain name Donnet Etc well you can get get That for free if you use blue host as Your hosting provider they'll bundle in An SSL certificate a free domain name Along with a whole heap of other stuff And they'll also take care of some of The things like security and backups Just to make your life a whole heap Easier we highly recommend checking out Blue host for your hosting which you're Going to need to run your WordPress site If we haven't sold you on WordPress and You're looking for a hosted alternative So you don't have to go out and get your Own hosting then we really recommend and Checking out is again Very beginner friendly it's all drag and Drop and again no coding required which We love there are also thousands of Templates that are really easy to apply And there's loads of powerful website Tools for things like SEO alongside you Being able to add galleries videos forms A whole host of things onto your Page for customer support there is Unlimited chat and phone support Available so if something should go Wrong although we found to be Very reliable the support is there for You if you need it have some Really great introductory offers for Pricing you can get your first month for

Anywhere from $195 to 3.95 depending on What features you want now that does go Up after the introductory period but It's well worth checking out let's talk About the downsides if you are a Beginner you're just looking to get Started with either a blog or Particularly a business page is Likely to have everything you need now That doesn't sound like much of a Downside but as you progress and as you Grow you might find that it doesn't have All the tools available that you might Want you could end up missing out on Some of the more powerful features that You're going to go looking for if you Are a business and you are focused on Ecommerce then only offers you 50 products via their e-commerce Platform which might sound like a lot And it could be when you're first Getting started but again as you grow is That e-commerce limit going to hold you Back and finally in the downsides we've Mentioned that there might be some Limitations as you grow with Well if you do grow beyond the confines Of and you want to move onto Another platform so you do want to go to you're probably going to Find that incredibly difficult it's very Difficult to move from a site Over onto something else so future Planning is encouraged another great

WordPress alternative drag and drop Style website builder with absolutely no Coding required is really easy To get started and well worth taking a Look at for the upsides is fully Hosted so you don't have to organize or Pay for any hosting which is great and It's also as mentioned drag androp so Nice and simple to use for design and Features there are loads of templates And designs to choose from there's even An artificial design intelligence which Can help build a website for you which Could really take some of the stress out And then there's also free and paid apps And you can add those to your page to Get certain functionalities that you Might be looking for for pricing there Is a free plan with Wix but it's only Really any good for testing out seeing If you like the website builder and how It works we wouldn't recommend trying to Use it to actually run your website on The free plan and that's a good place to Kick off the downsides if you do upgrade And you pay a bit for your site those Lower pric plans are going to show Wicks BAS based adverts on your site so Wix Branding and Wix are going to run ads on Your site and they're going to take the Money for that not you if you want to Remove them you're going to have to go For the more expensive combo or Unlimited plan so make sure you know how

Much change is in your pocket also worth Mentioning that the entry level connect Domain plan doesn't come with a domain Name included so you'll also have to get One of those and provide it it's about $15 for the year not particularly Expensive but it's another cost to Consider if you do need e-commerce the E-commerce plans start at $23 a month so That's Baseline and similarly to If you outgrow Wicks or you want to Change your mind it's actually very Difficult to move to a different Platform so you want to be sure that Starting with Wix is where you want to Be because you might be stuck with Wix In the end now to go in a slightly Different direction and talk about E-commerce with woo Commerce woocommerce Is the most popular e-commerce website Builder on the planet so if you're Looking to start an online store this Really could be for you and if we are Talking about running an online store Woocommerce has pretty much every single Feature that you could possibly want We're talking shipping delivery Management Inventory management pretty Much anything you can think of including Allowing 88 different payment options I Don't think I know 88 payment options But they are available with woom and Then to really start to customize your Store for your customers for what your

Business needs to be there's also tons Of plugins available you can get opt-in Monster that's going to help you try and Reduce cart abandonments you can get Things like seed prod to make custom Landing pages there's also affiliate Programs using affiliate WP the options are kind of endless for What you want to do for the downsides Obviously this is very focused on E-commerce so if e-commerce isn't your Thing then this is definitely not for You and also similarly to This is a self-hosted site so you're Going to need to provide hosting and a Domain name to get yourself going again You can use a company like Blu host or Site ground and they have specific Hosting for woo Commerce sites and They'll take care of some of the Security backups and maintenance that You need to consider when you do have a Self-hosted site pricing for hosting can Really vary and for example a site Ground startup plan for hosting can be As little as $2.99 a month but if you're A really high traffic site most people Tend to kind of deviate towards WP Engine which starts around $30 a month So it's about what your site requires How busy are you next up is HubSpot you Might know HubSpot as an all-in-one Marketing or content management platform Well within their tools they have a

Fantastic website builder it's a really Great drag and drop system to help you Get a customized website but our Favorite feature is that you can do an Adaptive testing system you can have up To five variants of the same page and HubSpot will show them monitor them and Make sure it's serving up the best Performing version to your website Visitors as you'd expect this all Integrates with the HubSpot CRM to help You use the data most effectively and There's some great really powerful tools At your disposal as well when you Consider all of those tools that are Available with HubSpot becomes a very Attractive option for simple business Websites if you're looking for something A little bit more advanced or maybe Something that's e-commerce focused then You're definitely going to be better off With however there is a Plugin for HubSpot on so You can kind of get the best of both Worlds and combine the features of the Two the HubSpot website builder on its Own along with some of their great Features like the CRM and live chat can Be obtained for free and if you want Some of the more advanced features plans Start from around $45 a month so in Conclusion we will conclude exactly what I told you at the beginning we think That is just simply better

Than the other options it's more Powerful there's more options and there Is a lot more room to grow you're not Going to outgrow with all The different things that you can do for Either you your blog or your business Now if you do want to avoid for some reason then we Recommend trying out is A really powerful alternative and if You're purely looking for e-commerce and Of course woo Commerce is really the way To go those are our picks if you have Any other ideas or any other questions Put them down in the comments and while You're in that area make sure you hit The Subscribe Button as well as popping A like on the video and if you want to Find out more about what hosting Provider to use for your WordPress Website then you can click on this link Just here to go and watch that video but That's all from me here today I hope You've had a good one and I'll see you Soon

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