How to Bulk Move Posts to Categories and Tags in WordPress

If you’re trying to bulk move posts or pages into different categories or tags on your WordPress website, this video has the solution.

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Do you have this problem on your WordPress website where you have a bunch Of different posts uh inside a bunch of Different categories created and because You didn't organize them or didn't plan Your categories properly now there's so Many different categories that you have Created and there are posts here and you Don't want to spend the time of moving Individual posts into the right Categories because this will take a lot Of time so in this video I'm going to be Give you giving you an efficient Solution where you can bulk move your Post from one category to another and The solution is actually quite simple We'll be using a plugin and the plugin Is called the bulk move plugin and this Is the plugin and if I go to this Section it will tell you the three Different important features that that Plug-in has this plugin has one the First feature is move post from one Category to another the second is move Post from one tag to another and move Post from one category to tags so you Can move from category to category you Can move from one tag to another tags And you can also move from one category To tags so if you have not just Categories like this you have a Combination of category and TXS that you Have like add add it to your site you Can actually organize most of them using

This plugin and the plugin is absolutely Free so what I'll do is just copy this Here and go back to my site and we'll go Into the plugin section here and I'll Add new plugin and inside the search box I'll just place the name of the plugin And let the Search complete and we'll Install the plugin once it comes up and This is the plugin you can just verify By looking at the icon and looking at The publisher name yes let's install the Plugin that's also Act activate the Plug-in so now that the plugin is Installed you see the bulk move plugin Is here inside the install plugin Section now go to the settings you can Just click the manage button here or you Can go to the tools section and you'll Also see the bulk move setting here Insert tools so let's click the bulk Move option and this is the option You'll see now Fair bit of warning this Is already here one once the posts are Moved they cannot be retrieved back used With caution so make sure the settings Are complete before and correct before You actually click the bulk move option Now as I said three different options to Move things around so move by category Move by tag and move by category by tag So if you want to move from one category To another category this is where you do It and the second or third option is Here you can also use custom tax enies

But this is not the scope of this video So going here I'll select the first Category which is named category 1 it Has 164 posts inside it which category Do I want this post to move into if I Want to remove this category I can just Use the or keep the default option Enabled the remove category but I want To move them to let's say the FAQ Category right and just verifying the Settings here category 1 164 Post will Go into all of this into the FAQ Category which has 71 post and if the Post contains other categories then I'm Keeping the option of removing them that Means if this these 164 posts have any Other category apart from category one You can remove them and if you don't Want to remove them and retain the other Categories you can use this option in This case I'm keeping remove them and Once it's done I'll just click the bulk Move I'll get a warning here I'll press Okay and in just a couple of seconds the 165 posts have been moved from the Selected category if I go back here and I refresh this you'll notice that the Category one now has zero post and the Fq has now 235 post now this is the First way to actually move things around But what if you want to merge categories Because you see I have howtos I have Howto guides I also have FAQs and this Is also not a great way to organize

Things what if I want to just merge a Lot of these things lot of lot of these Tax or categories into a single uh new Category well there's another plugin we Can use to solve that problem it's Called WordPress tag and category Manager by taxor press so I'll just copy The name of this plugin and just first Install the plugin and I'll demonstrate How to actually do it I'll go here again Once again I'll go to the plugins I'll Go to add new and inside the search box I'll search for the plugin let's wait For the search to finish and we'll see The taxo Press plugin here let's install It Now let's also activate It so as soon as the plugin is activated You'll automatically be brought into the Dashboard now for merging categories What I what I was talking about we have To go to the manage terms section where You can actually manage the terms and do A lot of operations on them now there's Terms here or options here that you can Utilize you have ADD terms rename terms Merge terms and delete unused terms I'll Go to the manage terms here and make Sure that you're using the right post Type and right taxy type so I want to Affect only my post and I don't want to Work with tags for now in this example I Want to work with categories so I'll Select the categories and I'll click

Change selection will refresh the Section I'll go back to manage terms and All I have to do now is whatever terms I Want to merge I'll have to type them Here and I'll have autofill options here And I I'll attach a new term here and Just make sure that's a new term Otherwise it won't work so if you see Here I have the uh terms how to how to Guides and also tutorials and FAQs so Let's try and merge a couple of them Here I'll just type in how and we'll see Suggestions here I'll click how to and You see automatically a comma and space Is added so I'll just type in how once Again and then we have how to guides and I'll type in FA AQ and also take the tutorials Category and this so now I added all the Categories I want to merge now what do I Want to create the new category what's The name of that so I'll just name it How to tutorials just to keep it very Very different How To Tutorial and make sure that this is a New category or new name not existing One otherwise it doesn't work perfectly So once this is done once everything is Set let's click Merge and now 382 posts have been edited And the success message is appearing Here let's go back to the categories Let's refresh the page let's see if this

Works now you can see the How To Tutorial category has been created here The rest of the categories have been Deleted or completely disappeared and All the uh different posts inside those Categories have been merg into this Single category so this is how you Manage categories on your site the first Method was by using the bulk mode plugin Which allowed you to move post into Different categories using a bulk based Option the second plugin was taxo press When I showed how to use taxo press to Actually merge different tax enemies on Your site again you can use a Combination of these plugins and you can Also delete these plugins once you're Done because uh the plug the Functionality that you have added on Site or the changes you have made to Your site uh will stay persistent Regardless if you keep the plugins Installed or not all right that's it for The video or if you have any questions Leave them in the comments otherwise Like share subscribe and make sure to Follow us for more WordPress tutorials I'll catch you in the next one take Care

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