How to Change Your Default Timezone in WordPress

Want to change your default timezone in WordPress? This quick tips tutorial will show you how in the settings area.
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Tired of clunky contact forms WP forms Makes them easy trusted by over 5 Million websites Welcome to our WordPress tutorial today we'll adjust The time settings for your site first Navigate to the settings tab on the left Hand sidebar click on General to access The main settings for your website Scroll down to the time zone section by Default it may be set to a UTC time zone To change this click on the drop down Menu under time zone you'll see a list Of time zones allowing you to select the One that corresponds to your local time After selecting the appropriate time Zone scroll down to the date format Section select the format that suits Your preference we'll go with the day Month year format next adjust the time Format to your liking we'll select the Hour minute format once you've made These changes it's important to save Them scroll down to the bottom of the Page and click save Changes thank you for following along Stay tuned for more WordPress tips and Tricks

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