How To Choose The Best Business VoIP Provider (Compared)

If you’re a growing business then a VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) service might be exactly what you need to either push your business to the next level or to help you engage more seamlessly and professionally with your customers, or clients.

VoIP services are a phone services that replace your existing phone plans which are generally provided through traditional methods like land lines. A VoIP service will run all your calls through the internet, which you’re already using. This can be cheaper and more professional than the traditional way. It also opens up a whole range of new advanced features to you that can help you streamline your services.

In this video we are taking a dive into what VoIP is, how it works, why it might be for you, why it might not be for you and comparing some of the best providers that are out there. All with the intention of helping you work out How to choose the best business VoIP provider.

0:00 Intro
0:25 What is VoIP
1:10 Do You Need VoIP?
1:50 VoIP Challenges
2:20 Things to Consider Before Starting With VoIP
3:29 Nextiva – Our Top Choice
3:37 RingCentral
5:30 TrustPulse – Best Social Proof Add On
6:47 Ooma – Know For It’s Affordability
7:30 Zoom Phone
8:23 Grasshopper – Tailored for Startups
9:10 – Great for Canada & EU Numbers
9:48 Top Picks
10:20 Outro

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If you're a business and you find that Your business is growing and you want to Look more professional and communicate More seamlessly with your customers then A VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol Could be absolutely ideal for you today We're going to break down what VoIP is How it can help you how it might not be The right thing for you and what the Best five VoIP services are in our Opinion so to start with let's look at What is VoIP VoIP stands for voice over Internet prot call it's a technology That enables phone service over the Internet rather than traditional Landlines it's going to use your wired Internet connection or Wi-Fi to send and Receive calls and there's a ton of Benefits you can use a desktop app VI Phone sets or even your original mobile Device to make calls so you got to think Imagine having one number between all of The phones that are within your business It's just so streamlined and so much Easier for your customers viip Services Can also come with Advanced features Depending on what you need and it's a Cloud-based service so you can basically Use it anywhere now that all might sound Good but you might be thinking does my Business do I even need vo well this is Why you might you're probably already Using email maybe chat and you're Probably definitely using contact forms

To communicate with your customers but Imagine being able to offer an immediate And more seamless way of contacting you You're going to allow your website Visitors to maybe call you for quotes uh Pre-sale questions or support and all of That is just going to build such a Strong relationship with your customers That you're way more likely to make Conversions and make sales and have Returning customers because they trust You with that in mind it doesn't mean That VoIP comes without challenges Because you're making and receiving Calls over the Internet that does mean That your call Quality is going to Depend on the speed and quality of your Internet connection and your service Provider and unlike a traditional Landline if the power goes down or you Lose Wi-Fi then you're going to lose Access to your viip service but if You're at the stage now with your Business where you're looking for a vo Service you've probably got backups in Place for things like that already There's also a few things you should Consider before jumping into viip They're not downsides they're just Things that you need to know you need to Consider the cost of local versus International calls you know where your Customers are communicating to you from And therefore you need to know how much

It's going to cost you to communicate With them you definitely want to examine The features in various VoIP plans some Features are only going to be available As add-ons so you want to be aware of Any additional costs that might creep up There you definitely want to check for Mobile apps and shared features among All of your users your entire support Team are all the features available to All of them and can they get a mobile App to have it on the go wherever they Are you also want to check for any third Party Integrations with viip is there Anything that you're already using that You want to be able to integrate with Your new vo plan and also if you do Happen to run into any issues you want To make sure you have a 24/7 customer Support to ensure you're getting all of The benefits and you're getting great Call Quality so now you know what vo is Why it might work for you and things to Look out for so let's look at our five Favorite vo providers this year our First pick is our top pick we do think It's the best and it's nextiva nextiva Stands out cuz it does have a really Wide range of features and their Business vo service includes call Routing auto attendant interactive voice Response systems and even free domestic Calling you can also benefit from Voicemail email text online facts and

More I said there was a lot of services I wasn't lying nextiva does offer Unlimited calling which is great free Number porting and essential features Like caller ID call forward Ing and Customizable greetings we mentioned in The start 24/7 customer support they've Got that with NEX Diva and it is really Fantastic if you're new to vo nextiva Are going to be great at helping you to Get set up so even if you don't need Kind of fancy phone desk sets they're Going to offer full demos on how to use Nixa with traditional analog desk phones In a Call Center contact center Environment and their Advanced features Such as video meetings for conference Calls audio conferencing and voicemail Trans description really make them an Allround comprehensive Choice they're Going to have everything you need Covered next up we have ring central who Are a huge player in the VoIP Market You're going to get all the standard Features that you're going to expect From any VoIP service things like call Forwarding Advanced call routing caller ID and call waiting and you're also Going to get Integrations with some Thirdparty services like Dropbox Google Workspace Salesforce HubSpot Microsoft Outlook and ring central integrates with Them really seamlessly ring central also Offers some more advanced features

Things like video calls online meetings Screen sharing conferencing and call Analytics it is worth noting though that Ring central can end up being a little Pricey if you are maybe a small business That can't commit to a year-long plan Now that isn't necessarily an issue You're going to have with next Diva Because there is no contract that you Have to commit to so we're talking here About vo about your company looking Professional about the ease of customers Contacting you and about your customers Taking action in contacting you and one Of the absolute best ways that you can Encourage customers to take action is With something like a social proof app a Personal recommendation for a social Proof app is trust pulse and what trust Pulse is going to allow you to do is to Display real- time messages on your Website to encourage people to take Action this is a proven strategy to Increase conversion versions for your Site what trust pulse is going to allow You to do is to create popups create Little messages that pop up on screen to Provide confidence to your website Visitors when other people do things Like make a purchase leave a comment Maybe if they sign up to your newsletter There's a popup there that reinforces The idea that the customer on your Website should take action and that your

Website is trustworthy enough for them To take this action this is a really Great tool that can enhance how Trustworthy you appear online and it's Also a really affordable way to try and Increase your conversions because prices Start from just $5 a month if you head Down into the description and you click On our WP beginner discount code where Ring central could be a little expensive Our next pick Uma is actually known for Its affordability you can get 1 800 Toll-free numbers at really competitive Prices and their platform includes Powerful features like extension dialing Music on hold smart mobile phone apps And a virtual receptionist for after Hours call management setting up Uma is Also super easy they've got a really Great control panel that's going to Allow you to get hold of all the basics Like maybe setting up a new user with no Sweat whatsoever part of the reason the Uma is Affordable is because you're Going to get multiple plan options so You've got a budget friendly basic plan And a Pro Plan and that's going to give You extra features things like video Conferencing if you don't need that the Budget friendly option might be the way To go for you next up is zoom phone and Yes it is associated with the really Popular web conferencing software Zoom You've probably all used that by now you

Have to have done with the last few Years so obviously one of the huge Pluses is that it does integrate with That really popular Zoom platform and Then they also offer virtual phone Numbers for the US and Canada tollfree Numbers and the option to Port existing Phone numbers one of the big benefits of That integration is the fact fact that You're going to be able to seamlessly Transition a phone call into a video Conferencing call with zoom meetings Zoom phone also integrates with things Like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace and gives you a whole host of Tools that you're going to be looking For things like call CES call recording Voicemail transcription and team sms's Along with tons of others our next pick Is grasshopper grasshopper is an Excellent V service and is tailored Towards growing businesses and startups You'll get virtual phone numbers through VoIP allowing call forwarding to any Numbers or devices and while they don't Require outgoing phone lines their Featur set does include call waiting Call transfer hold music Advanced Routing voicemail to email and even more So even though it is targeted towards Those startup businesses your feature List isn't diminished you've still got Loads and loads of options and loads of Room to grow it's also really easy to

Manage grasshopper through either a Mobile phone app or you can do it Traditionally through through the Desktop you get a choice of UK us or Canada based numbers and overall Grasshopper is a really solid Cost-effective solution and we have a Little bonus selection if you have a Business that's may be operating mainly In a lot of European countries or Canada cover a lot of European countries and Canada within Their minutes which makes it a really Cost effective option again if you are Operating in those regions the service Includes call forwarding routing waiting Custom greetings and music all the stuff That you're going to expect Also has some really great integration With other CRM software like Salesforce Which makes your whole marketing process Really straightforward and just simpler To use which is always a benefit so While next diva is our personal choice It might not be right for your business Remember to consider the size of your Business and what it is that you Actually need and what features you're Going to need to pay for there's no Point in paying for something Extravagant if you're just not going to Use it but on the whole if you are a Business that's using phone connectivity Switching to a VoIP really could save

You a lot of money on your phone bills And just offer your customers a far more Seamless experience and make your Business look more professional Hopefully we've been able to help you Out today understand maybe what a VoIP Is which one's best for you as well as Giving you some great options if you Have any more questions please do drop Them down in the comments as as well as While you're down there hitting that Like button cuz that'll appreciate it And do get subscribed to WP beginner but That's all for me here today I've been James I hope you've enjoyed it have a Good one and I'll see you soon

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